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Family-friendly vacation rentals in Wuri District

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Top-rated family-friendly rentals in Wuri District

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Condo in West District
Tongmei Takuma {A} Happiness Time 3-6 people.The view from the high floor is unbeatable.Walk to Key Museum.Convenient parking!Comfortable. Clean and reassuring home
Our listing has a few simple features: * [Independent]: Private bathroom, not shared with people, independent access. * [Come]: Taoyuan Airport, Taichung Airport, Taipei, Tainan, come in the direction of Kaohsiung, take the high-speed rail, Taiwan Rail, passenger transport to Taichung and then transfer to the bus to our house, the station sign is just downstairs from us, walk 3-5 minutes. * Go to: Gaomei Wetland, Fengjiayi Midnight Market, Lu Siyi Church, bus station plates are all downstairs.To reach the Qing Dynasty Farm, Sun Moon Lake can reach the Taichung High-speed Railway, and there are direct passenger transportation. * [Car]: Parking is not a problem: There are plenty of paid parking lots in the building, surrounding parking lots, and street parking. * Eat: Spring Water Hall, Hot Pot, Indian Cuisine, Thai Cuisine, Chinese Teppanyaki, McDonald's.There are many restaurants around, and many snacks are also abundant. * [Shopping]: Cobo Museum is a favorite place for parents and children in Taichung, Eslite Bookstore, Sogo Department Store, Botanical Garden The above-mentioned places can be walked for about 5-10 minutes. * [Beauty]: High floor height can see the night view of Taichung, very beautiful * [Peace of mind]: In our house: There is a 24-hour guard room downstairs, and cleaning and hygiene is our priority.Guest issues will be handled as quickly as possible so you can rest assured * [Walk]: Welcome to the comfortable space we have prepared for you, after experiencing the tour in Taichung, charge the electricity for tomorrow's journey and then go on the road. * If the dates you want to book have been booked, we have other rooms to choose from
Jun 16 – 23
$87 per night
4.92 out of 5 average rating, 344 reviews
Guest favorite
Condo in West District
B [Romantic full house] 2 to 6 people. Large space. High-rise night view. Opposite Sogo.Close to the Science Museum. Donghai University Feng Chia Yizhong Night Market
Xiaozhai Characteristic 1: Nearly 30 floors of Sogo Department Store. Enjoy the unbeatable night view in the Great Terrace 2: 20 tsubo (45 square meters) large and private space. The bathroom is not shared with others. 6 people stay spacious and comfortable 3: There are 4 beautiful private rooms on the same floor where family and friends share a good time 4: Self check-in with an electronic keypad. No matter how many nights you have, you can enter the room with a keypad. Please provide your ID the day before check-in to check in. 5: There is a flat parking lot in the building, which can be parked at your own expense, 150 yuan per day, and you can enter and exit multiple times. 6: Five-star homestay. Fully stocked with amenities. Just bring your own clothes. Easy to check in 7: on Netflix. You Tube [Convenient transportation] High-speed rail 159 free shuttle bus and bus stop signs are all downstairs in the building. Taiwan Avenue bus along the line every 3 minutes — shuttle bus. 15 minutes to Taichung Railway Station or Donghai University 30 minutes by taxi to the high-speed rail station and 35 minutes from Taichung Airport.It's easy to get to Taichung. Downstairs is the Golden Greenway Shopping Mall. Inside is the west bank. Spring Water Hall. Starbucks.. Nearby. Sukiya is a well-known Japanese beef rice bowl chain. December porridge. Tea. Private dish. Twelve-stage hot pot, Little India Chaste Restaurant. 7-11 and Family Mart. Kang is a beauty cosmetics store. Poya Life Mall
Apr 22 – 29
$82 per night
4.92 out of 5 average rating, 415 reviews
Apartment in Caotun Township
【 Grass tunnel hangout 】 Suitable for parents and children planning a trip to Nantou, enjoy the hot tub, sand pit, drama pool, terrace garden, and the hot grass shoe pond night market.
My place is close to Grass Town. It is on line 14 that leads to Sun Yue Tan, Hua Huan Mountain, and Qing Dynasty. The interior kitchen, living room, and dining room are all fully equipped. It is suitable for couples, families with children, silver-haired couples, and small groups. We welcome you to stay here for a long time.Attractions nearby: 1. Grass Town Living Craft Museum: 1.5 km, 5 minutes by car 2. Treasure Island Era Village and Grass Shoe Tomb Night Market: You can visit the old theme village during the day, and eat at the night market at night, 2.5 km away, 8 minutes by car. 3. It is Alice's Paradise: located in Fenyuan's parent-child park, it is a good place for children to discharge electricity, 10.5 km away, 24 minutes by car. 4. Nantou Dinosaur Exhibition and Sand Eagle Exhibition: Sand Eagle Exhibition will be extended until May 7, 2017, and Sand Eagle Exhibition will be extended until January 2018. 5. Sky Bridge - Monkey Well Scenic Area: 13.9 km, 28 min by car. 6. Misty peaks round the church: hidden in the castle of the European garden halfway up the mountainside.12.9 km, 26 min by car. 7. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Asia. 9.4 km, 19 min by car.
Nov 15 – 22
$25 per night
4.95 out of 5 average rating, 115 reviews

