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Unique things to do in Rovaniemi

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Photo of Prisma Rovaniemi
Prisma Rovaniemi36 locals recommend
Photo of Angry Birds Park
Angry Birds Park42 locals recommend
Photo of Amarillo Rovaniemi
Amarillo Rovaniemi17 locals recommend
Photo of Shopping Centre Revontuli
Shopping Centre Revontuli88 locals recommend
Photo of Sampokeskus Shopping Centre
Sampokeskus Shopping Centre91 locals recommend
Photo of Cafe & Bar 21
Cafe & Bar 21130 locals recommend

All activities near Rovaniemi

Northern Lights Hunting small group experience
I will pick you up from your accommodation and take you straight out of the city light pollution to the spot with the highest probability to see Northern lights. In case it is cloudy, then we visit 2-3 places to increase the chances to find a gap in the clouds. While waiting for the Northern Lights, we can enjoy hot drinks and snacks grilled on a campfire. Note, if you are vegetarian/vegan, let me know before the tour. In case you do not know the right setting for your camera to take photos of the Northern lights then I can help you and take photos of you with the Northern lights. If you do not have a camera, I know some good tips on how to take photos by your phone :) The 3-hour tour includes: -Guidance -Snacks grilled by the campfire and hot drinks Not included: -Overalls -Photos Please note: Northern lights are a natural phenomenon and there are no 100% chances to see it. It all depends on the clouds coverage, Northern lights activity and a bit on your own luck :)
Aurora Borealis Hunting with Photography and Videography
Join the once in a lifetime Aurora hunting experience with a seasoned photographer. Former arctic tour guide with professional camera will lead you to the best spots by car (20-260km round trip) to maximise chance to see the northern lights. At the spot I provide a customised photo and video shooting session. The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that doesn’t like staying in the sky 24/7. We have to hit the arctic road, find the best spot for visibility and be equipped with proper set of camera to actually get them as photos and videos. THE PROCESS 1. Free pick up from your accommodation 2. Aurora hunting (2-4h) 3. Photography session 4. Bonfire in the wild (only if time allows) 5. Drop off back to your accommodation 6. Photos release on the next day *Winter clothing can be rented for the tour. Third layer winter jacket and pants for adults (€‎10 per set). *Free pickup and drop off within 10 km from the train station (pretty much all accommodation in Rovaniemi). *If you have your own camera, I can help you with the camera settings to get the best photos during the trip. *Departure time might vary day to day (6pm-9pm). You will be informed about the exact departure time on the day of the experience. Want to see more of my work? Check out my socials. IG: kunbelievable TikTok: nordies_tour
Unique experience with Northern Lights
We will meet at the reception of your accommodation. We get in a car, then we escape from the city center, towards the spot near the lake (the estimated driving time from the city center around 15-20 minutes, depending on the condition of the road). We will light the fire after arrival if there was no fire already. During our aurora hunt we will enjoy the dark, traditional Finnish wood-fired sausages, hot berry juice or tea - traditional Finnish Christmas drink (depending on what I prepare for the day in Classes). In case we are lucky, I can take pictures of you. The photos can then be sent by email if you wish for an additional 25 euros fee per person. After the aurora hunt, you will be driven back to your accommodation. Note: There is no 100% guarantee that we will catch the Northern Lights, even with ideal sunny weather and activity conditions. It all depends on mother nature. Also winer overall with snow boots can be rented for an additional 10 euros.
