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Unique things to do in Grand Casablanca

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Activities near top attractions

Photo of Hassan Tower
Hassan Tower87 locals recommend
Photo of Rick's Café
Rick's Café64 locals recommend
Photo of La Sqala
La Sqala117 locals recommend
Photo of Chellah
Chellah20 locals recommend
Photo of Casablanca Twin Center
Casablanca Twin Center31 locals recommend
Photo of Centre Commercial Anfaplace
Centre Commercial Anfaplace125 locals recommend

All activities near Grand Casablanca

Local experience on foot
We start up our tour in the morning with a traditional breakfast at a local spot to craft our local experience. Then our walking tour starts together with Mohammed V Square "Pigeons Square" that forms the central hub of Casablanca’s new town and is home to some of the most striking architecture in the city. Along with the neighboring United Nations Square. It’s a large palm-tree lined public square represents the place where the old and new town meet. Followed by a relaxed walk through the Medina (old town) of Casablanca. Dip into the daily life of the locals and travel back in time while rambling through the narrow streets. Discover some influences from the French colonial era after visiting the bustling marketplace where clothes, spices and traditional leather goods are offered by handi-crats workers. Up to a real must-see monument “Hassan II Mosque” with its impressive world’s tallest minaret. Admire the building from the outside and listen to the incredible facts about its dimension.. The mosque is known by its high minaret of 210 meters. Finally, we’ll get to know La Corniche. At the magnificent seafront as we may enjoy a walk or simply relax in a cafe with a view of the Atlantic Ocean that offers a less traditional and more holiday escape-side of Morocco. You can dip into the water if you feel daring. Last, we finalize our tour with a delicious Moroccan lunch Other things to note * To join a guided tour in Hassan II mosque: 1- You have to buy a ticket as entry fee there (130 DH). 2- Women should bring a scarf to cover their arms to be allowed to enter.
Explore the old Medina of Casablanca
Located on the ramparts of the port of the city, the old medina keeps the vestiges of a glorious and intercultural past. Bringing together the former consulates and embassies of European countries as well as several religious buildings, this part of the city shows how Casablanca has always been in essence a cosmopolitan and intercultural city. We will Start our walk by discovering the old fort of the city that was built in 1769 and tell you everything you have to know about the history of thw city and we can start walking by following the mazes around the ramparts, and will pass in front of the necropolis of the late El Beida which, according to legend, gave its name to the city. We will stop at several places of worship, representing the different monotheistic religions, including the former Spanish church of San Buena Ventura, now transformed into a cultural center, can be visited by the public and are today witnesses to the interculturality of the city. At the end of the tour we can stop at the local cafe to enjoy a good mint tea.
Photoshoot Tour with a pro Photographer
*Get an exclusive 15% discount when booking for 2 or more! This will be a private, exclusive photo session tour, through the streets of Casablanca. Don't worry if it's your first time in front of a camera, I will help you feel comfortable and at ease. We will be in handpicked locations and hidden spots inside and outside the medina of Habous capturing artistic portraits of you. To visit the Hassan II mosque (inside and terrace), please notify me in advance so we can align our time slot to the mosque's opening hours. The mosque's tickets are on your charge and are available on the spot. Meeting spot : Café Imperial (H9HV+4HV، الدار البيضاء 20250) For any queries, or if you’re planning something special do not hesitate to send me a message before booking.
Vivez une session de pêche encadrée par des pêcheurs locaux
Après réception du/des participant(s) Vous vous lancerez en général pour une journée au bord de la plage (le spot de pêche choisi selon la saison et la marée) . La sortie commence par une séance de collecte ou d'achat d'appâts, (crabes, sardines, poulpes et autres..) On vous remet votre équipement de pêche et on vous explique les règles de sécurité et le maniement du matériel si vous êtes débutant(s). Si la sortie dure une journée, un déjeuner est organisé par les pécheurs participants avec l'animateur de l'équipe (pensez à votre pique-nique). La sortie de pêche peut être organisée pendant la journée, comme elle peut être faite la nuit, tout dépend des espèces recherchées, et du temps ou la saison de pêche. Activités proposée: pêche à pied (collecte d'appâts) pêche à la canne. feu de camp (en cas de besoin) grillade de poisson (surplace)
Captivating Hassan II Mosque, A Photographic Journey
Experience the grandeur of Hassan II Mosque in a whole new way with a personalized photography session. As your professional photographer, I will guide you through the intricately designed spaces of the mosque, capturing stunning shots of you against the magnificent background of this architectural masterpiece. From the intricate tile work to the stunningly tall minaret, every detail of the mosque will be highlighted in your photographs. You'll have the opportunity to see the mosque from new angles and perspectives as we explore the various courtyards, gardens and halls. I'll work with you to create a selection of beautiful and unique photos that truly capture the essence of this iconic Moroccan landmark. Whether you're a seasoned traveler looking to add to your collection, or a first-time visitor looking for a special way to remember your trip, this photography session will be a highlight of your time in Morocco. You will also have an opportunity to know more about the mosque and its history as we move around and take photos. This is a perfect airbnb experience for solo traveler, couple or families who want to capture their visit to this magnificent mosque and take back home beautiful memories.
