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Unique things to do in Tangier-Assilah

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All activities near Tangier-Assilah

Sunset Camel Ride by the Sun Beach & Dinner
highlight your experience with Sunset Camel Ride and full Dinner with Locals! ✓ vegetarians and Vegans are Welcome. In this tour we will pick you up from an agreed meeting spot then drive you through some of Tangier’s most luxurious neighborhoods where the King’s Palace is located, Forbes House, the famous Perdicaris Park and Achkar Beach aka the Sun Beach. The camel ride takes place next to the Caves of Hercules (2500BC) and Cap Spartel (Head point of Africa) where you will find your camel ready to take you on a ride by shore around sunset. There will also be a sunset photoshoot waiting for you where the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet! After the ride you will have the opportunity to taste authentic Moroccan food with the locals at a historical restaurant! This will be a 3 course meal where you’ll have the opportunity to taste famous Moroccan dishes like Tajin and Couscous (Vegetarians & Vegans welcome!) The tour also includes a short walk by the ancient Medina and a stop for a drink to enjoy the surroundings. This experience is second to none and highly recommended for anyone visiting Tangier! Before the tour ends we will come back to meet the driver who will drop you to the heart of the medina or at your accommodation, whichever you prefer! Notes : Customizing the experience to fit your needs is possible!
Trip to the blue city chefchaouen
The blue city is High up in the Rif mountains, Chefchaouen is a beautiful blue door and white-walled Medina that was originally a "Berber" military outpost. In this tour discover the highlight of Chefchaouen and explore the most hidden gems in this beautiful blue painted medina. Get introduced to the local culture, History and lifestyle with me and my friend. Chefchaouen: known as the ‘Blue Pearl’ of Morocco, because of its fantastic blue houses and streets. Jewish immigrants painted the houses blue to give the paradise a unique colour. If the group is less than 4 we'll take the bus ((((( 2 hours 30 minutes))))) If the group is more than 4 we'll take a private taxi (((((1 hour 45 minutes from Tangier to chefchaouen ))))) (Note:::: there are good discounts when the group is more than two people) 1: We will visit the Spanish mosque 2: Go shopping in the Medina 3: Stay a few minutes in Plaza Uta El-Hammam 4: We're gonna watch the sunset before we get back to Tangier
Hike to an Organic Farm in chefchaouen mountain
After we meet at "Bab Souk" , we will head straight up out of chefchaouen for our hike in mountains and walk around 40 minutes up hill before stopping to enjoy a fabulous view of the blue pearl in a place overlooking chefchaouen. Then, it will be between 1 and 1/2 hour walk waiting for us along the mountain side, and we may pass shepherds with their goats and there will be a lot of opportunities to stop and take photos of the amazing views from the mountain. As we reach the village of kalaa, we will go to a calm farm that belongs to my father, we will be welcomed with fresh tea with herbs from the farm followed by a tajine of vegetables from the farm, and checken or beef and sometimes fresh rabbit from the farm (if you are vegetarian or vegan, then it will be just of vegetables from the farm). We will spend some time enjoying the village view in the terrace under trees and talk to my father who is a man from this village he has a lot to say about his area and mountains life. From here on we can either walk the 2 hours back to chefchaouen via a new road or go for a ride home by a local mercedes "Taxi".
Tangier Half Day Guided Tour
Get to know Tangier on this half day tour, with a guide. Head into the walled ‘medina’ (old quarter) to explore its alleyways and ‘kasbah’ (fortress), and visit a Souk(market) and bakery to sample traditional local breads. Gain insight into the city’s heritage on a tour of the new town. What’s Included : Guide Not Included : Lunch Drinks Tips
Chefchaoun Shades of Blue Day Trip & Lunch
In this full day trip we will meet at an agreed time/spot between 9/10AM. We will pick you up then drive through the spectacular Rif Mountains where you have the option to stop for a short breakfast/tea with an amazing view of the Palm Reservoir before continuing to Chefchaoun. As part of the full day tour we will be walking through the ancient medina with its beautiful blue walls and many historical sites. Enjoy sites such as the Kasbah, an ancient bakery, the famous Blue Street (bring your cameras for some great photos!) and enjoy fresh juice from the locals along the way. The city was originally decorated in this blue style by the Jewish people who were fleeing from European atrocities. Some say the blue color also keeps mosquitoes away! We will take a lunch break around noon with a delicious authentic Moroccan meal in the main square. Enjoy people watching and hanging with the locals as a way to fully absorb the culture! After lunch we will continue to build our way up to the ruins of an old mosque on a hill overlooking the medina. Its crumbling tower offers a panoramic view of the blue houses and buildings of the city. In the late afternoon we will finish the tour with a Moroccan mint tea and will drive back to Tangier and drop you at your accommodation. DM me if you have any questions or if you would like to customize this tour to your needs!
