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Unique things to do in Skåne County

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A Daytrip to Nimis!
I will come and pick you up at your preferred location in Malmö. Then we will drive for about an hour to Kullabergs's nature reserve. When we arrive, our hike will begin down to Nimis! After we reach Nimis, we will have a typical Swedish fika. Nimis is a site-specific work of art by Lars Vilks at Håle Stenar in northwestern Scania. It consists mainly of several wooden structures, erected by driftwood, planks and tree branches. The work is unlawfully placed in Kullaberg's nature reserve, which since the first version of the building in 1980 has led to regular legal proceedings between the artist and the County Administrative Board in Skåne County. The construction of Nimis began in July 1980 as Vilk's "revenge on the sea" after he nearly drowned, but also as a comment on the prevailing art trend that "nothing was permanent". Other things to note It is a pretty challenging hike down to Nimis so bring good shoes!
A Walk in Malmö!
I'm going to take you on a walk through Malmö, from Möllan to Lilla Torg. Come and get familiar with my city! Together we will walk along the streets and parks of Malmö. We meet at the ever so vibrant market square Möllevångstorget and from here we will walk and visit parts of the city which are normally not seen by visitors, but also iconic landmarks of Malmö. We will start off at Möllan and continue our way to Folkets Park. From there we will cross Triangeln and further down through the Old Cemetery, the Library and Casino. Then we will walk through the park Mölleplatsen to get a glimpse of the old windmill, Malmö Castle and the fish market at Fiskehoddorna. From there we continue to Ribersborg and the beach before we head to Västra Hamnen and the iconic skyscraper Turning Torso. Along the way we pass by the skate park Stapelbäddsparken. We will continue through Malmö University, The Central Station and Stortorget before we end our journey at Lilla Torg, the other vibrant square worth to mention in this city which is filled with restaurants and cafés. Along the way I will tell you about Malmö's past and present and show you how to have a really good time in Malmö! Other things to note The walk will take approximately four hours so bring good walking shoes and a bottle of water.
Unique escape room in a caravan
A unique and special take on an escape room! A caravan with a fascinating 70s style interior. The guests will solve tricky challenges and clever electronic puzzles. Unlike many escape rooms, Escape Husvagn is not about escaping and getting out, but instead solving all the puzzles in one hour to "solve" the room. At arrival the guests will be warmly welcomed and we will go through the rules, and we will tell a background story about a dramatic Malmö spy drama which took place in the 70's. The mission will be to find and disarm a nuclear bomb in less than 60 minutes. When the guests have entered the caravan and the time has started, the hosts will go over to a control room where we follow the couple's successes and failures throughout the game. We are in constant contact in various ways to help the couple with clues to solve all the riddles. To tackle the challenge, whether you win or lose, will strengthen your team building and cooperation. In Escape Husvagn, the journey is the goal! In the caravan escape room, there are no strong physically demanding tasks to be solved, no training or preparation is required - come as you are. If you want to know more about how it works or read the background story on our spy theme, go to our website:
Relaxing Hatha yoga session in a beautiful rooftop studio
My name is Carina and I am a certified hatha yoga | meditation teacher and mindfulness coach, dedicated to support you in discovering your most authentic self. I found that the most joy for me lies in connecting with people, supporting and guiding them along different aspects of their life and being there for them with emotional support and intuitive guidance from my heart space. Together we will enjoy a calming, nourishing and at the same time very powerful hatha yoga class in a rooftop studio with the most amazing sunset view, the sea and the skyline of Copenhagen. The class is suitable for beginners and advanced practicioners alike. No previous experience needed. We will focus on asana (the physical part of the practice),continue with pranayama (breathing techniques) and end the session with a grounding relaxation practice (Shavasana or yoga nidra). I will provide everything you need for the class. Just bring yourself and wear comfy clothing:) I`m looking forward to meeting you on the mat very soon. Love, Carina
A cultural walk through Malmö
We will start with a brief introduction of the city of Malmö - its history, its place in Swedish society and its cultural traits. We will then proceed to the different landmarks of the city through routes seldom known to tourists and at each stop I will talk about the significance of each landmark while sharing some interesting and funny trivia. The tour will cover both the new and the old parts of the city highlighting the major landmarks and their significance to Malmö and Sweden. I will also provide an in-depth look into Swedish society and share its many quirks unknown to outsiders. I will take the guests through streets that are hidden away behind buildings and seldom accessed by anyone except residents, showing the guests the art, the nature, the places of recreation, and the unique architecture of the city. I will also offer recommendations for cafes, restaurants, and shopping centers as we pass them along, and other places to visit around the city. I will make the guests feel at home and take a walk with me through this beautiful city I call my home and I hope they bring back a little bit of Malmö and Sweden with them, along with some souvenirs and a smile on their faces.
Dynamic Windsurfing Ribersborg, Malmö
Regardless of whether you have been windsurfing before or not you will improve your skills on this intense course. With the power from the wind you will slide through the water silently The course starts with theory followed by on-water training where you get feedback from an instructor on a windsurfing board. The course is in the centre of the city, making it easy to access. Other things to note This is an exclusive course, giving you the best conditions to learn windsurfing in a fun way. You will learn the correct technique making your progress easy.
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