Simplifying the check-in process

Your guests should be able to easily access your space.
By Airbnb on Jan 3, 2020
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Updated Nov 8, 2023

Making sure your guests can find and get into your place is fundamental to a successful stay. Whether you welcome guests in person or virtually, the key to a smooth check-in is to communicate your instructions clearly.

Creating a check-in strategy

Design a check-in process that is simple and reliable, and test it to confirm it’ll work for every guest, every time.

  • Choose how to welcome guests. Many guests want the convenience of self check-in, which uses devices like keypads and smart locks.

  • Add step-by-step instructions in the Listings tab. You’ll be asked to provide photos of the process and short instructions for guests. 

  • Enter the correct address and pin location. If your place is out of the way or there’s no phone service nearby, include precise directions to avoid confusion.

  • Send the instructions three days in advance. Confirm with guests that they’ve received them and ask if they have any questions.

  • Be available at the time of check-in. Make sure you or a Co-Host are reachable so you can troubleshoot any issues right away.

  • Regularly check that all systems are working, and have a backup plan. Whether you’re greeting guests in person or providing self check-in, it’s best to have a spare key in a lockbox.

Guests can access the instructions you've added in their Arrival Guide and Trips tab 48 hours before they're scheduled to check in, or 24 hours before if you have a flexible cancellation policy.

Providing a 5-star welcome

How guests feel when they enter your space is an important part of the check-in experience. Cleanliness and communication go a long way when welcoming guests.

  • Make sure your space is spotless. Create a cleaning routine that involves cleaning and/or dusting all surfaces, floors, and fabrics, and checking for stains, dirt, and hair.

  • Prominently display key information. Put your wifi network and password and a printed copy of your house manual and guidebook in an obvious place to give guests easy access to your instructions and recommendations. Be sure these are on your listing page as well.

  • Leave a welcome gift. There are many creative ways to greet guests. It can be as simple as writing a note or providing a local treat.

  • Let guests know you’re available. Set up a scheduled message to go out after check-in letting guests know you or a Co-Host are on hand if anything comes up.

Go to your Listings tab to update your check-in instructions.

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Jan 3, 2020
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