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Unique things to do in Baden-Württemberg

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All activities near Baden-Württemberg

E-Bike Mountain Bikes Tour
Dive into the beautiful nature of the Black Forest with the "Fun guarantee" electric Mountain bikes or classic Mountain bikes. I know the area very well and you will see the most beautiful spots of the Black Forest. I am excited to introduce you to this area full of fairytale-like landscapes and waterfalls. Other things to note Please let me know some days in advance what kind of bike you would like to rent so that I can organize the bikes for you. There is only a limited number of electric mountain bikes available.
Walking with goats / hiking
Walking with goats a special walk through the Allgäu Come with us on a special walk into the unique landscape of the pre-Alps. Together we set off, accompanied by the clowns among the ruminants: the GOATS. Depending on the weather, season and time of day, but above all depending on the abundance of the goat's stomach - sometimes faster, sometimes slower, accompanied and accompanying - we walk on field and forest paths near Altusried. Passing small hamlets and resettler farms, we turn around for about two hours and observe what the horn-bearers are up to. Here the journey is the goal, in the truest sense of the word.
Coaching zum achtsamen Führen eines Lamas in der Natur
Mein Angebot mit den Lama Wallachen enthält in variablen Anteilen ca 30 min Weidebesuch, ca 30-45 min Coaching zum Führen von Lamas im Parcours +ca 45-60 min Wandern in der Natur mit Lamas, auch in English und französisch. Bei der ersten Kontaktaufnahme mit den 5 Lama Wallachen werden die Grundlagen erklärt: Lamas sind neugierig, intelligent und wach, Distanztiere und Fluchttiere. Weidebesuch : Das Verhalten eines Lamas und der Herde genau beobachten und die Kommunikation der Lamas untereinander verstehen. Einige Lamas führen ihre Fähigkeiten und Spiele vor, die sie mit Klicker Training gelernt haben. Im Coaching üben wir zunächst unter uns Menschen in Partnerübungen die verschiedenen Führ-Techniken aus Camelidynamics kennen, ein Lama mit Hilfe von feinen Impulsen in verschiedenen Situationen klar und sicher zu führen. Danach führen Sie ein Lama über einfache Hindernisse im Parcours innerhalb des eingezäunten Geländes . Wandern in der Natur gehen wir mit max. 3 Lamas- nur mit Erwachsenen & bei Eignung zum sicheren Führen eines Lamas - ab 2 Personen. Für nur 1 Teilnehmer bleiben wir im Weide-Gelände. Wir bewegen uns mit den Lamas ruhig, freundlich und konsequent in der Natur. Vamos - lass uns gemeinsam gehen! Beim Laufen schweigen wir und sind mit der Aufmerksamkeit bei uns selbst, beim Lama und der Natur, auftauchende Fragen werden besprochen.
Photo Experience Heidelberg/Philosophenweg
Discover the city of Heidelberg with two young photographers, off the beaten track. This Discovery will create pictures in a relaxed atmosphere that not only look good in the family picture book or Instagram, but will capture your memories . You will get to know Heidelberg on its palatinate side. The photographers also work as wedding and portrait photographers and thus understand how to put you in the best light. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Our path takes us from the center of the city to the right of the Rhine through the old town, along the Neckar to the castle. or from Neuenheim along the Philosphenweg along the Neckar with a picturesque view of Heidelberg.
Learn how to make handmade spätzle
In this cooking class, you'll get to know Swabian cuisine. Together we prepare traditional Swabian and South German dishes, especially the traditional Swabian pasta "Spätzle". Whether pressed or traditionally done; Spätzle stand for Swabian like hardly any other dish. In addition to learning how to prepare the traditional Swabian noodles, this class also teaches you about the origin of the Spätzle. Optionally, we can combine the Spätzle in the form of Käsespätzle (with cheese), as a dish called "Linsen mit Spätzle" (lentils with Spätzle) or as "Gaisburger Marsch" which is a traditional Swabian beef stew. After we have prepared the Spätzle (shaved or squeezed), we will enjoy our work in a cozy atmosphere and with a good glass of wine or beer.
