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Unique things to do in Cebu

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Kawasan Canyon & swimming w/ Turtles & Sardines in Moalboal
We do have free transfers from your hotel lobby in the city. We travel to south of badian to do trekking/ Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls. The multi-level Kawasan Falls in Badian town in southern Cebu has been named as the top 6 in the Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World 2022 by the The Botique Adventurer Travel Blog of an Australian blogger Amanda Obrien. We then proceed to Moalboal town, experience it’s abundant marine life like the turtles, sardines, nemo & a lot more.
Countryside Wonders of Bohol Island
Your Bohol Island journey won’t be complete without visiting its spectacular marvels. Bohol Island is the home to the famous Chocolate Hills, the smallest primate in the Philippines (Tarsiers), some of the most magnificent beaches and much more! After leaving Panglao Island, we’ll make our first stop in a boutique blacksmith shop that has been making specialty blades and tools for the last three generations. There we’ll get a glimpse into the deep history of the Philippines through local artisan craftsmanship. Then, we will continue to the Loboc River for a short cruise or an optional SUP tour instead – for the more adventurous among us. We’ll then visit the tarsier sanctuary and learn about this protected and peculiar primate that also serves as the province’s tourism symbol. This will be the perfect time for lunch, which we’ll have at the foot of the Chocolate Hills, and enjoy Filipino specialties in a local restaurant. We’ll visit the main view deck for a scenic view of the 1,776 almost identical hills or choose to see the hills via a thrilling ATV ride. On the way back, we’ll make a quick stop in Baclayon Church – one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. Our last quick stop will be in Bohol Island’s best-kept secret restaurant for a delicious homemade popsicle while viewing the sun setting over Panglao Island.
Cebu Bamboo Cooking Class
The activity will be held in Hadsan Cove Resort located Marigondon Lapu Lapu City. Enjoy cooking 3 Traditional Filipino dishes made of Chicken, Shrimp, and Fish, Native Filipino garden salad, Pandan steamed rice, and Local Dessert in 4 hours. Before we start cooking, guests will have a brief introduction to Filipino cooking history. Next guests will experience how to cut their own bamboo and prepare spices and herbs for the dish. While waiting for the food to be cooked in charcoal, we will prepare a Filipino dessert made of local seasonal fruits. Guest are also welcome to take a dip on the beach while waiting for the food to be cooked. When the food is cooked, the guest will enjoy tasting each dish they prepared. After the cooking class, I'll follow up with an email containing all the pictures I took, plus all the recipes so you can replicate your favorite dish back home. Other things to note Our dishes are without MSG. Guest can also request additional vegetarian dishes. The cooking class will be held in front of a beach, the guest is welcome to swim and snorkel. PS • If you are planning to book the experience alone, Kindly send me a message first before booking. • I will need a week's notice before you book the cooking class since the Bamboo that is used will be ordered from the mountains.
Cebu City Historical Street and Food Tour
Cebu City officially known as the City of Cebu is the country's oldest city; it was the first Spanish settlement and the first capital of the Philippines. Guests will witness the authentic Filipino way of life and business in the oldest streets of Cebu City by walking around downtown Cebu City which is often called the oldest and the shortest national road in the Philippines. The first stop is the Most Famous Monument in Cebu City followed by a 350-year-Old Ancestral House. Guests will see Spanish-Chinese Architectural and Furniture Designs. Guests are welcome to take photos and videos of the Ancestral house. Along the way, guests will have a taste of authentic Cebuano street food. Next is the 400-year-old Cathedral dedicated to the Immaculate Conception(Mary) and a Modern Spanished Designed building owned by the Priests. After that is the most famous church known for Brown Child Jesus, Shortly Christian cross was planted by explorers of the Spanish expedition of the first circumnavigation of the World. Lastly, guests will witness the busiest produce market in the Philippines. Where all of the farmers of Cebu gather and sell their harvest. There's so much more to explore in the City of Cebu! Join me and witness Filipinos' everyday life and food through the Historical Street and Food Tour here in Cebu City!
Cebu City Bar Hopping Tour
Rising above the pristine beaches and scenic views, the urban city of Cebu is also a hub of vibrant nightclubs and fancy bars that are perfect to enjoy after-dark hours. This city offers everything for the party lovers lined down the street to enjoy the vibrant Cebu nightlife to spice up your trip with the Cebu City Bar Hopping Tour! Discover new places with atmosphere and varied music; from R&B, Hip Hop, EDM, or Trap Music. Make new friends in a bar, pub, or lounge that brings like-minded party-goers together. VIP Entry to all bars and never wait in a queue to top Bars, Clubs, or the Lounge of Cebu City.
