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Find your payment

You can find your upcoming and completed payments in Your payments. This includes payments you’ve made for Homes and Experiences reservations since 2018 and any related refunds.

Other payments and refunds

Here are some tips for finding other common transactions:

  • Resolution Center payments: Visit the Resolution Center.
  • Payment disputes (chargebacks): If you’ve disputed a charge, find out more about this process. If you’re not sure if you’ve received a refund yet, check your email or go to Trips and check for the receipt for your trip.
  • Donations: Go to Account > Payments & payouts > Donations.
  • Payments before 2018: If you need receipts or info for payments or refunds prior to 2018, contact Airbnb Support.

If you’re a Host, you’ll find your upcoming and completed payouts in your transaction history.

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