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Unique things to do in Basilicata

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Sailing on bari coast
Our experience takes about 3 hours, we'll meet in the morning at 10am and head out to explore the Bari coastline. We will meet at the Marina inside the commercial port where the boat is moored, and we will sail away for our experience. We will head north to the wind allowing and we will walk along the city, we will admire the Basilica of San Nicola,the Cathedral and the evocative wall that surrounds the old city. We will stop at the old port of Bari, where fishermen land, where we will enjoy a typical Bari aperitivo and after spending a few hours of pure relaxation, adrenaline and fun you enter the port. Other things to keep in mind Our experience is related to sea weather conditions. I reserve the right to change schedules or block the experience in case of bad weather conditions.
Pasta Making with a Grandma and Tour of the People of Bari
After an introduction of the history of the old town and the local customs of the Old Town People, we will join the house of a Grandma, a real pasta maker, not a usual cooking school! During the experience you will taste a sample of "Orecchiette" made by you with homemade ragù!
Pasta From Apulia & dinner in garden
You will be fascinated by the anecdotes about how my grandmother prepared the pasta and what the kitchen represented in the past and in part still represent. An immersion in the real life of Puglia and Italian sociology! I will let Elisa, my friend and precous collaborator as a super expert in the Apulian pasta, communicate with the gestures and with the example; she does not speak ehglish but she will always be able to communicate with the heart and experience. And once you will be at home producing your own good food, will be precious the memory of what she showed you. I will instead communicate, if necessary at the same time, in English, Italian and French and you will probably laugh at my flights from one language to another and my role as a "slave in the kitchen of Elisa":-) allows me to tell still so much of Puglia through the many typical objects that I collect at home. The wine, the foods that I serve together with the pasta that we prepare together and that are all local and largely fruit of my organic vegetable garden, do the rest. The lunch that follows is collaborative, all peoples help and, crockery and pans in the hands, all peoples invade my house too, with my great pleasure because this allows me to tell still so much of Puglia through the many typical objects that I collect at home. The wine, the foods that I serve together with the pasta that we prepare together and that are all local and largely fruit of my organic vegetable garden, do the rest. Other things to note we speaks also in english and french
Mediterranean Path - Marina di Cametota - Cliento coast
Summer version: The Mediterrean path is famous x the beauty of the beaches all along the walk. So we will start from Marina di Camerota going forward to Baia degli Infreschi. Before that bay we will visit other 2 bays which are Cala Bianca and Pozzallo. We will swim in Cala Bianca cause there are no boats disturbing us. When we will reach Baia degli Infreschi we will come back by a private boat, which will cost 10€ x person . We can also come back by walking if you wish. Bring a swimming suit, so you will be able to swim in the fantastic see of Cilento during the summer. if you can bring a mask do you will able to see the bottom of the sea. 4D of the experience: - Distance: 7 km one way - Dislivell: 200m up and down - Diffuculty : Hiker (E) - Duration: 5 hours all inclusive if you wanna have a nice lunch there are nice restaurants in Marina di Camerota. Let me know if u have any allergies or health problems. Other things to note You must be moderate fit to be able to hike. During the winter we will just hike cause there are no boats and the water is cold. Great for "groups", "great for teams”, and “great for team-building".
Bari vista dal mare
Su una tipica imbarcazione locale di pescatori si farà un breve giro lungo la costa di Bari per massimo 4 persone. Verrà servito un aperitivo a base di specialità locali con la possibilità di rinfrescarsi facendo un bagno nelle nostre acque.
Eat and discover Bari like a local
The visit, that will last for 3 hours will start from Piazza Ferrarese, where we will start telling you some secrets of beautiful Bari. There we will look for Vito, the musician, to experience "Tarantella" a typical Apulian dance and have a funny time singing and playing with his instruments. Then we will stop at one of the oldest "Panificio" of the city to taste the typical focaccia. This will give us some good energy to continue discovering the city. Next stop will be the cosy Basilica of Saint Nicholas, and the secrets of its walls, the beautiful Cathedral of Saint Sabinus and the millenary Swabian Castel. From there we will stop again to visit a typical "Salumeria" to taste different types of salumi and cheese. This time the food will be accompanied by a glass of delicious Primitivo wine. We will continue to the Pasta Street where Signora Nunzia makes some "orecchiette" the typical pasta.... are you ready to giving it a try??? At Signora Nunzia's house we will introduce you to some friends. And yet another stop to taste typical sgagliozze freshly cooked by Signora Maria. Last stop, taste of yummy artisan icecream. Other things to note Let us know if you have any allergy or special diet so that we can offer you options suitable for you. Gluten free, lacto allergy.... all getting on board!!!
