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Unique things to do in Trinidad

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Activities near top attractions

Photo of Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor281 locals recommend
Photo of Casa de la Música
Casa de la Música325 locals recommend
Photo of Iberostar Grand Hotel Trinidad
Iberostar Grand Hotel Trinidad5 locals recommend
Photo of Taberna La Canchánchara
Taberna La Canchánchara102 locals recommend
Photo of Restaurante San José
Restaurante San José138 locals recommend
Photo of La Botija
La Botija87 locals recommend

All activities near Trinidad

Horse riding to a waterfall in Trinidad
The walk to the waterfall begins in the limits of the city of Trinidad, and it is necessary to cross the entire Valley of the Sugar Mills, characterized by a large number of sugar mills dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It is a journey full of beautiful landscapes and interesting history, as well as the daily life of the local peasant, who prepare and offer drinks such as "the guarapo", a drink derived from sugar cane, and the well-known coffee, which is prepared using the most traditional methods of the time. The waterfall is in itself a refreshing paradise, a gift from nature to satisfy the enjoyment and relaxation of the most demanding. The gastronomic offer included, is also a sample of the most typical culinary of our country, ready to convince and to love everyone who tries it.
History and Art in Trinidad
We will visit the historical center of the city of Trinidad starting from the point where the town was founded in 1514, we will visit historic buildings dating from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries, we will learn the history of the village in detail while we walk, its culture, art and religion. We will analyze architectural styles and construction techniques of the colonial period, methods and strategies of conservation and restoration put into practice both by the Cuban government and by owners of some of these valuable buildings that today are private homes, some of themes we can visit because their owners are my friends. We will visit the main art gallery of the city that occupies a state historical building, as well as other private ones inside and outside the historical center, we will meet artists with an original work, disconnected from the touristic, commercial or souvenir market circuit, in their homes or private workshops not open to the public, as many are my colleagues and friends, we can share their experiences and talk about their work as we see them work. We will conclude our tour enjoying a traditional drink of Trinidad at the Café Don Pepe.
Cuban Cooking Class International Chef
First, some interesting facts about the culinary traditions of our island are explained, then we will explain the menu that we will develop in the class, then we will prepare it together and finally we will taste our preparations in an extraordinary Cuban Creole dinner. Other things to note It is an unforgettable experience.
Meet the amazing Trinidad
The most important aspect about the experience is that you can get to feel Cuban life much more closely, and above all, clarify many doubts and learn stories. It is a very flexible tour, which can be adjusted to your interests. We will begin the tour walking through the streets of this amazing city, while we can talk about any topic of interest to you. As a true journey back in time, you will be able to learn a little more about our history, while we visit the most emblematic places. We will visit the Cantero Palace where we will be able to observe a panoramic view of the city from its tower. We will visit the city's art gallery and spaces for artisans, both ceramics and fabrics. We will walk through one of the main commercial arteries of the city, where I can give you tips on the best places to dine or go out at night. From here we will be able to get away from the touristic circuit a bit, and you will be able to learn about the traditions and life of Cubans, while we visit the studios and workshops of artist friends. We will finish in our Art Studio, where you can learn how to make and taste a delicious canchánchara, while you will have the chance to meet new people and share with friends.
The unique Salsa and Rumba experience
After meeting in our studio in the center of Trinidad we will start the class with a Salsa warm up to relax our bodies and get to know the basic movements of our shoulders and hips for the upcoming dance course. I will teach you the rhythm of Salsa and Rumba and with the help of some typical Cuban instruments you will learn to feel and understand the music of Salsa and Rumba. Depending on your level I will teach you the basic steps with your first turns. If you already dance you will get to know some beautiful figures and little choreographies and we will work on your style and Cuban flavor. After one hour we will make a little break where we will offer you a cold water or soft drink. After the class we are happy to answer your questions about the Cuban dance culture and we will help you to find the right place to practice what you have learned with us in Trinidad. Other things to note We can adjust the class to your abilities so don’t worry if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced dancer we are able to fulfill your needs.
Hike to views with an athlete
We’ll walk from Plaza Mayor to the top of La Vigia Hill. From there you’ll have a beautiful and unforgettable view of Trinidad City, Sugar Mills Valley nearby, the mountains, and the Caribbean Sea. It will be an excellent opportunity to get away from town and get closer to nature. This is a chance to take great photos, exercise, and feel the history and culture of this small town from a different perspective. During the hike we will talk about the landscape and people of this city while we enjoy the beautiful sunrise. Other things to note Wear suitable clothes and shoes for hiking. I recommend bring insect repellent, kneepads, ankle pads, and a small bag or backpack for your belongings.
