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Unique things to do in KwaZulu-Natal

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goodVibezOnlyZA Setups for hire
Experience is 5 hours long maximum. We're on IG - check out goodvibezonlyza. For quick responses, whstsapp 0835288982. For most people, a trip to the beach is a basic event where you get to pin down your beach towel and watch the waves come crashing down as you enjoy the soothing sound of tiny little ocean bubbles popping. And even though this may bring some form of tranquility, most people never get to realize how they sell themselves short of a full experience that can remain forever embedded in their mind. Enter #goodVibezOnly. A chance to experience the fun, sun & sea (together with the breeze), in a way that excites the senses. Our standard setup involves a gazebo, picnic blankets/carpets/Strawmats, beach pillows or ottomans, a pallet table, a cooler box, a portable bluetooth speaker together with full decor, cutlery & crockery. And this is 5 hours long. Your beach memories will never be the same again. The setups are beautiful. A hubbly can be added for an additional fee. Whether it's a setup for 2 people or a group of 50, we can arrange it for you. So don't pay mind to the fact that this platform says we only do groups of 10. Pop me a message to inquire and I will respond. We can setup at the beach, a park, your backyard, inside your home or #beachday, or a birthday. For quick responses, whstsapp 0835288982.
Experience The Underwater Wilderness
The trip starts with a meet and greet as well as completing the indemnity form. We then head down to the beach to issue you with your snorkeling gear (If you don't have your own), taking some time to ensure everything fits properly and you're feeling nice and comfy and cover any questions or concerns. We will get your shoe size for the fins when you book. For beginners we also run a short "skills" session, where we will teach you the basics of using your gear, how to get water out of your mask, how to move in the water and how to fix potential problems you may encounter whilst snorkeling, the purpose here is merely to ensure you are comfortable and have FUN ! After this, we hit the water, where we will point out interesting marine life and also keep a beady eye on you. You can expect to see at least 20-50 species of fish, corals, a wide variety of invertebrates and big shoals swimming around, including Moray Eels, Parrotfish, Damsels, Surgeons, Butterflyfish and loads of other colourful invertebrates. The entire trip lasts about two hours and includes photos of you snorkeling underwater and a free copy of our marine life ID guide. Other things to note The experience is really safe and relaxing, we don't go out into the open ocean at all and water is seldom more than 1.5m deep. Our departure times may vary depending on the tides and ocean conditions
3-Day Memorable Lesotho Tour
We will pick you up from Himeville / Underberg. We arrange our departure from the Himeville Museum on Arbuckle Street, alternatively, we can pick you up from your accommodation. We will start our tour at 8 am in our guided 4wd vehicle and proceed into Lesotho Via Sani Pass. Then we will have picnic lunch which is included in the cost of the tour and proceed with a cultural tour visiting the Bushman Paintings & Dinosaur Footprints in the afternoon. Around 5 pm, Peter will drop you off to your hotel where you can have a rest and be ready for the next day. Day 2 After breakfast, we will visit the Kome Caves and Thaba Bosiu. The Kome Cave dwellings were built in the 19th century and are still lived in by the original families. The caves have been carefully restored and a visitors’ center has been attached to the site. They have been declared a National heritage site. Then your guide will get you to have lunch in the capital city of Maseru and approximately 5 pm you will be transferred to Semonkong Lodge. Day 3 After breakfast, your guide will take you to Maletsunyane Falls. It is a 192-meter-high waterfall in Lesotho. Must visit if you are here. You can choose if you want to hike a mountain or drive to the top. Then we will drive back to South Africa and have lunch at Matatiele. Back to Underberg.
Start the day with a Durban beach sunrise
Durban is known for its stunning coastline. So we’re bringing you a fuss-free way to enjoy a Durban Sunrise in style with your travel buddies. We will meet at our specified beach location in Durban North (weather dependant) and you will enjoy a beautiful sunrise setting - fully equipped with seating arrangements, snacks, warm coffee…or something a little more exciting. Come and join a born and bred Durbanite share their love of KZNs jaw-dropping early morning views without and of the packing hassles! While you sit and bask in the morning glory, we will be there taking some pictures to share with you after your experience (if you opt for that). No Durban trip is complete without starting your day with your toes in the sand, sipping on your first coffee of the day and sinking in to your relaxing vacation.
