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Events allowed rentals in Andong-si

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Top-rated events allowed rentals in Andong-si

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Cottage in Chunyang-myeon, Bonghwa-gun
dangjae house Dang Jae-minpaku (Chunyang-myeon, Bonghwa-gun)
Dangjae Bed and Breakfast is located at the top of Haksan-ri, Chunyang-myeon, Bonghwa-gun, and you can watch and enjoy the Baekdudaegan Arboretum, Baekdudaegan Canyon Train, Seonbuk Station Trekking, Silverfish Festival, Songi Festival, Buncheon Station Santa Village, Cheongnyangsan, Goseon Valley, Dadeokyak Suwon, Amyaksu Suwon, Chunyang 5th Market, Bonghwa 5th Market, Baekdudaegan Arboretum, Wasunseon, Mansanseong House, Han Soojeong, Seodongri Triple Stone Tower, etc. 'Dangjae' means' Seonangdang '', 'ash' means' pass', and in the old days, these pads are not uncommon in the pass that crossed the village, so there are many old names for 'Dangjae' and 'Dangjae' in each area. Dangjae Minbak is located at the top of Haksan-ri, where our family has been located for many years. It's so hard for the elderly parents who are busy on rural days to manage the accommodation, so please understand that from November 2020, you can only book for 2 nights or more. # EBS to Korea, broadcast on "Countryside Halchlin - Delightful Delight of the Secluded House" (2021.12.03.) # You can watch YouTube (search for "remote home deep taste" to Korea)
$49 per night
Home in Pacheon-myeon, Cheongsong
Full cotton grandmother
It was a very old house built in 1970, and it was quiet. There's a warm feeling of hugging you. Seo, the water departed from the west. It joins to the east and crosses the great river at the mouth of the village. Four hundred years of clever and brilliant experience to meet. It is a traditional village of national cultural heritage and a stone wall road. You can walk through the countryside and face it carefully. It's a pretty middle courtyard. Located about 3 minutes from the highway IC, the grandmother's house is a very affectionate country house. Nearby tourist attractions. Village restaurants. Mack Jinjang, which is famous for its miso, is located within walking distance. There's also a cafe. If you're connected and come on a trip, Happiness and love are extra places. ^ ^
$137 per night
Guesthouse in Chunyang-myeon, Bonghwa-gun
Nani House/Baekdudaegan Arboretum in front of the cottage outdoor barbecue grill
Hello, this is Nani House located in Chunyang, a peaceful and beautiful Beonghwa. The National Baekdu Gan Arboretum is a 1-minute walk away, and there is plenty of parking space, so it's great for outings. Electric vehicle charging is also available in the Arboretum parking lot. In a large yard and quiet neighborhood, you can enjoy walking and stargazing. There are two single beds in the bedroom, so you can use them separately, or you can attach them. There is also a queen size mattress in the multi-story attic space. You can also cook with a microwave and induction. Please make a reservation in advance when using the barbecue grill & charcoal (20,000 won). We will try to make good memories at Nani House.
$77 per night

House rentals that allow events

Home in Andong
Hanok Stay in downtown Andong, where you get to know the beauty: Miji_hanok
$203 per night
Home in Andong-si
Emotional private house with yard # 3 beds # up to 5 people # Wolyeonggyo 5 minutes by car # City center
$114 per night
Home in Andong
🏠Rooftop Room🏠 House Near New Market Emotional Accommodation Terrace House/3rd Floor Private House
$115 per night
Home in Andong
Sky Restaurant, Wind Restaurant, Sunlight Restaurant
$131 per night
Home in Bonghwa-gun
Baekdudaegan Arboretum White Cedar House
$60 per night
Home in Geundeok-myeon, Samcheog
Glass House Private Heated Pool Villa Samcheok Deoksan Beach Allbang Beach in front of the sea
$165 per night
Home in Andong-si
$132 per night
Home in Yeongwol-eup, Yeongweol
[Gangwon-do/Yeongwol] Yeongwol Station, near Byeolmaro Observatory (Byeolmaro),
$57 per night
Home in Goesan-gun
Goznock House
$83 per night
Home in Daegang-myeon, Danyang-gun
22 years of new private house - The Tree Home
$228 per night
Home in Jecheon-si
Jecheon Cozy sweet home
$56 per night
Home in Geundeok-myeon, Samcheog
Waves Spa 302
$105 per night

Apartment rentals that allow events

Apartment in 단구동, 원주시
Dangudong, Family Park, Municipal Central Library, Wonju Medical Center, Travel, Travel, Rest, Practice, Netflix
$40 per night
Apartment in Chungju-si
Mobelstay mobelstay with white & wood studio touch
$86 per night
Apartment in Wonju-si
* Breathum House (14 pyeong, 2 rooms) * Kanhyun Sogeumsan Grand Valley, Muisil-dong, 10 minutes from Wonju Station
$31 per night
Apartment in Wonju-si
< Happy Owl House > Salt Mountain Grand Valley.Museum Mountain. Wonju or accessible. Halla. Year-income. Year-income.
$31 per night
Apartment in Taebaek-si
Mini house -Mini house with book cafe
$104 per night
Apartment in Weonju
30 sqm, secluded and comfortable congee apartment
$86 per night
Apartment in Wonin-dong, Weonju
[Flagstudio] Space Rental (Horizon + Natural Light) Play privately and leave nice pictures.
$269 per night
Apartment in Weonju
The 은유2
$128 per night
Apartment in Wonju-si
$85 per night
Apartment in Mungyeong-eup, Mungyeong
The only apartment in Mungyeong-eup, first occupied in February 2022. Full options for clean new accommodation recommended for families or couples
$61 per night
Apartment in Yeongdong
[Simple House]
$28 per night
Apartment in Geundeok-myeon, Samcheok-si
Haengnam Apartment
$61 per night

Villa rentals that allow events

Villa in Yeongju
Hanok House Intermediate Two Room (Middle Room, Ondol Attic, Indoor Bathroom, Kitchen), Backyard.
$87 per night
Villa in Sinlim-myeon, Wonju-si
Exactly what you were looking for! The accommodation 'Stay Joyce' for only one team per day
$379 per night
Villa in Mosan-dong, Jecheon
Jecheon (Hayanjip on the hill) 2000 pyeong whole (two houses)
$461 per night
Villa in 보은군
Experience a 400-pyeong courtyard and multi-level villa on the second floor
$413 per night
Villa in Songnisan-myeon, Boeun-gun
[s] Cheap Mountain Pension, Private Fall Mountaineering
$120 per night
Villa in Songnisan-myeon, Boeun-gun
Somali oasis/flat 55sqm/400sqm/villa/independent space/garden party/family trip/event
$355 per night
Villa in Angseong-myeon, Chungju-si
Nature's resting place Vina Nova Island
$384 per night
Room in Bonghwa-eup, Bonghwa-gun
Myeongwol Roussil (where Myeongwol Roussil acted as the birthplace of an independent movement, including the drafting of an independent petition)
$112 per night
Room in Gohan-eup, Jeongseon
Blue Forest Pension Olive Room (Olive Room)
$81 per night
Villa in Yeongju-si
Hanok House Love House Three Room (Big Room, Small Room, 2 Bathrooms (Indoor/Outdoor)
$106 per night

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