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9 hours
Discover Nairobi city by night, pub crawl experience
From $60 per person
2.5 hours
Enjoy Kenyan Cuisine, Drum Meditation and Music
$32 per person, previously $40
9 hours
Nairobi half life
$48 per person, previously $60
5.5 hours
Cocktails over a sun downer
From $57 per person
2.5 hours
iMbaka - Listen to The Stories of Kenya
From $35 per person
12 hours
Paint a mural on a Nairobi wall with Tipo Studio crew
From $60 per person
3 hours
Nairobi City Walking Tour with a Storyteller
From $40 per person
8 hours
Educative Safaris with Johnson the Artist and Therapist
From $170 per person