Walk With Me
We will meet at the main entrance of the reserve, where guests will be given a brief history of the area. Then, we will take an approximately three-hour guided walk through the reserve. Njabulo will point out and interpret the flora and fauna seen along the way. At the halfway point, we will take a break for snacks and refreshments at one of the reserve's scenic picnic sites. The walk will conclude at the main entrance gates. Other things to note There is no dangerous game at Kenneth Stainbank. Our walking trails are unpaved but well established, and suitable for anyone with a basic level of physical fitness.
Nightlife fun in Durban
A view of the nightlife scene from a local point of view. We visit three bars/clubs in Durban. At a club we join in a bongo drumming circle on Thursday’s. We will be doing a bar crawl in the city. Let’s make some memories and visit local clubs or bars. We enjoy each spot for 30 minutes as we enjoy a drink at each spot. Thursday night is the drum circle (indoors) The events or performances vary from day to day thereby making each experience unique. We will have to consider most clubs are quieter on weekdays and know that Thursday, Friday, Saturday might be the best options. We begin at the meeting spot on Florida road and thereafter begin to make our way to the first venue. Expected arrival at the first venue is 8:10pm We settle in for a drink for 30minutes at the first venue and leave at 8:40pm Expected arrival at the second venue is 8:45pm Here we settle in for a second single drink for 30 minutes before heading to our last destination at 9:15pm We will arrive at our location at 9:35pm We say our goodbyes at 10:05pm and split ways at the final venue. Guests may request private transport services home if needed.
Stand Up Paddleboarding Experience
When was the last time you tried something for the first time? Get ready for an unforgettable experience. You don’t need ‘good balance’ or ‘great fitness’ - this is a sport for everyone. We have wide stable boards that do the balancing for you. All you need is to be able to breathe and relax so you become one with the movement. Myself and Coach Charlotte will meet you at our SUP beach. We have space for you to store your belongings. This beach is a very calm and safe beach without waves to get out. The first 10-15 minutes will be spent on the beach learning about the ocean, about how to stay safe in the ocean and the stand up paddling technique. You’ll feel relaxed and orientated to the ocean before you even get your feet wet. We paddle out on our knees, orientating your body to the movement and the SUP. Once you’re comfortable we stand and experience the ocean from a unique vista – standing on water. We paddle together for an hour and explore the beautiful view of the Durban coast - it’s magical being out there and taking it all in. We often see dolphins, rays, turtles and a vast variety of fish. Other things to note We have wide stable boards that do the balancing for you! You can sit or kneel and paddle. Standing is not essential for an amazing experience. We have storage for bags and showers and changing rooms.
Learn to Surf at Addington Beach
When was the last time you tried something for the first time? All you need to do is arrive with swimwear, a towel and be prepared not to take yourself seriously. This is about trying something new and having fun. No experience or fitness or equipment is needed. We have lockers for all your bags. We have rash vests and wetsuits for you. We have a maximum of 3 people per coach. We like this to be a comfortable experience to maximise the fun and wave riding. If your group is larger than 3 people, more of my team of Professional Surf Coaches join. The first 10-15 minutes will be spent on the beach learning about the ocean, how to stay safe in the surf and the manoeuvre known as the ‘pop-up’ which is how you stand. You’ll feel relaxed and orientated to the surf before you even get wet. Then we head out into the surf. We paddle out and your coach will be there with you. Your coach times the wave for you so that we push you onto the wave and tell you when to stand. You’re guaranteed to ride a wave in this session. We help you with your technique and by the end you’ll be feeling the ‘stoke’; the magical indescribable feeling only a surfer knows! Other things to note: There are no 'stupid' questions - please ask anything. We surf when it rains because you get wet anyway! Sometimes the best surf is on grey days. Message me if you would like a different time slot.
Mtunzini Guided Birding Experience
Guests will meet at Ngoye Lodge in Mtunzini before heading off to one of five world-renowned birding locations with our professional birding guides. These locations are rich in biodiversity and play host to a number of rare species. Our guides are experienced and take great pride in sharing their local knowledge with guests on our tour.
