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Unique things to do in Lake Huron

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All activities near Lake Huron

Donkey experience
Welcome to our Donkey experience. When you first arrive at our farm, we will go over a few safety rules we have in place to make your experience a safe and enjoyable one. Donkeys can be given treats over the fence and once this is done we will enter the paddock where you will be able to interact with them and brush and take photos. We are also available to answer any questions you might have. We will spend some time with the donkeys and then we will visit with the pot belly pigs and our very friendly goats. Treats will also be available to feed to them. Once again you are welcome to take photos. If the alpacas and miniature horses are near by you are welcome to visit them along with feeding treats. We also have a chicken coop where children can look for eggs and collect them. ( Yes you can keep the eggs). We also have a small herd of sheep. Betsy is one of our ewes and she always love when people visit and will never say no to a treat or 2 or 3. . You just never know what surprise you might find on out farm that day!
Take an alpaca for a walk
Spend some time getting to know the alpacas . .Then we will head out on a hike with these beautiful animals. When we arrive back at the barn, you are free to visit with all the other farm animals including donkeys,goats, a few friendly sheep and some pot belly pigs. Please note our exact location: You will be able to see our fire number located at the end of the laneway. We are the blue house up the laneway. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE IN CHATSWORTH NOT CLARKSBURG> SOME GPS's WILL SET THE ROUTE TO CLARKSBURG We are just North of Desboro Please note if you see a sign on the roadside that says Eggs for sale then you are in the wrong spot. We are directly accross the road The walk goes rain or shine. Please dress accordingly PLEASE NOTE> WE REQUIRE A MINIMUM OF 2GUESTS> IF WE DONT HAVE THE 2 GUESTS< WE WILL EITHER HAVE TO MOVE YOU TO EITHER A DIFFERENT DATE OR TIME SLOT
Animal therapy & hike with puppies/dogs
Puppy & Dog Paradise at Glenelg Wellness Ret. -See our 6 beautiful Puppies born Okt. 2022!) Give yourself a break from all that time indoors! Meet our lovely pack of canines & go for a beautiful nature hike with them! Discover petting close experience with our special friendly farm puppies & dogs. See how we raise them to be calm, intelligent, grown up properly. Play with them & learn to train them non-violently with joy . Learn dog language, to understand their nuances. Animals can make you laugh and forget about your problems. Our dogs are naturally very cute, friendly, social, & curious. Walk & play with them. Bring food if you wish & let's create a Family Picnic! (regulations on not serving food). Many people are disconnected from nature & animals, spending most of their day on their phones & computers. This is your chance to form a meaningful connection with life in the country & get to discover a relationship with nature & these wonderful creatures. Your special time to recharge, relax & revitalize your Body, Mind & Spirit. Meet New Friends, Watch Feeding, Education, Excitement & Fun! Note: Follow instructions for safety! Dress properly for weather and countryside. No smoking on the premises. Ask for special group appointments. Ask for our special "Weekend Stay & Training classes, to race puppies & dogs easy, proper & healthy, to develop best forever friends!
Llama and Alpaca Trekking
You and your party will trek with Llamas and Alpacas on a private wilderness trail. The experience is on technical terrain on the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere. Treks starts off with a familiarity session on how to lead a Llama or Alpaca at the barn. Following the familiarity session, we venture onto the trail. There are over 10 kms of trails and we choose a suitable route depending on the season and weather. We have a special groomed route for winter. Treks are recommended for ages 12 and up. Following the trek you get the opportunity to meet the rest of the llamas, alpacas feed them and meet the mules, and sheep. We have only seen smiles from all who have taken a trek. Llamas have a special quality of bringing a calming effect on trekkers. You will enjoy a wilderness hike on our private trails that the public does not have access to. There are many other animals and birds that you may have the opportunity to view or see their tracks. The trails have lots of elevation changes, exposed rock and some dirt sections. You will leave knowing you made a new soft & furry friend.
