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Unique things to do in Silicon Valley

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Make Japanese mochi with an instructor
In this fun class, you will learn how to make three different mochi dishes. First we will make fresh mochi with a choice of fillings: sweet red bean and fresh strawberries, peanut butter and chocolate mini cups, nutella, and others. Second, we will make the popular ice cream mochi with mini-scooped ice cream balls. Your choice of ice cream. I like green tea ice cream. Third, we will bake mochi donuts and then glaze them beautifully with vanilla, clear, or chocolate glaze. You and other guests will enjoy making and shaping the mochi dough, filling it with delicious fillings, and eating them with others. You will get to enjoy fresh and tasty mochi, and best of all you will know how to make delicious mochi dishes far into the future. Other things to note: Please feel free to bring any additional ingredients you would like to fill your mochi with (peanut butter, mango, etc...)
Turkish Mosaic Lamp Workshop
You will learn the techniques of a 500-year-ancient craft and practice assembling Islamic geometric patterns as well as historic techniques for laying the tiles (tesserae). Using your selected geometric template, you will be guided to create your very own traditional Turkish Mosaic! Enjoy making a traditional Turkish mosaic lamp to enlighten your room. Create an everlasting gift for your loved ones with your own creativity or design. No experience or prior knowledge is required. You have the freedom to create your masterpiece based on a classic design (as pictured) or create your own design. By participating in our 2 hours workshop you can make one beautiful mosaic art. Leave your worries behind, and enjoy. All materials included the price.
Beyond Yosemite, off the beaten path
I'm also guiding custom backpacking trips for low cost August-October to Yosemite as well, let me know your dates, and I'll try and make it happen as I'm flexible. For this experience, we'll meet in the South Bay Area (Most often a custom pick up from Santa Cruz, SJC airport, or anywhere in the South Bay.) and drive approximately 4 hours to the upper reaches of the San Joaquin River outside Bass Lake, arriving between mid-day to early afternoon depending on your schedule. We'll stop at an overlook which inspires and showcases the adventure to be had, and have a snack, then continue as far as we can by car to our destination, a dirt parking area near a trail head to the Ansel Adams Wilderness. No congestion and tour buses here! We'll hike approximately 3-4 miles from the trail head, to a spot with an overwhelming view filled with river gorges and granite domes to have lunch and cool off in a nearby granite stream. We'll then climb to the top of a nearby granite dome and enjoy another amazing view few have seen. Depending on the group, we'll relax in this amazing place, or in the late afternoon, if you're up to it, we'll climb to yet another granite dome and enjoy the peace and serenity of the evening light before heading back to the car and reality left behind.
History Driving Tour of Silicon Valley High Tech Companies
This is a tailored experience for technology lovers to explain Silicon Valley history visit 4 landmarks. Join us and be a Geek for a Day! During the drive, we'll explain companies history, fun-facts and we will answer your most geeky questions. Visits are: 1- F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K headquarters to see the artistic complex, the new campus expansion, and take pictures. 2- Computer History Museum (CHM) home to the largest collection of computing artifacts in the world. Allow 1 hour and possibly snack or lunch at their Bistro. 3- G-O-O-G-L-E-plex and the Statues Garden: A must visit for the geek in you, take pictures with the androids, Allow 20 minutes. 4- ApplePark Visitor Center is the Apple campus, with a view of the new RING/Spaceship building . Allow 45 minutes for the Augmented Reality view of the Spaceship Campus, the Store and Caffe. All stops are from the outside, areas open to the public. We don't have special access inside, but we tell you insider stories as experienced by being local and passionate about technology. Note about G-O-O-G-L-E-plex: On the weekends, you can go between the buildings & ride the bicycles, but the store is closed. On the Weekdays, the opposite is true. Note: No flash photography at the CHM, no outside food/drinks and no backpacks. CHM food, drinks and museum store. This is a driving and walking Silicon Valley guided tour.
Forest & Meditation near SF with Japanese Buddhist Monk
Meditation around San Francisco in northern California the price will be different, it depends on the slot. because of collaboration with other host. please ask me before booking. Meditate in nature in the morning. Meditate on the beach in the evening. ( Meditate with a candle at night, perhaps ) Body shaking before meditation to loosen your muscles and relax your mind. Chanting meditation to get beautiful vibes in your body. Breathing meditation to control your mind. Number-counting meditation to sharpen concentration.
