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Why we require a profile

A robust profile helps show you’re reliable and authentic to people who don’t know you yet, and can help develop connections between Hosts and guests while establishing trust on our platform. Details you choose to share about yourself may be highlighted across the Airbnb platform to Hosts and guests.

Strong profiles include:

  • Multiple verifications like email and identity in your confirmed information section.
  • At least 50 words about you, why you joined, or anything else you think others would like to know.
  • A profile photo that shows your face so others can recognize you when you arrive as a guest, or host a stay or experience.

Profile photos

All Hosts are required to have a profile photo, and some Hosts require the same of their guests to book.

Guest profile photos aren’t displayed until after a booking is confirmed and can be changed at any time. Your photo is your choice, but make sure it follows our Content Policy, as this photo may be shown to other users across Airbnb – like on your listing if you’re a Host.

Managing your profile

You can update your profile, including your profile photo, by visiting this link, or you can learn more about managing your profile.

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