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Search results6 places in Kyzart

Hotel in Dzhangyaryk
KyzArt Hotel
10 beds
Oct 6 – 11
$60 per night
Place to stay in Naryn Region
Silk Road Yurt Camp at Son-Kul lake
18 beds
Oct 5 – 10
$15 per night
Yurt in Naryn Region
Asel yurt camp
4 beds
May 20 – 25
$46 per night, originally $58
Yurt in Naryn Region
Eco Ethno Yurt Town Ulush Yurts
2 single beds
Oct 12 – 17
$70 per night
Room in Naryn
Stay with Улукбек, Hosting for 4 years
Yurt camp Ali-Nur
Oct 23 – 28
$14 per night
Shared room in Chaek
Cozy B&B where there is free parking. where you can choose your local horse, hiking, car tours at an attractive price!
12 beds
Oct 5 – 10
$15 per night

One trip, two stays

Split your time between two places and discover more of Kyzart.
Stay in Naryn Region and Dzhangyaryk
$34 average per night
Two stays in Naryn Region 8 miles apart
$39 average per night
Stay in Dzhangyaryk and Naryn Region
$64 average per night