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Unique things to do in Rabat-Salé-Kénitra

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All activities near Rabat-Salé-Kénitra

Créez votre carnet de voyage avec un artiste peintre
Vous aimez créer des souvenirs de voyage personnels avec la savoureuse satisfaction du fait main ? cette expérience est pour vous. Duran cette blade artistique vous allez vivre une démarche artistique libre au-delà de la réflexion consciente et de la pensée rationnelle. Carnet à la main, nous allons découvrir ensemble les endroits branchés et préférés de la population locale. Plusieurs pauses viendront ponctuer la balade pour immortaliser les secrets de la ville dans votre carnet. Pour rendre encore plus vivant vote carnet, nous allons collecter tous les éléments susceptibles d’enrichir votre expérience artistique. Flyers, tickets, feuilles … Ces pièces trouveront à coup sûr leur place dans votre carnet. L’expérience est accessible à tous, curieux ou confirmés. Inclus dans l’expérience : Carnet de dessin, matériel de dessin et de peinture, matériel de collage, pause café. Le point de rendez-vous : Gare Rabat ville.
Discover The city
During this experience, we will search all the places of the city. Starting with the historical Monuments example: Tour Hassan, Bab Challah, Bab El Had, Kasbah Oudayas, also we will visit various popular corners of the city. You will discover unexpected places like (sswika, the cornice ...) will see how different cultures coexist ,. Each stop offers opportunities to take pictures. At the end we walk next to the sea, take a little air, talk and not to forget you have the opportunity to accompany you to discover the other cities of my country during your travels. Other things to note we will walk during the program to discover the city
Surfer sur les traces des pirates
Rendez-vous sur la plage des oudayas, devant le restaurant " Borjeddar" . Nous ferons connaissance tout en nous dirigeant vers le club de surf, qui se situe à quelques mètres. Ensuite, je vous présenterai le spot sur lequel vous allez surfer avec moi et vous découvrirez notre club. Puis, vous enfilerez une combinaison. Vous pourrez laisser vos vêtements et affaires personnelles dans un endroit sécurisé. Ensuite, je vous fournirai une planche qui correspond à votre niveau. Ca y est? Vous êtes prêts? Le cours commencera par un echauffement sur le sable avant d'aborder la partie théorique : gestion du matériel, démonstration des techniques pour ramer et se lever sur la planche, consignes de sécurité. Étape suivante : L'OCEAN ! Nous commencerons en eau peu profonde en mettant en œuvre ce que vous avez appris sur le sable, pour vivre l'action jusqu'à ce que vous soyez à l'aise et que vous ayez prouvé que vous êtes prêt à progresser dans des eaux plus profondes. A moi d'évaluer votre aisance dans l'eau et d' adapter ma séance en vous accompagnant dans les vagues. Après la séance, vous pourrez vous doucher sur place à l'eau claire. Mes horaires sont flexibles, je m'adapte à vos demandes, contactez moi. A bientôt... dans l'eau!
Discover Rabat with Houssam
This is the ultimate tour for first time visitors to Rabat! We'll visit some of the most fascinating sights of Rabat and I’ll give you the perfect introduction to this historic city. We'll first meet near the Hassan tower, . We will explore this monument together. Then we'll head to the historical Kasbah of the Udayas and the Andalussian gardens. These are very popular places for tourists to visit when visiting. After, we'll have a short break at a coffee shop in front of the sea. Here, we will have a Moroccan Tea and see the city from a different spot. Later, we'll head to Rabat old town where there are a lot of markets and where locals shop and eat authentic Moroccan food. Which sights do we visit on this tour? -Hassan Tower -Kasbah of the Udayas -Andalussian Gardens -Rabat old Medina
Découvrez Rabat avec votre Friend local
En tant qu’habitant local, je vous invite à venir découvrir la magnifique ville de Rabat. expérimenté, et disponible , vous pourrez explorer les sites les plus emblématiques de la ville tels que la Kasbah des Oudayas, la Tour Hassan et la Médina, tout en apprenant sur l'histoire et la culture de la région. Je vous emmènerai également dans des endroits moins connus, mais tout aussi fascinants, pour une expérience unique et authentique. Que vous soyez intéressé par l'architecture, l'histoire, la gastronomie ou simplement la culture locale, je m'adapterai à vos intérêts pour vous offrir une expérience sur mesure.