Hike & Yoga with a View
“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” - Eleanor Roosevelt ​We'll meet at the entrance of the trail and start with brief introductions, a review of the route, safety briefing - and pause to set an intention for the hike. Our trek begins on a wide relatively flat trail, then up along short climb to the crossroads. The trail delves deeper into the forest as it winds its way along the ridge until we reach the deck overlooking the Georgian Peaks Ski Club, showcasing panoramic views of Georgian Bay. On the deck facing our big blue bay, I'll lead a beginner-friendly yoga session to connect our mind, body and spirit with the land and the lake (AKA Spirit Lake by Ojibway Indians). Afterwards, we'll have time to relax and enjoy the scenery at the summit, spending approximately 1 hour at the lookout. Then we'll continue our hike and loop back through the forest to our car. Throughout the hike, we'll take water breaks and pause for mindful moments... forest bathing. You'll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated ahhh... NOTE: No washroom facilities available in or near the park And... If you don't see a date or time on the calendar that works for you or have a larger group, please contact me to check on availability and possible options. Happy to chat!
Snowshoe Awenda Provincial Park on Beautiful Georgian Bay
** Jan 26th update! We've had 60 cm (24 in) of fresh snow over this past week. With the frozen base and this new snow there is plenty of snow to enjoy. ** Snowshoeing requires little to no experience. The only requirement is snowshoes, warm clothing\footwear, everything else mother nature provides. We will meet at the parking lot Activity Centre by the log cabin. Parking pass costs are as follows: $5.25 2 hrs. $7.50 4 hrs. $15.50 day pass. Book a group of 10 and I will pay for 2 vehicle 4 hour passes, valued at $15. We will go over the rough outline of the trail starting at the trial head, through the bush and over the bluff overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay. The view of Beckwith Island and Giants Tomb to the West of the Bluff is spectacular. We'll head down to the beach and stop and enjoy a hot drink before heading back to the log cabin to warm up by the wood stove. *NOTE* All dates are weather dependent. Book soon to secure your spot, space is limited due to safety. **NOTE** Dress (in layers) appropriate for the weather, conditions can change rapidly being close to the water. For Moon lit events bring a head lamp or flashlight. Bring extra mitts, toque and socks for the changing conditions.
Snowshoeing the Historical Grand River
Enjoy the beauty of one of the most historical Rivers in Ontario.  Explore the beautiful scenery and wild life of  THE GRAND RIVER with your family or friends by  Snowshoeing in this Winter! The Experience starts in the Historical Village called ' Doon Village ' where you will arrive at a Heritage Home built in the  1850's. Let us take you back to the History of the Grand River!
Forest therapy session with skilled guide
Join me on a guided Forest Therapy excursion to experience the healing power of nature. We'll journey together into the senses to connect with each other and the natural world that is all around us. Forest Therapy is a nature connection practice that aims to enhance well-being, relieve stress, and encourage relaxation. It is a gentle, physically undemanding experience that takes place in an area of forest or along a forest trail. It is a therapeutic practice that guides you to an inner state of relaxation through a series of invitations that bring you into present moment relationship with the forest. Through guided journeys, mindfulness practices, and sensory awareness invitations, I support you to access the healing of the land. The benefits of Forest Therapy are primarily attributed to the interaction and relationship between the participant and the forest environment. There are many health benefits including: reduced stress levels and blood pressure, boosting immune systems, improving mental health, and enhancing brain power and creativity. Sessions are done at a relaxed pace and are open to all.