Northern Light Hunting Tour with BBQ
We will pick you up from you accomodation around 20:00. and go far away from city light to perfect location with open view to north to maximize our chance to see northernlights. I will let you know everything about northernlights and hunting. We will make photos as well on professional camera. You will be provided snacks by campfire (sasauges/vegetarian oprion, cookies, marshmallows, hot berry juice). Included: - Transport - Photos on next day - BBQ by campfire - Info Please note: there is no 100% guarantee that we will catch the Northern lights even in case of ideal weather and sun activity conditions. It is all up to the mother nature. Remember to dress up according to the weather conditions. See more photos: IG: record_travel
Authentic snowshoe safari to Korouoma Frozen Waterfalls
Join me to unforgettable 7-8 hour snowshoe hiking tour to the incredible Frozen Waterfalls of Korouoma! At first we’ll drive to Posio area, 107 km away from Rovaniemi. The snowy winters of Korouoma Canyon provide amazing chances for winter hiking surrounded by beautiful and unforgettable views. After arrival we'll check and fit the gear and the fun starts! You don’t need any earlier experience for snowshoeing! Koronjää trail is 5 km long circular trail, physically moderate because of altitude chances, but easier and enjoyable with snowshoes and ski sticks. We will follow the official park trail but we’ll try some off-road hiking in untouchable snow as well! I will serve hot juice and biscuits on the way. After half way we’ll make a longer break at open fire. We’ll make a fire together and enjoy traditional Finnish coffee and tea with bakeries and grilled sausages and marshmellows. Along the way and when we return to Saukkovaara starting point we have time to discuss Lappish history and nature and of course change experiences! #casaarctica
Northern Lights with Professional Photographer
Two of my biggest passions are getting combined in the experience I offer. Photography and Outdoors life. From picking berries and the midnight sun during summer to get amazed by seeing the Northern lights above you in wintertime! Join me and my camera to create memories together! I am not a big fan of big groups, so don’t you worry! We will drive away from the city hunting the Northern Lights on our way, making nice (and funny) pictures. All of them will be sent to you the day after the tour. The experience will also include a campfire, warm juice (or a really good coffee), and some snacks, Have you ever grilled (not burned) marshmallows? Alright, I will stop talking, are you in? Please note that the departure time will depend on Northern Lights activity, we will inform you the same day of the departure.
Aurora with Arctic Action & Lappish Camp Fire Menu
Aah yes, the beautiful pictures of Aurora Borealis! The best that Lapland has to offer, the Northern Lights, right? Im going to be totally honest with you: To see the Aurora is all about luck. Thats why I want you to experience other great Lappish things in a small group; to have a good time for four hours with open fire, Lappish / Finnish food, drinks & treats, stories, views, the polar night, the surrounding nature and atmosphere. And if we are lucky, the skies are clear and the universe serves us right, the Aurora Borealis will add a final touch to our shared traditional Lappish experience in the winter nature. Heres what is going to happen: –Maximum amount of people on the experience is 4. – I will pick you up at 18.00 sharp – I use four different locations depending on the weather & forecast, all of them have roughly the same “schedule”: – A short walk through the night forrest – We start a fire at the lean-to. – Free hanging around the area, spotting the borealis ect. while I cook. – The Dinner – We can try to figure out do the Borealis really hum... – I will watch the borealis radar – If theres no Borealis by the first place, we head on top Ounasvaara for different views & change for Sledging – I will drop you off where you want Other things to note: The car we use is a 2017 Dacia Duster 4x4. I have warm clothes & shoes to borrow.
Experience Lapland – Ice Fishing
Ice fishing is the best choice for people seeking for an authentic local experience. Rovaniemi is an ideal location for fishing enthusiasts with a land of forests and lakes covered in snow. Hike through the Arctic forest to reach your destination for fishing. If the snow is deep enough, strap on your snowshoes and experience walking with the Arctic style. Arriving at the lake, you will drill through thick ice with the support of your professional guide. Wait for a fish while you enjoy the scenery. After a while, head for your cookout trip. Gather around a campfire in the snow, taste the Lappish pork sausages and salmon. Delight in grilling your own fish, if are lucky enough to catch one.
