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How regional policies affect listings created through software connections

Policies for your listings can differ depending on your city, county, state, province, territory, or country. Even if you’ve created your listings through your software, you still need to comply with these policies.

Regional policies

You can create listings through your software in North America, Latin America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Europe. 

In Japan, we don’t accept listings created through software connections for places to stay (minpaku) used for Housing Accommodation Business under the Japanese Housing Accommodation Business Act (Act No.65 of 2017). The only exception to the policy is for Japanese API partners who have entered into the license agreement with regard to Airbnb brand and intellectual properties within Japan

Traditional hospitality policies

The property types that we accept include:

  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Boutique hotel
  • Hostel
  • Lodge
  • Timeshare
  • Minsu
  • Casa particular
  • Pension
  • Pousada
  • Ryokan
  • Heritage hotel
  • Serviced apartment

City registration policies

City registration is required by Airbnb for some cities. Listings in those cities won’t be published until the Host completes the registration process for each listing.

To complete the process, you’ll need to enter your existing registration details, your exemption details, or submit a registration application to the city via Airbnb. You can enter your existing registration or exemption details via your software if it supports that feature. If your software doesn’t support it, you must complete the registration on Airbnb manually for each listing.

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