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Kiev Spanish Tour
Amigos, muchas gracias por su ayuda! La situación económicamente que tengo es bastante complicada. Encontrar trabajo en Ucrania es imposible ahora... Mucha gente me pregunta por qué no salgo de Ucrania. Pero yo no puedo... no puedo decir a la gente que quiero mucho "Adios", no puedo dejar mi novio (los hombres no pueden salir de Ucrania durante la guerra), todo lo que tengo está en Ucrania. Es mi país, es mi patria! Muchas gracias a todos por donaciones yo uso este dinero para comprar la comida y ayudar a la gente que está cerca de mi.
Awful Kyiv: dare to see the beauty
They say, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. But some places are really awful. Want to see alternative Kyiv? You’re in the right place! Awful constructions, old artificial caves (that witnessed one of the worst crimes of Jewish community in XX century), abandoned (and working) factories (not getting inside), scratched buildings, left cemeteries, the pioneers of illegal real estate business in Kyiv and hills with strange stories. See where the only wooden church in Kyiv and the only mosque in Kyiv are located, visit the church that will remind you of Chernobyl, and learn the stories about these places. See the oldest market in Kyiv and learn about its history, nowadays and future. Learn more about urban decay and urban projects in Kyiv and massive construction. Discover the area full of authentic bars and cafes, where locals like to hang out. Make your way through strange garages to get amazing views on Kyiv. Discover one of the most controversial and offbeat yet local districts of Kyiv – only for true explorers. Other things to note The 3-3,5 hrs walk includes some hills. Dress in a comfy clothing and take comfortable sporting shoes. I do not cancel experience because of a rain - so please bring umbrella in such a case
Cheers in Kiev
“Secrets are meant to be shared not revealed!” Cheers guys and Wellcome to Kiev!Follow us into Kiev historical streets as we discover secret bars often unknown to travellers and locals.The bars we will visit have hidden passages, some require passwords for entry whilst others can only be accessed by appointments only. Some of the bars we will visit have exclusive cocktails that have been designed to experience the history of cocktails through time by the best mixologist in Ukraine. Come explore something different with us!We provide a relaxing atmosphere that makes you feel like a local!:)All are welcome! Solo travellers, couples and groups!Come one come all!:) Please note that drinks are NOT included. Other things to note Our tour will take 4 hours, we will start at 8 pm. If you allergic for something please let us know. The only thing you should take with you is a good mood!:)
Vanishing Beauty of Soviet Modernism
Around the globe, the post-second-world-war years were a period of optimism and extreme experimentation. Ukraine wasn't an exception. That was the time when usually dull and grey Soviet architecture started to get more expressive forms, when local architects were attempting to transform the city into the environment for materialization of artistic thinking – in contrast to the strict unification of city space by typical construction and residential blocks. Abraham Miletskyj, Edward Bilsky, Florian Yuriyev - here are just a few names of the creators of the era whose names are known in the architectural world, and whose works still can be found in the city. And the works remain in the global architectural heritage and attract visitors from throughout the world. Today the buildings are often neglected, so there are chances that they will disappear in 10 or so years. So hurry up to see them and learn more about Ukrainian modernism and brutalism in architecture, as well as about history of the country of the time. Here are objects we will visit: - Hotel 'Salut' - Ex-Pioneers' Palace - House of Furniture - Vernadsky Library - Kyiv's Crematorium - Ukravtodor - House of Cinema All they are situated in different parts of the city, so we will move between them by car. ATTN! Some objects may be unavailable on the day of the tour - and replaced with others, not less interesting.