Alpaca/Goat/Animal Experience
You will be greeted by alpacas, goats, bunnies, chickens, ducks, sheep, pigs and horses! Watch the alpacas graze, sit with them and watch them and their funny antics! We can walk with them, feed them and even spray them down in their kiddie pools if the weather is hot. You will learn about alpacas and their different personalities and traits! We are in the country and not accessible by public transportation. We are approximately 1 hour from Toronto. Please plan your trip accordingly :)
North America's only Crabapple Orchard
The tour will have distinct stops, all within the crabapple orchard. A brief history of crabapples as well as how Glen and Alex started growing their orchard. Enter the orchard and learn about what a rootstock is, how the different rootstocks being tested and how a rootstock affects the growth and maturation of a fruit tree. Learn about the symbiotic relationship between other local growers and crabapples. Special focus is placed on how the orchard is maintained without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Next up is learning about pruning fruit trees. What works, what we are testing and why anybody does it. In this section, we will also be including demonstrations of different pests, bacterial or viral infections that can damage fruit trees. Finally take a look at the espalier style of growing, the only one in the world dedicated to crabapple trees. This concludes the tour, guests will be provided with an assortment of local snacks, as well as a complimentary crabapple product to take home. Other things to note This tour does involve walking through an orchard up to 500m, so individuals who have mobility issues might be affected. Please call in advance so we can find a solution and be ready for any special mobility needs you might require.
Waterloo Axe Throwing Experience
I'm excited to introduce you to the sport of axe throwing! This thrilling traditional Canadian backyard pastime is now bigger than ever in urban communities. Enjoy a 45 minute axe throwing session with a top notch axe coach right here in Waterloo, located in the same building as Wild Wing & Games on Tap. We will provide everything you need when it comes to safety, throwing techniques and will be there to guide you throughout your entire experience. Once confident in the basics, our coach will instruct how to keep score and teach you several games in order to crown a member of your group the ultimate axe throwing champion. I promise you'll be crushing bullseyes in no time and will leave feeling like the ultimate bad axe that you are! No experience necessary, all skill levels are welcome.
Elora Distilling Company Cocktail Class
Join us for one of our amazing cocktail classes where we’ll show you how to make some delicious classic cocktails with spirits that we make right here in Elora! Our knowledgeable mixologists will show you how to make the perfect martini and, best of all, you get to enjoy all of your cocktail creations! Call the distillery or visit our website for additional discounts and information. We offer distillery tours as well!
Walking Food Tours
Each guest will be emailed with an address of a meet up location at a unique venue or restaurant in town. We spend 20-30 min at each of the stops on the food tour. We walk to each of the restaurants, where there is a sampling of food and alcohol. Along the way we point out some historical landmarks, architecture or interesting stories. The tours run from 1-4 pm on a designated day of the week. But we can put together a custom tour for your group as well! Other things to note Please dress according to the weather and comfortable footwear!
Bitcoin Bootcamp
Do you want to learn about bitcoin? In this experience, you will learn about the history, origin, and purpose of bitcoin, as well as what it is, how it works, and the effect it is having on the world. You will receive direct personal help in setting up your own wallet and making your first transactions. We'll enjoy snacks and beverages - Mimosas are provided on the Friday morning events (alcohol is not otherwise provided, but you are welcome to bring your own). This is a relaxed learning environment where there are no stupid questions. After introductions, we'll start by putting things into context with a breif history of money, and then move on to the basics of what bitcoin is. From there we will move on to volatility, government involvement, energy use, environmental impact, the El Salvador legal tender situation, and emerging markets. Next, we'll discuss the basics of how bitcoin works. The Lightning network, major exchanges, wallet types and risks will be touched upon. Finally, we will set up wallets, learn how to do transactions, and conclude with a Q&A. If you have a large group, corporate entity, small business, or would like to inquire about a weekend event to fit your schedule, or would prefer I come to your group (within michigan), feel free to send me a message and we can make arrangements. Follow-up classes are available on request.
Experience a culinary trip to Italy at Daniela's table
Here at Buon Appetito Mercato, you'll indulge in the traditional flavours of Italy for a unique dining experience in my home. At my table, you'll eat like family, and each evening is diverse in items prepared and pairing of wine. The best part? No menu... That's right. Just like an Agriturismo in Italy, you enjoy the daily prepared items that have been selected from local product and import from Italy grocers. Join me at my table, and let's become famiglia for evening. ciao ciao, Daniela