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Unique things to do in Dar es Salam

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All activities near Dar es Salam

Historical Stone Town Walk By Ally Jape
Join me or one of my team guides on this insightful walk, within the hours invested in the tour you will gain a great understanding of the architecture, culture, daily life and the fascinating history of Zanzibar's world heritage site, and its significant areas, buildings and historical sites. You will soon notice how Zanzibar’s cosmopolitan roots blend with African traditions to shape its unique culture. Other things to note: The tour duration is not limited to 2 hours, depending upon your interests it can be more or less.
Cook with a local
You're welcome lets explore the rich flavors of Tanzanian cuisines in this interactive cooking class in an authentic Tanzanian home in Dar es salaam. Enjoy your meal privately with family, friends and travelers from all over the world in a peaceful, tranquil environment and experience Tanzanian hospitality like never before. As I show you step by step and Learn the secrets and techniques of cooking with spices firsthand you will also hear interesting stories from my community.
Creative Photo Shoot In Stonetown, Zanzibar
We will meet at Capetown Fish Market. The two hours will consist of portrait, lifestyle and editorial shoot in some of the most aesthetically pleasing areas of Stonetown. You are free to bring as many outfits as you want to shoot during the 1.5 hours we will be shooting for. At the end of the photo shoot, you will receive a link of 15-20 edited photos via email or text message within a day to download your photos. There is also an option to have the photos expedited (2-3 hours turnaround time).
Discover Dar Es Salaam history& Heritage
While walking around the city you will get chance to visit and learn about history of earliest buildings in Dar Es Salaam from 1860’s to present , arrangement of living Zones as depicted in a first master plan designed by Germans, visit the exact locations where historical buildings once stood and learn about their history, learn about evolution of street names and their history from the Sultan period to date, and get answers in all you need to know about the Swahili culture, clothing, traditional jewelry and much more. All these may take up to 3 hours to participate in every mentioned activity.
Dar es salaam by Night
We can start the night at 9.30pm at a nice chill relaxed restaurant for a meal if you would prefer where you can have some of our famous tasty meat, there will be options of Nyama Choma and Mishakaki these are skewered meat(chicken/beef/goat)marinated in some spices and cooked in a hot bed of coal served with lime and hot chilli, seafood will also be available .For Vegetarians please inform early so I can plan ahead. Then we can head to the Masaki Strip,around 10 where we will first pass by one or two famous bars to start off our night, you will get a 2 drink coupon . And then by 12.30 we will be heading to the clubs, depending on the night some events might require entrance fee, that shall be covered. We shall party the night away with afro beats/hip hop/reggae/ pop music. And after the party I shall drop you to your final destination Other things to note Just have your GPS on it will help in maneuvering through different locations, and Uber also help. Also carry a phone charger and if possible have a fully charged power bank. And Don't walk around with your passport, just have a normal ID with you, also please carry enough money for food and drinks, as I only offer drink coupon of TZS 15,000
One Day Safari Tour mikumi national park
we'll at Dar es salaam city in airport or hotel booked by the guest then we'll drive to mikumi national park for day tour to enjoy the nature behavior of wild animals Guests will sit and enjoy the sounds of the nature taking photos, asking questions we'll visit maasai places to see their culture and taking photo with them
Dar es Salaam by day
I live within the city of Dar es Salaam, there are a lot of different places to explore different activities, being performed by artisans, including Art Bazaar, Art Workshops, performing art. We shall start at the Mwenge Tinga Tinga, it has the best source of handmade Tanzanian art & Craft and guests can even buy there very own customized handmaid art or paintings for themselves and we can also move around and look at the famous VInyagos(Wood Carvers), From we will visit the Village Museum at Makumbusho, look at the traditional tribal houses fully furnished with local features surrounded by fields of crops. There will also be some local artists for visitors in form of cultural activities and tribal dances.Then we will move to the city center and explore some of the historical sites like askari monument, the state house,st. Joseph Cathedral,Azania Front.The we will finish our trip by visiting famous local market Kariakoo, and go see the famous Beda Amuli designed market, which is one of a great example of brutalist architecture and an example of sustainable design. Furthermore the visitors can do more shopping as it is the best place to go if you are hunting for best bargains and can even watch how people gather around the city to purchase the fresh fish catch of the day. Then will end our day by passing by Coco Beach and having some of their famous local Cassava. Other things to note Wear some hats and comfortable shoes.And bring a bag or purse to safely put your things
Nice Swahili flex of music in Dar Es Salaam
We are a leading music experience host in Dar es Salaam, we gonna let you make your own songs for fun by recording and have different lessons while enjoying a Tanzanian music taste. As we listen to different varieties of instruments from our different talented producers and sound engeneers who are willing to teach you how to make music, sing, play and even compose.