Make an African basket with Us
Immerse yourself in Zulu culture by participating in an age old tradition of basket making. In this world of technology and mass production, it is such a joy to know that the craft of hand made items still exist and is carefully protected by the Zulu tribe and passed down from generation to generation. Every basket is made from indigenous materials and natural dyes. -A group of expert weavers will walk you through making your own basket. - We will begin by explaining the material/grass that we will be using. -We then will explain the technique used to create different basket patterns. - Your fingers will then begin making your own basket as we walk you through step by step of the process Our teachers are experts and very patient. The basket that you will make will be small and compact as well as easy to put together. You will begin putting your basket together and experiencing a day in the workshop. Finally you may take home your basket, making it a true collectors item. All colours are natural, obtained from boiling roots, leaves, berries and bark of indigenous flora. Many are seasonal. BROWN/BLACK (isizimane) – Roots of tree, crushed and boiled for many days. PINK/LILAC (Mpheghumbetu) – Leaves of small bush PURPLE/BLUE (Umdoni) – Skin of ripe umdoni berries BURGUNDY/MAROON (Isfixu) – Bark of Maula Tree KHAKI GREEN (Mxuba) – Fresh Cow dung, soak
Challenge for the Palette with Authentic Zulu Food
The Zulu people of Durban have a rich culture. We will have a modern traditional meal in the heart of Durban. All while conversing. Maize is a staple food in South Africa until today. Many maize dishes can be prepared, but uphuthu is the most commonly prepared. It is a meal that is made from coarsely ground maize. The coarse grind is then used to create a thick porridge with a crumbly texture. Uphuthu is mainly served cold and can be accompanied by spinach or amasi. Menu: Inhloko – Head/Brain – Beef Beef curry Usu – Tripe - Beef Inkhukhu – Zulu Chicken Isistambu and Chakalaka Cream Spinach and uPhuthu
Durban Walking Tour
We will be taking a stroll around the block of Florida road and Windemere road. With gorgeous views of the city and elaborate graffiti work, Morningside offers a relaxing experience for residents and visitors. Experience local life as we take a local taxi ( called combi in SA) to a street market. We will begin at the Florida Fields building and walk down to the first park on Gordon road to see the promise to Mandela locks then up to the cube where you can see the ocean, Moses Mabhida, Kings Park and the entire center of the bustling city of Durban. Finally we will head down to Mitchell park to see the statue of the Zulu King, Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu. At each stop I will be explaining the significance of the place we’re in. Other things to note This walk is approximately 2.7kms. Please bring R10.00ZAR for the taxi ride.
Explore a vibrant local market
Meet your guide at the Aunt Pam's coffee shop at the Victoria Street Market for your tour briefing. Your guide will then take you around the 9 markets of Warwick and tell you all about them on the way. Pick up some beautiful bead work, learn about traditional herbs and medicine, soak up the sights and sounds of Berea Station. After you’ve visited each market, your guide will return you to the start point. Along the way you will visit the Victoria Street Market- a historic site, then move to Brook Street Market where pinafores are sold; next is a moment of peace in the Badsha Peer cemetery- one of the oldest in the City; after this you will move through the Berea Station Market before seeing examples of traditional street food such as the Bovine Head Cooks, a marker of traditional Zulu culture. You will also visit the Lime and Impepho Market and the Traditional Herb and Medicine Market. If you do the tour on a Friday morning, you’ll also get the chance to see the colours of the Bead Market. Other things to note Regrettably due to the terrain the markets are not accessible to persons with disabilities.
Enjoy Green Point with a Private Chef
Enjoy your very own private chef experience at your place! Learn the secrets hidden within each dish, and enjoy a delicious multi-course meal. Get ready to discover the taste of Green Point without leaving your own dining room! I will arrive 90 minutes before your preferred dining time in order to begin working my magic. I won't arrive empty-handed! No-no, I will show up at your doorstep equipped with every ingredient needed in order to prepare your meal. Feel free to put your apron on and cook some of the dishes with me! I am eager to share with you the secrets behind my recipes and Green Point local hidden treasures. Not in the mood? Well then lay down, relax, enjoy a few appetizers and allow me and my team to take care of you. Eat, share, drink, laugh, and explore Green Point dining scene from your own table. Oh and don’t worry about tidying up, everything will be left spotless for you to continue to enjoy! To have a closer look at my menus, send me a direct message and I will send them your way! Take advantage of our group discounts! ★ 20% OFF — groups from 4 to 5 guests ★ 30% OFF — groups of +6 guests Please note that to book an experience there is a minimum of 2 guests required.
Experiencing waves with Fika
We host Durbans most memorable surfing lessons. We've created a comfortable, safe and fun environment to learn to surf while having the time of your life taking on this new fun skill. First we stretch, then I introduce you to your surfboard and water safety. Finally we hit the waves. I'll be guiding you the whole time, making your surf experience fun and exciting.