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Unique things to do in Northern Ireland

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Troubles Tour - With a Local
At Belfast City Hall you will be provided with an audio headset and receiver so you don’t miss a word. You’ll visit the City Hall before walking to the Peace Walls, approximately 40 minutes. You’ll receive a full, detailed and objective commentary to provide you with the historical and political background to ‘the Troubles’. Stopping at the International Wall, you’ll get a chance to view the political murals before you visit the Walls. There is ample time for photographs. You’ll return to Belfast City Centre, where you visit the Cathedral Quarter. You’ll meander in and out of historic entries, see the sights and see what’s hidden in plain sight. You’ll learn about our radical history, and the culture and art that makes Belfast such a vibrant and exciting city. You'll take in the City Centre & Albert Clock before the tour finishes in a historic church. You walk inside, you walk back to the late 1700s to a time of revolution and radicalism. Belfast is a city of contrasts, and the tour is designed to reflect that. Expect to be entertained, engaged and informed. The pace of this tour is moderate. You will walk approximately 3.5 miles in 2.5 to 3 hours. We sometimes have 4 seasons in one day, so dress appropriately.
Learn how to throw axes in Belfast
After a warm welcome to our throwing cages we'll jump right into a safety briefing. This covers how to stay safe, scoring and competition rules (we can't have any cheating at crunch time can we?). Then it is to the reason you guys are all here, the AXES. We'll run through the basic technique, how to hold and how to throw the axe. Once we're through this, it is down to you to have a go! I'll be on hand throughout the session, watching your throw, offering advice on how you can improve. What is really important to me is that you start to understand your own technique so when you finally leave, you're a fully fledged axe ninja! Once the basics are out of the way it's quickly onto a wide selection of new throws, double-handed, throwing with the axe head facing backwards, throwing 2 axes at once. These will all help you to develop a strong technique in time for our rapid fire round and then ..the team COMPETITON! Pit your skills against the others in your group, competition mode always brings out some strong axe game! Finally, If we have any time left over at the end I'll show you a trick shot or two that only the pro's get to use Other things to note We are unable to accept bookings from those under 16 years of age or pregnant. Guests will not be permitted to partake in the activity if they are intoxicated and please wear sensible shoes, no sandals!
Horse experience with Family and friends
You will be greeted at our stables by myself or Kirsty. You will be shown our tack room area where we can introduce ourselves and you can get a horse riding hat fitted. We will introduce you to our horses and a visit to the yard stables. We will choose a horse to suit you and begin to groom and tack them up. You will be accompanied at all times and encouraged to relax and enjoy your bonding with your horse. You will bring your horse to the indoor arena and learn about getting on the horse safely and correctly then the basics of how to ride the the horse ( English Style) Depending on how you want to progress you will spend 45mins on the horse. If the weather is wet or it is dark the session will be spent indoors in our arena. If dry and daylight, session can be spent hacking on our farm. We have spectacular views of Innishowen, Donegal, Binevenagh mountain an area of AONB and ASSI and also the Lough Foyle Other things to note If you have any questions or concerns about this experience please contact me. We want to know what you would most like to achieve from your time with us.
Street Art, Music and Pub Experience
I'd discribe what we'll do as a fasinating introduction to help plan the rest of your time in an incredible city of the Future. A Pub Crawl it's not, others may call it a Barhop. But on my Experience we will take in some great venues that host live music and share it's musical history from its origins. View some pretty cool Street Art (Including graffiti and hidden streetart gems) and go on a wee dander through the streets of Belfast. And at the same time orientate you around the city center. Pointing out things to do. While giving you the rich and sometimes troubled History of Belfast, and Northern Ireland. We'll start in St. Annes Square. View sculptures and hear of things to do there (like the Mac) and an array of resturants. And then we will see Streetart by International Artists who descend on Belfast every year. Next we'll discover the birthplace of a new generation of musicians. And as we meander the narrow entries hear the history of music from its traditional beginning to its rock and roll, punk and modern gendres. And how they have influenced change in Northern Ireland. From its troubled past, to modern day peace and hopefulness. Other things to note Though we'll not enter any of the pubs we'll pass just now, I will share what happens within them. So you can return to them later that night or another. Finishing In plenty of time for the last Trains/Buses
Farm visit at lambing time march/april
Guests will get dressed up with protective clothing as they will be in the middle of lambing experience and they will be told about our ewes and their history ,from Kenneth my husband he will tell you about day to day work on the farm , we walk to the big indoor sheep house and take a walking tour of it we explain the difference in the areas and show you the set up before the ewes have their lambs during the lambing and after lambs are born we then go to the foster section and each guest gets to pet a lamb ,after that the guests are took to see group pens of lambs and their mothers running around on the way back to the farm house we will say hi to the cows and the farm working dogs if you like dogs you can meet them , we do keep our dogs in proper enclosures then our guests will be offered to wash their hands and take away homemade Irish wheaten bread with home made strawberry jam tea or coffee before you depart on their way during covid you will have this in the garden if dry Other things to note This is a working farm and we are a meat farm and this experience will only take place between 19thMarch till 23 rdApril every year its 1.5 hours long with the animals there is some farm smells (sheep) but not to bad also very important if anyone is pregnant please ask your doctor can you visit before you book
Hike to the Big Stone for views of Carlingford Lough & more
I’ll take you on a wonderful hike up around the mountains of Rostrevor; starting at Fiddler’s Green, then onwards up the Cloughmor (Big Stone) with wonderful views of Carlingford Lough followed by a cosy pint in one of many picturesque pubs in the village.
