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Unique things to do in Río Negro

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All activities near Río Negro

Astrotourism. Sky trip.
We will be located in the observation place, we will make a brief previous talk and then start with the observation of the sky with the naked eye and then with the telescopes. I will explain that we are seeing in the sky, knowing stars, clusters, nebulas and sometimes galaxies, and occasionally you can see some planet or the moon. I will tell you some stories about some constellations and answer the questions you want to ask. If there is a moon, we will close the activity observing it. Other things to note We must contact by phone or by email to coordinate. This activity depends entirely on the local climate. The sky without clouds is fundamental. We are in a mountain area. Please keep this in mind as sometimes the experience should be suspended a few hours before the start
Sailing on Nahuel Huapi Lake
We meet at the pier, get on the boat, get ready and go sailing to our first beach. We will begin the navigation through the crystalline waters of the Campanile Arm to the bay of Puerto Bueno, a solitary place where we will have the privilege of an amazing landscape. Through the trip, in which we will invite you to steer the ship, we will discover beaches and bays that very few know. We will take advantage of these stops to share an infusion and enjoy together the landscape and sounds of nature. Without hurry, we will return to port again. The approximate duration is 3 hours Other things to note Parking not included. I recommend contacting me on the day of arrival, to schedule the departure
German Footprint&Nazi presence Bariloche
This is a walking tour in which we will uncover myths and stories about 3 waves of German immigration that arrived to Bariloche. From the time of Bariloche´s colony all the way to post 2nd world war immigration. We will discuss about nazi presence in Argentina & Bariloche, some myths, and the role, of the Argentinean government. We will walk & pass by Bariloche´s foundation site, the Andean Club, the German School and the German neighbourhood.
Mate Lesson
In the MATE LESSON, we will learn about the history of this millenarian and popular beverage typical from South America, and how it was handed over from the guaraní natives to our ancestors. Then, we will go through the different utensils necessary to elaborate the mate: we will discover the many kinds of mates (the cup where the beverage is prepared), the yerbas (the herbs used for the infusion) and the bombilla (the straw used to drink), so you can choose the combination that fits your taste the best. Last but not least, we will uncover the mate drinking ritual step by step so you can prepare THE PERFECT MATE! We will go over the jargon, the Argentinean traditions, and culture surrounding the mate while we taste regional sweets pairing the beverage. Do you like our plan? We are waiting for you! Other things to note We can adjust the tasting to your dietary restrictions, as long as you let us know in advance.
Hike & Beer
We will meet in Bustillo Km 15500 at Tom Wesley a former 35-hectare farm owned by the Wesley family since 1947, from there we will take a secret track to the top of Cerro Campanario,showing us one of the best views of Bariloche. We will return to the local farm and visit their own Brewery where we will share good quality beer and local Gin&Tonic.
El Pride sailboat
We will be able to sail on Lake Nahuel Huapi, Patagonia Argentina, where depending on the time of year and weather conditions, we will find paradise places such as Bahia de Puerto Bueno, Isla de los Viveres, Isla Huemul, Isla Victoria, all places of cypress and coihres forests and native fauna, all always with the environment of Lake Nahuel Huapi with its transparent and blue waters
Recorrido en auto y trekking por Bari
Recorreremos gran parte de Bariloche para llegar a senderos de dificultad baja (Cerrito llao llao), que nos guiarán a lugares espectaculares. conocer lugares bellos de esta ciudad. Contáctame antes de reservar por detalle y coordinar horarios, por favor. We will travel a large part of Bariloche to reach trails of low difficulty, which will guide us to spectacular places. know beautiful parts of this city. Contact me before booking for details and other time possibilities, please.
Rivers, forests, mountains and Argentinian food
We leave the center of Bariloche towards a natural place hidden in the surroundings of the city (78 km approx.), pure nature, forests, rivers and mountains, accompanied by a 100% Argentine gastronomic caterin.
