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Appendix of Airbnb Privacy Policy for China—List of Third-Party SDK/Services

See below for the list for SDKs and third-party data processors that process Airbnb data. Please note that the category of personal information may vary due to version upgrades or technical adjustment by the listed third-party data processors. You should check their official sites for the most updated information.

Third-party SDK/ Services

Name of SDK (if applicable)

Main Personal Information Involved

Purpose of Use

List of SDKs

Autonavi Information Technology Co., Ltd. (高德软件有限公司)

Amap SDK

Location information, IMEI/Android ID, MAC address

Provide map service

Tenpay Payment Technology Co., Ltd. (财付通支付科技有限公司)

WeChat Pay SDK

Login information, WeChat Open ID, order and payment information

Wechat Payment processing

Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd.(支付宝(中国)网络技术有限公司)

Alipay SDK

Login information, Open ID, order and payment information

Alipay Payment processing

Wuhan Geetest Network Technology Co., Ltd. (武汉极意网络科技有限公司)

Geetest SDK

Device information, Website browsing tracks

Maintain Trust and Safety

Shenzhen Hexun Huagu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (深圳市和讯华谷信息技术有限公司)

JPush SDK (including SDKs for VIVO push, Xiaomi push and OPPO push)

Device information, log data, such as mobile types, IMEI, Android ID, serial number; software ID and attributes, network configuration, crash data;

Push message content including reservation related information such as profile name, check-in time, destination, nights of stay

Analyze statistics and push notifications

Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co. Ltd. (深圳市腾讯计算机系统有限公司)

QQConnect SDK

Listing name, listing url, application list

Share listings to QQ contacts

mParticle Inc.

mParticle SDK

User logs and location information

Analyze users’ behavior

Shanghai Chuanglan Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (上海创蓝文化传播有限公司)

Shanyan SDK, including China Mobile Certified SDK, China Unicom Certified SDK, China Telecom Certified SDK

Phone number, MAC, IMSI,IMEI,IP address ct etc.

Provide one-click login

Ali Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. (阿里云计算有限公司)

Alicloud SDK

Copy of the front and back ID, facial data and other personal information contained in the documents provided such as property location and name in the real estate certification, name of legal representative on business license

Provide identity and license verification

Akamai Technologies, Inc.

Akamai SDK

All Airbnb pages go through Akamai as we store cache on Akamai, this will all be public data on our websites. PII is not recorded in Akamai logs.

Content delivery networks and anti-bot

PayPal, Inc.

Braintree SDK

Credit card expiration date, credit card number, CVV, billing address and/or zip code, full name and device data

Payment gateway service for outbound bookings

List of Third-party Data Processors

PICC SHANGHAI BRANCH (中国人民财产保险股份有限公司上海市分公司)


Check in/out date, name, phone number, email address, listing address, Airbnb profile username), claim amount and time

Provide insurance services

Lianlian International Company Limited/Lianlian Bao (Hangzhou) Information Technology Company Limited (连连国际支付有限公司/连连宝(杭州)信息技术有限公司)


IP address, national ID, name, mobile phone number, user ID

Provide payment services

Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch (平安银行股份有限公司深圳分行)


User ID, phone number, email, name, national ID number, bank account number, IP address

Provide payment services

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