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Unique things to do in San Cristóbal de las Casas

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Activities near top attractions

Photo of Cocoliche
Cocoliche89 locals recommend
Photo of Restaurante La Lupe
Restaurante La Lupe8 locals recommend
Photo of Catedral de San Cristobal Martir
Catedral de San Cristobal Martir23 locals recommend
Photo of El Cocodrilo
El Cocodrilo15 locals recommend
Photo of Casa Na Bolom
Casa Na Bolom60 locals recommend
Photo of Iglesia Santo Domingo
Iglesia Santo Domingo44 locals recommend

All activities near San Cristóbal de las Casas

Mountainbiking in ancestral communities
Arriving at my office, I provide you with a good quality mountain bike according to your height, helmet and a bottle with purified water. I will give an introduction of the use of the brakes and adequate use for the speeds for uphill and downhill. I explain the journey with the altimetry profile and photos of the places we will visit, which is a small indigenous community "Carmen de Arcotete" with areas of cultivation, vegetables, maize, pine forests and oaks. Our tour starts with a 5 km ascent on the asphalt road leaving the city. We will have breaks where I talk about culture and traditions of the Mayan Tzotzil people of Chiapas, the use of medicinal plants or whatever is of your interest. We move on on dirty roads and trails within the Maya community, observing and recognizing their ancestral customs. Then we will visit an ecological-community park "el Arcotete" where we can walk on the side of the river and visit a small cave. We will return with ups and downs and we will have panoramic views of the city. Duration: 4-5 hours, Distance: 20km. Physical level: medium-difficult. Other things to note Know how to ride a bicycle. You don´t need to be a mountain biker. In difficult stretches you can walk. Physical condition: Exercise 2 times / week. A liability contract will be signed
Adventure to a Hidden Waterfall - On Motorcycle
Experience a true adventure and see Chiapas in a whole new way! :) We will travel on the original Pan-American highway, one of the most beautiful and diverse roads in the state! We'll start in the mountainous forest, pass through small indigenous villages, drop down through jungle and farmland before stopping at the rarely visited, local waterfall and cave of El Chorreadero. (Bring a bathing suit!) There we'll have the opportunity to eat lunch or snacks. And then we’ll do it all over again on the way back! This route has very little traffic and incredible views. Riding time is approximately three hours, 175km. If you'd just like to relax and take in the views, you're welcome to ride as a passenger with an experienced rider. If you would like to ride on your own, there are a few different options. I offer a Honda NAVI (automatic, requires no prior experience), an Italika V200 (Manual, requires experience), or a 400cc Royal Enfield Himalayan (Manual, requires experience, +500 pesos.) This route is suitable for beginners and is entirely on road. If you have experience riding and would like to bring along a pillion, they are welcome to join with no extra charge. A boat ride through the incredible Sumidero Canon can be added on- ask for details! Would you like to visit a different destination or take a riding lesson? Look up VivaMotosMX for more information! See you soon!
I will receive you in my office La Espirituosa with a good fresh drink made by me and an aperitif to eat, we will choose a good musical playlist to enjoy a culinary session in our kitchen area in the center of San Cristóbal. It has a bar to spread the fresh and natural elements that we will use to make a good plate of vegetarian or carnivorous food and drinks that we will enjoy at the end of the experience. I'll teach you how to prepare Mexican cuisine: guacamole, a delicious taco filling as well as a traditional Mexican sauce; We will accompany this meal with pre-Hispanic and traditional drinks that always accompany our meals: hibiscus water, horchata or lemon with chia, you choose! We will close with a good cocktail made with seeds, roots, fruits or fresh flowers. The interesting thing is that you will have contact with the whole process, I will explain each of the steps and ingredients and at the end I will be able to send you the recipe so you can keep it and make it at home. dessert or coffe? If you want to go to the local market with me we can organize it! Other things to note If travelers want to add to the experience going to the local market to buy the ingredients to cook with me, they can do it, available only in morning sessions. Please advise if they are vegetarians or carnivores
El Tzitz: Mexican Cooking Classes
We'll meet at El Tzitz at 10:30am. We'll take a short walk to the market, where we'll enjoy a tour of San Cristobal's largest outdoor market. We'll learn about the different varieties of beans and corn, local herbs, fruits, and vegetables, and perhaps even taste a few of the less known fruits. Then we'll head back to El Tzitz, where we will start cooking. Step by step, we'll learn how to prepare the meal and cook it together. Everyone participates and joins the fun! Finally, we'll enjoy the meal together.