Ukraine Through Wine & Food plus walking in a Soviet park
One of the most popular AirBnB Experiences in a new edition: past and present of Ukraine and its wines in one tour. It takes place at VDNG - abbreviation of Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy in Soviet time or National Expocenter of Ukraine today. It's a grandiose complex of buildings and a park a bit away from the city center but easily reachable by metro or taxi. In the beginning, we will have a walk around the complex. You'll see its impressive architecture and learn some facts about its Soviet past and present history. At the point we'll also start talking about Ukrainian winemaking, which has a pretty long and interesting history, too. Then we'll proceed to a wine club based on VDNG territory for the tasting itself. I know the owner, and he lets me organize my tastings in his premises. Plus, he's one of the best Ukrainian winemakers, and we'll taste his wines, too. If you're hungry, you can also eat there. During the tasting you will learn even more about the industry: about Ukrainian wine regions, the present state of its development, where else should go, which wineries to visit, and so on. After the tour, you will get a PDF of my short guide around some interesting & tasty places to visit in Kyiv plus a list of wines you should try, and where to buy them.
Kyiv Metro Tour
Whatever happens out of the blue, the fact that today and tomorrow it will take 8 mins to get from Druzhby Narodiv to Zoloti Vorota always brings some certainty into unpredictable life. Where to find the last not demolished Lenin of Kyiv Metro? Why Kyiv Underground did not become number 3, after London and Istanbul ones? Where to find the fossilised remains of ancient organisms in Kyiv metro? Why did some stations of Kyiv underground become ghost stations? Are the tunnels of Kyiv metro suitable for producing French cheese? How has the deepest metro station in the world been built? Metro “into nowhere” Learn this and much more about innovative engineering solutions, challenges and traditions of Kyiv underground. The most beautiful and most original Kyiv Metro stations. And no panic when hearing: “The doors are closing” because we will stay and enjoy learning about the most popular public transport in Kyiv.
Support Ukrainian army Snow mountain biking in Kiev
SUPPORT UKRAINIAN ARMY. PLEASE NOTE - all funds from this adventure will be forwarded to ukrainan Defence forces and fefugee support. We will provide the tour after bombardments of the Kyiv city will be stopped. Wonderful 2-hour winter bike tour that will keep you warm and have tons of fun on our local trails. What will you get in these 2 hours? 1. We will ride a bike for about 15-20 km with elevation gain about 300 meters. 2. Be ready for funny bike crashes into the soft snow powder 3. We will visit 3 interesting historical places in Kiev - Babyn Yar, Dubki Forest park amd Tatarka historical site This type of tour can be booked with moderate snow conditions. For this tour we use professional mountain bikes with a wheel diameter of 27.5+. This type of tire guarantees optimal grip and confidence on difficult winter trails. This tour will be suitable for intermediate and advanced lebel riders with good balance skills. But if you are beginner - it also can be funny for you.
Support Ukrainian Army Mountain biking Kyiv secret trails
SUPPORT UKRAINIAN ARMY adventure. Please note, when you will book this tour all money goes to Ukrainian Defence Forces fund. We will be able to provide your adventure as soon as russians will stop to bomb Kyiv city. We will start our adventure at 14:00 from my office. Activity takes 2 hours of real mountain biking with steep downhills, awesome climbs, perfect city views and a lot of forest and park trails. During that trip we will visit few places with rich historical heritage - Babyn Yar, Tatarka and Dubki park. We will not use regular traffic routes, but only perfect single trails and we will try to avoid city boring tourist routes. Finish point will be the same as start at 16:00. Please note - the bike rental is not included in price. P.S. We can provide the high quality mountain bike rental optionally. Please contact us for details.
Trip to Chernobyl Zone
Me and my co-host are certified guides from the State Chernobyl Zone Information Agency. You know today we got a war with russian and belorussian terrorists. Ukraine is fighting. Definitely, I cannot provide any trips. But if you would like to donate some money to Ukrainians suffering because of russian aggression, you are welcome to buy a tour. Thank you and god bless you.
