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Unique things to do in Northern New Mexico

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Santa Fe Plaza255 locals recommend
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum212 locals recommend
Museum of International Folk Art155 locals recommend

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Stained Glass Art Experience - Hidden Santa Fe Gem
How often do you get to dabble in an art form that began in the 600's AD? Our experience invites participants into century's-old techniques to create glass suncatcher ornaments. You'll get to choose a design to create, select from dozens of types of art glass, then learn how to break, shape, and utilize techniques developed by Tiffany and others to bind the glass pieces together into a finished suncatcher ornament to bring home with you. (And yes, you can take it on a plane.) Absolute novices welcome!
Freestyle Weaving
1. We will take a look at my woven fabrics and get ideas for techniques you want to try. We also look for color combinations that appeal to you. 2. Next, you fill a basket with your yarn choices. Choose your color and texture palette! 3. We will learn to wind yarn onto bobbins, so you can begin your creation. 4. We always start simple and learn the basic steps of weaving. Shuttle, feet, beat! 5. As you get comfortable, we can start adding texture, colors, and design with different techniques. 6. When you near the end of your time, we will take your piece off the loom and finish the ends by knotting the warp. 7. You will walk out the door with your woven creation! Other things to note: I am flexible, write me if you have a special time or another request. We might be able to work something out. Eat or snack before you come, eating while weaving is difficult!
Experience a Shamanic Healing in a Sacred Sanctuary
Join Shan as she conducts a Shamanic Energy Healing on you while accessing all the tools she has mastered over 35 years. She accesses your energetic field, and performs a healing based on your needs, which may include clearing of your auric field, ethereal, emotional and physical fields, energetic blocks, negative energy and old patterning, and an infusion of light energy to balance your Chakra system using Sacred Geometry. During the spiritual mentoring, Shan utilizes the channeled messages in a co-creative experience with you, to guide you through whatever block, challenge or life struggle you are experiencing.
Nature Writing Workshop with Taos Author
Nature Writing is a way to tune in more deeply with our self, the environment, and our connection with nature. Taos has a rich literary history of authors from around the world who found creative inspiration in our beautiful and unique surroundings, including D.H. Lawrence, Aldo Leopold and Willa Cather. My class will teach you my unique method of generating inspired writing, which includes guided meditation, creative visualization and experiencing nature firsthand. We will meet at the lush and beautiful Fred Baca Park early in the morning and begin with an orientation where I will guide you to create your own personal intention for the day. After a guided meditation to ground and center, we might take a mindful walk along a nature trail (less than a mile on a flat path), allowing time and space to open all our senses to the natural world around us. Following the walk, we will gather in the shade to write. I will discuss the craft of nature writing to give you tools to work with and I will read from some of my favorite nature writers. Writing exercises are interspersed with short guided meditations to bring us back to our bodies and back to nature. All writing is stream-of-consciousness and free of judgement. No writing experience needed, only an open mind and the desire to create. Contact me to book additional dates/times or if you are interested in yoga or Reiki session.
The Rio Grande Mindfulness Creative Adventure
This breathtaking stretch of the Rio Grande in New Mexico is considered one of the most beautiful areas in the state. Creative types have flocked here for generations, drawn by the gorgeous scenery and inspirational landscape. Are you ready to slow down, wander freely, and tap into your own creativity? This unique adventure is a creative retreat and walking journey along the majestic lower Rio Grande Gorge. Time to dive deeper into the power and splendor of nature's beauty on the Rio Grande. Your guide and creativity facilitator Tara will kick things off remotely and provide your mission prompts before you head out on your adventure. You'll start at a local artist's studio on the banks of the Rio Grande, then wander mindfully along the river with creative challenges along the way. Unlike active, fast-paced scavenger hunts, this is a more relaxed, reflective experience. Expect some magic, peace, and the soothing sounds of nature, free of wifi and cell reception. The journey itself is the reward. There are three options tailored to different activity levels: a 4-mile hike, 2-mile hike, or a leisurely roadside walk. You choose the pace that suits you best. Start times are flexible too.
Lifestyle photoshoot in Santa Fe, Nm
I am Montigue, I’m a professional painter/photographer currently residing in Santa Fe. After doing street and portrait photography all over the southwest, I decided to travel the world and improve my skills. Now that I’m back I’d like to offer a completely unique experience, taking you on a walk around Santa Fe, exploring your interests and hobbies while photographing you in some of the most scenic areas in Santa Fe. I offer several shoots on the weekends, and it only costs $120 per person. I can take up to four people at a time, and if you would like a solo shoot, just message me privately. I offer a minimum of 60 high quality lifestyle portraits and am happy to provide more if I’m “in the zone” I shoot with a Nikon D850, my Nikon z6 ii, and on occasion an iPhone 14 Pro Max. I mostly shoot couples, artists, and musicians, but I love catching anyone in their element, after all! Passion makes the world go round!
