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3 hours
Snorkeling Diving in Tenerife Underwater with Apnea Instructor
$34 per person, previously $43
3 hours
Try tasting Tenerife super safe diving try
From $76 per person
3 hours
Learn to Snorkel Diving in Tenerife with Freedive Instructor
$34 per person, previously $42
2 hours
Snorkeling for the first time in Tenerife - Radazul
From $55 per person
2 hours
Glassboden Paddelsub Family fun
From $28 per person
2.5 hours
Mermaid & Merman Camp Tenerife
$74 per person, previously $93
2 hours
Wreck diving in Tenerife Spectacular Diving Experience
From $66 per person
1 hour
Jet Ski in the Atlantic Ocean
From $66 per person
7 hours
Your first diving license in Tenerife dive in your dream
$148 per person, previously $185