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Unique things to do in Puerto Plata Province

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Surf Puerto Plata Province's unforgettable waves

Enjoy the waves in Encuentro
Surfing Lessons in Encuentro Beach. You can be a beginner or you just want to improve your technique. You will enjoy your journey and you will learn to surf! ***This experience includes transportation. I will pick you up at your Airbnb or hotel in Sosua or Cabarete and you will be transported to the surf spot in Playa Encuentro After, you will have an experience of 3 hours of surfing lessons (pause included) with refreshments. After finish, I will drop you off in Cabarete or Sosua at your Airbnb or hotel and why not maybe a stop in a typical Dominican colmado to do shopping or drink a beer will complete your surfing Dominican experience!!
Surfea junto a Rosaly
Our day will start at 8 AM with Rosa, the communities most loved local of Encuentro/Cabarete. She is the only girl local instructor of the area and truly has an unforgettable essence. We will do some yoga before surf, breathing work and stretching. Then, we will go to the beach and surf for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
BOOK a Surfing Experience in Cabarete
Our Surfing Experience will take place in the magical capital of the Caribbean - Cabarete. Encuentro Beach is called home by surfers from all around the world. This Surf Beach has amazing conditions for all levels - from beginners to experts as it have different breaks all on reef ground and warm waters all year round. For beginners the experience will be awesome as you can walk with the water to your waist – there’s no need to get over tired paddling back - you just get your board and walk to catch the next wave! If you are staying in Cabarete or Sosua we will pick you up - and drop you off at your hotel after the activity. At the surf school we will give you 30 min of theory where you will learn about the weather, the reef and the wave conditions as well as the techniques on how to stand properly on a surf board. After you will take a one hour private lesson with one of our surf instructors in the water. Our surf lesson includes the free use of all our surf equipment throughout the day so you can take a rest after the lesson and go out on your own to practice all the time you want. We assure you will have a killer time as this sport is amazing!
Surf lessons en la Mecca Dominicana del Surf local
Con más de 25 años practicando y enseñando surfing a todos los niveles puedo ayudarles a aprender con simples pero muy importantes detalles básicos al mismo tiempo de conocer olas especiales y otras bien conocidas en el surf town de Cabarete, playa Encuentro.
Learn to Surf with a local legend on a safe, secluded beach
Based on one of the safest (no rocks, urchins or hazards) and best learn to surf beaches on the North coast of the Dominican Republic your host Alex will teach you how to surf. Alex is a kind generous veteran of the surfing industry who has been teaching surfing for over 35 years and and is an avid watersports enthusiast having travelled all over the world surfing and training surfers from beginners to professionals (his daughter was on the WSL!). Alex will meet you at the arranged time and then kit you out with your board to get you ready for your lesson. Your lesson will be packed with useful tips and pointers and there will be plenty of fun to be had as you experience the thrill of learning to surf. After your lesson take a leisurely break on the beautiful beach and if you fancy hiring the kit for another session to practice your new skills go for it! Your lesson is for 1.5hrs but please allow 2hrs for the whole experience.

All activities near Puerto Plata Province

Artisanal Chocolate tour
You will enjoy an immersion experience in the countryside, where you will learn about rural life, the land and its fruits. Here we will enjoy a walking tour around Chocolate Mountain, we are going to talk about history of cacao, all the steps of the cacao process from the bean all the way to the bar. Learn of the growing process, plantation, harvesting, fermentation, processes, drying, roasting and even get an opportunity to refining until you create your own Chocolate ball.
Get to know the most beautiful river in Dominican Republic
We will get to know Rio Partido, starting from a trip to Villa Trina, 2 hour ride From Santiago with amazing views on the road, beautiful country houses and warm people. We get breakfast and we start our way walking in Palma Herrada and it takes 25 minutes to get to the river. We will cross the river with blue waters and espectacular nature views until we get to a big cave with a waterfall. This cave it’s 1 hour away. Then, we get back and climb a mountain with stairs to get lunch. After Lunch we spend little more time in the river and we get ready to get back to the car.