Graffiti, Art & Culture Tour
We will start at a Cultural Center and Art Gallery where we will talk about some of the different cultural centers and artistic spaces in San Cristobal. Then we will start walking along the Andador "20 de Noviembre" towards the church of Santo Domngo where we will find a craft market, there I will explain a little about the products that are in the market such as textiles and stones such as the amber and obsidian . Then we will go to the Local Market, where we will see and taste the gastronomy of San Cristobal as its fruits and vegetables and other local products. You can go to a Spiritual or Witch Store where we will find many of the local products they use in ceremonies. Then we will enter some neighborhoods such as "El Cerillo" ,Guadalupe,Revolucaion " etc and we will go through the streets watching all the Graffitis and murals that local and foreign street artists have framed in the streets of San Cristobal. I will explain the meaning behind the Murals or the feeling that the artists wanted to share and how they can follow their artistic movement. Closer at the end we will pass through 3 different terraces where we can enjoy the good view and some Drinks such as Beer, Coffee and Pox. Come ready to walk.
Cascadas del Chiflón y Lagunas de Montebello
Desde la comodidad de tu estancia, comienza esta aventura para descubrir 2 joya chiapanecas. Toma camino a las hermosas Cascadas del Chiflón, lugar que emerge entra bosques y montañas, donde podrás admirar la más grande atracción, una cortina de agua llamada "Velo de Novia", cascada de más de 80mts. de altura, admira su fuerza y belleza; al pie de esta cascada se forman diferentes albercas naturales de color turquesa, donde podrás tomar un baño, o bien recorre el sitio descubriendo el resto de cascadas, visita los diferentes miradores y disfruta la briza consecuencia de estas hermosas cascadas. Continua con esta aventura, dirígete hacia las lagunas de Montebello, sitio que alberga mas de 60 lagunas de diferentes profundidades y tonalidades de agua, visita las lagunas más sobresaliente de este lugar, admira sus peculiaridades y conoce los datos más relevantes de este sitio. Finalizaremos esta experiencia regresándote a tu alojamiento.
Brew Bar, prepara café de especialidad chiapaneco
Mostraré como preparar tres métodos de infusión, con café de origen chiapaneco. Hablaremos del proceso productivo del café mexicano. Identificaremos cuáles son los atributos sensoriales para degustar esta popular bebida.
Cañon del Sumidero y Chiapa de Corzo
Nuestra aventura comienza en la mañana. Nosotros te recogeremos en el hotel para visitar durante 45 minutos el fascinante Cañón del Sumidero. Nuestro paseo en barco tendrá una duración de 2 horas a través del majestuoso cañón, y podrás admirar las inigualables cascadas, hermosas cuevas, acantilados impresionantes, aves y cocodrilos. ¡Las paredes del cañón miden más de 4.000 metros de altura! Después de terminar nuestro viaje en barco, visitaremos la ciudad colonial de Chiapa de Corzo, una típica ciudad donde hay varios restaurantes de cocina regional y donde además tendrás tiempo para recorrer sus calles y hacer compras de artesanías. Allí podrás visitar la fuente central de la ciudad, una pieza excepcional de ladrillo de estilo mudéjar. Por la tarde, volveremos a San Cristóbal de las Casas al centro de la ciudad.
San Cristobal de Las Casas Historic Tour
Want to know the city and its history? Are you passionate about historical sites? Don't wait anymore and join our historical and cultural tour which consists of walking from the Arco del Carmen to the Mexican neighborhood, visiting different key points that are overlooked by the tourists who visit us, in which we will tell the history of the city and its evolution through time, we can talk about the city and the because it is now very visited,
Customs of indigenous villages, Chiapas
We will visit Zinacantan, a Mayan town dedicated to planting, trading and growing flowers. This last activity gives rise to an explosion of color and textures that predominate the life of the place. First, and to avoid the congestion of tourists in the town, we will go to the cemetery, where from the top of the mountain at 2,700 meters high you will contemplate the spectacular view and learn about the stories and legends of the place. We will visit the town, the Church of San Lorenzo and we will learn about the importance of tradition and customs of the place. A Tzotzil family dedicated to handcraft and weaving on a backstrap loom will welcome us into their home, where we will identify the technique and traditional embroidery. Test your ability to make tortilla by hand. Then we will move to San Juan Chamula, a place full of ancestral traditions, its people, descendants of the Mayans, have fought to preserve the customs of their ancestors now mixed with the Catholic religion. I will take you on a tour where you will know its history and social context. We will visit the church of San Juan Bautista, where I will explain the uses and customs of the place and the cemetery. Dare to taste the traditional brandy made from corn. Experience available in français à certaines dates
Learn from the young producers
We will explain in detail the new wave of the handmade and how the young locals are re interpreting their heritage and deconstructing the concepts they grew up with. (we change the order and number of stops depending on the day and the availability of the studios) We'll explore the techniques, what makes our projects unique and different from the rest; you'll be immersed in the handmade scene of San Cristobal. All the stops include gifts/demonstrations and samples. Other things to note All the profit goes back to every project and persons involved in this dynamic.