Taste of Tangier Foodie Tour
Get ready for a flavor-filled, fun-filled adventure in Tangier! "Taste of Tangier Foodie Tour" is a wild ride through the tastiest streets and hidden gems of Morocco's food scene. Here's the plan: Let's roll! Meet ME at a central location and get ready for a culinary journey like no other. Spice up your life: Visit the spice market, where you'll get a chance to touch, smell, and taste the aromatic spices that make Moroccan food so darn delicious. Treat yo' self: Indulge in sweet treats like flaky pastries and melt-in-your-mouth biscuits at local bakeries. Seafood sensation: Fresh catch alert! Head to the seafood stalls for a taste of the freshest seafood in town. Grilled sardines, fried squid, and bouillabaisse – yum! Street food party: Let's hit the streets! Try quick and tasty bites like "kebabs" and "tagine" while soaking up the energy of the city. Sip & relax: Take a tea break at a traditional tea house and learn about the cultural significance of mint tea in Morocco. Dine like royalty: Sit down and savor a classic Moroccan meal, complete with "tagine," "couscous," and "bastilla." Sweet finale: End the tour on a sweet note with a visit to a local sweet shop, where you'll sample treats like "baklawa," Makrout" and "mhancha." What makes "Taste of Tangier Foodie Tour" extra special is the spontaneous, off-the-cuff atmosphere. Your tour guide will take
Art, Documentaries & Celebrities Footsteps in Tangier
Discover the hidden gems of Tangier’s Old Town and Kasbah with your humble host, Stroll through the Medina and get to know the secrets and uses of the roots and the rich history of Tangier’s most iconic buildings. will begin a route exploring our most significant buildings as The famous Matisse Room! Barbara hurtton house, Paul bowls Office and traveling through time as we discover Andalusian, Greece, Roman, and Berber architectural styles. We will be more than happy to take your favorite holiday photos as we pass the beautiful buildings! We Will also introduce you to multiple movie site locations as the new James Bond actor Daniel Craig, Tilda Swinton, Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio and more… During this tour You’ll sit where those guys used to hang-out with local people especially the American Celebrity Anthony-Bourdain Favorite cafe! while enjoying your cup of Moroccan tea with mint or Local alcoholic beverages while having a deep conversation. Notes : this is a customized Experience and i always make sure take into consideration your special needs.
Tangier in through my eyes
We will meet in the old city going through beautiful old building and having some conversation with my knowing people, later we go to see beautiful view in cafe next to the atlantic ocean, if you want to see tangier in my eyes please hurry and book
Moroccan dish Basstila...!!#
In the beginning, at 11 am, we will go shopping for the quantities we will need. At this time, we will discover several things, including Moroccan culture, how Moroccans shop, and we will discover several tourist areas as the old city. At the end we will go to a place dedicated to the experience (the apartment). Here we will discover the Moroccan Fessi dish, which is more at traditional weddings and weddings Other things to note that the experience will take place inside the apartment but shopping will do it together if they want it, it will be fun for them.