Terrarium Workshop / Team Building / Science, Craft & Peace
Nature lovers can try something new to bring the outdoors inside. In this class, you will learn how to make a self-sustaining closed terrarium. Your teacher will offer expert guidance as you make a closed terrarium and get all the tips and tricks to taking care of your miniature ecosystem so it thrives, sometimes for years! Learn about the materials you need and the plants that do best in these types of terrariums. Even beginners will find success and anyone with terrarium building experience will still find plenty to learn and appreciate in this fun Bay Area workshop. You'll find all the materials you need waiting for you in class. Plan a team building / group experience with friends or join on your own if you're looking for fun things to do in the Bay Area. When you are done, you'll have a personalized terrarium to take home and treasure. Beginner-friendly! Add-Ons: *Extra plants *Springtails (insects - little friends) *Extra craft kit *Wardian terrarium case Great idea for Team building, and motivating events! I've been hosting +100 companies' teams, and so excited to host your team! The host can come to your private place, please ask :) Think free, design free, and Love Nature!!
Be A Beekeeper
*** SAT & SUN TOURS ARE MARCH 15th to OCTOBER 31st *** Hives are closed in cold weather to help the bees survive, then reopen in warmer months. Our "Make Honey Wine" class will hopefully be available soon. Give us a buzz @ 925. 852 and 9900 with questions :) Times are based on when bees are the happiest (when the field bees are out gathering nectar & pollen). We visit happy bees when it's above 60 deg with little wind. If forecast shows rain or high winds, we'll need to reschedule to a warmer day. TO BOOK: Enter the # of Adults & Children that may be coming. Our base rate is $210, which covers up to 2 adults & 1 child (3-12 years old). To receive a lower rate, bring friends or family and your individual ticket price drops. Since we’re a 501c3 non-profit your ticket is tax write off! All funds help grow the local bee population :) DETAILS: This is a fun opportunity to get to inspect a busy beehive! First, we’ll suit up in protective gear. Then we’ll head to the Apiary where you'll learn about the art of beekeeping & the various tools used. Now it's time to inspect a hive. Hold a frame covered with 100's of bees ... a great photo opp! Press your finger into the comb and taste the freshest honey ever! When all done it's now time to be a "Chef" and do a honey & food pairing. This is such a sweet experience for all :)
Create a flower sculpture centerpiece
Each guest will create a floral sculptural centerpiece arranged with fresh flowers, many of which have been grown in my garden or sourced locally. I will guide you with your design, use of color and texture incorporating lots of blooms, foliage, berries, fruits, and branches. First you'll use pliers (provided), to bend and perfect a wire structure (florists call it a frog) that fits inside a vase to support an abundance of flowers of various heights. Super reusable, this frog will make all you future arrangements so much easier to make. Then, in my garden, you will begin to arrange your sculpture, closest to the vase lip, weaving foliage into layers. You'll continue with blooms of all sizes (from buckets of conditioned, hydrated flowers) and finish with whimsical touches that sing to you. Each guest's sculpture will be uniquely theirs! From color choices to height and shape, I will help you learn some techniques to build an arrangement that makes you proud and happy with your effort! The final flourish is a portrait of your centerpiece (see pictures). While you work, you are surrounded by a garden of flowers and sounds of the fountain in my shaded patio. Over the past four years, this experience has been shared with friends celebrating a birthday, sisters celebrating a Mother's Day, team building workshops, couples having a lovely art and floral DIY morning together, +++
Woodworking - Create a Pen Using a Lathe
Have you ever been interested in woodworking but never had the tools to try it out? In this 2.5 hour workshop, you will learn how to make a pen from a block of wood, by turning it on a wood lathe. The class will start out by reviewing basic safety for working with the machines and the tools. I will demonstrate each step in great detail before giving you the opportunity to try it out on your own. Wood, a pen kit, and finishing materials will be provided to each participant to make one slim-style pen. Absolutely no prior experience is required and is suitable for ages 10+. You will leave this experience with a hand-made treasure that will last you a lifetime!
