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Unique things to do in Abruzzo

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All activities near Abruzzo

Meeting with alpacas
Together we will make this unique experience happen First you will be informed about our natural dealing with these special animals. Then we put the theory into practice and make a beautiful walk with the alpaca herd. You will see our olive trees and tipical mountain ridges, called calanchi. It takes about 1 hour. We finish close to the house, where we enjoy a drink with homemade cake in the garden. And I will show the woolproducts I have made. Other things to note Google Maps: Abruzzovakantie. Its not the agriturismo Colle Tripio! Stay on the main road Guardiagrele to Castel Frentano, until you see a white sign "CRETONI". Take this exit and at the end there is a white house. Here you can park your car.
Abruzzese cuisine with grandmother Amelia
Arrived at our home, between the chirping of birds and the scent of the surrounding vegetation, admiring the Gran Sasso massif that watches over the horizon, after welcoming our guests perhaps with a welcome drink specially created by my mother and my grandmother, we will start with the story and the preparation of a typical dish of the Teramana culinary tradition. As an example I will bring the so-called 'virtues', an ancient dish made up of fresh and dry pasta with different shapes and colors, legumes, vegetables and meat. This dish was cooked in ancient times by bringing together all that was left at the end of the winter season, so as not to throw anything away. Each ingredient must be cooked individually and at the end of the preparations it will be united all together. It will be fun to spread different types of handmade pasta, with different doughs and colors and especially at the end of the work, to taste what has been cooked, all together, in the garden, enjoying that sense of peace that only the countryside can transmit. All this, telling guests about the ancient preparations, the used tools, often handmade and very dated, we will go around the countryside showing them our vegetable garden, our olive grove where we produce oil, ancient techniques of food preservation and our whole fantastic world, made of simplicity
Peaceful horse trek in the olive groves as seen on tv
A unique horse and pony trek around the beautiful unspoiled hill valleys and olive groves of Casalanguida, in Italy's beautiful wine region Abruzzo. Come and meet the horses and ponies, an interesting mix of breeds including an Exmoor pony from the UK and a French cart horse. Get to know them and their personalities. We can discuss your horse knowledge and riding experience to make sure you're comfortable before we take you out on a led riding trek through the beautiful olive groves and surrounding countryside. The animals here are happy and well loved and live to roam this beautiful part of the world, often accompanied by their doggy friends. They'd love to meet you and share this wonderful place, whether you are an experienced rider or new to these magnificent animals. Other things to note The horses live next to an old style farm house, down a hill lane off of SP42 II, it is a sharp turn off of the main road onto the lane, if you drive down the lane you will see us on the left. I live in the farm house with my father and two dogs. Please call if you need directions en route. As seen on uk TV. A new life in the sun
Passeggiata a cavallo tra le colline abruzzesi
Offro passeggiata a cavallo per bambini e adulti tra le colline abruzzesi tra olivi e vigne con vista degli Appennini. La passeggiata può essere personalizzata di 1, 2 ore oppure intera giornata. I nostri cavalli sono adatti anche a principianti sono parte della nostra famiglia
Ciaspolata o passeggiata invernale ai Pantani di Accumoli
Andiamo a fare un'escursione in montagna in ambiente invernale, andiamo insieme alla scoperta dei Pantani di Accumoli se c'è la neve ci andremo con le CIASPOLE! Se non c'è la neve andremo comunque a visitare i Pantani di Accumoli, un luogo sempre piacevole con la presenza di animali al pascolo praticamente quasi tutto l'anno. Dopo la ciaspolata (o escursione senza ciaspole se non c'è la neve) andremo a pranzo in un ristorante del posto. Il costo del pranzo non è incluso nel costo dell'esperienza.
Rinfrescati nelle Gole del Salinello
Nella varietà di un territorio ricco come l'Abruzzo, si nascondono delle gole maestose e accoglienti, dette Gole del Salinello. Rifugio sicuro nelle afose giornate estive, nelle gole ci immergeremo fino ai fianchi avventurandoci in una divertente escursione acquatica. L'esperienza giusta per chi ama un'alterazione fresca e frizzante rispetto al mare! Per chi vuole, ci sarà la possibilità di visitare una particolare grotta (biglietto d'ingresso non incluso nel prezzo)!
Walk with donkeys
We will take a walk with Pedro and Rosina. Rosina is the mother and Pedro her son. We will take a tour in the hills of Chieti. The tour measures approximately 6km and is suitable for everyone with a minimum of training. The route is a mixed asphalt and dirt road. Other things to note Open to answer any questions. It is a nice walk in the hills of Chieti, in total relaxation and we will get to know two animal knitters. Experience that will remain in memory.