A Day trip to Gouraud Cedar and middle atlas
Our experience takes place in Arez Gouraud or the gouraud cedar, between Azrou and ifrane and in the center of Ifrane National Park. What we'll see: - Gouraud cedar ( oldest trees in Africa ) - a group of monkeys Magot - Aesta or cedar, authentic tree - Local flora - Ifrane National Park
A day around Rabat on a motorbike with a local friend
When you book with me, not only will you have a guide with exceptional knowledge of the local area and culture, you will also be welcomed as a friend and equal on our adventure together! Many people travel to a different country wishing their experience was more than just the average tourist, discovering local treasures and more meaningful experiences. With my 9+ years experience in the tourism industry I can ensure your time with me will be well spent. My goal is to make your experience the best it can be, so it needs to be personalised to you. To achieve this goal, I will give you a simple questionaire about your interests and preferences before we begin our adventure. *Your experience will include: -A motorcycle tour -Visit to historical sites + the story behind them -Breaks for refreshment -A gift you can take home with you as a souvenir -An exclusive visit to a Mosque (optional) Your day will be packed full of opportunities to experience Rabat to its fullest as a local. I can handle all local interactions as required, and if you are curious to learn, I would love to teach you basic communication in Darija (local dialect). *Important* Your enjoyment is paramount, so the tour is very flexible and can be adjusted to your needs/feelings on the day! Also, if you're curious about the culture, lang and history, im a huge nerd, so ask away!
Fez to Meknes, Moulay Idriss & Volubilis
* The experience lasts 8 hours ( Full day ) Day tours from Fes to Volubilis and Moulay Idriss and Meknes. We will pick you up from your hotel or riad at a convenient time, then we will start our experience. The first thing to explore is the ancient Roman city of Volubilis. At this point, you have the option to get a guide (Not included). At Volubilis, you will spend some time touring the 2000-year-old ruins and learning about Roman life. The next destination will be Moulay Idriss, Morocco's Holy City, where we discover its traditional market and enjoy a spectacular panorama of the Medina. After that, we will go straight to Meknes, visit the city walls, which include majestic gates from the seventeenth century Berdane Bab, Bab Khemis. Continue your exploration of the city. Stop at the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, the only mosque that non-Muslims could visit in Morocco for a long time. Exit through the famous Bab Mansour on the vast square Hedim. This will be the last thing to explore in our experience. We will then go back to Fez city for the drop-off in your Riad or Hotel or at any place you desire.
Explore Rabat By Night
First of all we will know each other after we gonna walk around medina we start to see Tour Hassan after we walk next to river Bourgreg and don't forget we gonna explore the Old medina exactly the Souika((it's the place where the locaux people come to buy everything they need because it's cheaper) for shopping to see decorations,leaders,moroccan carpets...,when we finish we gonna have a nice moroccan dinner in Snack restaurant or in moroccan Traditionnel restaurant(not include )
Cooking class with Master Chef Khadija
The cooking class will take place at Chef Khadija's place, in a traditional Moroccan Villa house . The house is located in high standing district called "Hay Riad" ( very safe , Clean, Chic, Modern... ). At your arrival, you will be welcomed with a traditional mint tea and some Moroccan Sweets , if we haven't discuss the menu, then while enjoying your tea, mom will ask you for the meal of your choice, which will be composed of the most typical Moroccan food: Couscous, Tajine, Pastilla, Rfissa, Ssefa .... Vegitarians and vegans are welcome too . After enjoying the traditional Tea, then the time for the cooking to begin, You will get a paper describing All steps needed to follow in order to make your chosen dish. Chef Khadija will teach you each steps (this is the most entertaining part as you will get to try by yourself and join the process like if you have done it alone), also you will get a note paper where you can take personal info if you need . you can take picture, videos ... Mom is very Lovely just like how people described her on the comments , She always do her best to make the class super fun. Brief, in this class you will understand the secrets of the Moroccan cuisine. It's a private course. You can come individually or with a group. The cooking course will take place everyday and can welcome up to 8 persons. It starts at 10:30 am and ends at lunch time .
Preparing traditional bread with a Moroccan family
It is easy to get to my house from the city center, Hamriat Meknes; You can ride the bus, which costs only 5 dirhams ($0.5). You can also take a large taxi for 10 dirhams ($1). Come with an empty stomach for this unique culinary adventure in a true Moroccan home. We will welcome you to our home with Moroccan tea to discuss the plan for the day My family consists of my father, my mother, 2 sisters, and I am Fouad, who will be with you throughout this experience, as you will discover an authentic Moroccan culture.With my mother and my sister . They are the best cooks in my family. You will learn step by step recipes, discover tips, secrets and techniques of our traditional kitchen After that, my mother prepares bread with a family atmosphere After the bread has fermented, we will go with the bread to a traditional oven made of dirt in a nearby neighborhood, as in the picture Once everything is ready we will have lunch together and finish with Moroccan tea .
