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Unique things to do in Tbilisi

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Khinkali and Khachapuri
We propose to learn how to cook Khinkali and Imeretian Khachapuri under the guidance of the Chef of one of the most delicious restaurants in Tbilisi Price included: - cooking 2 dishes: Khinkali and Imeretian Khachapuri - a plate with local Georgian cheeses - Salad of unforgettable Georgian tomatoes and cucumbers (our guests bring then home) with Kakhetian aromatic oil - Georgian homemade wine - funny stories about the city of Tbilisi Other things to note After passing you will certainly want to repeat the experience at home and after class we will send you recipes. The class will be led by one of our chefs.
Wine Tasting in Historic Wine Cellar
We are a hospitable wine cellar in Tbilisi old town, which is 200 years old. Our production is exclusive and only sold in our cellar. There you can try 7 different types of wine and chacha aslo including georgian chees , As an owner, I will let costumers try our wine and give them an idea of where and how we make wine and what is the story behind our wine cellar . We also tell them about the Georgian history, traditions and culture, because our wine comes with history. Our main mission is to accept the visitors in most hospitable way, to make friends with them and give them any information they ask about the wine, Georgian History and the culture. After leaving our wine cellar ,they will know ins and out of the Georgian winemaking and Georgia as a whole. But most importantly, they will have us as a friends.
Chill Easy, Legendary, popular and hidden bars in Tbilisi
Tbilisi has always been a multinational, peaceful, and historical city. Well, it still does. But one thing that made Tbilisi more famous in another way – its Nightlife. Spending these evenings with Me is a great possibility, for the main reasons: 1. To have the best possible experience in Tbilisi. 2. To make new local and traveler friends. 3. To get familiar with Tbilisi's nightlife stage. We will start at the most popular pre-party yard. I will give you a brief about each point and teach you some "tricks" Then everybody gets welcome shots, and we warm up for the evening. Since we all know each other, the party moved to another district. The neighborhood has played a huge role in the city's overturning.. Full of Live music pubs, clubs, LGBT bars, cozy cafes, and hidden bars. Here we will visit three different concept bars. But introduce you more. Nightlife is rising in popularity when having nightclubs such as "Bassiani" "Khidi" and others is a logical process. But here is a place that might be the turning point in the recognition of the city. For the last, we go to the oldest "underground" bar in the country. The respected pioneer of Tbilisi nightlife. If you are looking for a local friend, I want us to have the best possible evening in my city. We always have information on where to have a party tonight.
Тбилиси незабываемое впечатление
Живое общение с человеком, влюбленным в свой родной город, сложно заменить общеизвестными данными из обычных путеводителей. Мы команда гидов предлагаем вам сначала познакомиться с Тбилиси «для своих». А также мы предлагаем групповые и индивидуальные туры в различные уголки Грузии - Кахети, Казбеги, Мцхета Уплисцихе. Все поездки проходят на комфортабельном транспорте. Вы увидите достопримечательности и древние архитектурные памятники и услышите легенды об истории этого гостеприимного города и узнаете как сориентироваться в современном ритме Тбилиси. Мы поможем разобраться в изобилии национальных блюд и насладиться знаменитым грузинским многоголосием. Тбилиси – город с многовековой историей, он полон живописных уютных улочек, двориков, удивительных памятников древней и современной архитектуры. Серные бани, Инжировое ущелье и водопад, Крепость Нарикала, Улица-лестница, Театр марионеток Резо Габриадзе, Мост мира, Балконы на крепостной стене, Храм Анчисхати, скульптуры по рисункам Н. Пиросмани, Кафедральный собор Сиони, Метехскую церковь! Наша прогулка проходит каждый день. Мы чередуем Впечатления «Современные маршруты» и «Древние тропы», чтобы показать вам город со всех сторон. Обе прогулки проходят по старому городу. Вы увидите известные места города, секретные улочки, дворики и разные "тайные" места известные только местным.
Taste Khinkali, see Kazbegi, feel happy
THE ULTIMATE MOUNTAIN COMBO: history, nature and delicious food. Join our tour to Stepantsminda / Kazbegi and feel the true spirit of the Great Caucasus at an altitude of 2170m above the sea level. Scenic landscapes, historic sights and a delicious traditional lunch are waiting for you! We will follow the ancient Georgian Military Highway all the way up north and we'll stop at all must-see sights, such as: - the medieval Ananuri fort - the picturesque Jinvali water reservoir - the breath taking panorama view from the Friendship monument in Gudauri - mineral water springs and more As a special highlight we´ll take you to our favorite local countryside restaurant for a true khinkali tasting experience. Khinkali are the famous dumplings, that originated from the highlands. Here, in their homeland, they still taste very different from the Tbilisi style. Join us for a day of stunning views, thrilling history and delicious mountain food!