Matera ha una storia inedita, particolare, per certi aspetti unica al mondo. Un storia di riscatto, resilienza e rinascita che finché non la conosci non credi possa essere vera. E' proprio per questo che desidero fartela conoscere attraverso questa esperienza esclusiva, immersiva e dedicata. Partiremo dalla centralissima Piazza San Francesco, ci sposteremo nella vicinissima Piazza del Sedile e da lì inizierà il nostro viaggio a ritroso nel tempo. Visiteremo sia il Sasso Barisano che il Sasso Caveoso e durante la visita tratteremo diversi aspetti: dall'arte all'architettura, dalla storia alla politica, passando per l'antropologia e l'ingegneria idraulica. Arricchiremo l'esperienza con ben 4 ingressi ma, soprattuto, scopriremo la vera natura dei Sassi, dalle origini fino ai giorni nostri. Scommetto che adesso anche tu sei impaziente di conoscere la storia di questa meravigliosa città. Se si, io non vedo l'ora di raccontartela! A presto! Tieni a mente che: 1 All'occorrenza, è possibile fare tour con orari personalizzabili fuori calendario. 2) L'esperienza si tiene con un numero minimo di 2 persone. 3) Sulle vacanze non si scherza! Assicurati di seguire una visita guidata con dei professionisti abilitati e certificati.
Minimum two people - Traditional Cooking Class at Farmhouse
‘Matera Cooking Class’ invites you to your own personal cooking class set at a beautiful local olive and orange farm just outside of Matera. We’ll pick you up in Matera and take the 15 minute drive to the farmhouse, which is set amongst a beautiful protected nature reserve that also includes a stunning lake. First up? A quick tour of the farm so that you can really understand where the food we use in this part of the world comes from before we start cooking with it. Then, it’ll be straight into the kitchen where you’ll meet Silvia, the daughter of the family, who has had over 20 years of seeing her Mamma wow local and international guests with her traditional Matera cooking. Who knows, maybe Mamma might even pop into the kitchen now and then to see how you’re all getting on! You’ll learn to make fresh pasta, a typical pasta sauce and also a third typical dish from Matera. The family and the farm are all about seasonal cooking, so what you cook will very much depend on the time of the year. You may even be invited to go and pick some fresh herbs and vegetables – again depending on the season. Then it will be time to sit down all together and enjoy the food you’ve made with some delicious local wine and a few extra little treats. After fond farewells, it'll be time to take you back to the centre of Matera.
Matera Historic Tour
Starting from the Piano, the main street, we will descend into the two excavations known as Sassi: Caveoso and Barisano, or the two historic districts of the city, through its ups and downs and thousand-year-old alleys. A journey through the history of Matera, a city of a thousand faces, unique and fascinating, Unesco Heritage and capital of culture in 2019. Other things to note Get comfortable and non-slip shoes
Full Meal Five Stops in Bari old town
ALL FOOD IS INCLUDED! At least 5 food stops (food choice depending on season and availability): - The famous focaccia barese - the Sgagliozze, delicious fried polenta - Popizze, round fritters made of leavened dough. - The tasty panzerotto - Panino con polpo (octopus sandwich) - Best ice cream in town What this tour IS about: - Great Food - Great company with a local - Curiosities and anecdotes - Nice walk in the historical center - Fun and smiles - New friends from all around the world What this tour is NOT about: - An historical tour - Boring long speeches PLEASE NOTICE THAT THE TOUR WILL BE HELD IN ITALIAN/ENGLISH. CONTACT US FOR OTHER LANGUAGES CONTACT US FOR PRIVATE EXPERIENCE Do Eat Better Experience tours are a mix of high-quality gastronomy as a way for showing Italian culture and lifestyle and a walking experience together with a local friend. You'll be guided by a "Foodie", a local "buddy" able to explain every detail of the selected restaurants, their preparations, and the relevant curiosities. We accept only small groups because we want to focus on a genuine exchange and give each person the highest attention possible.
