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Search results3 places in Dire Dawa

Hotel in Dire Dawa
Private, peaceful and cosy rooms just for you at the queen city of desert; DireDawa
10 beds
Oct 1 – 6
$19 per night
Place to stay in Dire Dawa
Private, peaceful, and cozy rooms just for you
14 beds
Oct 1 – 6
$20 per night
Guesthouse in Harar
Hellens Homestay
6 beds
Oct 1 – 6
$20 per night

One trip, two stays

Split your time between two places and discover more of Dire Dawa.
Two stays in Dire Dawa less than 1 mile apart
$19 average per night
Split your time between Dire Dawa and Harar
$19 average per night