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Unique things to do in Macedonia Greece

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All activities near Macedonia Greece

Guided kayak tour at Vourvourou
Our tour starts at Mikro Karydi beach! We meet there and prepare all the stuff for our departure. We prepare/ have sandwitches, fruits, juices and water in portable refrigerators for you. After some instructions, we jump in the kayaks and go together to the best beaches of Kalamonisia islets and Diaporos island! We stop there and you have the opportunity to swim, snorkel and relax at the most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki! During the tour we take pictures of you and after the tour we send all of them to you! Also there is one more small surprise gift for you at the end of our tour! Join us and explore the blue of your soul! Other things to note This kayak tour is designed so that it is also very easy for people who have never tried a kayak. During the kayak tour we are all together and there is no reason to worry about anything.
Thessaloniki Half day sailing cruise to Shipwreck Bay
Join us for a private, memorable and breathtaking experience to the beaches of Thessaloniki. Enjoy a full-day cruise in the crystal clear sea of Thermaikos bay! With our comfortable, safe and luxurious boat Hunter 460 – BLUE FOAM – we will sail the deep blue! We will look at beautiful and sunny beaches, we will explore and swim in the turquoise waters and see places with a magnificent view where you will swim, sunbathe and snorkel. We will live the dream! Our main destination is the Navagio beach Epanomi area opposite of Mt. Olympus, the residence of the Greek Gods! You will get amazed by the spectacle of a cape in the shape of a sandy tongue that gets into the sea. Along literally sandy coastline with shells, turquoise waters competing in beauty with the different sets of a shipwreck. It sank in about 1970 giving its mark on the beach. It adds more excitement to the scenery and offers an incentive for underwater exploring. The natural images, the rhythms of nature and the journey with the sailing boat will magnetize you and build you an unprecedented feeling of freedom. At noon before the hunger conquers us, you will taste a delicious lunch prepared (from scratch) by the Captain. Other things to note The vessel is available for charter for 1 up to 8 persons on a daily basis. All the attached cruises can be modified due to the weather. Hotel pick-up and drop-off with extra cost. ( special price). A passports numbers will be needed to fulfil the documents for the Port Authority.
A journey to Mediterranean vegan cuisine
Our journey begins at my farmhouse in Agios Andreas, a small village 15 minutes distance of Kavala. A freshly cocktail with seasonal fruits and homemade pan bread flavoured with rosemary, garlic and cranberries with mushroom pate will be ready to welcome you. Once you are comfortable, Ι will prepare the meal and will be happy to join in if you like or you can just enjoy the green view and the nature sounds at the patio. In the next hours, you and your friends will be enjoying a vegan Mediterranean cuisine and local wine in a cozy friendly environment. You will enjoy a four-course vegan menu: Starter Spicy citrus tartare with avocado, garlic mint mayo & multi seed cracker. First dish Ravioli with seasonal greens, beetroot sauce and walnuts pesto. Main course Cauliflower steak with gratin potato-celeriac flavoured with herbs and butter and leek sauce flavoured with sage. Dessert Vanilla chocolate mousse with coconut crumble and pear coulis flavoured with flower water . Usually the theme will be seasonal, but I am happy to tailor it to your wishes. *Please remember to mention if you have any allergies.
Greek food cooking class
Along with a Chef, you will get to cook a traditional greek menu as described below: 1) Melitzanosalata, the epitome of summer taste is a a fresh eggplant salad with yogurt, tomato and fresh herbs. 2)Moussaka, one of the most famous greek dishes made with aubergines, potatoes, minced meat and bechamel. 3)Baklavas, a popular in the middle east and countries previously occupied by the Ottoman empire. A paste filled with nuts and syrup. The experience starts with a small presentation of greek gastronomy, the people that lived in the city during the ages. Then the Chef will explain each and every recipe and the fresh ingredients that we are going to use (you will also have a booklet with the recipes!). Remember! This is an experience to share so you can participate and cook along if you want! Then comes the best part! Tasting!