Know Trinidad, a World Craft City
We will know the intangible heritage of Trinidad, declared Artisan City of the World since 2018, its history, customs and artisanal traditions inherited throughout the centuries by the inhabitants of this land, which were once their only way of life. On this tour, we will visit the cobbled stone streets of the historic center plagued of art everywhere, admiring the architecture of the famous mansions belonged to the wealthy families of Trinidad centuries ago, which provide a colonial and magical atmosphere. We will travel through parks of the city knowing galleries, local artisans and people, we will introduce in their real daily life. We will know the Santander family, heirs of a long tradition of pottery, where we will have fun creating a piece of pottery, guided by a master. Also you will have the chance to taste the local coctel, a delicious cancháncchara. You will have the chance of learn about my city and people, following our traditions with the objective that you retorned to your country, with a new artisan skill. Let's discover the art treasured in Trinidad. Other things to note This is your best chance to learn our art, legends, centuries-old cultural, religious and traditions that will make you love our World Artisan City, Follow me and learn a new skill !!
Andanzas con Betty
En mi experiencia estaremos visitando varios lugares de interés histórico y cultural, interactuaremos con personas locales y con una mezcla de historia y tradición nos lanzaremos hacia la cotidianidad de quienes pueblan la añeja Villa de Trinidad de Cuba. En un recorrido atípico en el tiempo, comenzaremos por el centro de la ciudad, más cercano a nuestros días, para luego andar las calles y adentrarnos cada vez más en el paisaje urbano, su arquitectura, sus costumbres, su cultura, museos, su comida, la religión afrocubana y el día a día del trinitario. Más allá de todo esto, no faltará la recomendación de los centros nocturnos más visitados para los diferentes gustos e intereses. Visitaremos también el Café de su elección, para degustar de una bebida tradicional, que puede ser en mitad del recorrido o al finalizar.
Horseback Riding to Waterfall in Trinidad Cuba
I invite you for a horse ride in an authentic tropical paradise in the Cuban countryside, virgins of the passage of time. We will depart from the meeting point, where they will receive the means of protection to ride a horse, a class for those who have never ridden it, but is passionate or attracted to it. We walk 3 min with the horses to the riding area, then during the walk we can make the breaks you want to take pictures in places of interest, we are characterized by pleasing the client to the fullest especially they are children. The coffee house, small sugar cane plantations to taste the excellent natural juice of the same, the old Hacienda el Abanico and houses built during the period of the previous governments and finally the natural pool where you can enjoy an authentic Cuban bath until 1:30h or more, always feel pleased. Paired with an excellent Cuban cigar that we include for you, during the horseback ride Important! Highly recommended to wear shoelaces, pants, swimwear, sunscreen, incest protection, download the app and add the map of Cuba, to locate the meeting place in the best way.
Discover Trinidad by Bici-Taxi
Nuestro equipo quiere que descubras la verdadera Trinidad en una bici-taxi. Visitaremos diferentes vecindarios y conocerá las características más extraordinarias de una ciudad que es: antigua y moderna. Conocerás la auténtica Trinidad y la peculiar vida de sus habitantes. Estamos dispuestos a mostrarle nuestro lugar especial y hacer de su visita un episodio inolvidable de su viaje. Nuestro programa se ajustará perfectamente a usted si está interesado en la historia, las artes y algunos aspectos socio-políticos de esta isla legendaria. Visitaremos los lugares emblemáticos de la ciudad donde viven nuestras tradiciones, como la estación de trenes, el taller familiar de Santander y la plaza Céspedes. Un bici-taxi te ayudarán a construir tu propia imagen de Trinidad. No te pierdas la oportunidad de descubrir la ciudad más encantadora del sur de Cuba. Al final del recorrido se le lleva a un pueblo de pescadores llamado ( La Boca ) que se encuentra a 4 km , donde disfrutaras de un mojito y una pizza cubana mirando el mar al finalizar se le llevara a trinidad de retorno. Otros aspectos destacables Recuerda que es un paseo en bici-taxi.