An Evening of Persian Cooking & Live Music in Silicon Valley
Experience Authentic Food, Live Music and Art. Come alone or with your friend and enjoy cooking and eating one of the most healthiest and delicious Mediterranean dishes with me and my family. It is absolutely a hands on participation cooking project and at the same time you hang out with other participants, make new friendships and expand your network. Food is a great adhesive which connects humans together. Live music with classically trained singer performing 3-4 love songs will entertain you while waiting for the meal to be cooked in the oven. Here there are sequences we follow: 1) Group introductions/ brief tour in my kitchen and dining/a summary of what we do and double check if you have food allergies 2) serving you with the beverage you have bought by yourself. I give you cheese and cracker and my very homemade marinated olive ( Zeytoon Parvardeh ) and I talk about my history of cooking and art. You get along with Hamid, who will sing for you later. 3) getting together in my famous stainless steel table in the kitchen and start cooking until we put the food in the oven for 40 min. 4) Then it is the time to listen to Hamid and his love songs 5) serving food in dining room 6) Then we wrap up our dinner with my homemade Halva and Persian tea. Join my cooking class in my Spanish style kitchen up in the beautiful hills in the San Francisco Bay Area
Life With Farm Animals At Rancho Roben Rescues
We will begin at the red barn where you will learn about this 12 acre sanctuary and the stories behind the 100+ rescue farm animals living on it. From there we will explore three different pastures that include horses, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats and a goose. While you are here we are thrilled to guide you through an up-close experience with all of these amazing creatures while they roam freely. Many of these animals will walk right up to you to take a snack from your hand or allow you take a close-up photo with them! During your 90+ minute visit, you will: -meet a tiny rooster -groom a pony -give a belly rub to a pig -feed a snack to a goat -stroll through the hills where our livestock guardian dogs work -take pictures with a sheep (or any of the other animals) -explore our garden orchard -learn about composting (with worms) Throughout your experience you will hear stories about the animals and get answers to your questions about how we give the love and care required for all of these farm animals. We will finish with a discussion about how you can incorporate different aspects of farm life into your living space, be it on the balcony of a tiny apartment or in a sprawling suburban backyard. For guests who wish to make this an overnight experience, please check out our converted school bus:
Ai & Ml Innovation Journey
Join us for an amazing journey experience. *minimum 4 guests "The Culture of Technology" By Wedge Martin Description: Presentation on the main aspects of the Silicon Valley ecosystem and how the mindset of early engineers created the culture and success of the world's largest economy. Wedge Martin, who became an entrepreneur by believing that the Internet would be the future, will be the guest speaker. Wedge is the co-founder of Badgville, a startup that raised $ 40 million in its first two years and pioneered Gamification in Silicon Valley. In addition, Wedge is a serial entrepreneur that founded several startups in Data Analytics, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. In 2010 he was the winner of TechCrunch Disrupt, one of the world's leading and most respected startup competitions.
Come Unwind and Deep Relax with Sound Bath Meditation
Are you dealing with stress, insomnia, anxiety or depression? Wish to experience DEEP RELAXATION without medications? The critical factor associated with stress is its chronic effect over time - it suppresses the body’s immune system and ultimately manifests as illness. If you are ready to begin your self-care and self-love journey, I would like to invite you to join me for a group Sound Bath, a very unique, yet very powerful and therapeutic experience that your body will thank you. For up to 10 visitors, you can enjoy a 50 min Sound Bath to create a special experience and memory together. Besides the common activities for your friends, guests, business partners, or team building, let’s try something different and special for once. I believe that you will love it!!!
Spring sips & Indian street food in Silicon Valley
I've been brewing fresh chai every morning since I was 12 years old. My grandmom taught me how to make this healthy good for you yum yum! So we will start this one on one cooking class with a cup of chai, and learn to make 1 street food "chaat" recipe from scratch. Having lived in the US since 2002, I've learnt to simplify some of the time consuming and laborious recipes into quick, healthy, and most importantly lip smacking yummy recipes that even the most picky grown ups and kiddos will enjoy. Homemade papdi anyone? :) Welcome to my authentic chai, chaat, and chutney kitchen! This experience can be customized for a single person, couples, parent-kid, friends, or team building events to have some serious fun "Eat, Drink, Love it" Here's a sampling of our vegetarian/vegan culinary adventure: Brew authentic chai tea latte Create chaat basics with time saving hacks Assemble 1 seasonal fresh chaat dish Wrap up with recommendations for local authentic spots Optional local food market tour
Create Botanical Moss Wall Art
Do you find yourself daydreaming of the mountains? Are you naturally drawn to the calming effects of lush, green scenery? Do you wish you lived in The Shire? Look no further! In this class, you'll learn to make Moss Box Wall Art, a piece of nature for your indoor space. * Silence the noise with the quiet beauty of nature * Genuine plants without the maintenance * No watering. No fertilizing. No need for sunlight. * Enjoy the outdoors in your home or office * Gazing at nature improves your productivity First, you'll design your own unique landscape using a wide variety of mosses, ferns, flowers, wood, bark, flowers, succulents, mushrooms, tiny magical creatures, and more! Then you'll secure the moss in place. After, let yourself get lost in the intricate details, adding more layers of soft textures and vibrant natural colors. Your instructor will help make your box come alive. When you're finished, you'll bring your very own moss box. The naturally preserved moss is maintenance-free and lasts for YEARS (some 10+ years and counting). All supplies included. --- Materials --- 1) 9x9 Wooden pine frame 2) Preserved mosses 3) Preserved flowers, dried leaves 4) Mini hot glue gun 5) Pack of 6 glue sticks 6) Creative decoration Mirror X2 (dia: 8 ¼ ") ($49) Mirror (dia: 6 3/4 ") ($49) Frame (9x9") ($29) Lantern ($24) String Light Setup ($9) You can add these when you book (optional)