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Unique things to do in North Athens Regional Unit

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Activities near top attractions

Photo of Olympic Athletic Center of Athens "Spiros Louis"
Olympic Athletic Center of Athens "Spiros Louis"34 locals recommend
Photo of Hilton Athens
Hilton Athens37 locals recommend
Photo of AGORA
AGORA19 locals recommend
Photo of Megaron Athens International Conference Centre
Megaron Athens International Conference Centre14 locals recommend
Photo of Golden Hall
Golden Hall112 locals recommend
Photo of National Gallery
National Gallery122 locals recommend

Things to do near Kolonaki

Day trip to Cape Sounio/Poseidon temple
You'll get to have an amazing trip with a local and view Athens's seaside Riviera for more than 60km. During this ride we'll get to check out the view of the impressive lagoon of the thermal lake Vouliagmeni. Stop for a quick swim at a beach with Crystal clear blue/green turquoise waters, where we can chill by the sea and finally arrive at the great temple of Poseidon. This trip is a perfect mix for those who enjoy Greek Mythology or just looking for a perfect beach stop along the athenian riviéra The experience is ideal for people who are looking to escape the hustle of the big city and want to enjoy the drive along the athenian coastline or just cool down at the sparkling, instagramable waters. You will have splendid views of the Saronic gulf and the small islands offshore. Perfect spot for relaxing and then end up at Cape Sounio which is guarded by the amazing temple of Poseidon, where its stunning view will clear up your mind P.S I absolutely love taking pictures so please,ask me ! (*the temple has a 10 euros entrance fee not included in the price*)
All-day cruise from Athens to Saronic islands
BestCruise offers you a lifetime experience of a day cruise to Aegina and Agistri islands on an authentic wooden sailing boat. Walk-in ancient paths at the Aphaia Temple in Aegina, revel in the numerous shades of blue of Agistri beaches, dare to jump off the boat in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, and snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of Aponisos. Aegina and Agistri have a knack of dazzling wherever you explore. Enjoy an exquisite savory lunch made from fresh, local products will be served, introducing you to the famous Greek cuisine. Please remember the cruise is not private to your group and can host up to 35 people. The registered capacity is 45.
Sail the Athenian Coastline
With few people knowing that just half-hour away from the city center, there is a beautiful coastline with sparkling clear waters waiting to be explored, we thought to take you sailing the Athenian Coast to experience it on your own, departing from Alimos Marina every morning& afternoon ! Hop on in our modern catamaran, meet her experienced crew and join a heart-filling experience, by sailing the Saronic. Enjoy the views from the bowsprit or just sit & relax soaking up some sun ! Explore some accessible only by sea spots and drop anchor in beautiful secluded bays with azure colored waters for a swim, using our on board snorkels, flippers and goggles. In the mean time you will be served some authentic Greek meze (tapas) and quality Greek wine before making your way back to base for your return. By the end of the trip you'd have experienced Athens by the sea, learn about the historical battles that took place in this area, and learn about the tradition of shipwrights in Greece! Other things to note Weather conditions, may affect itinerary and departure and trip to be cancelled
Sculpt an animal from the ancient myths
In ancient Greek history, there was a deep bond between humans and animals. They became symbols, children's toys and played central roles in fairy tales. In mythology, human souls were trapped inside animals under the curse of the gods. Many ancient Greek artists used copper, marble, clay and gold to illustrate these minimal and, at the same time, perfect animal forms. As one of the admirers of this type of art, I would like to invite you on a journey to this magical world through the art of clay sculpture. The workshop will start with a brief reference to the animals and their symbolism in ancient Greece. Then, I will show you the way to create animal forms. You can eventually choose and make your own animal creature and take it back home. The clay animal needs to dry 12-24hours . You can receive the creations after the end of the experience. You are provided with a package (box) that includes the sculpture on a base plus a kit to complete it. So on the shelf of souvenirs (memories) from the country you visited you will have a complete sculpture of your own hands. Or post it to your home address (with an additional cost). The 2hours, workshop take place under the sacred rock of the Acropolis. Also two wonderful cats live together in the workshop. For any further clarification or availability please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you
Boat Trip from Athens to Agistri -Aegina and swim stop Metop
I am here to invite you on a fantastic day out at sea on our wooden boat, Calypso, all along the mesmerizing Aegean Sea and its main attractions the islands of Agistri and Aegina. Together we'll discover the most iconic places of the islands, we'll jump off the boat and we'll swim in the best-hidden spots of the sea, we'll indulge in a traditional Greek lunch freshly prepared aboard by our talented chef and we'll toast to many more wonderful experiences with Greek wine. Our activity appeals to all age groups, families with young kids, couples and solo travellers alike.

