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Unique things to do in Mauritius

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All activities near Mauritius

Hike and Climb Le Morne Mountain
Begin your outdoor adventure with a short briefing, and your qualified mountaineer will lead to the mountain. This activity includes a total of 4 rock scrambling and climbing sections which is doable by participants with little to no experience in mountaineering. Enjoy a nice fitness walk for the first section of this trip - walk on a constant elevation in the midst of indigenous plants and trees, reaching an altitude of 260 m above sea level. Walking for further 300 m, you will reach the first and longest rock scrambling pitch. While ascending, you will enjoy spectacular views over Benitiers Island and other prominent mountains. The trip continues to the "little summit" (473 m above sea level) of Le Morne Mountain. You will have enough time to admire the breathtaking landscapes of paradise island before we start descending. Once you are back at the meeting point, you may proceed in moving to your accommodation. **Kindly note that the possible start times for this trip are: 5:00 and 13:30. Please send a message to Kevin and he will add the exact starting time on the reservation system for you to proceed with booking.
Visite du marché & cours de cuisine mauricienne !
Vivez une immersion totale dans la culture mauricienne ! Commencez votre expérience avec une visite du marché de Mahébourg, probablement le plus authentique de l'île et laissez vous surprendre par toutes nos anecdotes et explications non seulement sur la gastronomie mauricienne mais aussi sur la culture de l'île. Direction ensuite 'la kaze' (maison familiale typique) pour préparer différents caris avec les produit frais et de saison achetés directement au marché. Pour poursuivre l'expérience, nous partagerons le repas tous ensemble, en famille, pour une réelle immersion dans la vie locale mauricienne. Il s'agit d'une authentique expérience auprès d'une famille mauricienne où vous serez reçu dans la simplicité de notre maison. Ne vous attendez donc pas a être reçu dans un palace 5*, mais avec le coeur, ça c'est certain ! Si vous en avez l'occasion, nous vous conseillons de réserver cette activité un Lundi, jour où le marché de Mahébourg est le plus fourni. A bientôt sur l'ile Maurice avec Sud Tropical ;)
Nager avec les tortues dans la réserve protégée de Blue Bay
Profitez d'une balade en bateau à fond de verre pour découvrir la réserve marine protégée de Blue Bay et ses milliers d'espèces : coraux, milliers de poissons de toutes les couleurs, et bien sûr, les fameuses tortues marines ! Un véritable aquarium à ciel ouvert que vous pourrez découvrir muni de masque et tuba (fournis). Nous partons vers 16h30 du ponton de la plage de Bue Bay, quand tous les autres bateaux rentrent à terre, pour profiter de la réserve en petit comité, et déguster nos rhums maison tout en admirant le coucher de soleil sur la baie... ;)
Must love dogs
If you love dogs of all shapes and sizes, this Experience is for you. Visit the Happy Tails Sanctuary, in the south of the island, home to 130 rescue dogs! Most of these lovable furry friends have come from the streets & some previously had an "owner." Unwanted, unloved or abused, they all have a sad story to tell about their past All the dogs at the sanctuary are up for adoption and sponsorship and the animal loving team works 24/7 on making sure their suffering days are over. They have a big dog park to play in and also a lovely house to rest in with their favourite canine friends. You can play, walk and run with the dogs and get smothered in kisses! Your visit contributes towards the wellbeing of the sanctuary dogs and also towards hosting sterilisation campaigns locally in order to reduce the overpopulation of straying dogs on the island. Ps: EXCITING PUP-DATE: We have a litter of 8 puppies born at the sanctuary on the 1st of May 2022!!! Mum & Puppies waiting to meet you!
Les Septs Cascades - Tamarinds Falls
The 7 waterfalls, also called the Tamarin waterfalls, represent a truly mythical excursion to Mauritius and it is true that the place is totally unmissable. It is a hike with a moderate level of difficulty, rather simple, but its duration and the fact that it is slippery in places, still requires a minimum of effort. This is a hike that takes place most of the time in the shade, however the pools at the foot of the waterfalls are in the sun, so bring sunscreen if you plan to bathe. The mosquito repellant, on the other hand, will be a pleasant companion when you progress in wooded and humid areas. Other things to note Cancellation in case of heavy rain or cyclones Not accessible to people with reduced mobility Not recommended for pregnant women No heart or other serious medical problems This tour / activity is private. Only your group will participate.