Kazbegi and Truso valley off-road tour
We promise that you will see the ancient Ananuri fortress, the Zhinvali reservoir with turquoise water, the arch of friendship and ski resort Gudauri, the confluence of two rivers, and the Gergeti Holy Trinity church in Kazbegi. But that's not all – the Georgian military road has more secrets! The Truso Valley is the place where the Terek River originates and the landscapes take your breath away. Add a nice walk in the Kazbegi area in an almost abandoned valley towards the South Ossetia borders. Except for the nice nature, there are also interesting travertine formations due to local mineral springs, geysers, ancient towers, and several abandoned settlements. And of course, at the lunch, you can try the best khinkali (Georgian dumpling)! Great value for groups and single travellers. Most popular tour in Georgia in a new format! Explore more with us! Price includes: • Guiding service • Transportation by 4x4 car • Drive to the Holy Trinity Church Price excludes: • lunch (vegetarian option is available, lunch can be paid by card or cash) • personal expenses • tips for the host and driver After the tour, we can drop off you in Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) or Gudauri.
Tbilisi's Historical Discovery Walk
The tour will begin at the entrance of Tbilisi Old Town, where guests will be introduced to the tour guide and given a brief overview of the tour route and what they can expect to see and learn during the experience. We will then explore the charming streets of Tbilisi's Old Town, where guests will see a mix of traditional and modern architecture. As we walk, we will also see many historical landmarks such as the Sioni Cathedral, Metekhi Church, and the Narikala Fortress. These landmarks provide a glimpse into Tbilisi's rich history and culture. We will then visit the Abanotubani, which is the ancient district of Tbilisi famous for its sulfur baths. This is a unique experience as it will give guests a chance to see a traditional Georgian bathhouse and learn about the history and cultural significance of this practice in Tbilisi. Finally, we will end the tour at a local café or restaurant, where guests can sample traditional Georgian cuisine and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. This will provide a great opportunity for guests to experience the local culture and cuisine. Throughout the tour, guests will be provided with interesting and historical information about the places visited and also provided with a unique perspective on Tbilisi that they wouldn't get on their own.
Tbilisi Pub Crawl experience
"Turning strangers into friends!" - this is the motto I go by. We meet in the lobby of Fabrika hostel, from where our adventure starts! The first stop is a wine bar, where we will drink 3-4 kinds of delicious Georgian wine and play games. Then we go to 4 local bars, in order to see Georgian nightlife, have fun, drink tasty shots, craft beer or more wine, maybe sing and dance as well!
Pottery workshop in Georgia
Ceramic art is one of the main and recognizable things in Georgia! Unique shapes and unique flavor! If you want to plunge into the old and modern traditions of the Georgian people and feel Georgia from the inside, then we are happy to invite everyone to our cozy studio at the very heart of Tbilisi! What is "Kaliada studio"? -It’s the place where you can discover the wonderful world of ceramics, find a new hobby or entire life's work -Daily sculpting workshops, including potter's wheel -Professional masters and high-quality European materials -The chimney in the studio -Creative celebrations of birthdays, hen parties -Romantic dates with potter’s wheel -Advanced courses -Gift certificates and profitable passes If you want Georgia to stay in your heart forever - you know where to go! PS: After you create your item, we process it for free, cover it with a protective layer and then fire it. Fully finished product can be picked up in 7 days, or we can organize delivery for you. Terms are set individually.
Exploring Tbilisi
Kickstart your trip to Tbilisi with this small-group tour! Even if you only have a short time in Tbilisi, you have to spend at least a half-day exploring the Old Town. The architecture in the city’s historic district is a mixture of Georgian, Byzantine, Oriental, and Neo-Classical European styles. Among the sites, you will visit is the Orthodox Anchiskhati Basilica, the city’s oldest church. You will also see the 13th-century churches of Sioni and Metekhi, the magnificent Narikala Fortress, perched on a hill with superb views of the city below, and the classic Freedom Square. You will then continue to one of Tbilisi’s newest attractions, the Bridge of Peace, which opened in 2010 over the River Mtkvari (also known as the Kura River). Tbilisi’s compact size means you can easily explore the nearby Synagogue, Armenian Church, and Mosque, in addition to the Georgian Orthodox churches so fundamental to Georgian culture. This peaceful co-existence of the various religions helps emphasize modern Georgian tolerance. Group tours are only available in the English language.