Casablanca The Medina and Beyond Tour
50% DISCOUNT WHEN 2+ PASSENGERS BOOK! Dive into the daily life and habits of locals on this unique introductory tour of Casablanca! *HIGHLIGHTS* -Listen to the sounds of the medina as you meander through with the help of you guide -Get inspired by the wonderful mix of French and Moroccan architecture in the charming Habous district -Taste freshly baked bread, Moroccan sweet pastries and warm mint tea *INCLUSIONS* - Local English-speaking guide - Private transportation - Samples of freshly baked bread and pastries - Local mint tea Experience the hustle and bustle of the medina as you browse everything it has to offer. Enjoy spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean near the atmospheric old Sqalafort; before sampling some of our favourite pastries from a secret spot in a local neighbourhood. You'll even pass-by Ricks Cafe, the bar that features in the classic Hollywood movie, Casablanca. Finish with a tea or coffee in a local café.
⭐History & Food in old town Casablanca⭐
>Let's start the day with a traditional breakfast at a local spot to craft our local experience >After some food, we will have enough energy to start exploring, and we will follow the tram tracks until we will reach the Mohammed V Square, designed by architect Joseph Marrast. This gorgeous square is the administrative centre of the city and was built under the French protectorate. >From the square, we will take a turn into the Boulevard Rachdi, to have a closer look at the fantastic looking Sacre Coueur church. The church was designed by French architect Paul Tournon in Neo-Gothic style in 1930. From 1956, the church has no religious function anymore, but is used as a cultural centre open to visitors. >Followed by a relaxed walk through the Medina (old town) of Casablanca. Dip into the daily life of the locals and travel back in time while rambling through the narrow streets. Discover some influences from the French colonial era after visiting the bustling marketplace where clothes, spices and traditional leather goods are offered by handi-crats workers. >If there is one thing you don’t want to miss when you’re in Casablanca, it’s visiting the Hassan II Mosque. This is the one largest mosque in the Africa and YES, outside of prayer hours, they will us allow to go inside as a visitors!. The mosque is known by its high minaret of 210 meters. >Finally, we’ll getto La Corniche
Discover the Authentic Side of Casablanca
If you want to see the real Casablanca , walk with me and I'll show you the beautiful side and the authentic side of this intriguing city. -1- Our day will start in Derb Sultan,one of the oldest and most famous neighborhoods in Morocco!(exactly at Derb Sultan Tramway Station). I will tell you the story of this very dynamic and authentic place . You can shop there and we can go eat "Camel meat barbecue" or "Tajine" for lunch. -2-Our second stop is "El Habbous" , where you can see a beautiful moroccan architecture, shop for handmade Moroccan souvenirs, spices, pastry... and take the most amazing pictures. -3-Our third is the "Old Medina". I will show you how to take a White Local Taxi from "El Habbous" or the CasaTramway to our third attraction. We will walk though its narrow alleyways and discover the history of Casablanca through its old buildings and peaceful squares. -4- Our last and fourth destination is the magnificient Hassan 2 mosque. Bonus: - I can be your photographer during this experience - I will give you a plan on what to do next after our walk , tailored to your needs - Lunch and transportation are included in the price Important information: -Try to wear confortable shoes and modest clothes because we will walk in local areas -Try not to bring valuable items like expensive jewelry ... for your safety -Pay attention to pickpockets
Classic Fresh SeaFood Experience with Dessert
We will go to the Central Market where we can collect our own sea food and take it to restaurants in the back to cook it for us. There's wide selection of fresh sea food that is just the same day catch. First I will meet you in front of Bank Al Magreb " it is located in the city centre". After that, we stop by a fresh juice place to treat ourselves with a freshly squeezed juice of choice "Orange juice, Mango, Kiwi, Avocado, Pineapple, Peach juice or you can make your own mix or 2 or 3 different fruits blended. Then, we walk about 5 - 10 minutes for the main mean at the central market. There we will do the shopping and cooking. As we finish our generous table of fresh sea food, then we could find a cafe near by to finally treat ourselves with a typical Moroccan green tea with mint.. The greet tea with mint we could try it with different types of herbs to taste different flavors.