Unique phototour in Thessaloniki
During our time together we are going to walk into the historic center of Thessaloniki starting from the most Known spots of the city, "Kamara" and the famous church "Rotonda". After shooting in these spots we are goingo to proceed towards the port and the White Tower of Thessaloniki. We are going to walk alongside the sealine shooting in different spots until we reach the famous Ombrellas sculpture. During our photography walk, If you like I could share with you my most important photography tips. I will also reccomend you the best places to eat excellent local food !! Other things to note I am at your disposal for any questions or doupts do don't hesitate to contact me! My availability varies so even if you see no availability but you are still interested in booking contact me to see if we can figure it out!!
Five hours sailing trip to West Sithonia, Halkidiki
We will start with my sailboat from Neos Marmaras port and sail to Kelyfos Island. On the way, we will be trawling fishing for palamida fish. We will make a stop for swimming, snorkelling, relaxing and then, when the midday breeze picks up I will show you some basic sailing and we will sail for about one hour if the wind is enough (more than 8 knots). Everyone can take the wheel and learn how to sail the boat basics. Then we will reach the Spalathronisia area and Diaporti beach or another secluded beach of the area, depending on the weather, where we will stop for swimming. The rest is return back making another relaxing stop on the way. All in all, you will be spending half a day on the water with me.
Cook and dine with a Greek family
Welcome to our house !!!!!. Relax and enjoy our experience. We will introduce ourselves and wish with a local treat. Then we will go to the kitchen where I will present you the ingredients that we will use for cooking Moussaka - tzatziki - homemade salad - dessert. After we finish cooking we will all sit together listening to Greek music at the table and we will enjoy ouzo-tsipouro-retsina with local Greek tapas. The cooking class takes place in a Greek house with a crazy traditional Greek family where you will see our way of life. Also, because I am a Greek traditional dance teacher, I will teach you Greek traditional dances. If you are vegetarian, vegan or eat kosher let me know to adjust the recipes. Famous cefs and celebrities enjoy my cooking class !!! Perfect for team building !!! Families !!!! Solo travelers !!!!! Please check also and my others experiences in my profile.
Two hours sunset sail to West Sithonia
We will start from neos Marmaras and sail if there is enough wind around Kelyfos (Tsiribaha) island. Next, we will make a swimming stop at a secluded cove in the Porto Carras Grand resort area, practically inaccessible by car, so only other boats could be there. Watch the amazing sunset and then return to the Port.
Adventure to waterfalls and hot spring
We will go to Edessa, a beautiful and quiet area where they are still at the rhythm of the water. The first glance will take your breath away as soon as you see the first waterfall which is the largest in the Balkans a spectacle of nature's power created by a major earthquake in the area hundreds of years ago. We will continue through it and we will see the unstoppable power of the water, the photos and the memories there will stay with you forever. Then we will visit a million-year-old cave and see how people lived there. We will continue on a path where you are ready to get wet so we can continue to see the rest of the waterfalls. Our journey in nature does not end there but in another beautiful area full of thermal springs with water temperatures reaching 38 degrees Celsius. There you will put on your swimsuits and swim in the natural pools that were created. Hot water has many beneficial properties for the skin and the stomach. With this experience you will feel the absolute relaxation and calm you want. Then we can try local products of the area because we will definitely be hungry. On our return we will pass next to many Macedonian tombs and the palace where Alexander the Great was born. I am waiting for you in this unique experience. perfect for couples - solo travelers -love water - love nature. Ask me for bigger parties
Try scuba diving in Kassandra's blue waters
Join us to try something new, give you a taste of how much fun it is to scuba dive! Enter a new world, come closer to the sea fauna and flora, by engaging in this introductory program to Scuba Diving. In approx. three hours, you will learn basic rules about scuba equipment and practice essential diving skills in the shallows, before going on an unique, guided and safe underwater adventure with your PADI instructor. You get the experience of personalized training as you dive in small groups of three students or fewer; you progress at your own pace while you meet new friends. The program aims at beginners, no license or previous experience needed. Highlights * Find out what it's like to breathe underwater * Admire the Mediterranean sea life * Practice new skills * Get the VIP treatment, enjoy a personalized training approach * Safety and...a lot of fun! All diving equipment is provided to you. You have to be at least 10 years old which makes it an experience suitable for the whole family!