Top tree in one Tree activities in one day
We start the day heading to the world-famous "Damajagua waterfalls", we will take a walk of approximately 35 minutes in the Dominican forest. Its 27 waterfalls but we will do the best 7 of them. We will be crossing the river that will take us to the first waterfalls of 7 that we will do. Each waterfalls is different one to the other, Which takes this adventure a unique experience. Upon reaching the last waterfalls, at the edge of the mountain we will enjoy a paradiciacal natural pool. Next stop will be to enjoy of a delicious typical Dominican lunch. And after we will be visiting an artisanal cigar factory and souvenir shop. Once there, we started an extreme buggies aventure ride around an hour and 15 minutes, with a dirty roads, go up and down hills and enjoying of a beautiful environment, crossing through a castle barn. Its a buggie per couple and can switch drive each other. Upon returning to the ranch we prepare for the third adventure "Horse back riding" approximately 35 to 40 minutes in a wild environment with a natural landscape. This adventure is unique you will do 3 activities in one day, you can't miss it. *will be a buggie per couple, 3rd person will go with the tour guide* Pick up from: Cabarete area is at 7:15am Sosua area is at 7:25 am Puerto plata area is at 8:00 am Please send an email before you book For your availability. Thank you
Tour of the history of Santiago and the cultural murals
As local, I want to show you those hidden places in my particular way. We are going to move around Los Pepines, Santiago and meet essence of the city and learn about the history of the city. This route is designed for visitors can appreciate the beauty and majesty of Dominican culture through art. The highlight point are: Monument of the Restoration Walking city tour Murals of Santiago Snacks : empanadas and juice Show Carnaval Join me to know my city ! Los murales representan nuestra identidad como Santiagueros y Dominicanos. ya que representan nuestra cultura,historia y personalidades importantes de nuestra ciudad. Con la intención de hacer un rescate cultural y promover el turismo comunitario sostenible. Conoce la Ruta Cultural de los Murales de los Pepines y conoce sobre la historia de Santiago. -Monumento de la Restauración -Centro historico -Barrio los Pepines - Show de Carnaval -Merienda ; Empanadas y jugo y si es Domingo el Son de Keka
Soy la persona perfecta para vivir tu mejor experiencia
Una aventura para uno de los charcos más azules de la República Dominicana. El recorrido a pie comienza atravesando una finca y descendiendo al río por unos 45 minutos, de aquí en adelante haremos el recorrido río arriba caminando entre rocas resbalosas y nadando por varios charcos espectaculares, incluyendo el icónico Honguito, antes de llegar a la primera cascada donde está el charco mas grande. Los más aventureros pueden trepar esta cascada y llegar a la otra que está encima. Al finalizar esta experiencia regresaremos al punto de inicio subiendo la loma alrededor de 40 minutos, de los cuales 20 minutos son en una loma muy empinada.
Paradise Island & Mangroves Tour Paradise Island & Mangrove
Get more out of your time in the Caribbean with a visit to a place that lives up to its name—Paradise Island. No need to worry about a jam-packed schedule—the tour gives you plenty of time to relax, sunbathe on the beach, or go on a guided snorkeling adventure. A highlight is a speedboat ride through the mangroves—an area known for its striking natural beauty. A delicious Dominican lunch and a market visit are also included.
Visita El Rio Mas Azul
en este tour : Visita y disfrute de Salto Partido Visita y disfrute de Jacuzzi Partido Visita y tiempo libre en los Charcos de Río Partido Visita y tiempo libre en las Cascadas de Río Partido Sendero de 30 minutos hacia y desde Río Partido Te ofrecemos : Equipo de seguridad para recorrido Agua para el trayecto Snack ligero al regreso Guías especializados Atención personalizada Fotos y videos de todo el recorrido Mucha diversión
Crystal Clear Kayaking Puerto plata
Transparent Kayak and Crystal Clear Kayaks offer you, your friends and your family an unforgettable experience. While enjoying the tropical settings of the Dominican Republic, be prepared to be amazed at all the underwater marine life and beautiful crystal clear waters without getting wet. Kayaking will never be the same after you try these absolutely stunning transparent kayaks. LASTLY, Please message before booking to insure spaces are available
Sosua's Official Entertainment Tour and Airport pickup
Everything you've heard about Sosua's entertainment district is true! If you are a first-time traveller, in a group/single and ready to mingle in the streets of Sosua, this experience is for you. Think of your guide as a wingman, local translator, and transportation. Our goal is to save you money by minimizing Gringo (rookie) mistakes while maximizing your money which translates to more fun. This experience includes a dedicated tour guide for the evening, which takes you to the heart of Sosua's entertainment district. 1. Your host will pick you up from the airport to your Airbnb. Groups of 3 or more receive a complimentary pickup (less than 3 pay $30 to the driver). 2. later in the evening, the host will drive you to the 1st location, a popular sports bar, where you will get your first glimpse of why tourists visit here from far and wide. (additional fees for pickups outside of Sosua) 3. Lastly, You head to the Casino and nightclub. Table reservations are covered at the 1st location. Upgraded private sections are available $40 RSVP fee. Bottle service is also available at the final location. To RSVP a booth in advance is $60. I recommend this option especially groups to save money because tourists get charged more at the bar. LASTLY, Please message before booking to insure spaces are available Check out our IG @linkzup (our sister experience) for an idea of your night
Waterfall Exploration & More
*MINIMUM OF 4 GUESTS IS NEEDED TO MAKE THIS EXP. POSSIBLE* Slow down. Pause. Take a deep breath. And get ready for an adventure! Let me guide you on a centering, calming and unique experience in the forest. See what immersing in nature will do for your well-being. Our guided waterfall hike offers you a safe and easy way to relax your mind, energize your spirit, get down and muddy, and feel like a kid again. It’s the perfect change of pace in this era of post-pandemic re-entry. :) We begin with a group welcome and guest introductions. and then start the hike along to the waterfall. The road is fairly flat and calm (e.g., no need for grappling sticks and mountain shoes). Along the way, I may point out some various herbs, a cacao fruit, or a papaya along the way (and maybe pick one too!). We will swim and splash in the waterfall and replenish on any snacks you've brought. Those who dare can also try a climb up the waterfall! Our time together will NOT be physically challenging beyond a mile or so of slowly paced walking. Our walks are for nature immersion and connection and a bit of splashy water fun in the waterfall itself. This experience is both for the chill crowd & the daredevils! We should be back within 4 hours -- but sometimes we forget about time and let the adventure continue on (assuming that everyone in the group is ok with it and is operating on “island time").