Discover Moroccan Food & Traditional Clothes with Wissal
My mum and I will host you in Order to teach you how to make Moroccan mint tea and how to cook delicious Morrocan food such as Tajine or Couscous and eating this after. while this adventure we will enjoy together by exchanging the cultures and letting you attempting our traditional Moroccan clothes as the famous Moroccan CAFTAN , Takchita , Jellaba and more... I promise that you will create memories you cannot forget in this familiar lunch with us. PS : Please text me before booking to arrange exact time.
Experience Casablanca's old part of the city as a Local
The Idea of my tour is to offer the travelers something they couldn't have done on their own which is a 100% local experience by exploring the old little part of the city, more like hanging out with a friend. We'll start our tour with a walk around the old Medina which offers a view of life in Casablanca over the centuries, with traditional market stalls lining the ramparts (leather steps, spices, antiques). We will take a break in one of my favorite cafes (if you’d like it) ,with a beautiful terrace to get a traditional sweet and authentic moroccan mint tea. And we end our tour in the highest and one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the world. "Hassan 2 Mosque" A masterpiece of Arab-Muslim architecture. In a century and a half, Casablanca has gone from a small village of a few thousand inhabitants to a city of nearly four million, and has become a major industrial and commercial center more open to the Western way of life than other cities. Note : The mosque only opens during prayer times (including the big square)
Moroccan cooking class with a local family
welcome to my cooking masterclass. Vegan and vegetarian are welome. You will live the experience to cook different Moroccan dishes wich you will show off to friends and family on a later stage. we accommodate any specific date/time requests. Just message us. The working time is from 07:00 AM to 22:00 PM. --Optional-- we will go to the souk ( market that local people use on a daily basis) to buy our ingredients(included) then we will get back to our house to start cooking together. You will discover the secret tips and skills of our traditional Moroccan cuisine. I will teach you how to make Moroccan tea too. In my cooking class you will learn how to make popular Moroccan dishes and have the opportunity to ask local questions about Moroccan life. All the steps will be done by yourself then we will eat the meal in a joyful and familial atmosphere.
Cycling in Central Town, Tour & Bike
Urban cycling tour in main Casablanca center area: - The Central Park and the huge esplanade of the Skate park ( experience cycling in a skate park) - The Opera place, and the pigeons fountain - The Old Mers Sultan, with the the first car agency building ( 1906) - The Mohamed V street area, and amazing buildings of the 50’s - The Old Medina, and their narrow streets - The Fishing Harbour, and fish market -The New Marina, and log promenade by the sea - The worldwide known Hassan II Mosk, and it’s beauty seen from 3 angles - The Corniche cycling path - Return via the Bourgogne area Other things to note Activity for Adults , Minimum 16 years
Atelier de calligraphie arabe Casablanca
✿ DEMANDEZ UN HORAIRE QUI VOUS CONVIENT !! ✿ Apprenez à écrire avec votre cœur grâce à cette pratique méditative. Notre atelier de calligraphie arabe sera un moment pour nos amateurs de revenir à l’essentiel, de retrouver et conjuguer leur créativité avec leur souffle, de découvrir le rythme, de s’apaiser et de tendre à la forme méditative. La calligraphe arabe vos fera voyager dans un monde d’expressions artistiques où les lettres arabes dansent pour raconter l’Art de l’écriture. On commence par : - la définition de la calligraphie arabe. - Initiation aux matériaux de cet art et présentation du Qalam. - Apprendre la façon de manier le calame (trois doigts ; position du corps ; lenteur et décomposition de traçage des lettres). - Après avoir parlé des « règles de base », on commence par la manipulation de la plume biseautée le Qalam et au chargement de l'encre. Ensuite, place à l'apprentissage: Exécution d'une série d’exercices . Formation de lettres arabe. Mots, expressions...
Vivez la passion de football entre les fans du raja
Join me for 90 minutes in the midst of one of the best fans in the world. I am Mohamed Amine I live the best moments of my life inside the stadium and I am proud to belong to the most passionate fans in the world. I invite you to join me in sharing this experience together. We will meet outside the stadium two hours before the game, I offer you a team jersey and the ticket for the game, we will enter the stadium two hours before the start of the game to be able to talk more about the culture of the team and the fans, we support the team together at the start of the match and after the end of the first half, we will take photos inside the stadium, we will end the support after the start of the second half time and when the game is over we will take you to your hotel. It is an exceptional experience not to be missed because it will allow you to discover the ultras culture in Morocco and the sacrifices made by Ultras members to support their teams. We will also discover the difficulties and behind the scenes of their creativity in each game. Next matches: 27 December: Raja v Moghreb de Fés (Moroccan League) Contact us for more information!