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Unique things to do in Matanzas

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Photo Blue
Varadero Beach is a beautiful spot to find colorful tropical fishes into a sea garden. During the first hour, we will explore the art of shooting underwater pictures as we interact with the fish. To get there we will ride the catamaran. You will have a safe experience in harmony with nature within this area of huge biodiversity. Afterwards, we will have a photoshoot on the beach, then visit nearby Cueva de Saturno—Saturn Cave (30 km away Varadero). I will provide you with snorkeling equipment, fins, and a safety vest. If you love nature and adventure, you will be captivated by the environment and the experience. Finally, I will return to the meeting point and I will e-mail the digital pictures to your address asap. In this experience, transportation, diving instructor (mandatory) and tickets to the cave are not included. I can help you to find a good deal for a taxi. Other things to note Transportation and tickets are not included. The roundtrip from Varadero to the cave could be 25 to 40 eur each extra, local payment. If you're coming from Havana, you have to contact me previosly
My GREEN pictures
La Dionisia, coffee farm and Saturno Cave are wonderful places between Matanzas and Varadero to expend your time, relax and spread your adrenaline. This adventures will take you to a beatiful farm for a horseback riding and to a fresh water cave to do snorkeling. The green is excellent to take some pictures of nature and show your friends the beautiful environments that you enjoyed during your vacations. We will also visit a house from XIX century full of stories of the people that lived there many years ago. After that you will practice equestrianism for beginners with an instructor. The Refuge of Saturn is a natural cavern next to the city of Matanzas and Varadero (20 km away). In this place you will feel in full contact with nature, just as the first men who visited these lands did. We will take a dip in fresh waters that are kept at a temperature of 20-24ºC all year round. If you love nature and adventure, you will be captivated by the environment and the experience. Finally, we will come back to the meeting point and I will e-mail the digital pictures to your address some days after. Other things to note Transportation is not included. The ticket to the cave is 5 eur per person. Bring your beach towel and other accesories you might miss during the photoshoot, such as necklaces, sunglasses and hats.
Out of Varadero,Welcome to Cuba!
We will meet at Jose Antonio echevarria park(Cardenas city not Varadero) Once there we will visit the city center and after that on a chariot horse visit different places during 2 hours ). We will visit Ortiz's barber shop where you will be able to talk to the owner in a real cuban way while he does his work and if you wish you could also get a haircut with this local professional. Later on afterwards,we will visit the unique work of a wonderful artist who mixes modern art in the streets of the city with the Afrocubano religion ,a social project in which one you can participate ,if you wish,by contributing with a donation . During our stay there,we will enjoy a tasty cup of coffee with him while he shows us his work and tell us about the difficulties he had when doing it. Next , we will head on the direction of our Happy place. .At your arrival ,we will taste 3 different types of rum and liquors from Arechavala's rum factory,the same one where Havana Club rum was created by the first time. You will also enjoy a typical Cuban lunch and we will share the recipe with you.At the end of this experience on the way to Varadero,we'll show you a baseball field and the statue of the crab ,symbol of the city. Other things to note Hello, our experience will happen in the city of Cardenas, 14km from the city of Varadero, in order to arrive we will send you our convertible car (40eu) round trip .
Matanzas inside, deep city and nature
I can show you some natural places, meet locals and what they do to live in one of the most beautiful natural places of Cuba. Canímar river, Matanzas city and Saturno cave are wonderful places for nature lovers and those who like to pursue the trace of history. This is an adventure to know my city town. Matanzas, has been known as the Athens of Cuba, a city full of history. It is idyllic for street photoshoot. We will go into the city for one or two hours and take beatiful pictures, so be prepared to share incredible memories and candid shots with your friends after travelling to Cuba. It is more than a simple trip for chatting or taking pictures. It is my way to recognize people, interchange, get into the city, its life, culture and nature. Be ready to sail in a beautiful river. At the end, we will have some minutes for a dip on the clear waters of the beach or Saturno cave, second natural attraction in Varadero. Extra fees: Taxi: 80 eur or usd shareable, up to 4 people. Speed boat: 50 eur or usd, up to 3 people. Other things to note You must wear comfortable shoes. I am flexible. Feel free to write and we can recompose the experience a little according to your time and budget.
Romantic Getaway
If you are in love and wish to give a heartbreaking surprise experience this one is for you. A Romantic getaway is the perfect pretext to reconcile with the love of the one you love, or to break the routine of all kinds, in any case at LoveValentin we do it differently, we do it Luxury. Do not stop living the experience in LoveValentin, surrender to love, experiment with your partner in this beautiful place, with details designed only for lovers of love, fully enjoy the intimacy and surprises that we have prepared ^for you... This getaway includes : LoveValentin Ritual Welcome cocktail Love Letter Artificial Decoration of Rose Petals, Veils and Candles. Kamasutra cards. Bottle of Wine Romantic Dinner with Chandelier. Jacuzzi Love Box Breakfast in Bed. Enjoy our completely private pool and jacuzzi at your disposal from midnight until dawn. Erotic Set play What I like most about you Blind liquor Everything is include ,even transportation.