Discover Real life and Neigbourhoods
Through this experience, you will get the chance to learn about Trinidad and the unique and charming areas where you'll be learning and visiting real life areas. You will know more about this community and its culture. Through our walking around you have the chance to ask to us about different topics regarding our life and history not only from trinidad Cuba but also Trinidad. This experience will be a great chance for you to learn about us and even better the best way for us to learn about you. Other things to note Please bring your camera and a hat or other sun protection. We are open to schedule change. Gracias
Conoce la magia de los campos cubanos
El inicio o salida de la actividad se realizará a las 9 am desde la puerta de mi casa. El recorrido es de aproximadamente de 6 kms hasta la zona de baño y un total de 12 kms total el recorrido. El trayecto es a caballo o calesa y consiste en visitar varios lugares con actividades específicas en cada uno de ellos. Primero visitarán el Valle de los Ingenios, alli disfrutarán del guarapo de caña, podrán disfrutar de la elaboración del mismo con sus propias manos si lo desean. Poosteriormente visitarán la casa del café, allí podrán disfrutar de un trago de café, el cual está incluído en el precio de la experiencia. Los clientes que desean fumar tabaco cubano, son obsequiados con un ejemplar gratuitamente. A continuación podrán disfrutar de un baño en la Cascada del Pilón, el cual contiene tibias y cristalinas aguas que salen de manantiales cercanos. En este lugar existen bares donde pueden degustar cócteles típicos cubanos, tragos de ron y otras bebidas refrescantes por un precio adicional. Cuando los clientes terminan de bañarse, continúa el recorrido, visitando el Mirador desde donde pueden disfrutar de excelentes vistas del Valle del Ingenio, la playa Ancón y el Mar Caribe en general. También se observa la ciudad de Trinidad. Los clientes pueden disfrutar de un almuerzo en un restaurante cercano, cuyas ofertas son incluidas en el precio
The unique Taxi-Dancer experience
We are in the house of La Trova, Trinad Cuba, at 09:30 pm. In case you don't know this place, you would send me your address and an instructor can pick you up. In this place we will stay 2 hours and you will be listening, dancing and dialoguing with your instructor about the rich Cuban rhythms (the Son, the Casino already called Salsa, the Chà Chà Chà, the Timba etc.). I recommend the Casa de la Trova, as it is a typical, authentic and traditional place of Trinidad. It is a cool place, where we will appreciate a 100% Cuban live music group. In this package we include the entrance of the place, a drink and your dance instructor. We want you to enjoy the taste and trinitarian nightlife. After two hours, we would have a dance and a photo as a souvenir and we hope your visit is repeated. Other things to note This is an experience for all levels. It is for women and men accompanied by me, but if they are men I also have professional teachers who can accompany them and enjoy the different genres of music and Cuban dances, there we will enter the traditions and nightlife
Trinidad, Cuba, good vibes, local culture, beach and dance
Would you like to learn more about Cuban culture with its rhythms, landscapes and energy? Looking for a unique and engaging activity? Experience it with us....and get to know Cuba through a comprehensive and immersive tour of Trinidad. For everyone, no one excluded: Beginners, curious, advanced level, happy! What will we do? - Breakfast or brunch depending on the time of the tour, at the most famous cafeteria Don Pepe (typical Cuban cafeteria in the centre of Trinidad). - 1.00 h dance lesson Sala Cubana (Casino) at the terrace. - Shared lunch or snack (happy hour) in a typical Cuban paladar (not touristy) or at home (speciality of a Cuban cooker). Shared evening of dancing and entertainment with live music in a typical Trinidad place. Bring with you: cheerfulness, good energy and happiness! If you have specific requests, send us a message! We look forward to meeting you soon!
Taste the real Trinidad
From the meeting point, walk to the commercial centre, Cespedes . Guide will give a historical background of the area. Walk to Colon Street and Alameda street to the oldest street, Calle Real to discover the hidden treasures of the historic center, a stop at Plaza Mayor. Keep walking along Calle Real to Jigue Square, foundational spot of the village. Guide will give you a historical background of the area. Walk up to the Romance Museum, entrance fee and guided visit included (if available) to discover how the colonial upper class used to live with decorative elements of the Romance Period. Visit to the iconic Casa de la Musica to enjoy traditional live Cuban Music combined with an optional refreshing drink (Trinidad Colonial) Visit a local Colonial house while walking along the living museum area of the city. Interact with the family and enjoy a homemade coffee. Visit Santa Ana Square to see the ruins of this important church from Colonial Times and its old prison, turned into a Brewery today. Stop for 15 min for an optional drink. Take a panoramic ride by rickshaw for about 20 minutes to see where real local life goes on, and part of a defensive structure of the city in colonial times. Other things to note: Be ready to walk on cobbled stone streets
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