Traditional Apulian cooking class
I’ll wait for you here in my kitchen, here we will taste a good bruschetta, made with extra virgin olive oil (UNESCO heritage) produced by us... And of course, we will start cooking !! - I will teach you the true artisan technique to get the typical fresh pasta from Puglia. - The classic focaccia from Bari with oregano and fresh tomatoes. No kneading machines, just your hands and love! We’ll use the freshest local ingredients and, for one day, you’ll be part of our family! Learn the secret of Apulian cuisine and surprise friends and family once you get home. You will taste the results of your efforts. I will be happy to share with you a glass of good local wine to toast to the best experience you have done in Puglia! This experience is suitable for families and children, the menu can be easily adapted for vegetarians and vegans. ps: If you are a group or do not see availability you can try contacting me for other dates AND TIMES. Other things to note I have a cat, it is very shy will run to hide! my apartment is on the 6th floor with a lift this experience is suitable for families and children, the menu can be easily adapted for vegetarians and vegans. Don't hesitate to ask for changes to the menu if you have special needs! SOCIAL PROFILE INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK: CUOCADISTRATTA
Sassi di Matera, un paesaggio culturale rupestre
SASSI DI MATERA - UN PAESAGGIO CULTURALE RUPESTRE Un percorso di conoscenza dei Sassi di Matera che comprende tutti i momenti architettonici della città storica. Partendo dalla Città del Piano, ci si affaccia sul Sasso Barisano per percorrerlo fino a raggiungere il Colle della Civita con la splendida Cattedrale* romanica e da qui ci si dirige verso il Sasso Caveoso, luogo in cui è possibile rintracciare diversi complessi religiosi rupestri, oltre a testimonianze antropologiche quali case grotta, cantine, cisterne e neviere. Un percorso culturale storico-artistico, architettonico e paesaggistico-ambientale capace di stimolarci e farci riflettere sui criteri di sostenibilità delle risorse e degli elementi naturali. I tour ed i contenuti proposti sono il risultato di anni di esperienza nel settore culturale e turistico da parte di personale qualificato e legalmente abilitato allo svolgimento dei servizi offerti, il tutto, al fine di rendere il soggiorno un momento di affascinante scoperta. A conclusione dell'esperienza nei Sassi di Matera, un tuffo nei sapori della tradizione lucana attraverso una degustazione offerta in un caratteristico ambiente ipogeo. *Per la visita alla Cattedrale sarà fornita un’applicazione da ascoltare utilizzando lo smartphone personale (si consiglia l’uso di auricolari)
Sassi di Matera tour completo per massimo quindici persone
I Sassi di Matera, la cattedrale, le chiese rupestri e la casa grotta sono i siti antichi più importanti di questa città complessa, e visitarli da soli può essere controproducente. Risparmia tempo con una guida esperta partecipando ad un tour che racchiude tutti i monumenti più imperdibili! Scopri la storia e le curiosità sui Sassi Matera ed entra nella Cattedrale, nella chiesa rupestre più rappresentativa della città (la Madonna di Idris) e visita la prima casa grotta di Matera.
Smell of wine in the heart of Grottole
We will enjoy the wonderful farms of Grottole, in old vineyards. We will discover how hard is making organic wine. We will talk about the vines working process. Afterwards, I will take you to my cave in "Rione L Irutt"v( a typical quarter of Grottole full of caves. I will show you how to make wine and, of course, you'll taste a good glass of it with local cheese and sausage. Other things to note Let me know about any allergies, intolerance or food preferences. If you have any deambulation problems, we will show you the most suitable itinerary for you. Animals are alloweded
Discover Unesco sites Alberobello, Matera, Castel del Monte
On a beautiful Fiat 500L, at the slow pace of the roads of Southern Italy , we will visit places otherwise difficult to reach independently. You will get to know ancient towns and historical sites of Puglia and Basilicata. Our days out will turn into a friendly, informal occasion for learning about local culture. We will drive roads off the beaten path to destinations that will delight the day of beauty that nature and human work will display along the way. You will have a friend with you who will immediately immerse you in the customs and traditions of the territories that you will visit. YOU CAN SELECT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING ITINERARIES: 1) Alberobello: we will stop at Conversano, famous for its medieval castle and Polignano a Mare, on the Adriatic coast. 2) Matera: stops in Gravina in Puglia and Altamura, through the rugged and evocative territories of Alta Murgia. 3) Castel del Monte: stops at Ruvo di Puglia and Trani, with their wonderful cathedrals, through evocative rock and coastal scenes.
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