Coral Beach Photoshoot
Coral beach is a nice and free environment, surrounded by different coral and fish species. Get into the deep blue colors and relax. Get pictures, enjoy a safe trip to a community of fisherman and divers. I propose a photoshoot into the water, but we will also take pictures on the beach and visit a wonderful water cave nearby, Saturno. Like common people we can experiences about our passion for nature and the sea, swimming and other open air activities. Explore wonderful seascapes. Do not need to be a good swimmer. We can also adjust the experience for scuba diving (extra fee) Transportation is not included. It must be from 20 to 50 usd extra fee pending of the quantity of participants.
Magical Havana, culture and tradition
Note: The price of the tour is 100usd per person. The rest of the payment is made in cash on the day of the tour. If you are traveling alone, please contact first to see availability as the tour cannot be carried out to a single customer. You will be picked up at your hostel or hotel in Varadero in a classic American air-conditioned car to come to Havana. Along the way there will be a stop at the Bacunayagua's viewpoint where you will have a panoramic view of the Yumuri Valley, as well as the bridge; one of the 7 wonders of civil engineering in Cuba. On this site you will enjoy a delicious piña colada and listen to a traditional Cuban music group. Once we get to Havana will have an hour tour in different places of Havana in American classic convertible car. Later you will have lunch in a typical Cuban restaurant. The tour continues with a walking tour through the historical squares and places of interest of Old Havana. Concluding the tour in the warehouses of San José, the place with the best prices to buy souvenirs in Cuba for you, your family and friends. Again, you will return to your hotel in Varadero in an American classic car.
Magic Habana tour from Varadero beach
Please NOTE: You must pay $55 cash in person when we meet per person, we host 4 tourist in a classic car, we cannot perform the trip for 1 or 2 tourist only unless you want to pay $160 to complete the trip. we can host up to 20 tourist and customize it for you. We will pick you up at 8 am at your hotel or Airbnb in Varadero beach. Our first stop will be at Bacunayagua, the highest bridge in Cuba for a spectacular view from its lookout. We'll drive for about one hour until we get to Havana city. Once there, we’ll drive along the popular Malecón to the Revolution Square and from there you’re going to enjoy seeing the busy Central Havana, the façades of buildings that show the mix of different cultures and times until we get to the old core, the one that is UNESCO site . You will walk around its beautiful, refurbished squares for about one hour and then, a delicious lunch in one of the paladares- Cuban word for family/ private restaurants. To end our tour we’re taking you to Central Park, the heart. Where old and modern architecture blend together with the colorful vintage 1950’s classic cars, which give Havana a particular taste of the past.Our last stop will be at Floridita, Hemingway’s favorite spot to enjoy a refreshing iced daikiri before we head back to Varadero.
Support for the Cuban People
Is it difficult to live as a Cuban? Well, come and discover it with me and you will know the truth about everything. We will meet in Cárdenas city, 12 km from Varadero, and I will explain you the achievements and unique setbacks of our country, from the way the education and health care systems work in our country, 'til the way of living of Cubans regarding the family economy. Get to know from the hand of a cuban,the reality of the day to day. Our first stop will be a local green market and a ration store to show you how cubans do their shopping due to low budget constraints. Then we will take the main transport (a horse carriage) and we will make a tour through the city like a cuban would do. We will walk through the streets to show you all the historical and hidden places of the city so you can interact with the locals and appreciate all the contrasts of the environment and the cultural elements that enhance the life in this community. We will continue our tour this time with the purpose of enjoying and tasting the different street snacks that make Cuban life unique while we exchange ideas and discuss the current situation of the country and its future. At the end of the day, you will have a broader perception of the economic, cultural and social conditions of daily life, and you will understand that the most beautiful thing about Cuba is its people. Please remember transportation is not include it,thanks
Cultural Matanzas - Photoride
First, we will visit downtown Matanzas and Liberty Square—Parque de la Libertad—which is ideal for taking pictures. I am a professional journalist and photographer, and I’ll give you a brief introduction to photography and tips on how to shoot good pictures. We’ll cross the street to the Pharmaceutical Museum, the only place of its kind in Latin America. You’ll learn how the Triolet family came to Cuba in the 19th century, and prepared recipes and pills with the instruments of the time. Then we’ll go to the Cathedral—recently renovated with pulpits, towers, and Catholic icons. During the experience we can visit an artist workshop-gallery, where you could buy some art works. We’ll take pictures at Matanzas Bay. We will go around the city, I will show you beautiful sights and end the photoshoot with a good Cuban coffee in a nice place. Go back to Varadero. Take into account extra charge 70 eur up to 3 persons per transportation. Other things to note Wear comfortable shoes.