Crystal Clear Kayaking Optional Drone Photoshoot Sosua Bay
An excursion operating on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic on the beautiful beach of Sosua which offers clear and calm waters an inviting breathtaking beach and palms trees. You will have the opportunity set out on the waters in a completely transparent kayak to survey and experience all the marine life and an abundance of other beautiful sea creatures. The optional Drone Photoshoot session offers our guest the opportunity to create and share your memories with friends and share on your social media pages. With this optional photoshoot you will receive approximately 100 to 125 high resolution drone photos which are delivered digitally for you to use as often as you would like. This session is offered only at an additional cost. You will be given safety instructions and set out to explore and learn about the surroundings of the Sosua Bay Cove and its coral reef garden. The kayaks are very easy to use with a weight of only 47 lbs. (pounds) which makes them easy to maneuver and carry. Each kayak is 11 ft. long with a weight capacity of 400 lbs.(pounds) so it can accommodate 2 adults or 2 adults and a small child or an adult and 2 children. Other things to note Drone Photo Session is available for an additional fee. Bring sunscreen and water. Parking is available but can be scarce.
Pottery Classes
This is your chance to create your own pottery out of natural clay from the Dominican mountains of Mocha! During the workshop you will learn molding techniques to make your preferred piece: mugs, bowls, plates, sculptures, incense holders, trays and anything from your imagination! Each participant will be making their own unique piece while enjoying my individualized attention to cover your needs either if you have experience or not!
Romantic Picnic at Tropical Beach
You will be joining me to a very unique romantic experience at the beach , a luxury picnic, an ideal way of celebrating a special occasion. I will recreate a Caribbean style beach decoration for you to capture unforgettable pictures with your significant other or with your friends. The picnic will take place in one of my favorite beaches in Las Terrenas. Once you arrive at the meeting point where I will be waiting for you, we will walk together towards the picnic location. The picnic i will prepare will include freshly squeezed juice, a Prosecco on ice, water , a premium charcuterie board with crackers and bread, as well as a tropical fruit plate. I will decorate the picnic with our custom made artisanal beach items, including the cushions, the table, the umbrella, the flowers, a necessity treasure box and everything you need on the table. Once you are all settled in and that all instructions have been given, I will then give you your privacy, and let you relax and enjoy your picnic experience.
Enjoy the waves in Encuentro
Surfing Lessons in Encuentro Beach. You can be a beginner or you just want to improve your technique. You will enjoy your journey and you will learn to surf! ***This experience includes transportation. I will pick you up at your Airbnb or hotel in Sosua or Cabarete and you will be transported to the surf spot in Playa Encuentro After, you will have an experience of 3 hours of surfing lessons (pause included) with refreshments. After finish, I will drop you off in Cabarete or Sosua at your Airbnb or hotel and why not maybe a stop in a typical Dominican colmado to do shopping or drink a beer will complete your surfing Dominican experience!!
Puerto plata para los mas divertidos
Hoy vas a disfrutar la vista de la hermosa playa en puerto plata o uno de nuestros rios que visitaremos en nuestros hermosos caballos. Antes de empezar te daremos una clase de como subir en tu caballo y como manejarlo. Guias del tour nos acompañaran en todo momento para guiarnos, nuestros caballos estan entrenados y capacitados para los tours y la clase. En la playa hay lugares de comida donde pueden comprar, hacemos una breve parada. Camino al rio tenemos una bella vista de montañas y animales como las vacas.. y mas caballos. Le tomaremos fotos y videos mientras hacemos el recorrido. Al finalizar le llevamos hasta el punto de encuentro.