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Unique things to do in South India

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Eat your way to a foodgasm
Looking for a food trail: *to activate your taste buds? *to finally come to know about all the Indian cuisines? *to remove long-held myths and misconceptions about Indian Food? *to traverse different parts of Mumbai while living the life of a Mumbai citizen? Then, you've come to the right experience. This is a curated and customizable experience. The highlight is dishes and cuisines from different parts of India. This is all within the huge metropolitan city of Mumbai. This will be a food trail with a generous topping of sightseeing the popular spots in Mumbai. I'll take you to the food spots which are more frequented by the Mumbai local citizen. There won't be many tourists in these places. There will be a good amount of traveling during the experience. To give you a sneak peek into the life of a Mumbaikar, we will travel by local trains, autos, and black-yellow cabs. I can guarantee you an explosion of taste and flavor in your mouth and tastebuds at all these places. If this is the first time you're tasting Indian cuisine, I'll help you get started off. I will break down any notions you might have held about Indian cuisines. I assure you that this trail will be an eye-opener. Other things to note Please keep Google maps downloaded offline for Mumbai. Also, please download m-indicator app from Play Store. All spots are inexpensive & easy on the pocket. Message me to know more about food prices.
Roti - An Introduction to Indian breads
Cook bread and break bread. Immerse yourselves into the world of Roti - traditional Indian breads, mostly flat breads and typically unleavened. In one of the oldest traditions of agrarian human civilization, we shall make bread and then share a meal, featuring the breads you cook, paired with its traditional accompaniments. Along the way we will trade stories, discuss the local food and beverages scene and enjoy a nourishing meal with local craft beer. Other things to note : Contact me if dates you are looking for are not available. There is a 50% chance that I might be able to reschedule my other class (Introduction to Dosa) and open up availability to this class for you. If you have any other questions regarding this experience, feel free to contact me.
Bangalore Desserts Safari
In this 3 hour tour, you will be taken around to the choicest spots in Bengaluru to sample the tastiest snacks and desserts. You will also learn about what goes into making them, the different techniques used, the different variants of the same snacks and dessert across countries and so on. This tour will start from Koramangala 3rd block which is one of the most popular area for foodies in Bangalore. We'll start with famous Naturals Icecream and then walk in the alleys of Bangalore sampling quick bites in cafe and restaurants on the way tasting both local Indian and international delicacies. To make this tour a lifetime experience, please come with an empty stomach and a big appetite. This tour will include around 10 delicacies followed by the famous fire paan or fire ball, India’s favourite post meal refreshment. Other things to note Please let me know if you are on a special diet like vegan or gluten free.
Mumbai as a local City Tour by Aircon Car
Before letting you know the Itinerary let me tell, Tour timings can be adjusted or changed as per your requirement. We will be visiting VT Station now known as Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus built in 1888. As the suburban trains are the lifeline of Mumbai, I will be sharing anecdotes of how we live and commute daily. We drive to Dhobi Ghat, place where the washermen wash the laundry for the last 150 years. Proceed to Mani Bhavan the place where Mahatma Gandhi used to live whenever he visited Mumbai between 1917-1934. Visit the Pannalal Jain Temple , said to be 120 years old (optional). Drive along the Marine Drive also know as "Queen's Necklace". Time to take a break for lunch at the famous Leopold cafe started in 1871. On our way back we visit the Rajabai Tower and other iconic buildings. Post lunch we visit Colaba Street Market, Hotel Taj Palace built in 1903 and Gateway of India built in 1924. A cup of Masala Tea and how it is made by a fisherwoman, St. Thomas Cathedral and Flora Fountain. During our journey I will be explaining and showing you the Dabbawalla, a unique Tiffin delivery systems. This tour can also be personalized so that Sassoon Dock which is one of the oldest fishing dock in Mumbai. Other things to note Please do not give alms to beggars or people who ask money. If you are buying things on the street try to bargain for the price.
