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Learn to Paint Like Bob Ross
Learn to paint like Bob Ross with a certified Bob Ross Paint Instructor. With a bit of belief in yourself, you can walk out of a class with me with a masterpiece in hand. Anyone can paint, so join me in discovering your hidden talents. Each class we will be recreating a Bob Ross painting, from his old episodes. I will teach you the techniques, skills, and mindset to create something beautiful. I specialize in teaching first timers, but people with experience will be challenged as well! Let’s have a fun, informal time with family, friends and new acquaintances. I would love to teach you the Joy of Painting in the style of Bob Ross with hopes to instill a lifetime love of art as his art has brought to me.
Create a piece of pottery- A private pottery experience
Are you longing to learn a new skill? Have you ever wanted to recreate an iconic scene from a movie?* Join me in the ceramics studio to learn the basics about wheel throwing. She even gives tips and tricks so that every person who takes a class, always creates a piece. It can be a solo experience or you can share it with a friend, family member, or significant other. Laugh, get messy, and create new memories with your partner. Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, gals night out, or mother/daughter day out. Want to make it a trip? Looking for a weekend getaway? COPY and PASTE the link to check out the artists listing! The details: No experience is required! Class is 2 hours long Artist trims and glazes piece. Student gets to choose a selection of 25 different glaze colors. Once the pieces are finished in about a month, you can come pickup the pieces or artist can ship them to you for additional cost. We use about 1-2 lbs of clay and you can create a bowl, vase, mug, whatever your heart desires! Artist supplies an apron, but recommends bringing shoes and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Clay does not stain clothing. You are welcome to bring beverages! Studio is in a location in which require stairs. *Come on, you know you wanna be Demi Moore and Patrick Sawyze from Ghost!
Tea Ceremony with Rohit
Taste delicious teas, in a mindful way, while enjoying the peace of my tea room! I serve tea inspired by the Chinese (Gongfu Cha) ceremony. These are generally loose leaf teas sourced from mindful distributors around the world. We'll be sitting on the cushions on the tatami floor, and depending on which teas speak to us, we'll begin the journey by tasting the first cup in silence, followed by some quiet conversations...
Kamp Kessa A Zen-like horse experience to remember
1. arrive at barn with appropriate footwear and pants for riding. 2. Enter the herd that most matches your assessed skill and experience level . 3. Walk horse to barn and perform 1:1 grooming like a tea party! 4. Proceed to mount your horse and have preliminary lesson on riding. 5. Follow your host onto a nature trail. 6. Give each rider an opportunity to partner with their horse and nature. 7. Stop and safety check all tack half way through and discuss nature in our environment. 8. Return on an alternate trail to the farm. 9. Circle up and discuss what the power of the experience was for each participant. Other things to note When you enter the property, there will be a metal gate. Please open (and close) it and drive down the drive to the rust colored barn. Park at the barn and the host will meet you there. There are free range horses so drive cautiously.
Create a tabletop mini garden
I offer a huge range of options for creating planted terrariums, from complex to simple arrangements in open or closed containers. This direction reveals the creative flight of thought of the master class participants. Under my guidance, you will be able to realize any of your creative fantasies. In class you: -learn a lot of interesting information about the local nature (rare and common varieties of slow-growing plants); -get acquainted with the popular directions of floristry; -create your own piece of wildlife in a terrarium in 30 minutes; -receive detailed instructions for the care of the florarium.
Build an Epoxy Ocean Charcuterie Board in a Private Woodshop
Spend a couple of hours milling up lumber to make a charcuterie board, a serving tray, or a cutting board. All the tools and materials will be at your fingertips to choose the perfect species for your project. You will learn how to choose interesting figured pieces of wood, mill them down and make them flat, cut your shape, and pour epoxy to make a "river" board or an "ocean" board. Would you like to book a private group for a certain date and time? Contact me and we'll make it happen. Ed Ventura | Wood Gallery Indy (I have locations in South Broad Ripple and Brownsburg, IN)
Cooking with Bourbon at the Cabin
The perfect ending to a day on the Bourbon Trail! Cooking With Bourbon provides the opportunity to mingle with other guests over a cocktail and family-style dinner you help make in a casual setting around the kitchen table in a log home. Guests will slice, dice, stir, bake and make delicious dishes featuring bourbon while hearing about bourbon and Kentucky life. Guests also get a short tour of our 200-year old log cabin from the owner, an architect who specializes in log and timberframe homes. You may meet Captain, our lovable Newfoundland dog. Meal includes a cocktail, salad, vegetable, meat or fish, and dessert. Menu changes and may include Bourbon-glazed Salmon, Peach and Bourbon Chicken, Bourbon Burgers with carmelized onions, Pork Tenderloin with Bourbon and Apples, carmelized carrots, drunken sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts with bourbon and bacon, honeyed carrots, green salad with bourbon pecans, bourbon balls, bread pudding with bourbon sauce, Kentucky Spirit pie or Irish cake. Take the recipes with you so you can make your new favorites at home. Come back again for a different menu! There's always something new when you are Cooking With Bourbon.