Swim with the Whale Sharks in Oslob & Tumalog Falls
Cebu is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. I have different tours and itinerary that I can offer. You will experience how to be a local here in the Philippines. I will bring you to the southern part of Cebu and meet the gentle whalesharks. You will experience swimming with the gentle whalesharks in their natural habitat. THESE WHALESHARKS ARE BEING PROTECTED AND REGULATED BY THE GOVERNMENT AND THE MARINE BIOLOGISTS IN CEBU. This will be an experience like no other, where you'll be able to swim with these gentle giants of the sea. It's a once in a lifetime experience. If you are planning swim with the gentle sharks then this tour is for you. We will have car or a bus take us to Oslob,Cebu from Cebu City where I will pick you up. This tour price is good for 1 person only but I can give discounts if you are more than 3 guests. Also the tour price is for public transportation for one person only, if there will be at least 3 guests who booked on the same dates then automatically we will have a private car to take us there. 1 Guest- Public Bus (you need to send me email for us to make arrangements) 2-4 Guests- 5 Seater Car 4 or more Guests- Van If ever the dates you wanted is unavailable in my calendar please do send me an email so I can make arrangements for you. Since I also have other experiences to offer. This will be an outdoor experience .
Moalboal Sardines Run and Sea turtles Snorkeling
We will go snorkeling at heart of Panagsama Beach where we can swim together in the Million of sardines and sea turtles We will create memories that you will never forget .100% safe.I will guide you swim and find the million of sardines and sea turtles if we are lucky we can find also Whaleshark and Tresher shark too. Even the person that dont know how to swim can avail this activity.I will lecture first before our activity Mask and snorkel,lifevest are included in the package.Guide also bring lifering for your additional safety .
Secret Beaches of Bohol™ tour
I am local, I know Bohol very well. I have taken friends, including foreigners, to many of these types of locations. My family doesn't even know them all, but I have fun exploring, so found many local beaches, several of them beautiful, but unfrequented. When our family go to them, we use a trike, as do many Boholanos. We load up with everything we need for the day and pile in, for a lovely family day at the beach. We do it several times a year. I'm very friendly, speak excellent English and am 100% Boholana! I will take you to several beaches, each one very different, spend a few hours at each (I'll judge when it's time to go, based on enjoyment level or time schedule). Lunch will be local fayre. Snacks and drinks during the day and a final drink at our house to watch the sun go down (we have an amazing 30 mile sea view). Finally we'll transport you back to your hotel/accomodation.
Cebu Street Food Experience
Come and explore Cebu Foods with me! Experience the Full Cebu Street food tour! We’ll be going in to Cebu’s local places to experience the street food and popular food Cebu has to offer. We actually have two options available, if you have any food restrictions please let me know so we can do other options. If you also want different time like later in the evening, you may send me a message. First option is: Carbon’s Banana Que and Peanut Stall, Tabo sa Banay Street Food, Doming’s and Carbon Food Market. I’ll let you experience eating our famous Tuslob Buwa (Gravy Pig Brain) , Ngohiong , Halo-Halo, Banana Que and Street side Dining experience with Street food vendors! Second Option is: If you don’t want the BananaQue, Peanut and Halo-Halo. We can replace it with Lechon (Roasted Pig), Siomai , Larang (Tomato Fish Stew) and Balut. This is a one of a kind experience for our guests and I’ll be making sure to choose the best and safest for you. You will experience how a local and typical cebuano spend or eat our street foods. Come and experience it with me! The tasting menu is already provided with the rate. I will be explaining to you all of the foods that we will be trying. So this experience is purely for trying out different foods here in Cebu. Make sure you wear your walking/hiking attire, because we are only going to do street walk in this tour.
Caving & beach hopping on one of the small islands of Cebu
We will pick up the guest from the port then take them to different caves and beaches on Camotes Island. I have personally hand picked the best caves and beaches to go to. There are some places that are like a tourist trap - high entrance fee but the experience is not worth while. A lot of tour operators on the island bring the guest to these places because they get a percentage of the entrance fee, in addition to what the guest are paying them. I want to make sure that the guests don't get scammed and will be able to get their money's worth. Because I have only chosen the best places, the schedule isn't too packed so the guests have more time to enjoy each cave and beach without being rushed.