Hike to the Hidden Gem of Pune
These days its hard to find some quality time with nature. I will take you to a trail in Baner Hills (one of the highest point within the city limits, with an elevation of 2224 ft) where you can experience the nature and I will take you to the point where you can see great views of Pune City. Also I will show you how humans can protect and preserve the natural habitats in this modern time. It's a moderate trek around 2-3 KM which anybody can do including kids. It will take minimum 2 hours to experience this depends on your speed so there is no time limit and you can spend a few hours with the peace and quite of the forests all while still being within the buzzing city.

All activities near South India

Fivefarms Coffee- From farm to cup
Coffee is an annual crop, and not all of it can be experienced in three hours. We'll start the tour showing you images of the complete cycle. You'll then be wearing the farmers' hat (literally) for a tour of the estate. Depending on which season you visit, you could also help with the job of the day: whether it's transplating young plants from the nursery, checking for fragrant coffee blossoms or picking ripe red berries. If lucky, you'll also sight some four-legged wild visitors. Once back from the estate, you'll get to see a complete roasting and if time permits, we'll roast two batches personalised for you that you can take home. End the tour with a traditional vegetarian lunch in our homestead with a perfect South Indian filter 'Kaapi' or a French press brewed by you ...This is as fresh as it can get! Other things to note During rains you might be bit by leeches. Tour guide will be prepared with adequate medical measures. The plantation is regularly visited by wild animals. You will be advised to stay close to the tour guide.
Kayaking in backwaters mangroves Harbour Arikamedu visit
Please note this activity is based on tides( water level) Timing will change daily. Kindly message before booking to help you better. Get onboard kayak after general instructions of Do and donts. Wear proper life jacket provided with the help of Kayak leader. Start paddling in the backwater - visit ancient port ruins site 'Arikamedu' which dates to 1500BC - 2AD, proceed paddling near the harbour port area of Pondicherry to witness docks ships and boats and fishermen in action. Further paddle through the patches of mangroves with small creeks and inlets. A kayak leader will join you for this experience. You can opt to chose join with a co paddler or go solo.
Hyderabad at Night, Sufi Music and Food
I'd advise you to come with a light meal or early dinner - just enough so that you aren't starving but would definitely build up an appetite over time. We will start with hand-churned fruit ice creams at the Mozamjahi market and Turkish-inspired Halwa from a 100-year old establishment. Sated, we will walk over to the Yousufain Dargah for their Thursday night Qawwali (Sufi musical incantation) presentation. They usually run pretty late into the night - we typically spend 1:30-2:00 hours here to catch a couple of the performing troupes. Once done, we will walk over to one of the sleeping eateries (beyond business hours and letting us in through a side entrance) close by for a round of dinner (if you do not eat chicken/meat, this will not work out for you). We will call it a night (or talk more into the morning if you are up for it) here and I can offer to drop you back to your accommodation if you are unfamiliar with the city. There are no rules or strict items covered in this experience. This is not something I am doing for its lucrative benefits. If you would like to make a new friend and experience the city like an average local does, and are OK with being around people, I am certain you will like this experience. Please be OK with - 1. Walking 2. Public spaces 3. Being barefoot in the Dargah (wear socks). 4. Appropriate mosque-wear 5. Non-vegetarian food 6. Late nights!
Rejuvenate yourself with Cupping Therapy
Hi! Join me in my wellness studio to learn about cupping therapy and immerse yourself in the awesome experience. I'll explain different techniques we use, and how to do cupping therapy. This is a hands-on workshop, so be prepared to enjoy the treatment too which is conducted by male therapist at our wellness studio. I will customize the treatment to make your experience unique. ★ Short lesson about cupping therapy, types, techniques, and oils. ★ After this, you will get a back exfoliation, and then, we will start your cupping therapy. We will finish the workshop with some time for questions and conclusions. This is an amazing experience for you to share with a friend or loved one. I am confident you will enjoy learning about cupping therapy and a bit more about yourself.