Things to do near Ampelokipoi

Donkey Trekking in Athens countryside
Before our walk, we meet the donkeys and find out about their nature and special needs and features. You will learn how to approach, groom, feed, put on the halter and handle a donkey. To start our trip we choose the appropriate donkey for each hiker. The distance we shall cover is about 3-6 kilometers depending on your courage and includes a break for water and beverages. The path we take is full of old olive trees and vineyards. During our trekking you will learn how to read and understand the donkey's behavior and how to lead and negotiate with your donkey. Walking by the side of the most patient and calm animal is a unique experience that you will remember forever. When we arrive back to the stable, you can participate in feeding the donkeys, as well as the chickens and the ducks. As a reward for your effort we will enjoy a glass of Greek raki and traditional mezedes. Keep in mind that the start time of the experience is indicative and can be modified according to your wish. As the experience usually takes more than 3 hours, please let us know so we can adjust the duration. We strongly recommend that you choose dates that other guests have already booked. It's much more fun. It is a unique experience to see many donkeys walking in the countryside and it is also nice to make new acquaintances!
Rooftop bar hopping with local friends
Do you think you have already experienced all that Athens can offer? Time to change your perspective and look at the city from up above! Or you have just arrived in town and feel overwhelmed with all the must-do things? Don't miss this unique opportunity to sip amazing wine, making new friends where the past meets modern life. You will meet us in Syntagma area, in front of Macdonald's. We will then visit some of the coolest rooftop bars in the area. Prepare yourself for magical views and interesting conversations about local life! During our night, we will hit three of our favorite rooftop bars in downtown Athens, all of them within walking distance from each other.
Barhopping through Alternative Bars in Athens
Come through for a unique Barhopping experience!!! We will visit Alternative, Artsy & hidden Bars in the heart of Athens. We will be visiting 3 bars in 3 hours in Monastiraki, Psirri and surrounding areas. Either you a solo traveler, a couple or a group of friends and you're down to discover Alternative Bars in Athens this experience is for you! Our night starts at the meeting point (Monastiraki Square) where everybody’s checking in on time. Then we’ll walk to our first stop, my favorite Alternative & Queer friendly little spot: Featuring local artists, DJs, pop up bazaars and their signature Cocktail with homemade jam! We’ll have a drink, meet & greet with the group and continue to move from one bar to another (3 total). Each spot offers a round of shots for the road and it's been exclusively selected based on the ambience, culture, music, art, DJs and delicious cocktails. Throughout the night, we'll offer you recommendations for places you can visit on your own time, we'll play bar & drinking games, dance if you may and have a night to remember! The route we’ll be following is carefully curated in advance, paying mind not only to our safety but also the chance to gaze on street art and the beauty of Athens by night.
️ Athens Cooking class & Rooftop dinner
In this traditional 5-cource cooking experience, you will learn how to make some of the most authentic Greek dishes, such as the Greek Moussaka and the classic Greek phyllo dough Spanakopita (Spinach pie), by opening your own phyllo. We will also prepare a variation of the well-known Greek Salad, inspired by the Greek islands, as well as the famous Greek yogurt Tzatziki sauce. Our dessert will be the original homemade Galatopita (Milk pie). We'll start preparing the ingredients we will need, while talking about Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. When the dishes are ready, we will savor our meal together at the patio admiring the Acropolis Monuments and the eternal Parthenon temple, overlooking the dome of Aghios Dimitrios church. Our kitchen is a few steps away from Monastiraki Square in the funky neighborhood of Psirri. We will meet on the rooftop terrace and cook with the amazing views of the vivid center of Athens. Let the Cooking Class begin! Other things to note: This experience is not recommended for a gluten free diet. Please let us know for any food allergies. Vegetarians are welcome!
