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Unique things to do in Leiria District

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All activities near Leiria District

Surf na Reserva Mundial
Porque a primeira vez é a mais marcante, nada como fazê-lo num sitio especial. A Surf365Ericeira tem os ingredientes necessários para tornar a sua experiência memorável. Somos uma escola familiar, com grupos limitados de forma a garantir a segurança e aprendizagem de quem nos procura. Não é apenas uma aula de surf, é sim um momento onde são criadas ligações e sentidas emoções que jamais serão esquecidas. Estamos a sua espera!
Wine Tasting Bike Tour
A mountain bike guided tour, along farm fields and forest trails on the Lizandro river valley, with a picnic stop in a local village and a premium 6 wine tasting at a prized boutique winery! We will pick you up at your accommodation in Ericeira for a short drive to the starting point next to the Lizandro river. The ride itself is mostly flat, with a couple challenges and far from boring. The landscape will change constantly as we go.. from farm fields at the start, to native forests and across the jungle, we'll quickly reach the small town where a small picnic awaits, 1h to 1h30 into the ride. After the small break, we'll be going on a scenic paved road for 20 to 30min until we reach a boutique winery, famous for recovering a (thought to be extinct) local grape variety and producing a unique award winning white wine. The actual wine tasting consists of 6 premium wines, between rose, white and red wines and is paired with local bread and Portuguese olive oil. After the wine tasting, we will transport you back to Ericeira. - This tour is suitable for all experience and fitness levels, but expect a couple challenges along the way. - The wine tasting is about one hour long.. you'll get to know the story behind the winery and it's wines, and most importantly, you won't need to ride your bike back!
Historic Winery Tour and Tasting in Bombarral
Visit a family owned winery located only 40min away from Lisbon and learn the secrets of the winemaker and his fine wines. In recent years, the winemaker has invested in the tourism and service areas in order to take advantage of the high potential of its exclusive historical buildings. He will open its winery for you and you will be guided through this magical place ! At the Quinta the family and a dedicated team, will welcome you and let you discover the estate that holds one of the first distilleries built in the region, with beautiful column copper alembic stills. You will then be guided into the granite cellars with wood and granite screw presses, one of which dating from 1871, are unique in Iberian Peninsula. You will also have the chance to visit lovely gardens and the winery aging cellars. Besides this amazing tour, the winery centenary buildings provide also great characteristics to the experience! You will conclude your visit with a guided tasting of 6 fine wines produced here and you will learn the secrets of famous Portuguese wines The winery is also close to the famous beaches of Peniche, Baleal and Nazaré, and on theroute to the historical villages of Óbidos, Alcobaça and Fátima.
Medicine Wheel Reading & Ceremony on the Lisbon River
We'll work with tools such as the Native American medicine wheel, tarot cards, and crystals. Be prepared to be relaxed—it's like a spa day for your energy. It’s hard to say exactly what will happen since everyone’s energy is so unique. The only thing for sure is that we will discover your path and rejuvenate your spirit. You’ll be able to ask questions about the meanings of things—don't be scared. Get into it, ask and learn—I’m here to teach. It’s a fun experience for people from all walks of life. Where I'm working with a group traveling together we have a more interactive session sharing a life-changing experience together. Groups often have a laugh and make memories they will hold onto forever. You're encouraged to take your personal offering to the seaside where you can reflect on what your session brought up for you. Other things to note This is an experience I successfully ran in Brighton UK, here's what some of my past clients had to say: "It was very powerful and 10/10 would recommend!" "I left feeling both relaxed and curious"
"Soprador do Carvalho" Cave, Unique Underground Experience
The "Visit to the Gruta do Soprador do Carvalho" is a unique visit of a man untouched cave. A true caving experience in one of the most beautiful caves in Portugal. After equipping with a over suit, boots, helmet and electric front, it's time to go inside and explore the underground world, and explore by learning.
Personal Surf Coach
Do you want to try surfing for the very first time or maybe just improve your technique with an expert advising you? So... This is the experience you're looking for! On this private surf experience you can achieve your goals on surfing with a very personalised support, totally focused on make you surf better and also have lots of fun in the water. Our session starts at the meeting point, just in front of Nazaré's main beach. After analysing the conditions and decide where the best waves are, we'll gear up and start the experience with a little warm up/stretching by the beach, to get ready for action. Before heading the ocean - at the sand - I'll give your all the instructions you need to either learn the basics of surfing or to level up your game - according to your previous surfing experience. I also like to do a little briefing about safety rules and surf's etiquete just before get in the water. During our surf session I'll be giving you feedbacks and advising you to make the most out of it. By the end I hope you feel more experienced and happy with your waves' approach and surf capabilities. Aloha!