Fontainhas Heritage Walk
The walk begins Tobacco Square near the main Post Office in Panjim and then leads us into the heritage precinct of St. Thomas ward, passing the small chapel of Sao Tome. We visit the famous 31st January Street, and then move into the Fontainhas area passing by the chapel of St. Sebastian. This leads to a cluster of interesting buildings around Panjim Inn, Portuguese Foundation, and Galerie Gitanjali. We arrange an exclusive music appreciation session by a Goan musician while you get insights into Portuguese influence on Goan music. Get mesmerized by Latin and Konkani Folk music performed by the musician. We then return to the Post Office by a different route highlighting the elements and places of interest that liven up the Latin Quarters in the evenings . Our presenters will highlight all the above places with fascinating history and anecdotes that are unheard of and will share a very unique perspective of the making of Fontainhas. Other things to note: You may bring infants and toddlers based on your own judgement for this experience. We suggest you to bring your own water bottle, preferably a reusable water bottle as we would like to minimize the usage of single use plastic products. Wear comfortable footwear and carry a Hat/ Cap.
Nandi Hills - One day trip
We will start from Bangalore on Saturday/Sunday at 03:00AM and reach nandi hills by 05:30AM (60 kms approx). Start from parking around 5:30 AM towards the sunrise view point. Stay there for approx 3-4 hours, enjoy the weather and serene beauty of nandi hills and visit Nandi temple, Tipu Sultan Lodge, view points, etc. Points of attraction - Nandi hills sunrise view point - Nandi - Beautiful trek around nandi hills We will leave Nandi hills by 9:30 AM and leave for Bangalore(Breakfast on the way) so you can reach back to bangalore by 1 or 2 PM.
Get Hooked on Fishing
"Learn To Fish" As they say “The early bird catches the Worm”, the experience begins early in the morning in Baga. The Necessary gear will be provided depending on your prior fishing experience. As we trek towards our first fishing spot, we will brush on the safety requirements for this activity as well as you will be introduced to the equipment which will be utilized for the activity. We will fish at the spot until the fish bites decrease and once you are accustomed to the surroundings we will make our way to another hidden spot which is very scenic and breathtaking. Make sure you are ready and your lines are tight at all times, as you may have the bite of your lifetime. This Fishing Experience is going to be just the beginning to a whole new world of Angling. If you are a beginner need not worry, you will learn to fish from scratch. I will assure everyone experiences the feeling of “one last catch” having you ‘Hooked on’ for more! Important points to keep in mind before booking - Request availability if favorable time slot is not available. - This is a land based fishing experience! - Accompaniment is not allowed. - If you aren't ready to get your hands dirty this Activity ain't for you.
Mumbai Food and Temple Tour
I'm excited to share with you a one-of-a-kind food and sightseeing experience in Mumbai, India. We'll visit a mix of cultural sites and local food spots that offer delicious food. By the end of this tour, you will have a great feel of the types of places Mumbaikars hang out and the types of food they enjoy eating. My overall goal is to give you a fun, safe, and friendly experience in my City of Mumbai. The first stop will be at the famous Shree Mahalakshmi Temple. We'll visit the temple together and I'll introduce you to the rituals one performs when visiting a Hindu temple. Next, we will get a bite to eat. If you haven't tried Pav Bhaji before, a local delicacy, we'll experience this together. Pav bhaji is a fast food dish from India consisting of a thick vegetable curry served with a soft bread roll. After our meal, we'll visit the Babulnath Mandir for another cultural experience. Our next stop will be ISKCON Chowpatty (Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir), one of the most frequented spiritual landmarks in South Mumbai. The sandstone temple there is magnificent. Next up, we'll take a food break and try Chole Bhature, a popular North Indian dish made with chickpeas and served with deep-fried bread. After trying Chole Bhature, we'll visit two more temples - Shree Hanuman Mandir and Mumbadevi Temple. We'll wrap up our tour with a delicious Rose Falooda dessert.
Do Nothing Farming in a Blooming Guava Orchard
Let's Do Nothing (Masanobu Fukuoka methodologies) Join me at my Do Nothing Farm, and get familiar with this unique method of Do nothing Philosophy. A pleasant promenade through the land will bring you close to Nature, we will explore about local seasonal weeds with medicinal values, get to tastes guavas from the orchard and and get to observe Bees doing their job. At the end of the walk, we will reach our sustainable hut and Do Nothing. Mankind constantly wants to do Something which often results into complications. However the solution to all the problems is very simple, it is to Do Nothing. When we give time to ourselves and Do Nothing sitting in the middle of Nature, we tend to observe slow moving things in this fast moving world and get a different perspective of time, we rejuvenate. We will sit quietly on the grass, listening to birds chirping, watching insects living their life to the fullest, feeling the wild flowers scents in the breeze.. Let's Do Nothing..