Private Photo shoot Experiences in the City of Athens
As an Athenian local resident and in love with the city's treasures, I would be glad to explore together the "must spots" of Athens during your stay so as to remember them forever. This is going to be an experience because while we are walking by the most famous picturesque streets i can learn you how to capture with your equipment perfect shots for your social media accounts. Then my turn to capture you through my lens , a "pro view", and to share with you any picture you prefer. Meeting Point can be different as the Photo tour is based on your interests. Mostly the Meeting Points are to the city Center Metro Stations like the "Monastiraki Square", "Syntagma Square". Some of the well known Routes you may prefer: -Hellenic Parliament, Syntagma Square & Monument to the Unknown Soldier with the Changing of the Guards -Zappeion Hall -Panathenaic Stadium(or just "Kalimarmaro") -The Temple of the Olympian Zeus -National Library of Athens, Panepistimeiou Str. -Exterior wall of the stage of Herodes Atticus theatre -Arios Pagos Hill or "Vrachakia" -Anaffiotika & plaka -Monastiraki Square, Exterior wall of Ancient Agora -Athens Pnyx Hill -Lastly a bonus Place for Final Shots of a rooftop view of Acropolis. Let me know if you are fan of Low Light Photography or you want the extra experience of the Golden Hour. There are some extra places that are totally game changers.

Things to do near Goudi

Catamaran Sailing in Athens Reviera
The sailing trip starts at Agios Kosmas Marina. When you arrive, me and my mate will welcome you with a drink and set the basic safety rules. We will sail south across the beautiful suburbs of Athens - Glyfada, Voula, and Vouliagmeni. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy the stunning view of the city, sunbathe on the spacious bow net and feel the refreshing summer breeze. We will have the chance to stop twice at secluded bays, only approachable by boat and jump into the crystal blue waters. During the second swimming stop, we will be preparing a family style meal and BBQ, served on board made with homegrown ingredients and olive oil of our own production. We will share local stories and myths of the places we visit. On our way back and if the wind picks up we will raise our sails and enjoy the music of the wind. Other things to note Guest should provide with Full names, Passport No., Nationality at least one day prior to the cruise date for the passenger's list to be prepared as well as a full accommodation address for transportation arrangement. For special events we would like to request that you inform our team before booking your cruise.
Acropolis tour with licensed tour guide
Join this walking tour to the landmark monuments of Athens and hear your professional tour guide and archeologist describe the history of Europe's oldest classical monuments. We will walk up to Acropolis and Parthenon temple into the archaeological area where the Greek Gods and Goddess Athena temple is located. We will describe the history and the perspective of these unique landmarks. Take photos of the impressive Parthenon temple and bustling skyline of the city. Enjoy a walking tour like no other where we talk about the connection of Modern times with Ancient times and its similarities to the local life. We will start from the Ancient Theatre of Dionysus, where you will place yourself on the ancient stone seats, and we will describe the theatrical performance of that time uniquely for you. We will show you fabulous and secret photo opportunities. ——This tour is a professional walking experience with a licensed tour guide organized by a professional tour operator. It is not an ordinary AIRBNB experience with just an individual host- The groups are up to 15 people per host—— The tour price excludes entrance tickets to Acropolis (20 euros adult). You can buy them cash directly from the tour office and skip the lines online. This tour doesn't include the Acropolis museum, and we have our Acropolis with the museum tour included in other activities.
Take a unique walk through Athens with a local
Are you interested in seeing Athens from a whole new prespective? All the secret ,by the massive buildings, places that no one can show you because its not a famous tourist attraction ? The hidden taverns , places to have fun and sights ? Did you know that Athens expands beyond the famous Acropolis and near by destinations? From the ancient Greece to the Athens of today , come with me for an unforgettable experience . I'm Adrian and with me, we will explore one off the most beautiful cites in the world. We will begin our walk form the center of Athens, which mean Monastiraki station. From there we will take a journey through time walking past Psirri, Thisio , Plaka, Sintagma, Omonoia, Exarcheia, Kolonaki , Mount Lycabettus visiting buildings, places and sights since the beginning and foundation off the Greeks. You will have the chance to admire all the hidden treasures that most tourist guides won't show you. What’s so unique about my experience? Well , its simple ! Together you and I ,will see Athens from my perspective. I love Athens , and my goal is that you will too. The duration is up to you. With the minimum of 4 hours we can make stops to grab a bite or a cool drink and extent our walk up to 6 hours . Dear visitors ,be ready to walk through the historical , architectural, political and social history off my country’s capital , Athens .