Tanzania history and Culture tour
We'll get to know the history of Tanzania. We'll get to know the culture of Tanzania people include visiting the homes of Tanzania people in Tanzania village museum We'll get to know the things that are found and discovered in Tanzania include history of Arabs and their architecture, history of first human discovered in Tanzania
Tanzanian traditional dance
First we will meet at makumbusho village museum, before the traditional dance take place we will greet each other but also go through the museum and learn different societies culture , customs and values. The final stage will be the dancing session with the local dancing groups who will be teaching my guest the African dance and they will be able to understand the culture of the Africans hence how they dance.There will be a lot of dancing and singing with the community at large. Vote of thanks then our guest will leave at there pleasure.
Dar es salaam all must see city tour
Here's specific plan from start to finish, we meet at "Old Boma building up at the restaurant" and we start our tour by giving you the history of the old building, then walking down the Indian streets following to Askari monument, stop by Azania front church(church built with germans, having interesting story) then proceed walking to Kivukoni fish market(get to see the local fish market, and their lifestyle). Taking blue buses "mwendokasi" like metro in europe but this is more african way, we will be heading to Kariakoo market a very big market here you'll get a huge experience of interacting with locals. After the hustle, we'll be heading to Mlimani city mall if we are in time. And here marks the end of our tour. Further if you have more hours, we can explore university of dar es salaam and Coco beach, feeling the cool ocean breeze. What makes our tour unique is that, you get detailed and amazing history of dar es salaam, taught some basic swahili like "mambo-hi" "naitwa..-my name.." "hakuna matata-no worries" , you'll get to experience the culture and lifestyle of a local Tanzanian which it'll make you feel like one, the laughter ofcourse and great conversations always. In our tour, I'll offer you a bottle of water and snack or fruit.
KokoTEN Studio Weekend is for Arts and Coffee
Never paint an artwork before? Great! Simply come with a willingness to be vulnerable, and an idea or two. I will coach you every step of the way, from picking an idea to materials, to putting it on canvas or paper, adding some texture, and more. In this 2 hours session, you will start from scratch and complete, original artwork with me, a professional artist at KokoTEN Studio, Kigamboni. And after the session, you’ll be able to work away with your artwork. This experience is great for one-on-one private sessions to pen your own individual skill, and also for groups as a team-building activity! I’ve worked with dozens of individuals, businesses, museums, schools, and other organizations to lead and facilitate interactive group art-making sessions
Uduzungwa national park found in tanzania
Come with me on a lovely hike and tour in uduzungwa park in morogoro . About an hour drive from the city of morogoro, this beautiful park is located at the foothills of Mt. Elgon. With huge trees and clear flowing rivers, Uduzungwa nature reserve provides you an opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Do not miss this out. I will offer snacks for my guests.
Relax on a Private Dhow Cruise
This experience offers our guests a chance to enjoy Dar es Salaam’s coastal islands on an exclusive Dhow Boat. Guests meet us at the Mawimbi Container by the Boat Yard, Slipway. The Dhow leaves at 9AM from the shores of Slipway. Once aboard the crew will navigate the Dhow about a kilometre off shore, the engine will be turned off and the classic sail will be lifted. From here the winds will be the Dhow boat's engine, letting you relax and enjoy the breeze & tranquility of the Indian Ocean. The Dhow boat cruises & docks by nearby islands (Bongoyo, Mbudya) for a few hours. Guests will get a chance to do some fun water activities including Snorkeling, SandBank/beach relaxing & Swimming in the sea before retreating back home to the shores of Slipway. This experience is great for couples, families and friends who like to share some quality moments or just want to relax after another ‘‘exhausting’ day.
Explore nature and the beauty of historical town of Bagamoyo
1 . 10:00 am You will be picked at the place of your stay and start a half hour drive from DAR to Bagamoyo. 2.OLD GERMAN BOMA-you will visit the old boma of bagamoyo this is one of historical buildings that are found in old town conservation area of bagamoyo this old state house was built by the Germans at the end of 19th century. 3.THE CARAVANI SERAI-you will visit this Swahili-islamic architecture one of the place of memory of bagamoyo it used to be the famous great market in 19th century for ivory and slave trade, the two storey building was built in 1860s by the famous Arab trader Mr Said magma Awadh. 4.CATHOLIC HISTORICAL MUSEUM- you will visit this Holy Ghost mission established by the Holy Ghost fathers this church was built in 1872s and is reportedly as the oldest church on the mainland of East Africa, Dr Livingstone body was entered for a night when was transported to Europe. 5.KAOLE RUINS-you will visit this site holds the remains of first settlement of Arab foreigners during the 13th century in Tanzania as well as an archaeological remains structures of the site includes houses,mosques, a never dry well and arab graves. 6.THE CROCODLE FARM TOUR-you will visit crocodile farm and learn how these wild predators are kept ,you will get to know their social behaviors their hunting/feeding technics 7.LUNCH AT BAGAMOYO oldTown- Swahili food -----END OF TOUR------
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