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Unique things to do in Slovakia

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Cassovia Walking Tour
Our journey starts next to the Dominican church, the oldest preserved monument of the city. From there we start to explore the historical old town of the second largest city in Slovakia and European city of culture of 2013. The history will tell the stories about the legends from the past when Košice was one of the most important cities in the Hungarian Kingdom. We will discover the historical city centre with it´s symbol of cathedral of St. Elisabeth. The biggest roman catholic church in Slovakia is the final resting place of the last leader of the anti-Habsburg uprising. Discover the State Theatre, one of the most remarkable building in town together with the unique singing fontain. In the end, we finish our walk up to the iconic statue of angel and find out the story behind the coates of armes of Kosice. The tickets from the crypt of the last leader of anti-Habsburg uprising and access to the one of the oldest gothic staircase in Europe are included in the price.
Advanced walking tour with bonus and castle
Let yourself enjoy presentation by enthusiastic guide with a walk through the city center, its interesting buildings and marks, of course the castle... Expect tour full of fun, interesting topics, information about Bratislava and Slovakia, its history and traditions in the form and presentation only this guy can show you. After this experience, you will certainly love Slovakia.
Bratislava by Night with traditional Beers & Drinks
We'll meet right in the center at Hurbanovo namestie in front of the church with stairs, and we will start the tour with a welcome surprise . After that, we’ll hit up the streets of Bratislava, hopping on different themed pubs, tasting different kinds of beer, or wine or shots (depending on your choice from options). You will be able to order from some places upon request also some of our tradional Slovak food bites/snacks that go very well with the drinks ( not included at price). I am happy to explain to you more about our culture, traditions, must sees and dos in Bratislava, and of course our traditional drinks as well. It's more of knowing Bratislava while tasting beers and drinks :) The pubs and bars we'll be visiting are different themed, so you will enjoy different experience with every pub we visit. Actually, some of them are most favourite among Slovaks, and I am confident you will enjoy them as well. Most importantly, I can assure you no rushing,, we'll take our time in each stop, you will have time to snap some memorable photos if you want to, so we get the best of it all, and you end your tour with a unique Slovak experience. Please note we kept price of experience low from before covid, and is not including bigger orders at places, but only surprise drinks and / or 1-2 beer, wine max.
Sweet city tour of Bratislava
This city tour is especially designed for airbnb guests so they can enjoy local experience of Bratislava city. We will walk through the hidden parts of the city center,up to the castle hill and at the end we will get to try some of our local sweets and the local berry wine.
Bratislava By Night Tour
Explore the capital of Slovakia while it’s illuminated during this walking tour at dusk. Visit important landmarks including Bratislava Castle, the Old Town and taste local fine wine with pretzel at local cafeteria. We show you Bratislava by night in a way you’ ve never seen it before. Start your exploration by meeting your guide in front of Park Inn by Radisson Danube Hotel. Short introduction about Bratislava & Slovakia. Learn about the origins of one of the most youngest capitals. Hear tales about ancient history of Slovakia. Get know old Slavs, the predecessor of modern Slovaks, who created the Great Moravia Empire. Go on the tale thru times of Hungarian Empire. Slovakia were part of Hungarian, afterwards Austro-Hungarian Empire about 1000 years. Eventually the tale ends in 1993 by creating independent Slovakia. But the story does not end at all. From 2004 we are a proud member of European Union. And from 2009 our currency is EURO. Walk up to Bratislava Castle, a dominant feature of Bratislava. The castle stands at a strategic site above the Danube. The site was inhabited as far as back as Celtic & Great Moravia Empire. Always has played an important role in history of Slovakia as well as Central Europe. At the end a glass of traditional Slovakian fine wine with pretzel in a stylish cafeteria located in Bratislava’s city center.
Taste local wines and discover Pezinok
The tour will start in the cellar, where our wines age. The guests will have here an opportunity get to know our "MERLAJ" winery, test the wine samples from the traditional local varieties and they will learn about their specifics. They will be also offered a snack typically served with wines. We will show and explain the process of winemaking and present our little winery. Afterwards we will move by car to some significant historical places in Pezinok connected with the viticulture and the history of the town. Our tour will be finishing in our vineyards, where the guests will learn about the wine-growing and we will show them the specifics of our grape varieties. They can also enjoy a peaceful atmosphere of nature with a spectacular view of the Little Carpathians. For abstainers, drivers and children under 18 we have prepared our natural grape juice. If there are more than 4 people interested in coming in one group, please contact us.
Bar hopping through Bratislava old town
I will pick you up at your accommodation or we can meet right in the centre, depends on your decision. I will bring you a small welcome present :). Then we go bar-hopping. We will visit most famous bars and taste local beers and drinks. Around midnight we will continue to disco club Important note: for this activity is required minimum 3 persons to attend! This activity is kind of “VIP” that means I will be just with you - no other groups are going to join us Other things to note Important note: for this activity is minimum 3 persons, this activity is kind of “ VIP “ that means I will be just with you - no others groups are going to join us!