Goat Hike in the Black Forest
Ziegenwandern Loslassen, entspannen, sich frei machen von der Hektik des Alltags, aber auch sich selbst und die Welt beim Laufen neu entdecken, ein kleines Stück Ruhe finden im Rhythmus der Ziegenschritte und der Schwarzwaldnatur und vor allem ein paar Stunden ausnahmslos froh und frei ein. Das ist Ziegenwandern bei uns am KulTierHof. Wir laden Sie dazu herzlich ein! Wir wandern durch Wald und Flur, rund um das reizvolle und als Naturdorf ausgezeichnete Betzweiler-Wälde im Schwarzwald. Auf den ca 2stündigen Wanderungen begleiten uns je nach Gruppengrösse 3 bis 6 Ziegen aus unserer Herde. Ein besonderes Erlebnis für Jedermann! Bitte festes Schuhwerk mitbringen
Allgäu Nature Photo Walk
We meet our cozy house at just under 1000 m in Wertach. During this 3-hour time we have breakfast together in the terrace ( quiet location directly on the creek), after which we go hiking in nature. You will feel nature. While we are hiking, we have many ways to integrate the Allgäu into your photos and create a memory for life. Get ready for fresh, insta capable pictures to envy your friends at home. Per person, you will receive at least 20 high resolution images suitable for social media, edited photos. Please note that this is a small group trip (probably others will join you!). If you would like a private tour or travel in a larger group, please contact me to arrange a custom booking. Other things to note If the time slot is not available to you, just contact me and we can find another time. Check out my other experiences and reviews!
Kayak-Tour in Heidelberg on river Neckar
Kayak-Tour on the Neckar in Heidelberg See the city from a new perspective! Ideal for groups, teams and corporate events. A tour that has it all. It offers unforgettable moments in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We explore Old Bridge, Castle, the waterfront and much more. And we get very close to the famous Hackteufel at the Neckar. We paddle in comfortable and very safe Solo- and Tandem-Kayaks on the Neckar. No experience in paddling required. The groups are small with a personal touch. The views to Old Town and Neuenheim, and Old Bridge and the castle are just top. And we are looking for the famous Hackteufel. Be prepared to be surprised. We start at a central location in Heidelberg in the old town part. First, there is a brief paddle technique instruction and we say a few words about safety. Then we start: We will glide the kayaks into the water and paddle up the river, along the Marstall, the old town, and beneath the Old Bridge. Then we cross the Neckar and drift with the current on the other side. Depending on the group, we paddle around 4 km. On the Neuenheim side we cross the Neckar again, and finish the tour at the same place. Other things to note These kayak tours are for everyone. No experience needed. Please note: everyone must be able to swim, and only persons 6 years and older can participate.
Fotowalk along the Lakeshore
If you like to take home some beautiful pictures from your holiday in at Lake of Constance, I can support you as a professional photographer! During a nice walk through the city of Constance on a very special route you can take beautiful portraits, couple shoots or smaller group photos in a very special ambience always with a view of the lake and the beautiful old town. This is a photo shooting tour where you can choose 20 images that you like best from our scenic Fotowalk. For more images and additional offers please visit: Or on social media :) Instagram: 500px:
Pro Photosession in Kaiserslautern
We’ll hit the streets of Kaiserslautern and I will take you to the wonderful spots in this city where we will be doing our session. The location will be from a couple of places and parks. After shooting I will do high quality editing to the images and you will receive the best results you could possibly get.
Photo shoot and a Master class on photography in Stuttgart
*I'm flexible with time and dates, just text me and we'll find a best option (even when you don't see the right time or date on the calendar) Are you in Stuttgart and want to take some amazing photos and get priceless photography tips? Then this experience is for you! Together we will discover and explore Stuttgart. I would like to take you to the most beautiful and hidden places in city to take a great photos of you and your family. Also you will get a priceless photo-tips. I will tell you where to find the best light for photography in the city and different weather conditions. How can you catch the light reflected from the windows so that the portraits look like they were taken in a photo studio. You will learn about the basic principles that make a really good photo. Also I will be ready to answer any of your questions about photography. Also I will show you the best poses and help you with your posing, don't worry about that. it will be easy, fun and interesting experience. I guarantee that you will enjoy this day!