Create silver jewelry by yourself
Think of your own idea and we will create it together, we can make either a ring, necklace, bracelet, pair of earrings or a small piece of art. Your idea/design should have the size of about 3x3cm or 1,180x 1,180 inch , weighting approx. 4.5 gram. If you wish to have a heavier piece I can advice you and negotiate it at the workshop (an extra gram equals to 1euro). Except of silver we can also use bronze, cooper and even gold, as these metals add colour to some particular ideas. The option of using gold should be discussed beforehand , as it's price differs (1 gram of 24K equals to 49,33eu). Try to keep your idea simple and in 2 dimensions, so we can accomplish it in about 3 hours. If you are not so sure about what to create, you can choose any of my designs, or I can advice you. At first we will make a sketch and after we will transfer the design on the metal and cut it out with the saw. Then we will smoothen up the metal's surface with emery paper and at last we will polish it to shine it up. The piece is yours and you can call it "My Athenian keepsake" or "My unforgettable time in Athens". Making your own keepsake will give you the chance to learn in real the technical steps of it's creation. If you have difficulties booking the experience go to this link
Explore the hidden food gems of Athens
Fee includes everything consumed on the walk. Taste the most local food in Athens. Skip the tourist traps and discover the local bites of the greek culture. More of 14 traditional and delicious fresh cooked tastings.We will walk in the heart of central Athens where Athenians make their shopping for the daily meal. I'll introduce you to the vendors of my favorite local shops, I'll take you to a traditional greek café (kafeneio), to a dairy shop which produces its own Greek yogurt and introduces you to a Greek cheese producer in its own shop. You'll meet my old friends in the oldest vegetable, fish and meat market of Athens . I'll take you to the best greek traditional restaurant (mageirio) for a seated lunch and of course, you'll try a dessert. During the walk, you'll also try our best wines and distillates of the region. I'll explain to you how to cook all the dishes we'll try, I'll share local insights about recipes ,tips for Athens ,the islands and the culinary traditions. If you don’t find the dates you want, you can always ask me to make room. UPDATE :The tour is hosted responsibly following the guidelines of the World Health Organization and National Public Health organisation to protect each other’s health and safety . Maximum guests to join up to 8 people due to the safety restrictions Masks are provided (if you have not yours) as well as hand sanitizer.

All activities near North Athens Regional Unit

Traditional Greek food tour in hidden Athens
Discover the most authentic and fresh, traditional Athenian food in non tourist areas and hidden spots of the City! The type of food and places you may not find alone! We will visit local streets where we will see, taste and shop for cheese, cured meat, fruits, Greek sweets and spices in the markets full of colour, scents and noise. We will sample olives, oil and honey from a farmer and local barrel wine made on the premises of the taverna. We will have two meals with meat and seafood, one at a locals meze bar and one close to the market, and we will drink Greek coffee with a traditional sweet. On tours starting at 4.30pm, 5pm or on Sundays the markets are shut so we will visit two locals tavernas and eat traditional Athenian food with ouzo or raki and local barrel wine. We will walk through the local area for night life where we will sample a sweet with Greek coffee at the end of our tour! Many tastings offered including sit down meals on all tours as you learn about Greek culture from people who live it daily. You will have many friends in Athens at the end of this experience! Vegetarian and gluten free options are available. Discounted childrens rate offered. All experience hosts are fully vaccinated.
Carve a word or phrase in marble
Hello from Athens, my name is Giorgos and I recently graduated from the marble school of fine arts in Tinos island. By my side in this experience will be Georgia, who also has a degree from the marble school of fine arts in Tinos arts, and now she is studying in the Fine Art school of Athens, in sculpting section. My love for marble created the need for this experience. The general idea of ​​the experience is to introduce you to the world of marble, a material that has always been important for our civilisation. The purpose is to get in touch with the tools, their use and to carve simple words such as your names or other words you may want to carve on marble as a remembrance. Throughout the duration of the experience, me and my partner, will be by your side and we will help you by providing help and informations, guiding, about the techniques so you can learn the first steps for handmade marble carving. In our house there is an inside workshop where we can work regardless of weather conditions. The very best part is we will communicate, work, and we will inform you about the kinds of marble, tools, and structure of the material.