Soapmaking and Sudsy Fun
Enjoy sipping lemonade on the porch of an original log cabin as you select from a variety of scents like lavender, orange spice or honey almond to create your own bath product while you learn about the key ingredients to use for your skin type. Then make a soap and a sugar scrub or a bath salt bag that will nourish your skin. Add the finishing touches to make great gifts to give or keep for yourself.
Indianapolis Axe Throwing Experience
I'm excited to introduce you to the sport of axe throwing! This thrilling traditional Canadian backyard pastime is now bigger than ever in urban communities. Enjoy a one hour axe throwing session with a dedicated axe throwing coach right here in Downtown Indianapolis. My coach will provide everything you need when it comes to safety, throwing techniques and will be there to guide you through your experience. Once confident with the basics, your coach will introduce a variety of simple and advanced trick shots as well as facilitate games to crown a member of your group the ultimate axe throwing champion. I promise you'll be crushing bullseyes in no time and will leave feeling like the ultimate bad axe that you are! No axe-perience necessary, all skill levels are welcome.
Alpaca Trekking - Alpaca Encounter and Trail Walk
We'll start your adventure with a Q & A session about alpacas. Learn where they come from and why we raise them in Indiana. Learn how we care for them and how we make them comfortable in all seasons. You will also learn why alpacas are a sustainable source of quality fiber used to make all sorts of clothing and accessories. Then, you will get a chance to get up close and personal by feeding some of them out of your hand. After that, we'll put halters on a few and take a short hike around the farm. This is where you will really get a chance to bond with an alpaca! At the end our interaction, you will spend some time in our farm store where you will see an array of wonderful alpaca clothing products. Beth will also demonstrate hand spinning alpaca fiber with a spinning wheel. Other things to note: Alpacas and gentle and safe to be around. However, you will be on a working farm and there are inherent risks.
Adventures in Urban Gardening
From the novice to the experienced landscaper and gardener, come check out what I am doing on my urban organically-minded mini farm in the heart of Bloomington, IN. Better yet, choose your own gardening adventure! Let me know what your are interested in learning and I will customize your experience to share what we do based on your interests. Would you like to learn about, even try out and experience... -Water conservation through 90-2500 gallon rain barrels/cisterns and garden irrigation systems; -Outdoor, year-round vermi-composting system and traditional pile composting; -Companion planting; -Vertical/forest gardening; -Straw-bale gardening; -Espalier-style orchard and berries; - Micro-climate creation & growing season extension; -Free-range urban chickens; -Pest control and weed managment; -Peat moss/airpot/mini aquaponic seed starting -Planting and garden management based on moon phase & astrological signs; -And more – Just ask. Why $1? Per city zoning laws, I am only allowed to accept donations for the tour. However, please understand that this is not a free tour. My time and expertise are valuable. My off-site consulting rate is $75/hour. Since this is donation based, I will accept a rate that is significantly less. Plus you can choose the length of time up to 3 hours that works best for you!
The revival of artistic beauty
Our master classes in impressionistic painting will allow you to plunge into the distant 19th century, when the great Claude, Auguste, Paul and other geniuses of art tried to capture the elusive moments of life and nature in order to capture them in such an unusual unique manner with the help of light and an infinite spectrum of color. During the lesson you will learn: -fundamentals and principles of painting (chiaroscuro, aerial and linear perspective, heat and cold); -working with oil paint and its color palette; -how to achieve volume in painting work; -various techniques of applying smears; -create your own landscapes and still lifes in an impressionistic manner. In the end, you will have your own masterpiece and take it as a souvenir. You will also find like-minded people, and possibly friends, which has happened more than once in my practice.
Custom Candle Creating & Cocktails
When you visit us you are welcome to make a custom candle and any of our other products. You will create your own scent combination by blending up to 3 of our 80 fragrance options into a candle, lotion, sugar scrub, bath salt, hand soap, and just an oil to diffuse. We also offer coffee, beer, wine, and cocktails to enjoy during their visit and an add-on option for charcuterie. Your candle will take about 1.5 hours to set up. This is a great time to explore the neighborhood & grab a bite to eat while you wait!
Design a Kentucky Derby Fascinator
In this experience you will get to create your very own Kentucky Derby Fascinator in my specialty workshop and showroom in downtown Louisville. You will arrive at the workshop and look at samples of fascinators, and then you will pick out the colors you will use for your piece. You will block a shape with a material called sinamay, and then pick out feathers and beads and veiling that match your color story. You will pick put together your feather set with glue and stitch it to the fascinator that you blocked along with beads you picked out. To finish it we will sew veiling on it, rhinestone it, and attach an elastic so it sits comfortably on your head!
Knife Throwing in Indianapolis
I'm excited to introduce you to the sport of Knife throwing! Enjoy a 60 minute knife throwing session with a top notch coach right here in Indianapolis. We will provide everything you need when it comes to safety, throwing techniques and will be there to guide you throughout your entire experience. Once confident in the basics, our coach will instruct how to keep score and teach you several games. I promise you'll be crushing bullseyes in no time and will leave feeling like the ultimate knife thrower that you are! No experience necessary, all skill levels are welcome.
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