From Bratislava Organic Wine Degustation
You will be picked up by a local English speaking driver-guide. On route to the Small Carpathian Wine Road, one of the eight wine regions of Slovakia, and also one of the most important short basic introduction of Slovakia & wine culture of Slovakia. Transfer lasst about 20 – 30 min. Arrival in a small wine town Svaty Jur, pass along lovely city center. Stop in a family run local winery, which has own vineyards and produce unique Organinc Wines made without adding any chemicals. Wine taste of 5 sorts of local fine wine with traditional Slovakian wine snack – cheese, bacon, salamis. At wine degustation tyou will have an oportunity to chat with the locals and enjoy the cozy ambience of winery. The aim of this tour is to show you the wine region of Small Carpathian Wine Road located just a few minutes drive from the Bratislava, on slopes of Small Carpathian Hills. After the tour you will get know about Slovak wine production and Slovak wine culture
Happy Dog Autumn Forest Hike
Along the way I often stopped at a small buffet for a special syrup-sweetened tea and a typical Slovak waffle bar or boiled sausage with mustard and bread. Sometimes it was possible to find mushrooms in the forest, too. Nowadays when I want to spend some time in nature, I usually go with a friend or a colleague to a shelter for unwanted dogs and help out by taking one or two of the dogs for a walk. We pass a large shoping centre and in 15 min. we find ourselves in a forest with nice creek and several ponds. Small "euroarboretum" introduces us to the topic of forests in Europe. We take a small refreshment in a buffet and continue our walk around three ponds with carp fishes. On the way we stop by a bunker from the WWI. You will see the traces of local fauna, listen to the songs of the birds ... Would you like to share this experience with me and see where Bratislava locals go to jog, have barbeques, paddle small boats on lakes in summer and even ski in winter? I’d be very happy for you to join me :-) Other things to note An easy walk that can be adapted according to the needs and wishes of the guests.
Komunistická Bratislava a jej skryté miesta
Komunistická prehliadka Bratislavy Táto jedinečná prehliadka začína v centre Bratislavy, kde sa hostia dozvedia základné informácie o histórií komunizmu a jeho dopade na život na Slovensku a v Bratislave. Hostia navštívia známe miesta, ktoré sú úzko spojené s časmi komunizmu a rovnako aj skryté miesta, o význame ktorých by sa inak nedozvedeli. Počas troj hodinovej pešej prehliadky si povieme akými kreatívnymi spôsobmi ľudia utekali za hranice, na konkrétnych príkladoch si ukážeme ako vyzerala bežná domácnosť v tých časoch, čo zvykli ľudia jesť alebo ako sa dostali k tovaru zo západu. Hostia dostanú možnosť ochutnať lokálne výrobky, ktorých receptúra vznikla počas éry komunizmu a dodnes sa vyrábajú. Zastavíme sa pri budove nákupného centra, ktoré počas svojho otvorenia v 60tych rokoch bolo najväčšie a povieme si ako ľudia v tých časoch nakupovali. Prehliadka pokračuje na námestie kúsok od centra, ktoré je jedinečné svojou stavbou a fontánou uprostred, za ktorou je veľmi zaujímavá história. Prehliadka končí pri jedinečnej budove rozhlasu, jedna z ikonických stavieb komunistickej architektúry v Bratislave. Počas celej prehliadky nebudú chýbať ani skutočné príbehy a dobové fotografie
Bratislava Old Town Running Tour
We will run together trough old town of Bratislava by seeing the most important sites of historical center. Do not worried, if you are not perfect runner, the aim of tour is to move, stretch, smile and discover the old town. Other things to note Tour runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 07:00 am, Saturday, Sunday 08:00 am, or everyday evening 07:30 pm
Female tour of Bratislava
Unique city tour of Bratislava guided by professional city guide and feminist. In this private and personal tour we will get to know the city in a very untraditional way and I will explain our history from female point of view. Together we will be walking and talking for 2 hours in mostly city centre area of Bratislava. Let´s spend this time together and get the know Bratislava my special way. See you soon in Bratislava, my beloved hometown. :)
City tour with wine tasting
I decided to create a city tour, where I will mix both of my passions. Both sightseeing and wine tasting. I am a professional city tour guide since 2010 and I come from wine making family. So, lets meet each other, explore the city of Bratislava and try also some of our local wines!
Mystery of the Lost Gold
The walk takes between 3 - 6 hours, the path leads through a beautiful medows, forest and vineyards. While walking through the nature, the players will open 3 chests by solving the puzzles hidden on the way. The guide of the players is the lost diary left by the last person that saw the last gold. In addition to the diary, there is a game master on the phone that advises players at any time if they have problems with any of the puzzles. Players should wear swear sport's shoes and dress, and bring along a water when the weather is hot. Everything else needed for the search you get from us. You just need to start the search. If some other time on the day of the reservation fits you better, just let me know, you can start at the time of your choice. Other things to note Players who enjoy hiking and nature will definitely enjoy the game. Throughout the walk they will solve tasks and gradually reveal the secret of Lost Gold
Bratislava Craft Beer Tasting
Slovakia is one of the top beer drinkings countries worldwide, and therefore has a huge variety of different types of beer. In recent years in Slovakia has made a unique culture of local small microbreweries, which prepare own handcraft beer. Visit with us a small microbrewery popular among locals and taste 4 specialty beers directly from a microbrewery together with traditional beer snack. During this beer tasting you will not only learn insights about the brewing process and the various beer types, but also you will learn about Bratislava history and history of beers in Slovakia. Join this beer tasting tour and learn about the drink culture and make new friends while enjoying the beer.