All about Athens-Electric bike tour
All about Athens - Electric bike tour is the best and most fun way to explore Athens and discover places that you would never see on your own. You will ride together with a local Athenian and get fabulous tips and suggestions on how to make the best out of your visit in Athens and Greece! Top quality electric bikes make the tour ideal for everybody, no matter what your fitness level is. Moreover, small groups and a 9 km car-free route guarantee a relaxed and safe bike tour. We will pass by all the major highlights of Athens and also many off-the-beaten path locations. During our 15 short stops, you will have sufficient time to get great pictures of all the important ancient and modern sites. This bike tour is the perfect introduction to the city in an amazingly fun, informative and adventurous way.The tour is also a perfect opportunity for families with children to share an amazing experience during their stay in Athens, as well as a very enjoyable team-building activity for employees.
Exploring the hills of Athens together
Before we start, we'll have a casual chat to get to know each other. You can ask me anything! I would love to hear about your experiences in our capital so far and help you if I can. And now let's explore Athens together. The main idea is doing things your travel agency cannot provide. That's why we will tour some outstanding secret views of the city of Athens. We will have the opportunity to visit 3 hidden spots, which are on hills, inside Athens by car and discover places that even locals don't know about. 1st spot => Galatsi 2nd spot => Philopappos Hill 3rd spot => Penteli I can provide you with chairs and transportation to these places and back to your hotel by car. Message me for more information.
Learn from the best!greek delicatessen
You will first enjoy a welcome home made cake, greek sweets and greek coffee. 1) First of all i will teach you how to make greek phylo which is the basic yeast for all greek pies. You are going to make it also by yourself! So you will have the chance to create the in famous spanakopita! 2)I would be responsible to provide you all necessary ingredients, all packed and fresh, as i bought them one day earlier than your visit, from the local market. 3) At the end you will enjoy fresh fruits and traditional homade greek dessert. Enjoy the experience of family greek food! Other things to note Let me know about any allergies or special nutrition.
Be a Jewelry Designer
Be a Jewelry Designer, create a handmade necklace for you or your beloved from different beads. The process is totally by hand, simple and easy. Step by step, you will create your own jewelry. The workshop is for all levels. You will enjoy the working and designing your necklace by yourself to keep. Let's do it together. Beads and tools provide by us.
How to decorate a ceramic art tile
Our guests will have the opportunity to design and decorate their art tiles in one of the most critically acclaimed workshops in the world. First, we will visit our small museum, where we will introduce them to the history of our workshop and show them ceramics and techniques from various periods from the 1930s until today. We will then go to the workshop and start creating your design. Try to keep your idea simple so we can accomplish it in about 3 hours. If you are unsure what to make, you can choose any of our designs, or we can advise you. You will copy the design to the tile and color it. When the tile is finished, our guests will place it in the kiln. Since the firing of the tiles takes two days, we will ship them to the desired address. Welcome to Valsamakis Ceramics. Please, join us on our journey in the art of fire.
All inclusive breakfast/brunch
Welcome to Athens!I am Eirini and i open my house for you early in the morning,starting with a very old tradition,drinking Greek coffee and sharing our news.There is no chat on an empty stomach ,so i will have prepared for you some cheese,tomato and olives, also homemade marmelade,figs and honey.Then hands on!We move into the kitchen and start preparing our mythical breakfast: 1)Trahanas (traditional soup) with feta cheese 2)Rizogalo (rice,milk and cinammon) 3)Greek version of pancakes-tiganites with honey and nuts You can choose from a big variety of food for the perfect breakfast!
Hidden Gems of Hymettus Mountain
I meet my friends in a certain spot in mount Hymmetus at the cemetery Of Papagou. You should arrive there with your own mean of transportation. Then we start exploring together,through the aesthetic and protected forest of Hymmetus, some secret trails that lead to strange rock formations and two caves, safe to visit. We provide you with torches for lighting up the interesting interior. During our hike,we enjoy the view of Athens from above and we create some impressive drone plans with full video and photo coverage for you. All this material is sent to you after editing and for free, just to make your experience really unforgettable. The total distance of walking is 1.5 The hiking is easy and doesn't need extra physical condition and it is also suitable for kids.In any case we can adjust the schedule to your certain needs and interests. We make breaks for rest and to enjoy the snacks and fresh water provided. After we finish our tour, you have the chance to rest, while you enjoy your coffee or meal to a municipal refreshment place .