Chefchaouen The blue city- Day trip from Tangier
Departure from Tangier Tangier-Chefchaouen drive around 2h We can see a beautiful landscape on the road: Jbala Mountains, Berber villages, locals small markets situated in the road, Dams… In Chefchaouen, the streets and most of the buildings in the old part of town (medina) are painted a most brilliant sky blue. During the walking tour, we have the impression that nothing has changed in Chefchaouen for centuries. It’s like a live museum or like seeing a documentary about Moroccan history. Highlights of the tour: -The Kasbah of Chefchaouen belongs to the early 18th century -Old city and its walls Typical blue streets of the Medina -Pottery & souks -Mosque in ruins -Stop at the BARAGE (beautiful views + photos) -El parador
A day at Tétouan
As a local from Tétouan, I'd love to show you the Beauty of my city and the details of its streets. We will take a walk together, see the moroccan nd the Spanish architecture, visit the traditional moroccan souk ( market ), a museum, enjoy the mint tea at the heart of the old medina with moroccan sweets and let you enjoy the conversation with locals. Try the tasty flavour of moroccan dishes ( couscous, tajine ... ). Let's spend time together at a riad ( an ancient moroccan house ) where you can find the beautiful little details of moroccan zellij, get your coffee, tea, enjoy the relaxing music And the charm of Tétouan's mountains.
Tangier's pub crawling
we will travel through time and visit some of those hidden old bars and hidden spots for locals .. We'll find out how and where locals love to share their time with friends while grabing a beer and some tapas! In the traditional way of course , We'll visit 3 different places starting from one of the oldest coffee shops in the old medina , experiencing the moroccan munchies to the live music bar enjoying some blues and jazz , last but not least we will chill in a pool side area with some electro music
Tangier Private Half-day, Walking Tour
Tangier is a coastal north Moroccan city overlooking Gibraltar strait, it is an interesting example of Modern Morocco with a deep influence of what is North African, Arabian and Andalusian. What makes it one of the richest cities with beauty, culture and history. This tour is an introduction to Tangier and Morocco, and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy being in a different Moroccan city.. ~ Important information Good news for guests coming by ferry from Tarifa, south Spain or by airplane, there are no health restrictions required anymore to enter Morocco. • Starting place You will be welcomed at Tangier city port, your Cruise, your Riad/hotel (if it is in the old town), or any agreed-upon place. • Starting time If you find a date you like, please book it and we can communicate on the time that works best for you, we are very flexible! Please feel free to ask if you can’t find the time/date you need or for information about: Ferries, Airlines, transport or accommodation.. Note: This is a Private tour, Only you or your group are participating. Tangier awaits you! Expect to have an amazing time..
Experience the Magic of Nightlife in Tangier
Come and discover the magic of Tangier during a unique night experience with us. We will take to the most hidden corners of the city for an unforgettable evening. This nocturnal experience in the perfect opportunity to discover the charms of Tangier in an authentic and unforgettable way. We look forward to welcoming you for this memorable night. Note: Ladies : Dress code is casual chic Gentlemen : casual (no shorts or flip flops) Meeting point in the Medina, boulevard pasteur exactly next to "la terrasse des paresseux". After party we will make sure to drop you off to your Riad or Hotel Food & Drinks are not included (+18) Please feel free to contact me for inquiries.
Exploring Tangier's Hidden Gems by Night
The bar tour experience in Tangier offers a unique glimpse into the city's vibrant nightlife. Participants will have the opportunity to visit a few of the most popular bars in the city, each offering a unique atmosphere and experience. The tour typically starts at a designated meeting point, where participants will meet me, my friend and begin the journey through the city's bustling streets. The first stop on the tour is a traditional Moroccan bar, where participants can sample traditional drinks such as Moroccan beer and Moroccan wine. Next, participants will visit a bar that specializes in live music performances, where they can enjoy traditional Moroccan music and dance then some jazz, blues and world music. At each bar stop, participants will have the opportunity to try local cuisine, including a variety of snacks and small plates. As the tour progresses, participants will continue to explore different bars and experience the local nightlife, immersing themselves in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the city. We will provide insights and stories about each bar and the city of Tangier, adding depth and context to the experience. Finally, the tour will end at a final destination, where participants can continue the night or head back to their accommodation. The bar tour experience in Tangier is a unique and memorable way to experience the city's rich culture & nightlife.