Popular amenities for Wuri District family-friendly rentals

Family-friendly home rentals with a hot tub

Hotel room in Xitun District
1 Downtown Situn Opera House is in the middle of a big deal!Fully furnished boutique (including a dedicated cleaner)
May 1 – 8
$81 per night
4.91 out of 5 average rating, 166 reviews
Home in Nantun District
Passion Fruit Villa 時鐘花度假別墅 (Ling Tung University)
Dec 28 – Jan 4
$341 per night
5.0 out of 5 average rating, 3 reviews
Townhouse in Nantou City
Nantou EG Hostel Homestay 6 bedrooms 6 bathrooms 14 people Suginrinxi Ao Wan Daqing Creek Head Sun Moon Lake Ziyue Temple Private Building Accommodation Nantou National Travel Card Value
Jun 21 – 28
$352 per night
New place to stay
Apartment in Xitun District
Bobo love you.
Jun 21 – 28
$779 per night
New place to stay
Apartment in Nantun District
{Downtown Nantun Wenxin Forest Park} Homes, Immigration, Business, Hometown ~ Boutique upscale equipped with car space included, cleaning butler.Over half a year 42% discount
Jan 29 – Feb 5
$53 per night
New place to stay
Townhouse in Nantou City
Nantou Building can also be very elegant 6 rooms + 6 bathrooms + 7 double beds + 6 parking spaces = 9800 yuan Nantou City Homestay EG Hostel
Apr 16 – 23
$352 per night
4.0 out of 5 average rating, 5 reviews

Family- and pet-friendly home rentals

Home in Shetou Township
Changhua Idyllic Getaway-Free EV & KTV
May 5 – 12
$293 per night
4.96 out of 5 average rating, 106 reviews
Townhouse in Nantou City
Nantou holiday villa recommended to live 8 ~ 14
Oct 27 – Nov 3
$191 per night
4.74 out of 5 average rating, 74 reviews
Cabin in Dongshi District
European-style cottage/holiday limited private house 6-12 people/English is ok
Nov 9 – 16
$36 per night
4.64 out of 5 average rating, 73 reviews
Home in Xitun District
Warm House - Large Family Room for Mediterranean Holidays for 6-8 people
Apr 25 – May 2
$122 per night
4.31 out of 5 average rating, 91 reviews
Townhouse in Nantou City
Private Pet Friendly Stay with Electric Mahjong Table | Pets & Extra Bed Fee | Number of people set up according to the number of people required
Apr 21 – 28
$362 per night
4.92 out of 5 average rating, 13 reviews
Condo in 台中市西屯區
Fengjia Industrial Style Room for 10
Apr 28 – May 5
$91 per night
4.63 out of 5 average rating, 57 reviews
Condo in 台中市
Yizhongjie Accommodation No Parking Lot.Elevator. Lockbox Bldg.
Mar 7 – 14
$246 per night
4.73 out of 5 average rating, 30 reviews
Home in Xitun District
Simple Japanese style sunshine room
Sep 20 – 27
$57 per night
4.0 out of 5 average rating, 4 reviews
Home in Sanyi Township
Private building (five rooms)
Aug 20 – 27
$317 per night
New place to stay
Home in Sanyi Town
Sanyi Happiness Homestay - Happiness View Double Special Room
Apr 29 – May 6
$71 per night
New place to stay
Cabin in Dongshi District
European-style cottage/pet friendly/Holiday limited to 6-12 people/English is ok
Mar 9 – 16
$36 per night
4.81 out of 5 average rating, 16 reviews
Condo in Xitun District
The Mediterranean room of ten people in Fengjia
Mar 17 – 24
$103 per night
4.58 out of 5 average rating, 24 reviews

Family-friendly home rentals with a pool

Guest favorite
Apartment in West District
Science Museum, Downtown 2-6p、 Long-term、 Bus stop
May 19 – 26
$60 per night
4.78 out of 5 average rating, 226 reviews
Condo in Xitun District
Outdoor swimming pool for 1 to 5 people (open in summer) Gym Spa Paid KTV MRT City Municipal Station There is a bus to Fengjia Donghai Yizhong Business District
Mar 8 – 15
$120 per night
4.8 out of 5 average rating, 96 reviews
Apartment in 北屯區
Fragrant small mansion swimming pool parking, family and company group tour, business trip, brainstorming meeting, near Taiyuan Railway Station
Jun 14 – 21
$120 per night
4.13 out of 5 average rating, 8 reviews
Condo in Xitun District
Convenient transportation, large 4 rooms on a high floor with a view of the East China Sea
May 11 – 18
$177 per night
New place to stay
Guest favorite
Apartment in West District
Science Museum 2-6, Downtown, long-tern, Feng-Chia
May 13 – 20
$58 per night
4.91 out of 5 average rating, 76 reviews

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