Horse riding in a farm
We will go to a beautiful horse farm about 35 minutes from the city. We will meet the people of the farm we will admire the unique landscape and we will do a tour to a unique farm. Τhen we will meet these wonderful creatures and you will take a 40 minutes ride in nature. Equestrianism offers relaxation and tranquility. The ride and the love with the horses is something I do from a young age and so I like to transfer this love to other people as well as to my daughter whom I call her amazon. It is a unique experience that I recommend you to do. Ask me for days is more flexible for you. Perfect for team building !!! Families !!!! Solo travelers !!!!!
Brasil καρναβάλι στην Θεσσαλονίκη
Our team Jacobina Arte capoeira - Paranaue-Dancaue every month organize shows in all over of Greece. February and March have many musical and dancing events in Thessaloniki. Carnival is one of those events. Our team makes parade on central streets and squares of the city and after follows Brasil party. For the parade we started afternoon, we moved to the place we would be preparing with the group.We can provide them with a suit or whatever they need to be integrated with the group. we will follow the drums band and the dancers to the carnaval parade. The guests can choose one of these.They can just follow the team, they can dance,or play with the group of drums, if they know the musical instrument. After we will have a "Brazilian fiesta" a lot of dance and music of Brasil culture. The teachers go forward show choreographies and movements so that the people can learn and dance all together. Visitors will have the pleasure to see diferents shows one Capoeira,one samba dance and one with ther drums band. Other things to note Το μόνο που χρειάζεται από τους επισκέπτες είναι να έχουν διάθεση να γνωρίσουν καινούρια έθιμα , κουλτούρα, να είναι ξεκούραστοι και έτοιμοι για χορό , παρέλαση και να δουν μοναδικές παραστάσεις.
Safari in mountain Olympos myths & secrets
ZEUS -HERA-ARIS-ATHINA-POSEIDON welcome you at their home .We will take a magical walk on the famous Olympus , we will start from the holy city of Dion where the kings of Macedonia like Philip and Alexander the Great made their prayers and sacrifices to ZEUS before his great campaign. We will continue in beautiful landscapes around the mountain at the foot of the ridge. Then we will walk to a mythical place where the twelve Gods lived, there we will feel the energy of the landscape and we will see how the ancient Greeks lived. Then we will walk in the gorge of Enipeas and we will go to the heart of the mountain to the magical springs we will drink the water of the gods . In the end we will go to a beautiful beach to swimming or for a small stop to enjoy a pick nick with Poseidon. Easy hiking trip to the Greek mythology !!!! Perfect for families team building and solo travelers !!!!! Ask me for days is comfortable for you. I promise you a wonderful experience for your holidays in Greece !!!!
Photowalk in the center of Thessaloniki
You will never forget the joy of your trip if you are captured in this happy moment of your life on beautiful photos. I invite you for a 2 hour photo walk in Thessaloniki. We will walk through the most beautiful and interesting places in the city and take a lot of photos, after which we will have a cup of coffee and I will tell you interesting facts about Greece that you will not read about in travel guides.
Saloniki architecture night tour by a local
The following tour is a combination of sight-seeing mixed with an architecture perspective of the city. We ll visit the most unique places in Thessaloniki, some of them won't be found at online guides. My goal is to show you most of my city and also make you feel the vibe of it. We start our tour from the White Tower of Thessaloniki and we ll roam at beautiful neighbourhoods as Kapani, Ano Poli ( Old town ) and of course the historic center of the city. Looking forward to meeting you and explore the city vibes together. info: Tour dates and hours are indicative and may be rescheduled based on guests needs.