Tour privado en español por Kyiv
Durante este tour visitaremos la Plaza de la Independencia (Maidan Nezalezhnosti), la Catedral de San Miguel de las Cúpulas Doradas, vamos a ver la vista a la ciudad cerca de la Iglesia de San Andres. Visitaremos la Catedral de Santa Sofía, la Puerta dorada, Andriyivski Uzviz, la Calle Khreshchatyk... Y MUCHOS OTROS :) Otros aspectos destacables Despues del tour tu vas a saber todo sobre Kyiv. Haré todo lo posible para que tengas la mejor experiencia conociendo esta increible ciudad de manera amena junto a tus seres queridos:)
Explore Hidden Backyards of Kyiv
Most interesting places in Kyiv are usually hidden from the eye of passer-by. Or you should simply turn your head up in the right place. Dive into secret backyards of Kyiv, learn why janitors were playing an important role in the life of the city, eat Ukrainian pies in the most delicious (and not known by everybody) bakery, explore the beautiful well preserved architecture which is bordering the abandoned buildings. See the ruins of Kyiv behind the golden domes of the city. Enjoy the beauty of street art, turning grey walls into masterpiece. Discover secret and speak easy bars in Kyiv, hidden between old garages or buildings that are falling apart. See what is the life like behind Kyiv 5 star hotels. Find out beautiful ruination in Kyiv – the city of contrasts. Other things to note Food, drinks and transportation, entrance tickets (in case you decide to visit a paid spot) are not included. No cancellations because of a rain - we bring umbrellas;) Make sure not to come hungry;
Tour to Chernobyl
My friends, and we want to invite you to spend 1 day in the "last century", check everything on personal experience. We suggest visiting the dead city of Chernobyl. We will get acquainted with the city of Chernobyl, Pripyat, with a nuclear power plant, we will visit a huge facility built at the SRSR "Duga Radar", with the city of Pripyat This tour will charm you. The tour program can be changed depending on the daylight hours.
Support Ukrainian army Adventure mountain biking in Kyiv
UKRAINIAN ARMY SUPPORT adventure. Please note, when you will book this tour all money goes to national defence fund to protect Ukraine from russian agression. We will provide the tour as soon as possible when russian bombardments ends. Be ready for breathtaken mountain bike adventure and exploration of the best Kiev mountain bike trails. Itinerary: 10.00 - Meeting at the hotel or start point 10.30 - Arrival to the Holoseevsky forest. Exploring best local trails, 3-4 hours of perfect mountain bike experience. We will visit iconic mountain biking places - Myshelovka mtb mini bike park, Pyrogovo national museum and Lysa Hora mountain. Estimated distance - 30-35km, elevation gain about 500m. 14.30 - Return to the hotel We offer all inclusive service with premium mountain bike rentals, transfers, hotel pick-ups e.t.c. Other things to note For better mountain bike adventure performance we need to know the mountain bike frame size you want to rent ( or your height)
Aristocratic city tour
I would like to invite all the Kyiv city guests to my author’s excursion “Aristocratic city tour”. During the tour you will enjoy the calm hidden streets of the busy metropolis , the absolutely stunning architecture, and the unique personal stories of noble citizens of Kyiv of that time like the secret of Chanel 5 perfume and the story of the constitution that had been created before the American and French were. We will be walking around, having local coffee ( in the best hidden places ). One thing I can tell you for sure and everyone will be in love with the city after this tour. You will feel the city’s energy and dive into its secrets.
Chernobyl tour
Hello I am organizing a tour to the Chernobyl exclusion zone. On tours, I talk about the causes and consequences after the largest man-made disaster on the planet happened. I also show all those areas that suffered after the accident. We start our tour with a meeting and acquaintance in Kiev at 7:30 am and at 8:00 am we are already leaving for a tour of Chernobyl. On the way, a check-in at a gas station is planned, where tourists can drink coffee, tea, or have a snack on a hot dog, or go to the toilet, because the road will be long. We arrive on the tour at about 10:00 in the morning, we pass the first checkpoint (as if we are crossing the border), we pass passport control and that's it, and we begin our adventure. On the way, we will see places that nature has already completely mastered. We can also see animals that you don't see every day. Is it dangerous here you ask? And I will answer - no. You will be convinced of this for yourself, since during the tour we will have 3 radiation controls, which will show how much the tourists "have become infected with radiation", and even on the tour, each tourist receives a dosimeter-accumulator, which will show the accumulated dose on the tour. The exclusion zone fascinates people, usually after a one-day tour, tourists go to a two-day one.
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