Belfast Bike Tour, Feel the City
Check out my Instagram at We’ll meet in the vibrant Titanic Quarter to get on our bikes and head off to experience Belfast We’ll check out the titanic slipways, a world war 1 battle ship and a 1970’s floating disco which used to ferry passengers to the Titanic itself. Not forgetting to stop for snaps at a Game of Thrones filming location. Over the River Lagan to kiss the big fish (salmon of Knowledge) and see Belfast’s own leaning tower. We’ll head in to Belfast’s hot spot, the Cathedral Quarter, and stop for some photos with some of the worlds best street art. Through the city center to see the magnificent city hall where I’ll tell which African City has the the exact same building within it. To one of Belfast’s oldest pubs and the most bombed hotel on the planet. ( It’s unlikely to happen again anytime soon) Heading south we reach the beautiful Belfast Botanical Gardens, Victorian era Palm House and Queens University. We reach the Lagan again and ride along, city bound, taking in the scenes along the way. One of our last stops will be the sumptuous St George’s market. The smells, tastes and sites will be unforgettable so we’ll take some time to sample as much as we can here. Not every experience will be the same and I can accommodate guests if there is something they really want to see or don’t wish to. Other things to note Belfast Centre is mostly flat and we will be travelling at a very leisurely pace so fitness shouldn’t be an issue. If you can ride a bike this tour is for you. The bikes are very simple and durable, perfect for the city. If it rains, we may get wet but we’ll still have fun.
A History of Terror City Walking Tour
Starting at Belfast city hall (we meet at the front gates of City Hall in Donegall Square North) and finishing by the Beacon of Hope beside the river Lagan, the tour visits 7 locations in the city centre where major events occurred during the conflict. We start with a short introduction to Irish / British history and why the Troubles start in the late 1960’s. Over the course of 1.5 miles and 2 hours and 30 minutes we then tell the stories of each site; what happened and why, who was involved, and the effect these attacks had on the city and its people, affecting nearly every part of our daily lives. We also demonstrate the impact of the peace process; you will witness the social and cultural regeneration of the city as we walk through the Cathedral Quarter and waterfront areas where you will also see some of the street art that demonstrates our newfound vibrant culture. Throughout the tour we use visual aids with images of the Troubles and the places we visit from the 1960’s, 70’s & 80’s to help you envisage the realities of life then compared to now. The tour is factual and historically accurate to ensure it is unbiased and non-partisan, but we also weave our own stories into the tour to bring our history to life for you. There is also time built into the tour to ensure that questions are encouraged from guests and that our answers are meaningful.
Political Murals, Street Art and Peace Wall
Let me take you on a walking tour, through the streets of Belfast, and using the medium of StreetArt and Political Murals. Share with you, how the people of Northern Ireland are coming together in Peace and Reconciliation after its rescent conflicts. Many of you will have heard of it referred to as The Troubles. We'll start with the more Modern International and Local Street Art, and show you some of the latest pieces from the yearly festival, that has over the years brought together the local and International streetart community. And as part of this we'll also take in the local Graffiti and how that has been integrated into what is siad to be the largest Eclectic Street Art Gallery in the World. We'll then head into the West of the City up the Shankill rd to discover, the Political Murals, and how they related to the troubles. And it is here you will also see a project called Reimaging Murals, which is all about taking the Political message off the walls. And putting up StreetArt and Sculptures that the local communities want, as they strive to create a more peaceful/harmonious society for their families. Well visit the Peace Gate on the Peace line, pass the International Wall. With Peace and Reconcilation and Political meassages from all over the World. Show you the Peace Wall. Bobby Sands and other examples of Political Murals. As we descend back into the city center
The Story of Belfast walking tour
This is a guaranteed small group tour (maximum 6 x persons). We leave the big groups behind as we visit many important historical landmarks and areas. We walk in our own small team; giving you an opportunity to look at Belfast in a completely new light. In the company of a professional, local born and bred guide, this is a personal journey through the history and culture of the city. We look at the lives of our people and hear their stories. We see where they lived, worked and played and the buildings and monuments they left behind. We hear of times of conflict (including the recent "troubles") and peace, when the city rose to become the 'industrial capital of the world'. This is an experience that will immerse you in the story of Belfast's past and vibrant and buzzing present as we wander around my favourite places and "secret" routes. With actual walking time of less than one hour, there will be a number of rest stops & bathroom breaks.