Introduction to Natural Dyeing
Introduction to Natural Dyeing Workshop The workshop will last 3 hours and includes all materials as well as snacks. So many natural materials can produce amazing colours. Flowers and plants from your garden, vegetables and kitchen waste as well as plants, roots, lichens or tree barks found in a park, a forest or a field close to your home. All these can produce the most beautiful colour palette. Natural dyeing is a constant exploration and pleasant surprise. In the workshop we will use four main natural dyestuff: Madder (roots) Chamomile (flowers) Onion (skins) Acorn (cupules) With these we will make 8 different colours. We will also talk about other plants you can use to dye with, the natural dyeing process, the fabric/fiber choices as well as how mordants work. You will leave the workshop with a botanically dyed swatch book with fabric and yarn samples (linen, silk, cotton and wool) dyed with the eight different colours we will create in class.
Get a taste of premium Greek honey at an urban bee farm
Hmm...what about being a honey sommelier for a day? Join us on a honey-sweet journey! We'll talk about the structure and the function of a bee colony. Also about the importance of the bees in the eco-system and the food chain. . Together we are going to celebrate honey's diverse colours, aromas and flavour profiles, and find out how honey tasting can be so fun and informative. You'll be able to buy honey and souvenirs. You'll also receive a little present from us! Other things to note No additional experience in tasting is necessary. The activity is very safe, sweet and exciting.
Honey-sweet sensory experience about being a honey sommelier for a day? Let's take a honey-sweet journey together! Upcoming Christmas time makes it even more interesting since honey is the star of the show. Traditionally, honey is an integral part of the holidays, traditional sweets, and dishes associated with them. We will celebrate honey's diverse colors, scents, and flavors, and discover how honey tasting can be so informative and entertaining. We will discuss the process and equipment used in honey extraction at an urban apiary which is just a few kilometers from the city center. After finding your favorite variety, you'll be able to buy honey and souvenirs. You'll also receive a little present from us! Other things to note No additional experience in tasting is necessary. The activity is very safe, sweet and exciting.
Φτιάξε τον δικό σου πίνακα decoupage με την βοήθεια δασκάλας
Οι επισκέπτες μας θα δημιουργήσουν τον δικό τους πίνακα με την τεχνική ντεκουπάζ, την οποία διδάσκουμε επαγγελματικά στο μαγαζί μας! Στους επισκέπτες μας θα παρέχουμε όλα τα υλικά και τις γνώσεις για να φύγουν με πίνακα που θα τον έχουν σχεδιάσει οι ίδιοι! Μπορείτε να δείτε έργα μας στο ίνσταγκραμ μας Alexia's Lab <3
Casting techniques to create a sculpture
We will meet in Pallini metro station and we all move to my flat-workshop. Coffee tea or water will be offered. Conversation about the procedure, the materials, their purpose, how to use them and exchange ideas through our meeting. We will create a mold for hand sculpture, or we can decide together for your suggestion if the procedure is not so complicated. We will create a mold-cast and you will be able to see the whole procedure and of course the result after . Beside we will focus in basic tips you need to know so in the future if you practise home to avoid destroy your creation. But even from failures and our mistakes we learn and understand more about what we should not do in the future, and also try to make the failure still a piece or art. The very best part is you will learn how to create your own sculpture and useful tips what to avoid for further creation. When we finish you will take with you your creation-sculpture. Also will be given instruction about the materials you need to have at your place while practising alone. Other things to note There is no limit or minimum time for our working lessons. Approximately will be around 3-5 hours..
History walk through a unique Athens neighborhood
Been to the Parthenon, done the center? Find out about an area close to the center with a rich but disturbing history. After arriving at the main square of Kessariani (a short taxi ride from the center or on the 224 bus), I will meet you and take you to a picturesque square just one street away to tell you the first part of my story about the area which starts in 1922. After this, we will commence on a circular walk with me pointing out different places and sights along the way. The talk is divided into four parts, generally going in chronological order and as we proceed you will see traces of the past and be able to visualize what life was like. There were not only immeasurable hardships for the inhabitants, but they created a close-knit community through hard won victories. Arriving destitute as refugees from Asia Minor and building new lives from scratch, the people of Kessariani were admirably resistant and brought with them a new and vibrant way of life. The tour will take an hour and a half and we will arrive back at the square we started from.