La cuisine marocaine
Salut tout le monde , Ravie de vous connaître ,et bienvenue chez notre famille . concernant notre programme : Premièrement ,on va se présenter pour vous soyez à l'aise avec nous. On va vous expliquer notre culture marocaine et on va préparer ensemble des bonnes plats ainsi que vous avez participé à cette activité avec nous , on va aller pour prendre les ingrédients ensemble et on va vous expliquer le rôle de chaque ingrédient dans notre plat , on va bénéficier de cette chance pour vous donner une idée générale sur notre ville ainsi que si vous êtes intéressés par les vêtements marocaines ,on va vous proposer de porter les caftans des années 80 pour prendre des belles photos et pour mémoriser cette expérience. Bienvenue chez nous et nous souhaitons votre réponse.
Cultural immersion for travelers
Hello fantastic travelers, I welcome you all to my "Amazing Amazigh Tours", Amazigh means Berber. My tours are special as long as I focus on providing my guests with a broad insight into the Moroccan culture and explaining some Arab, Jewish and Amazigh history. The focus on providing my guests with a wonderful local experience as I would also introduce you to typical Moroccan food and local products, etc. We will visit some of the important imperial sites, including; - The Kasbah of Udayas - The Hassan Tower and the Mausoleum - - Chellah (Roman ruins) Optional. - The Old Medina (old city behind the walls) and its local market - The Jewish neighborhood (Mellah) and its local market ----------------- * Feel free to contact me if you need any recommendations on where to stay in Rabat. I know all the greatest host families in the old medina of Rabat. You will get to experience the generosity and the hospitality of Moroccan people as well as getting immersed in their culture and day to day lifestyle and traditions as you will be feeling at home, happy and comfortable!
Experience Rabat as a local
Salam alaikom ( salut ). Je m'appelle Samia , une jeune femme de 24 ans, je travaille dans le domaine de la gestion et de la finance. Je suis née et j'ai grandi à Rabat, je connais donc parfaitement cette ville. A côté de mon travail, j'ai à cœur de faire visiter la ville royale aux touristes, ce que je fais avec mes amis vivant à l'étranger qui me rendent visite ! Je suis une personne dynamique, souriante et j'aime croquer la vie à pleine dents, sortir et fouiller tous les recoins de la ville font parti de mes hobbies! Je parle le français, l'anglais et l'arabe ! Voila ce que je vous propose: découvrir le côté moderne et traditionnel de Rabat à travers les visites de: * les monuments historiques et culturelles phares de Rabat. * les bonnes adresses de restaurants,cafés, bouibouis, streetfood.. sans oublier les restaurants réputées qui font la gastronomie marocaine. *les activités qu'offre le climat et la culture typiquement marocaine: surf , kayak, poterie... Avec moi vous avez la garantie de vivre une expérience unique et authentique dans la ville de Rabat. Venez découvrir l'âme de Rabat avec moi! N'hésitez pas à prendre contact avec moi pour plus d'informations et pour convenir d'un rendez-vous pour une visite.
Cook traditional food as a Moroccan with Lalla Zahra
As the Moroccan tradition dictates, all new interactions should start with offering Tea and Moroccan Sweets to your guests, we won't be the exception! In the very heart of Rabat (just 1 min from the central train station), Lalla Zahra, one of the best cooks in the city would be happy to host you during this unique experience. While sipping your Tea, we discuss the menu to agree on your favorite starter, main course, and dessert. Once you make your choice, we order the ingredients from the local Market (Souk). We only use fresh ingredients, NO CONSERVATIVES and NO ADDITIVES are allowed at Lalla Zahra's course, and yeah no wasting too! You better be a foodie :) The delivery takes generally 1 hour to arrive, meanwhile you will enjoy a brief "lecture" about Moroccan gastronomy and its history. Then, begins the culinary experience, Lalla Zahra will start by explaining the whole process to you step by step and assist you to cook your favorite Moroccan food. Please note this is not a visual experience only, it includes all your sens including touch ... Yes! Remember that you are here to learn how to cook. Finally, we set the table, share feelings about your experience as well as your visit to Rabat, and of course share food. See you around ...