Más de siete Lagos, naturaleza, ríos, bosques y montañas
Si no podes reservar online o queres conocer mas experiencias en la zona no dudes en contactarme. Pasaré a buscarlos en el lugar donde se hospeden a las 10.30 de la mañana en un vehiculo 4x4 con capacidad máxima de 4 personas. Empezaremos disfruntando las mejores vistas de San Martin de los Andes y el Lago Lacar. Recorreremos 112km de la mítica ruta 40, famosa en este tramo por ser parte del Parquen Nacional Lanin y Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi. También conocida como la ruta de los 7 lagos aunque veremos mas de 7. Saldremos de la ruta principal para conocer Lago Hermoso, donde caminaremos para contemplar el paisaje único de bosque patagónico con tiempo para tu almuerzo (la comida no está incluída, pueden llevarla, encargarla o elegir almorzar en un restaurante). Pararemos en los mejores miradores para disfrutar las vistas panorámicas de cascadas, valles, montañas y los lagos Machónico, Villarino, Falkner, Escondido, Espejo, Correntoso y Nahuel Huapi. Visitaremos el pueblito de montaña Villa La Angostura recorriendo el puerto y el centro tendremos tiempo para degustar una cerveza artesanal, un helado o un chocolate caliente. Retornaremos a San Martin de los Andes a las 19.00hs. Es una actividad para todas las edades todo el año y se adapta a las condiciones climaticas ya que la mayoria del paseo es al aire libre.
Excursiones embarcadas, traslados a playas, pesca en el lago
Paseos, traslados, veremos las playas mas exclusivas del lago nahuel huapi, podremos disfrutar de las vistas mas preciadas que se encuentran en bariloche, paz y armonía, observaremos el agua cristalina en su máxima expresión. Playas de arena, bahías alucinantes, piedras impactantes y recorrido por todo el brazo de la peninsula san pedro
Fotografia y trekking en el Nahuel Huapi
Estás list@ para embarcarte en una nueva aventura alrededor de una de las ciudades icónicas de la Patagonia Argentina? Te invito a que te sumes a ésta experiencia, donde visitaremos magníficos lugares donde haremos caminatas ligeras, te tomaré fotos profesionales para que te lleves de recuerdo y, lo más importante, conocerás Bariloche desde otra perspectiva. Un Bariloche local, un Bariloche más íntimo.
Discover the healing power of the Lake's icy water
Breathing and cold exposure are trending practices that bring many benefits to mental, physical and emotional health. Unlock your full personal potential, strengthen the immune system, make your blood turn alkaline and empower your mind by learning to master stress, among many other benefits. We will meet on the shore of the Lake, surrounded by picturesque mountains, where you will be guided through a meditation and a powerful breathing session that will fill you with energy in preparation for the healing power of cold water. After receiving the energizing effects of the icy Patagonian waters, you will learn to regulate your body temperature once you leave the lake. We will share a ceremonial cocoa, which in addition to helping us recover our body temperature, will stimulate the opening of the heart in order to integrate and share our experience.
Diez Secretos de Bariloche -Walking Tour
Vamos a descubrir los 10 secretos, historias y mitos mejor guardados sobre Bariloche, Nahuel Huapi y la Patagonia. Caminando por el pueblo, con increíbles vistas al lago y las montañas, pasamos por monumentos, callejuelas, jardines, chocolaterías, y más.
Indigenous peoples in Patagonia
We will discover Patagonia indigenous people’s history and present while walking through Bariloche downtown. Who are they? How is their culture? When and how did they arrive? How did the European colonization impacted on them? And how did the expansion of Argentina state into Patagonia? What is their current status? A controversial topic.
Bariloche by Motorcycle
I'll pick you up in the morning to take advantage of the day and start our experience. We will travel on my motorcycle, making stops in special corners of Bariloche. Spectacular points for its beauty and tranquility Our path passes through Patagonian forests, beaches with crystal clear water, waterfalls, streams and mountains. All this, feeling the unique sensation of a motorcycle ride. We will be the protagonists of this experience, connecting directly with the nature of Bariloche. I will show you places and activities from the gaze of a local inhabitant so that you can get to know this beautiful city and its natural wonders from the inside.
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