Tour of Norcia farms & shop
First of all we will meet and introduce ourselves! I like to discover who the people who visit the area are! We will take a brief tour of the city, I will show you the most interesting points and some details of what was in the past. If it is not a problem for you we will go to Piazza San Benedetto and we will do a direct "social" to share with your friends, communication is very important! Then we will visit: the dairy, we will taste the products made from cow's and sheep's milk, as soon as they are made, we will discover an incredible the farm and the farmers. Here in our country it is said that the sheep are "pecunia" ... then I'll explain better what it means! We will then move on to the farm that works the land: it will host us to show us how it produces: lentils, wheat, barley, spelled, ... according to the season we will also look at the production of roveja, cicerchia, saffron ... do you know them? At the end we will go to the butchery: with local salamis we will close our tour. Norcia is the original NORCINERIA (the Italian name for old grocery store) city, did you know? So you can't refuse to try some sausage or some jambon! The snack will be accompanied by a beer made in Norcia (or other beverage as you like) A TASTING IS PRESENT IN EVERY STOP (the dairy, farm, norcineria). ALL INCLUDED IN THE COST of the experience, you can also make shopping in the store/farm (shopping cost will be paid directly to the merchant, of course). Other things to note The timing of the tour is estimated at around 3 hours, around 30 minutes, about 45 minutes for each company / meeting point (3) and then, if you wish, you can take a walk to get to a nice viewpoint (about 45 additional minutes)
Sunset on a sailing boat
we will sail at sunset and we can enjoy the sun going down behind the Gran Sasso massif. The lights of Pescara will get stronger and stronger and the darkness will surround us. We will listen to the silence, the sound of the sea or your favorite music. If there is wind and the sea allows it, we can make sailing maneuvers or be pampered by the movements of the boat while sipping white wine. An experience that remains and will fill your holiday in Abruzzo with emotions. There will be a seafood aperitif, accompanied by white wine and we will tell the stories of the sea. There will be the opportunity to take a swim off, crystal clear water and at the same time pitch black. The return will take place after about 3 hours. Before departure we will do a briefing for the behaviors to be kept / safety and rules. Other things to note if you have problems with seasickness it is recommended to eat well before the experience, otherwise they turn 3 hours of a magnificent experience into a catastrophe for oneself and for others
GOD SAVE THE PIZZA-best food experience
You will come to my house where I have a professional pizza and bread oven. We will make a real historical and culinary journey into the world of pizza, starting from the origins of where pizza was born and how it was in the 1800s to the present day. Furthermore, I will reveal to you all the recipes of a true chef, starting from the realization of the dough to the cooking techniques. I will show you the sourdough and explain how to use it! Then I will make the pizzas with you, I will explain you how to create perfect combinations using strictly seasonal ingredients and possibly at km 0! We will taste pizzas of all kinds and taste excellent Italian beers or wines. All in an atmosphere of tranquility and carefree. Everything will happen on my outdoor terrace in the summer or in the warmth of my house with a fireplace in winter. THE EXPERIENCE IS COMPLETELY FREE FOR CHILDREN FROM 0 TO 10 YEARS. Follow me Other things to note It will be a fantastic experience, a pleasure for your palate. Let yourself be transported into the world of pizza by a true professional! Follow me also on istagram
Visit the most historic winery in Abruzzo
* According to the latest Anti Covid-19 provisions, the Green Pass will be required from 06 August 2021 Discover the most historic winery in Abruzzo: Mazzarosa Winery, since 1863! After a brief overview of the vineyards and olive groves we cultivate and our history, the tour includes a visit to the cellar and the barrel cellar: here you will learn about the aging methods of our wines and you will have the opportunity to see the largest barrel in Europe, from 1000 hectoliters! Together with our staff you will continue with the tasting: 5 wines that represent the Abruzzo tradition, but always with an eye towards innovation and sustainable quality, accompanied by an aperitif with bruschetta together with our oil, cold cuts and cheeses typical of the area, ending with Abruzzo cantuccini, the perfect pairing with one of the most representative sweet wines of Abruzzo, Vino Cotto.
Scopri il centro Italia con una camminata di un giorno
Vieni a scoprire l'area di Accumoli con uno sguardo locale. Percorriamo insieme 20 km in montagna passando attraverso le valli e le cime delle montagne, in uno dei sentieri recentemnete ripristinati dal progetto CamminArquata
Botanica e cucina naturale
Passeggiando tra i nostri campi raccogliendo erbe spontanee e fiori eduli, impari a riconoscerle, a dargli un nome e ad utilizzarle in cucina, proprietà delle essenze, benefici per la salute e realizzare un piatto unico; Le essenze che si incontrano saranno molteplici e diverse a seconda del periodo dell'anno e le condizioni che le stagioni si susseguono, è consigliabile indossare scarpe e indumenti comodi
Day on a sailing boat
we will meet at the Marina of Pescara around 9.30 in the morning. Arriving in front of the boat will follow a small Briefing on behavioral rules, the use of devices and safety rules in navigation and in port. The departure is expected around 10. Once out of the port, we will prepare the boat for sailing. If the weather conditions are favorable, in the morning we will carry out the basic maneuvers and drive the boat safely. We will head about a mile from the coast of the curly beach (located in the municipality of Ortona). Where the water is bluer and we can take a bath in crystal clear water. Followed by lunch based on fish and typical dishes of the Abruzzo culture. We can sunbathe in the bow and sip white wine by being pampered by the sea. At 15.30 is expected to restart, to put the bow towards Pescara and resume sailing. The return to port is scheduled for 18.30. Other things to note it is advisable to have a good breakfast, consult sites that explain how you can avoid seasickness. Xamamine chewable tablets or gums are recommended to prevent a beautiful day from turning into a drama.
Dalla vigna al vino tra le verdi colline teatine
Le colline teatine, la campagna di Ari, i vigneti che circondano una casa padronale d’epoca ristrutturata con gusto contemporaneo all’insegna dell’accoglienza. Accanto una cantina artigiana che è il cuore produttivo della Tenuta I Fauri, l’azienda vitivinicola dei fratelli Valentina e Luigi Di Camillo. Dopo la visita, proponiamo una degustazione dei propri vini, 4 calici accompagnati da una selezione di eccellenze gastronomiche del territorio, con particolare attenzione alla tipicità e stagionalità dei prodotti.
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