This tour offers you to discover and explore the beautiful south west of Mauritius Transport will be offered, pick up is included for this trip. I will come to pick you at your location. The starting point is at Floréal, where you will visit the ship models factory. Volcano Trou aux Cerfs – Mauritius famous crater. From Floreal heading to Curepipe, you will stop on the way to visit the Trou aux Cerfs (a huge natural volcanic crater). Grand Bassin -Hindu Temple Alexandra falls - As part of this tour you will also drive through the Black River Gorges Nature Park, where you will see many endangered species of plants and animals and viewpoint. Visit of Chamarel Waterfall and Chamarel seven (7) colored earth. The village of Chamarel in southwest Mauritius is home to two natural wonders - the magnificent Chamarel waterfall and the seven colored earth of Chamarel. The seven colored earth is one of the wonders of Mauritius and is considered one of the must places to see. Other things to note *Very important* *send me a message before booking. This tour is private exclusive , send me a message about your exact location. Thank you
Discover Kayak Fishing in Mauritius
Experience kayak fishing in Mauritius, the most exciting way to catch fish. You can be an absolute beginner or an experienced angler, we will adapt the trip accordingly. It’s always a small group (max 3 people), so you’ll get the full attention of our experienced and friendly fishing guide. Beyond catching fish it's also the most nature-friendly way to make a trip on the crystal waters of Mauritius.
Tours around the islands
Coin of paradise at over 550m altitude, Morne Brabant is an imposing mountain located southwest of Mauritius. Amazing because of its extreme aridity during the dry season, we take advantage of its height for hiking on the mountainside and discover breathtaking views. But more than just a trek destination, Le Morne Brabant is also famous for its beautiful beach. THE PARADISE OF HIKERS This is one of the most spectacular summits of the island, and yet, still few travellers decide to hike on the Morne Brabant. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the mountain offers extremely steep and hard-to-reach slopes. And yet, its ascent is still possible and provides access to an exceptional view of the surrounding landscape: Filaos, Banyan and Badamiers surrounded by a sand of dazzling whiteness ... Other things to note cancellation in case of heavy rain, for the safety of our hikers
Visit the South-West with Mauritian Lunch on the go
This Day trip has been put together by our experts so guests are able to make more visits - perfect for photography/Instagram lovers! - Visit the dormant volcano of trou Aux Cerf. - Explore Curepipe, one of the busiest towns of Mauritius. Stop to admire the views of Mare Aux Vacoas Reservoir. - Discover the Hindu culture & soak in the rich beauty surrounding the sacred lake of Grand Bassin - Witness Alexandra falls from the viewpoint hidden in a rich and untouched rainforest. - Enjoy the panoramic views of Balck River Gorges from the Viewpoint where you might even spot the famous Paille En Queue bird. - Visit Chamarel Waterfall, famed to be the highest fall in Mauritius. - Witness ​​the charming seven-colored earth of Chamarel. - Stop at Chamarel Viewpoint located on the hills, a perfect place to capture a photo souvenir with dominating views of the island. - Stop at Martello Tower, an ingenious fort constructed by the British colony back in the 1830s - Pass by Tamarin Salt Pans for a short photo stop - Stop at Tamarin Beach *Includes Entry Fees, Lunch, Pick Up & Drop off to any hotels / Apartments in Mauritius
Full-Day North Tour of Mauritius, All-Inclusive Day Trip
In Mauritius, when we speak of “the north,” Grand Bay is the first thing that comes to mind. Grand Bay, through sustained development, has become the premier tourist destination of the island. Known for its wide variety of restaurants and nightlife, you will immediately be drawn to its charming and exuberant village. Our tour expert has passionately crafted this excursion so you can visit some of the most beautiful spots on the North of Mauritius. Enjoy the very best! - Trace out the Mauritian heritage and artistry at Château De Labourdonnais - Enjoy a leisurely walk at Pamplemousses Botanical garden,​​ home to over 650 varieties of plants and 85 different palm trees from around the world. - Visit one of the Remaining Sugar Factories on the Island. - Visit Maheshwarnath Hindu Temple, one of the oldest places of prayer and worship on the island - Drive by the Coastal Road and stop at Mont Choisy Beach & Pereybere Public Beach - Explore the picturesque village of the North Coast & Enjoy some Duty-Free Shopping. - Admire the famous Red Church of Cap Malheureux at Sunset *Includes Entry Fees, Lunch, Pick Up & Drop off to any hotels / Apartments in Mauritius Please note: This tour will only commence if 2 or more guests have booked.