Mountainbike tour and skills training
Together we will explore the Allgäu on our bikes near and around the city of Kempten. Far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and often off the main tourists routes, we get to delve into the culture and provincial life of the beautiful Bavarian Alpine foreland with its amazing mountains and lakes via biketrails. Before we get started and throughout the entire tour you also recieve a personal mountainbike skills training with valuable hints and tricks, according to the motto: "learning by doing". Just simply tell me about your personal experience along with a realistic evalument of your current skills before you book, so I can plan accordingly for the entire group. Order of events: Starting point is the parking lot at the Bachtelweiher. From here we travel towards Durach, over the Ludwigshöhe and through Schreier Wald, where we'll have our first scenic views over Kempten looking in the direction of Grünten/Oberstdorf. Then our path will lead us along the Durach until we get to the Waldschenke. After that we are making our way through the Kempten forrest to Bodelsberg on a single trail with another scenic view. Next, we will continue south-west and ride to the Rottachsee, which is the largest lake for swimming in the Oberalllgäu. Then, after enjoying our Allgäu-snack at the riverside, we briskly travel downhill towards Sulzberg, right along the idyllic Öschlesee, back through Durach and finally, the Bachtelweiher. (STS 00-02) Other things to note When booking, note that only the account holder is insured through Airbnb. Bookings for third parties (such as children, friends or others) always require the attendance of the accountholder.
Eat like a Local streetfood tour in Mannheim
Have you ever been in a new town and asked yourself... Where do the locals eat? What should I order? Where do I start exploring food culture? We will guide you to the authentic Mannheim Locations where locals eat everyday! On our Tour we will: Get to try numerous delicious foods around the most famous food area of Mannheim. Bread baked from locally grown grains to sandwiches, local delicatessen, mind blowing sweets and freshly made turkish foods. Learn about local favourite street foods, restaurants and what their specialities are, so that after our tour you can go out to eat and order with confidence. Learn where to shop for foods, so you can grab some ingredients to cook at your accommodation *All Foods are included in the Price* *Every Guest will be provided with a bottle of water at the start of the tour* *some restaurants might change depending on the weekday and booked time*
Paragliding in Baden-Baden
We invite you to fulfill your dream of flying in the heart of North Black Forest, the famous city of Baden-Baden. You will have a unique opportunity to see the city from a bird's eye view, enjoy the sound of the wind and the beauty of the local nature. The event starts on Mt. Mercur, one of the main and most visited attractions in Baden-Baden, which can be reached by a modern funicular on a very steep railway, from the station located at the foot of the mountain. Upstairs you will also have the opportunity to visit a restaurant with an outdoor terrace and a viewing tower with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Before we're in the sky, we'll give you brief instructions, fastening belts, and here's the wing over our head, we're taking a few steps and the land stays far behind us. The flight will last about 15 minutes. You will have a unique opportunity to soar above the ground, enjoy freedom and amazing beauty from a bird's eye view. Boarding is carried out at the foot of the mountain. Flight will give you a lot of vibrant impressions and leave you with pleasant memories for a lifetime! *** 1. Video available on request. 2. Mountain lift is charged separately. 3. The ability to fly directly depends on weather conditions. If you are interested in certain dates, please contact me for details.
Experience an ExtraOrdinary AuraReading
See a cert. spiritual coach at work and listen to the stories energetically written into your auric field. After asking your permission, I will feel and look what is kept underneath your own surface awaiting to be seen or discovered. This is possibly the best tour in Mannheim! Feel free to contact me for a suitable appointment if your time convenient is not shown in the calendar. Or search for Corinna Bornhorst Bienandanza Like a mountain guide will I lead you into your subconscious landscapes, sometimes bypassing the mind. Because the future is feeling and feeling goes deeper than analysing. Simply lean back, enjoy your coffee or tea, or hot chocolate, and be open to saved wisdom in your Auric field and Chakras to bring home as your own inner wealth and harvest. You cannot find the date you want? Simply send me a message and I will try to accommodate your time. Isn't it exciting to image that there is more than just a physical body? What if there is also an etherical body, an auric field that surrounds us? If you ever wanted to know what can happen in a spiritual session, this is your opportunity.