Santa Fe, New Mexico Drone Lesson with Certified Pilot
Welcome to Santa Fe, NM! Who is this New Mexico Experience for? Learn to fly & master the art of aerial photography We will photograph the Santa Fe landscape and learn more about shooting styles, lighting, and composition. Depending on your preference, you can bring your own Drone or use mine So why book this experience? - Learn what it's like to fly a drone without buying! - Learn more about photography in one of the most scenic areas of New Mexico! - Understand how to enjoy Santa Fe to the fullest! - Try something NEW! Other things to note: - If you have any questions before or after booking, JUST MESSAGE ME! - I'm very flexible & want to make sure you enjoy your experience to the max
Santa Fe Haunted Spirits Tour
Haunted "Spirits" Tour is an opportunity to sample great cocktails served with incredible stories of Santa Fe and New Mexico's strange happenings all rooted in actual people and events as you walk through downtown Santa Fe. Victor is great for offering other great suggestions from dinner, day trips, in and outs of things to do in Santa Fe or the surrounding area.
Brewery and Distillery Tour
Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery Production space tour and tasting of our hand crafted beers, spirits and cocktails. Participants are given a tour of our production space where a guide will explain how we make our unique beers and spirits. From base ingredients to the brew house and fermenters to distillation, aging and packaging. After the tour, guests are treated to a flight of beers or spirits in our tasting room.
Pottery Class
Great for individuals, families, and groups of any size. Fun corporate team-building! Our pottery "experiences" are taught by local ceramic artists who volunteer their time. Paseo Pottery has joined the rank of a growing number of businesses embracing a radical form of conscious capitalism: cover costs, then donate rest to improve society. We start each pottery class by doling out drinks (we’ve got a variety of beverages to choose from, and you’re welcome to BYOB as well). Then we take students on a tour of our studio where over a dozen Santa Fe ceramic artists come to create. Paseo Pottery has been part of the local art scene for three decades. All of our classes are one-time, two-hour classes that prioritize the experience of touching, forming, and manipulating clay into expressions of art. The classes are experience-based, meaning that at the end of each session students recycle their work back into the clay mound. Students do not, however, walk away empty handed as they receive a $15 credit to chose a piece of pottery from the gallery, which is full of pottery handcrafted by local Santa Fe artists. All experiences listed here are wheel-throwing (think Ghost), but if you'd like to schedule a hand-building experience, please message us.
The Cat's Meow Immersive Santa Fe Scavenger Adventure
Get ready for a whole new adventure in 2023! Step into the vibrant and historic Santa Fe Plaza area, where something exciting awaits. Meet Tara, your scavenger hunt game show host, who will curate a unique adventure for you. Embark on an extraordinary journey with a twist! This is not your typical scavenger hunt; it's a creative and immersive departure from the ordinary. Come with an open mind, a big smile, and leave all expectations behind. Unleash your inner detective, artist, and storyteller as you delve into the heart of Santa Fe. Engage with friendly locals, discover intriguing tales of Santa Fe's history, and capture the essence of the city through photos, videos, and audio files. Whether you're a couple or part of a large group, this game is for everyone. Young or old, explorer or artist, it's designed to inspire and entertain all who love to discover and create. This is a perfect chance to connect with your teammates in a fun and light-hearted way. Let your imagination run wild, as you team up to unravel the missions and solve clues . It's a co-creation between you and your interactive host,Santa Fe itself and you, the hunters, making the experience truly unique. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Santa Fe and experience this captivating way to explore a new place. The hunt is on, and adventure awaits you!
Afternoons with Christian An experiential tour of Santa Fe
Join Christian for a fun and informative walk through thousands of years of history and adventure! Native culture, Spanish and Mexican influences, and the pioneering spirit all blend together in an intoxicating mixture that is Santa Fe. Call, text, or email with your date and group size.
Forest Bathing with Local Nature Therapy Guide
Forest bathing is a slow wander and highly sensory experience through a green space, usually not walking more than half a mile in two hours. We begin with an introduction to each other and to Forest Bathing. Learn what it is, how it originated and the benefits of this practice, including lowering blood pressure, decreasing inflammation, reducing cortisol levels and increasing calm, focus and creativity. We will then quietly close our eyes and tune into our senses and the natural world around us before slowly walking and noticing what is in motion all around us. The guide will continue to give invitations that will open your senses to the wonders of the world around you in ways that you have never experienced nature before even if you are a lifetime outdoorsman. Slow down, quiet your mind, tune in, become one with nature and feel better. After each invitation, we have a brief optional share with the group. We end by gathering together for a cup of forest tea. This experience is accessible to all ability levels. Contact me personally about pets and children.
The Ultimate Santa Fe History Tour
"This tour was so worth the money! Victor really knows his Santa Fe history! We felt like we got a short course in history while walking and seeing sights!" Victor Romero has deep family roots to northern New Mexico dating back before the arrival the of Spanish over 400 years ago. A true New Mexican storyteller of his people, their culture and experience of New Mexico that will leave you in awe. You will laugh as you appreciate his historic accounts of the the unique people that will make Santa Fe and New Mexico one the most unique cities and places in the world to visit and learn about. Victor is a techie with a FREE high-tech gift for you to further explore on your own not just Santa Fe but the other amazing communities in northern New Mexico! A Very Handy Tool A true gem and ambassador of the city of Santa Fe and no better person to walk around with to explore Victors beloved homeland.
Gourmet Bites and Sips with a certified sommelier
We will meet at a local vineyard and tour the vineyard grounds where there are ancient petroglyphs as well. Your host, a credentialed sommelier and culinarian, will guide a tasting of five wines with tapas from locally sourced ingredients. Wine tips will be shared throughout the experience. The charcuterie box is a snack or light lunch with each ingredient chosen for pairing and comparing.