Explore Mauritius Top Waterfalls
Your holiday in Mauritius is incomplete without exploring some of our top waterfalls. Visit Tamarind Falls consisting of 7 waterfalls found close together. Our next stop will be at Eau Bleu Waterfall located on the central plateau of the Island. Relish the curious effects the light plays on your eyes, giving the body of water a blue like appearance. Explore Rochester Fall famed as the widest fall on the island at an elevation of 152 meters above sea level. Next we will visit Alexandra Falls offering a feel of the island’s past as it’s sheltered with a rich and untouched rainforest with around 200 species of trees, species, shrubs, plants and wildlife. Our last stop will be at Chamarel Waterfalls. Chamarel Waterfall is the highest one on the island falling from a height of about 83m. You will love the unforgettable visit with its breathtaking location surrounded by lush landscape. *This excursion Includes Entry Fees, Traditional Mauritian Lunch, Pick Up & Drop off to any hotels / Apartments in Mauritius
Explore the Wild South
Explore Mauritius' most amazing natural wonders; rugged coastline, endless waves, hidden waterfalls, natural pools, amazing geological rock formations, and soothing filao forests. This part of the island is not surrounded by coral reefs allowing violent waves to crash on the cliffs. During this hike you will learn about the unique flora, and fauna of the island and the history of the neighborhood. Relax in the natural pool along with a few Melon Butterflyfishes swimming around you and admire the beauty of the south coast while waiting for the waves to crash near the pool. Discover Mamzelle Waterfall (Cascade Mamzelle), a hidden gem in the Wild South. You may opt for a natural massage under Mamzelle Waterfall or simply relax and admire the beauty of the cascade. Your mountaineer will provide you with healthy snacks. The hike continues to "La Roche Qui Pleure". Here you will simply wait and watch the violent waves crashing over the cliffs. Your mountaineer will happily share with you interesting facts and myths of this location. Our journey ends back at Gris Gris beach parking and guests will be able to move to their respective accommodations. **Possible start times are: 8:00, 9:00, and 13:30.
Cultural Tour in the City Center
Heard that Mauritius is multi-cultural island? Mauritius has many cultures in its society: Hindu, Muslim, Christians, Chinese, Telegu, Tamil, Marathi, and many more. On this Cultural Tour, we will go to Port Louis to visit a temple, a pagoda, a church and a kovil. Discover about the different cultures and get back home full of knowledge and experience.
Découvrez l'Île aux Cerfs & les Îles de l'Est
Découvrez la partie encore sauvage et non-touristique de l'Île aux Cerfs, ainsi que les différentes îles du plus grand lagon de Maurice et ses plus beaux spots de snorkelling ! À bord d'un bateau privé pour un programme sur mesure et loin de la foule, je vous emmène découvrir les îles du Sud-Est, encore sauvages et préservées. Nous aurons l'occasion de naviguer entre l'Île au Phare, la Cascade Grande Rivière Sud-Est et les plus beaux spots de snorkelling où se cachent vestiges hindous au fond de l'eau, coraux géants, et autres nombreuses merveilles de la nature dans une eau turquoise... Avec un peu de chance, dauphins et tortues nous feront le plaisir de nous accompagner, avant d'arriver sur la fameuse Île aux Cerfs où un barbecue sur la plage vous attend ;) Pour finir la journée en beauté, je vous concocterai un apéro maison avec de nombreuses spécialités mauriciennes, les pieds dans l'eau cristalline de l'Ile aux Aigrettes ! J'ai hâte de vous faire découvrir cette face encore cachée de l'Ile Maurice ! Airbnb ne permet pas une configuration optimale des prix qui est dégressif en fonction du nombre de vacanciers, n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer une demande d'information pour un prix plus juste !
Farmer's Market tour & cooking class
For this experience, we can accommodate any specific date and time. Just message us and will confirm the availability :) The working time is from 07:00 AM to 23:00 PM and the class will take place in our charming villa in Bras D'eau Nature Park. You can choose to learn to cook some of the most famous Mauritian meals: - Chicken Biryani - Masala Fish Curry with eggplant - Fish Vindaye - Lamb Curry - Crab Soup - Shrimps Red Sauce - Octopus Saute - Faratas - Dholl Puri - Sept Curry We will go to the market together to purchase all the ingredients (Included) and will head back to start cooking your favorite meal with some local music and local drinks :)