The Polar Sun & The Two Towers
Do you know what defines the Arctic circle? Arctic circle marks the northernmost point at which the center of the noon sun is just visible on the December solstice. This means that during the polar night period (mid November - mid February) you can experience the sun rise followed by the sun set in an instant. For me, the red sun that peeks at the horizon just to go down again has always been a bigger spectacle than the Borealis, so naturally this miracle – the Polar Sun – is something I want to show and share with You. But before the main event heres what we will do: – Pick up at 9.00 sharp. – 10 mins drive to Ounasvaara. – 10-15 mins walk through the woods to the First Tower. – 1hr free hanging by the tower where you enjoy the views, the wicket, the fire and the surrounding nature while I prepare your brunch. – You enjoy the Brunch – A little walk to an excellent downhill sledging place -> change for some serious sledging! – 15 mins drive and a small hike to the Second Tower on top of Syväsenvaara – The Polar Sun (If the skies are willing) – The Surprise – I will drop you of where you want to go Other things to note The car we use is a 2017 Dacia Duster 4x4. I have warm clothes & shoes to borrow but they are not the latest fashion. I have a sledge for you.
Small Group Arctic Circle Horse Riding
Welcome to the Arctic Circle Horse farm Our small farmstead is located 25 km from Rovaniemi. close to stunning sandy terrain and Lapland nature. Our farm is inhabited by Irish Cob breed horses, whose strong and stable steps take nature and horse lovers of all levels along forest paths to admire the nature of Lapland in different seasons. It is important to us that the horses are well and allowed to live as much of a species-typical life as possible. Our Irish Cob horses live in the big yard all year round. All our horses are shoeless. We want to offer our customers holistic experiences and encounters with horses and the nature of Lapland. You can come alone, with a friend or in a group, a horse experience will be built for you.
Day at Korouma Frozen waterfalls snowshoes trip
Discover the frozen waterfalls of Korouoma Canyon. Hike through amazing landscapes with incredible scenery. Learn more about Lapland and the Arctic. Take pictures and keep incredible memories. Snowshoes and snacks ( sausages + hot drinks ) include.
Photo and Video Northern Lights tour
Please be noticed that northern lights is a natural phenomenon therefore nobody can guarantee that we will catch the lights. However, I hope we will! Other things to note: This is an authentic experience and I will try my best for you to feel it! Even if it will be cold outside, hot drinks organized in front of the campfire. Please be noticed that "private group" in description does not mean that only your group will attend the experience. We just mark it as private group since there should be minimum of 2 participants.
Cooking and Eating With a Local
We welcome you to our home to enjoy lunch with us. We will prepare the food and pastry together with you, and I'll guide you all The way. Or you just enjoy and watch. We will be there eating with you and we hope that while eating, we can learn something more about each others cultures and ways of living. Event will take about 2,5 hours of time. Other things to note. When booking, please tell us all your possible allergies and restrictions concerning food, so we can adjust our menu accordingly. There is no smoking allowed inside of the house.
Journey to wild waters and old forest with a campfire
First a pick up from your location by my car. We will go to a special place called Vaattunkiköngäs. In there we will see authentic and beautiful nature, wild waters and a chain bridge over the wild water. In the middle of nowhere and in silence. Only sound of the woods and wildly running water. Then we make a campfire and make some bbq with hot drinks. Don't worry, I will teach you how to make a fire! If we are lucky, chance to see arctic lights as well!
Wonderful Hike in the Arctic Forest
We'll meet at the meeting point where I'll pick you up at your address! We will leave about twenty km outside of the city where we will start our walk in the beautiful forest, cross a beautiful river, enjoy nature and its silence, we will arrive at a view at the top of the hill with a magnificent view or we will take a break by drinking a hot tea with cookies and then continue our loop to get back to the starting point. We have 1.6 km to arrive at the gazebo and 2.2 km to return via another path. The difficulty level is easy, very gradual going up to the gazebo and back downhill. This walk will allow you to disconnect in the middle of nature and recharge your batteries. You can ask questions during the walk and you can learn about the local culture and the area
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