Ceremonia ancestral de Agua y ritual sanador
Un día de reflexión y encuentro con tu ser espiritual, una oportunidad para abrir tu corazón y experimentar con la medicina de tu interior., acompáñanos a una ceremonia de sanación donde agradeceremos al agua y la ofrendaremos a la gran Madre Pacha mamá con la intención de purificar, transmutar y elevar nuestra vibración para sanarnos y sanar al mundo, en un jardín montamos el altar de cuatro rumbos y un camino, flores, agua, velas, y símbolos que representan nuestra naturaleza sagrada, todos participaremos de una dinámica de paz, amor, meditación, danza y congruencia con el campo que abrimos, reparándonos desde lo profundo. finalizamos la experiencia compartiendo fruta y bebidas de la región.
Intensive and inspiring printmaking workshop
You will learn the traditional technic of linoprint in our intensive 3-day worshop for beginners. We will use high quality materials, professional tools, ecological inks, 100% cotton paper, meanwhile you explore you creativity in a really inspiring place. The workshop is located in an antique house with a beautiful garden in the heart of this magical town. 1st day: ¡Explore and discover! Learn basic notions, how to use the tools and you will have fun stamping with rubbers. 2nd day: Create a draw and engrave in the linoleum plate. ¡Intense and very pleasant! 3rd day: last details on the plate and you will learn how to print your work. ¡Total happyness! At the end of the workshop you will know how to do the engraving and printmaking by yourself and also you will get your plate + 4 prints of your work, 2 professional ones on cotton paper! Other things to note Is a 3 day workshop. 3 or 4 hours per day.
Sube el Mirador de Don Lauro y aprende del bosque
Nos veremos enfrente de la Catedral de San Cristóbal y tomaremos el colectivo que nos dejará a unas cuadras para comenzar nuestro recorrido en la montaña. Recorreremos los senderos de la Motaña de Don Lauro, un reconocido curador del pueblo maya y que ha dedicado su vida a la conservación del bosque de pino-encino. Mientras recorremos el sendero, les daré la explicación de los ecosistemas de San Cristóbal, identificando las especies de plantas que veamos y sus usos medicinales y rituales de los pueblos originarios. Llegaremos a la parte más alta de la montaña, en donde se observa toda la ciudad de San Cristóbal y te sacaré increibles fotos que puedes compartir en tus redes sociales. Compartiremos alimentos energéticos en el mirador y después de relajarnos y contemplar la increíble vista, comenzaremos con nuestro camino de vuelta hacía la ciudad.
Caminata en el bosque, río y montañas de San Cristóbal
En esta experiencia, recorreremos uno de los lugares con naturaleza mejor conservados y cuidados de las periferias de la ciudad de San Cristóbal de Las Casas. Comenzamos por reunirnos a las 9:30 am en el barrio de Guadalupe para comenzar la caminata hacia El Arcotete y la Hacienda del Obispo, para contemplar la naturaleza y paisajes poco conocidos en en la región. Se toman breves descansos para recrearnos, hidratarnos y tomar refrigerios que nos permitan continuar esta bonita experiencia. ¡Advertencia! Este camino es totalmente rústico, con veredas complicadas en medio de la montaña, se realizan subidas y bajadas en las cuales puede haber lodo y ser muy resbaladizo, vale la pena tomar en cuenta llevar ropa y zapatos adecuados. En una parte del camino tendremos que "escalar" una parte de montaña para evitar cruzar una zona del río que es riesgosa, también, en otro punto, tendremos que descalzarnos para cruzar el río de un lado al otro. Habrá momento para relajarnos y realizar una breve "sensibilización" para establecer una conexión especial con la naturaleza que nos rodea mediante ejercicios de concientización y meditación guiada o libre (si se prefiere). Terminamos esta experiencia cerca de las 2:30 pm, para tener una tarde libre y descansar. El regreso se realiza tomando un transporte colectivo para optimizar el tiempo de llegada a San Cristóbal.