Cebu swim w/ whalesharks, Sumilon whitesand & Tumalog falls
A perfect journey of a lifetime. Book with us. We operate daily just message us your preferred date. We provide private transfers from any hotel within Cebu City or Mactan Resorts. ✅free pick up from hotel lobby ✅free drop off back to your hotels. Sorry for the pick up PIN location, just need to set this online. From your hotel lobby, a 3 hour travel down to Oslob town, south of Cebu to see & swim with the whalesharks. It is a 30 minute interaction. Upon reaching Oslob, we then prepare ourselves on a rashguard or swimwear. We then ready ourselves for briefing, wear our life jackets, & snorkel gear. Take a small boat to the interaction area. Then, swim & snorkel with the gentle giants in the ocean. You don't have to be a good swimmer, we have life jackets for you. After the interaction, we will provide water & towel. We take a boat to Sumilon Island for beach bumming, snorkelling or just simply to relax with the sea valley view. It's fantastic. We then take the boat back to the mainland. Optional without extra expense up to your energy level. Swim at Refreshing nature cool Tumalog Falls. Transfer to our car & back to the city. We then drop you back to your hotels. Other things to note Be at your best shot. Bring your best swimwear and rashguard for some snorkel activity with the gentle giants in the ocean. Your safety, comfort plus leisure is our priority.
Discover the beauty & history of Cebu
You will experience how to be a local here in Cebu. I have different tours and itinerary that I can offer. For this tour, This one is a 2-hour tour only, this involves a lot of walking and riding public utility vehicles. I will take you to the historical places at the same time experience the buzzing city of Cebu. I will take you to the downtown part of Cebu. I have a detailed tour just for you. Please send me a message before booking the tour. If you're not comfortable in riding the public utility vehicles we can arrange a private car at a minimal cost. This tour price is good for 1 person only but if you are 3 more guests then I can give discounts. Also the tour price is for public transportation for one person only, if there will be at least 3 guests who booked on the dates then automatically we get a private car to take us around. 1-2 Guest- Public Bus 3-4 Guests - 5-Seater Car 5 or more Guests- Van If ever the dates you wanted is unavailable in my calendar please do send me an email so I can make arrangements for you. Since I also have other experiences to offer. I can also add more tourist spots if we still have time. I can also add more tourist spots with additional costs. - We can add Taiost Temple and Temple of Leah
Chocolate Hills Tour in Bohol Philippines
A driverguide will pick you up and drop off from/to your accomodation, airport and seaport. The driver will serves as your guide to discover the one of the wonders of the world - Chocolate Hills. You will witness the stunning million years creation of natural beauty. If you are looking for adventures , you can ride with an ATV (All-terrain vehicle) and roam around the hills . Before you arrive in the chocolate hills, you can stop by on the 11 other tourist spots in Bohol including a buffet lunch in a floating restaurant in Loboc Rivercruise, where they cater delicious Filipino foods. Here are the spots Included : Baclayon Church Bohol Bee Farm Hinagdanan Cave Man-made Forest Tarsier Viewing Butterfly Garden Blood Compact Ship Haus Souvenir Shop Hanging Bridge Loboc River Cruise NOTE: Just an Heads Up!! This package only caters as your Transportation service with driverguide. Entrance Fees and Foods are not included. “People don't take trips, trips take people.” ~ John Steinbeck.
Bohol Countryside Journey from Cebu
A hassle free, no long cues, a perfect journey of a lifetime. We operate daily, just msg us your preferred date. ✅ free pick up from your hotel lobby. ✅free drop off back to your hotel after tour. Pick up time from your hotel lobby is at 7am to pier 1. Ferry departure via Oceanjet is at 8:20am. It is a 2 hour ride. Upon arrival in Bohol, just proceed to exit & find signboard under your name & meet your Bohol guide & driver. Proceed to Blood compact site for some historical updates and photo op. Then to river cruise for lunch buffet on board. An hour river cruise, stops in an ethnic community for some interaction and pictorials. Then to manmade forest to Tarsier Sanctuary. We then have a chance to learn more about the Tarsiers on it's natural habitat and some photo sessions then to butterflies & gardens. We then proceed to the famous Chocolate Hills. After taking some photos, the guide will bring you back to the car & proceed to the city and drop by the old church of Baclayon for some religious insights. Head back to the port to take 5:40PM Oceanjet again back to Cebu. Guide will meet you at the exit & then drop u back to your hotels. Other things to note Be at your very best and wear comfortable shoes as there will be a lot of walking and taking stairs. NOTE: IF YOU NEED BUSINESS CLASS TICKET UPGRADE COST IS PHP 1000 pesos roundtrip. PLS inform ahead.
Famous Cebu & history Journey
We operate daily, just message us your preferred date. A complete tour in the city center sites up to rich village of Beverly Hills and to the gardens & top of the mountain viewing deck. Itinerary includes historical Mactan Shrine, where a brave hero Lapu Lapu Statue stands. We then proceed to guitar factory. A city historical tour in Cebu Heritage monument, Fort San Pedro, Magellans Cross, and Basilica Del Sto Nino, Carbon Market. Will visit the Philippine Taoist temple, Sirao Garden, Temple of Leah & Tops viewing deck. Note: no sleeveless & no shorts!
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