Voo de Parapente
Quer ver o mundo de uma perspectiva diferente? Perceber porque os pássaros cantam? Venha desafiar a gravidade e experimentar sensações únicas num voo de parapente! Descolamos na praia perto da Nazaré, num local mágico, e teremos oportunidade de pairar no ar em profunda comunhão com a natureza e desafiando as leis da gravidade. Para os mais afoitos poderemos fazer algumas acrobacias e até explorar as redondezas, viajando nas correntes térmicas que nos elevam até á base das nuvens. Uma experiência que não irá esquecer! Outras observações Duração cerca de 20-30 min. Actividade dependente das condições atmosféricas. Faremos um briefing antes da descolagem para explicar o funcionamento. Fotografias fornecidas por um valor adicional
Palace to the Sea - Mountain Bike Tour
A mountain bike tour from Mafra town, all the way to the ocean! This tour offers a great opportunity to experience what this whole region is about. From countryside to the beach, you'll experience a wide range of landscapes and terrain. Starting from the town of Mafra and overlooking the Palace, we'll ride through native forest, typical towns and along farm fields, finishing at the coast after 2h30/3h of mostly off-road mountain biking. In between, expect a varying landscape as we start inland and make our way to the ocean, a few challenges but not a lot of climbing (we'll start at the highest point of the tour), and quite a few action photos taken by our guide along the way. - This is a fully guided tour, with equipment (bike, helmet), water and end of ride drinks included. - We'll pick you up at your accommodation (within Ericeira or Mafra) for the drive to Mafra, and will transport you back to your place after the ride.
Private guided horse rides
Upon arrival all guests will head straight into the stables to meet our horses, so we can start a 20 min Pre ride in the arena to make sure every guest is paired with the perfect horse before heading out. We will start our forest ride by heading straight out the farm gate and into beautiful pine and eucalyptus forest for a hour.
Tarot Card Reading on the Water
We'll get to know each other, talk about how Portugal is becoming one of the world's most frequented healing places with visitors from around the world and prepare for your reading with a walk along the riverside. After the cross marina walk I'll welcome to into our well-known healing center the Amour Collective - on a barge in the river. Holding healing sessions literally floating on the water gives our reading extra energy support and connection. Do you have questions about your life journey and purpose? The hour-long card reading sessions are here to help you create your best life and get guidance where you need it. Even if you've never done anything like this before the experience is relaxed, fun, and thorough putting my guests at ease to take away everything they are meant to take from the session and create a lasting memory on their visits to Portugal. You get to ask questions, have fun and receive all the answers you're looking for. Other things to note I also offer a longer more intensive ceremony session for deeper healing here: Check out the reviews!
Ericeira Cliff Top Ride
A guided mountain bike tour, suitable for beginners or experienced riders alike. A mix of countryside, trails and ocean, with the dramatic Ericeira coastal cliff trails as the highlights. 1) Starting in the iconic Ribeira d'Ilhas beach (pickup at your accommodation is available free of charge), where you get familiar with the bikes and get a quick briefing. 2) The first kilometers are on an easy route along the country side and then we take an easy and steady climb into a typical local town. 3) Past the town, and we'll hit the first dirt roads and trails, with a mix of ups and downs. There your guide will help with tips so you can handle the off-road uphills and downhills with more confidence. 4) We'll reach the highest point of the route, 140m above sea level, from where we will start our way back to the ocean. 5) The route back to the starting point along the cliffs, is part of the Ericeira World Surf Reserve, and is one the most scenic stretches of coastline in Portugal. Expect plenty of adrenaline, some sweat and lot's of action photos along the way! What else to take into account: - Water Bottle is provided - The actual route is tweaked based on your (and the group's) biking experience and interests. - This is usually a beginner friendly experience, but options are available for more advanced riders (let us know beforehand so you can join the right group)
Pastor por um dia na Quinta
Junte-se a nós, somos a Família Fraústo iremos vos receber na nossa Quinta, para pastar o rebanho. É um local de beleza única, caraterísticas especiais e diferenciadas, com campos longínquos. Venha fazer uma caminhada no Ribatejo e seja parte integrante no percurso com o Pastor e seu rebanho de cabras e ver como contribui para a sustentabilidade de um território e para a gestão da paisagem, numa base cooperante. Experiencie a ordenha e todo o maneio envolvente nesta temática. Fotografe os mais belos campos, contacte com os locais e viva uma experiência única e diferenciadora. Pode também acrescentar a experiência do atelier do Queijo ou do pão (valor a combinar) No final, terá um lanche de degustação dos produtos da Quinta Fonte da Moura.
Surf Lesson at Naturexperience
Surf the best waves in Europe! Learn to surf in a safe and relaxed environment! Fun is guaranteed, always promoted by certified instructors! Insurance, and surf equipment included in the price! Surf the best waves in Europe! Learn to surf in a relaxed environment, but always safe! We guarantee your fun, always accompanied by certified instructors! Insurance, and equipment included in the price!
Connect with Earth in a ceramics workshop
this pottery workshop will provide you with a creative experience where you can explore different techniques: pinching, coiling, slab building and pottery wheel. all the materials and tools necessary for the development of the pieces are included finished piece delivery may take between 4 to 5 weeks, due to the drying time, always depending on temperature and humidity. i can send you the finished piece through mail with additional costs. ! for more scheduling options, contact me
Snorkeling in Peniche with Pictures
Come enjoy a fun and exciting tour where you will learn about the joy of being in the water with professional divers that not only will teach you the proper techniques and behavior while snorkeling, but also share our love for the ocean and it's protection. After meeting the group, we will give a briefing about the procedure for a safe and fun tour, and after we will help you choose your equipment (We'll be there with you step by step in every stage of the tour). When we get in the water, we will do simples exercises for you to get used to the water and try out the equipment. Once everyone is done, we will start our snorkeling session, starting with checking the rich variety of algae in the area, which form a beautiful underwater garden along our way. We are going to stop along the way, to check something that captures your attention, take pictures or just having a great relaxing time floating! Our turning back point is with the view of Peniche's 1557 fort, a great perspective since is from the water, which many locals haven't seen before. On the arrival back to the beach, we'll help you remove the equipment and have a warm tea and cookies.