If Buildings Could Talk Tour
This tour has been called “The most entertaining tour in Belfast” Starting Opposite City Hall at "Visit Belfast" shop we will have a 2 hour 2 mile walk around the city centre where I will tell you stories of things that have happened in this City. Interesting, unusual and entertaining will be the norm for the day.
Belfast Pub Tour with a Local
Experience Belfast like a local (with a local), as we bring you to the pubs we like. We tend to avoid tourist traps and go where the locals go. We meet outside the front gates of Belfast City Hall before starting the Pub Tour. We'll introduce you to 4 or 5 great Belfast Pubs with links to rebellion and music. Home to drinkers, thinkers, poets and singers, chancers, dancers and the famous Belfast wit. Along the way, you'll learn how punk rock influenced a President, see where Errol Flynn went to school, and get a crash course in local wit and humour. The pubs we visit are no more than 5 to 10 minutes apart. You can enjoy a pint of Guinness (it never lasts better than in Ireland) or maybe savour one of our craft beers. You'll savour the atmosphere and enjoy the craic s and have a wonderful, fun experience. Other things to note This is a pub tour and is a genial social occasion. We'll stop at 4 or 5 pubs, you can buy whatever your tipple is and along the way we'll have a good few laughs. We'll meet as strangers and part as friends!
Twilight Tour, Bike by Night
Check out my Instagram We’ll see the City at night, at its most beautiful. Belfast glows at night in areas that people from out of the city would rarely visit. We will meet in the scenic Titanic Quarter and get our specially adapted bikes, fitted out with plenty of lights and made for visibility. We will see the the outline of the Titanic, lit in neon blue before seeing the Great light. We cross over the Lagan and in to the city centre where we discuss some of the history and culture around Belfast’s cathedral quarter. Travelling through Belfast’s bustling cultural hotspots. Stopping to kiss the Big Fish on the way. In to lesser seen Belfast and some of Europe’s most beautiful street art. Lit up by our battery powered spotlight. The contrast between the street art and the night sky should make for very photogenic and unique holiday snaps. We'll see the oldest catholic church in Ireland and stop at a few 300 year old pubs along the way and i will be offering my recommendations for the beast food and drink around the city. We will end on the most picturesque scene of all, Belfast’s Beautiful City Hall, ever changing in colour to capture the mood of the city on any given evening. Other things to note It’s a relaxed bike ride, and we stop very often. Its really fun.
Hike The Mourne Mountains - Area of outstanding beauty
We will be visiting what is known as 'The Mourne area of outstanding beauty' and you will see why. The Mourne Mountains of Newcastle 30 mins outside of Belfast has a compact ring of 12 mountains with the highest peak Slieve Donard being 853M. and the view from the top is incredible. From views you will see silent valley and Ben Crom Reservoirs, where a refreshing dip into the water can be done if you are feeling up for it! You could always wait to jump into the rock pools on the way back down. As there is so many mountains, trails, routes within this beautiful place - hikes can be tailored to fitness level. if you are up for the most known Mourne challenges there are 2 I have completed myself. The Mourne wall - this is covering the distance of 35.5km covering off 6 off the highest peaks - i stand at 15 hours completion time! and i done it alone. So you can be assured i know my way around 7-7s - this is covering off the7 highest peaks in one day. Both of these challenges are mentally and physically challenging and should only be completed if you are a regular hiker with great fitness. On the hike we will meet in Newcastle Donard Car park and make our way to our hike starting point, we will have breaks on the way up. Once we reach the Peak we will break for lunch and take in the views before the descend. Rock pool jumping on the descend.
The Belfast Walking Tour
Starting at Belfast's iconic City Hall, this tour is your introduction to essential Belfast. You'll stroll around the city, admiring its beautiful architecture, stunning street art and diving into its unique history with the help of your guide. Prepare to be transported on an amazing journey through Belfast's history and heritage and celebrate its resilience. Everyone has heard of the Titanic and the Troubles, and during this tour, you'll dive deeper into the topics, but there's so much more to discover! From the point where Belfast first got its name over 1,300 years ago, to historic buildings and landmarks such as St. Anne’s Cathedral, Kelly's Cellars, the Albert Clock, and the Salmon of Knowledge, you will hear everything from local legends to contemporary social history and get to appreciate why Belfast is still such a unique city today. The tour takes you through the cultural hub of the Cathedral Quarter and the waterfront with views of the river Lagan and over to the iconic yellow cranes, Samson and Goliath, in the Harland and Wolff shipyard where the Titanic was built over 100 years ago. And then you'll explore the historic Entries at the heart of the city and see how they have been turned into an outdoor art gallery, before finishing your tour at the Titanic Memorial back at City Hall. If you like walking, and you like history, this is the tour for you.