One hour photoshoot at the beach
Varadero sunrise or sunset offers unique views. Taking a photographic walk on the beach is something as common as taking out your phone and starting shooting. However, we rarely have the opportunity of a guide who looks for the best details, the best poses and the best profile for the photos. This experience seeks that you can take photos of yourself and your family in a short time at the beach. It is ideal for lovers, for solo travelers, for groups and especially for families. The result is unique, when you can find details, portrait style, of your body and the sea, the beach. The spectacular scenery that Varadero beach offers is the best option to show to your friends how is going your vacations in Cuba. The proposal is flexible, maybe you like other locations in town where we can take beautiful photos and, who knows?, perhaps we get the possibility of a beautiful convertible tour Other things to note You can bring accessories for photos, such as necklaces, bows, different clothes and makeup.
Photosafari to wetland Treasure Lagoon
Bahía de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs) is a wonderful place for nature lovers and those who like to follow the trail of history. It was a poor city of coal manufacturers, but now it has been rescued by interest in its nature (local flora and fauna) and its wetland, the largest in the world. Be ready for a trip around Laguna del Tesoro in a boat (12 eur per person). It is a must of this experience. You will see lots of birds, plants and different landscape surrounding the water channels. After that, we will visit a peasant that owns a small house in the city of Palpite. His garden is very beautiful because of the hummingbirds that come every day. We can take pictures while enjoying your time with different species of free birds. At the end, we will have a few minutes for a dip in the crystal clear waters of the beach and the fish cave. The deepest to do Snorkeling (snorkeling additional cost 5 eur per person, diving 35 eur). Lunch not included in typical house restaurant (15 eur per person). Car transportation fee 120 eur to share. Other things to note Wear comfortable shoes and casual cloth.
Mojitos and Cuban Food Chef Class
In Cuba we say: "Love begins in the kitchen" Join us to learn the secrets of the culinary tradition of the Cuban family. We will receive close to our home and from there we will make a walk until our home, meanwhile I will show the different places that I use to buy the ingredient to make dinner,that way you will discover the Cuban life and also tips about prices and the city of Cardenas,so different than Varadero. Once this small tour is over a mojito will be waiting at home for you to start the preparation of our lunch. We will teach you how to prepare tasty dishes such as pork fricase, banana tostones and congrí, a combination of black beans, white rice and spices. You will participate in the whole process of preparing the different dishes. Once the experience is over, we will send you the recipe. You will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the true traditional Cuban cuisine. While we cook, we will talk about the best ingredients to use and some interesting tips. At the end of the class we will enjoy together the delicious fruits of teamwork in a delicious dinner. Meanwhile, the dinner is cooked, we will teach you how to prepare 3 different cocktails. At the end you can enjoy a typical Cuban coffee . Please notice that this experience is on Cardenas City 10 km away from Varadero so we offer a taxi for only 40eu or you can come by your own . Please read well
Photoshoot from Varadero to Havana
There are moments in a wondrous city where the camera just cannot capture its essence. I don't pretend to be just a photographer, but a partner; someone who shares topics on Cuban history and life. During this experience, we'll enjoy the journey into the little things to see and taste. Of course, photography will be involved. First, we'll meet at Varadero Center Park and take the road to Havana. We'll take our first pictures on the road. 1st stop, Bacunayagua Brigde: Enjoy 103m view and a fresh Piña Colada. 2nd stop, San Carlos Morro fortress. In front of Havana bay. 3rd We'll take the road to the old square and enjoy the sights of Havana in the Cámara Oscura tower where a periscope will let us fly over Old Havana to see the people and common life. 4th Go to Chocolate House to enjoy a cup before continuing on to a perfume shop and a colonial store with an ambience that will enchant and take you back to another time. 5th We'll walk along Obispo Street, full of artisan shops, banks, pharmacies, and other old buildings. The pictures we'll take there will be simply amazing with different architectural styles, colors, and lighting. 6th We'll finish at Central Park, and get some lunch Other things to note Transportation is not included it depends on the quantity of people. You can bring your own camera if you want. Pricing for couples or groups might apply upon request
Walking Tour por Matanzas
Recogida por el guía local a los clientes a las 10:30am en Plaza Vigia de la ciudad de Matanzas. Tour a pie desde la plaza Vigia con la explicación del origen de la fundación de la ciudad, y de las edificaciones como el Teatro Sauto, Palacio de Justicia. Visita a la Galería de Arte Pedro Squerre para conocer de las obras de los artistas matanceros. Visita a Ediciones Vigias para conocer de la producción de libros manufacturados con elementos naturales, el único de su tipo en Cuba. Recorrido a pie por todo el Bulevard Nervaez hasta el antiguo Mercado de Matanzas. Continuamos hasta el Estado de béisbol Victoria de Giron para conocer los logros de la provincia en este deporte y de sus campeones. Mas tardes continuamos por toda Calle Medio de Matanzas para conocer de todos los negocios privados que se han ido desarrollando en la ciudad hasta el Parque de La libertad donde se encuentra el Museo Farmacéutico, el único de su tipo en Cuba que atesora medicamentos, libros de recetas, porcelanas del siglo 19. También visitaremos la Sala White, el lugar donde se bailó el danzón nuestro baile Nacional. Y concluimos la visita frente a la catedral de Matanzas en la Calle Milanes.
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