Master Khachapuri Like a Local-Tbilisi Cooking Masterclass
Do you wish to cook real Khachapuri like a local? Then, join us for a cooking masterclass at the Georgian Family House. Enjoy a friendly and home alike environment during this Khachapuri Masterclass. We will make you feel as if you visited your Aunt’s home on weekends! You will have a chance to: • Taste true Khachapuri made by Aunt Lali • Learn and prepare Khachapuri yourself • Meet new people and friends • Experience a true Georgian Hospitality What's Included: • Meeting at a set point • Accompanying to a hostess home • Khachapuri tasting • Khachapuri cooking masterclass • Water
First evening in Tbilisi - Walk, Stories & Wine
THE PERFECT INTRODUCTION TO TBILISI AND GEORGIAN CULTURE - including all highlights of the Old town and some hidden gems! We´ll be walking through the most interesting parts of the Old town, covering both must-sees and some hidden gems. A delicious wine tasting and a cable car ride to Narikala fort are included. Join our walking tour through the historical center of Tbilisi and explore its rich history, thrilling legends and the modern life in the vibrant capital of Georgia!
Learn Georgian granny's recipes
Learn the secrets to cooking delicious traditional Georgian food with a local! I will show you how to cook khachapuri "Adjaruli" according to an old recipe of the families in Adjara (Georgian region). It is a famous Georgian boat-shaped cheese pie with egg yolk in the center. You will make the true Adjarian khachapuri under my guidance, and also you will make Georgian dumplings - "khinkali" in the style of local highlanders. Of course, after the class, you will enjoy the meal you cooked, with a glass of tasty homemade wine. Other things to note The cooking class takes around 2 hrs. If the time you would like is not available please feel free to contact me.
Kakheti – Eat Pray and Love Wine
Departing from Tbilisi, embark on a full-day tour to visit the sunniest regions of Georgia. The eastern region of Kakheti is Georgia’s premier wine-producing area, where almost everywhere you go you’ll be invited to drink a glass of traditional amber wine. Along the way, make a stop at the village of Badiauri where you can learn how to bake traditional Georgian bread and can try to do it by yourself. For those who love cheese, there you will find many types of cheese accompanied by hot, fresh, crispy bread. Next up, visit the Bodbe Monastery, one of the most important religious sites in Georgia. Today there is a nunnery where the monastery used to be, and the St. George Cathedral, part of the monastery, which holds the remains of St. Nino. There is also a new cathedral built, using much of the same construction methods used to make the most famous cathedrals in Georgia centuries ago. Then arrive at Sighnaghi, known as the "town of love". I will tell the legend that happened in this city many centuries ago as you walk along the cobbled streets of the city, climb the fortress wall, and visit one of the towers. There is also a local market where you can try and buy Georgian spices, sweets, sauces, and much more. Finally, it's time to go to a winery to taste Georgian wine. There are so many different wines, and you are bound to find something that you like!
К величественному Казбеку воспетому Пушкином
Восторг от грузинских пейзажей Дорога из Тбилиси в Казбеги пролегает по живописному ущелью реки Арагви. Первая остановка у одной из плотин Жинвальского водохранилища: вы полюбуетесь его бирюзовой гладью и узнаете о возникновении и роли этого водоёма. Кроме того, вас ждёт слияние двух рек (Белой и Чёрной Арагви), захватывающие дух виды у Арки Дружбы и необычный минеральный источник, напоминающий золотистую реку. Церковь в Гергети и крепость Ананури- вы точно видели такие открытки: стоящий на холме древний монастырь на фоне заснеженных гор. За этими видами в реальности вы отправитесь в село Степанцминда у подножия Казбека. А там пересядете на джипы, чтобы подняться к «монастырю за облаками», воспетому в стихах Пушкина. В путешествии также прекрасно сохранившаяся крепость Ананури 16 века: за её мощными стенами вас ждут истории местных правителей — арагвских эриставов. При экстремальных погодных условиях маршрут пройдет через Жинвальское водохранилище, крепость Ананури, слияние рек, Млету, гудаурскую смотровую площадку и Гудаури + обед в Пасанаури
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