Photowalking tour & adorable beach of Goa
During our photowalking tour in Goa i will show you my favorite places and will help you to keep great memories of your trip to India. I have a big experience of solo traveling and would love to give you some advices about staying on Goa and of course after our tour you will have a lot of professional photos as a good souvenir of your adventures.
Enjoy Kochi with a unique experience from a Kochi native
We invite you to experience Kochi like never before. A full day experience taking you to the best dining, shopping and tourist attractions of what Kochi has to offer. We will pick you up at 9 AM from your location within Kochi and take you through the entire city experiencing the best dining, shopping and sightseeing experiences that Kochi has to offer. Our Kochi experience includes the following activities you can choose from depending on your schedule. - Breakfast (dining at the best South-Indian vegetarian places like Udupi hotel) - Shopping (We have the best shopping malls in Kochi - Centerpoint, Oberon Mall, Lulu Mall). MG Road is filled up with shops for sarees to jewelry - we have it all. - Lunch (Best non-vegetarian biriyani's at Kayee's or Ceylon bakers) - Experience Kochi Broadway with wholesalers, spices and antiques - Boating/Cruise the city from Marine Drive - Experience Fort Kochi and the streets for a nice walk in the evening before going for your final stop - Dinner experience - 1. Face the ocean and enjoy a great dining experience at Sea Gull, Fort Kochi) 2. Enjoy a more restrobar ambience then Mezzo at Avenue Regent. 3. Calm and peaceful dining experience - then Grand Hotel would be good choice. 4. An amazing rooftop experience would be Sky Grill at Crown Plaza, Maradu
What is it like to live as a Chennaiite for a day
Join me on one of the most beautiful ways to explore this coastal city of Chennai & create memories you cannot forget. We will Start off the day with city loved good old filter coffee & South Indian traditional breakfast. We will further head to marina beach to walk the world’s 2nd largest coast line and climb up its light house to enjoy the panoramic view. (You can also get a ride on a horse) We further will head to the famous coastal highways East Coast Road enroute our trip to historical Mahabalipuram. Taste the authentic chettinadu cuisine and explore the pillars of gigantic UNESCO world heritage site. All this Inclusive with your experience, Brace up for easy and fun day. When we return, we'll end our time together with very special dinner and filter coffee.
The Pinnacle Fort Hike
Join me on a hike to Mumbai's most exciting mountain top. Escape the chaos of the city & find yourself in the middle of the forest that envelopes it. Breathe fresh air, listen to the sound of birds & definitely no honking. Meet with tribals that live within the mountain, and eat a traditionally meal prepared by them. Get a healthy dose of Indian adrenaline when we climb large rock-cut steps at the summit. These stairs are a centuries old & used by multiple empires. At the top, we will take in the glorious scenery that the pinnacle & the forest has to offer. I'll show & tell you about the flora & wildlife in the area. When we arrive at the tribal village, we will eat some of their very simple & homely food - wood-fire cooked breakfast & lunch. I'll ensure we have a few good cups of chai too. The food prepared by the tribals will most likely be your most authentic Indian food experience. I say this because the roots of Indian food lie with it's tribals - Unadulterated. Post lunch, we will head down and back to the city just the way we arrived. Other things to note This is a 2.5 hr hike going up while coming down is shorter. The hike can be considered as easy to moderate grade.
On The Move's beach workout
Get On The Move with us and our community on the beach where we mix functional training with mobility/flexibility and beach runs. Experience the beauty of beautiful landscapes and meet amazing people travelling and living around here while training with us.
Experience with Local man and take Memories
I am a local from Fort Kochi, i am doing this tour from 2006 by local experience. we are not following the tourism normally does, we introduce kochi in the real way, real local experience and what all hidden gems in fort kochi. Not the tourist places, we are focused on non tourist places with more things to do and know more about what exactly was in kochi. Our tour will be unique. You can experience a local Tuk Tuk tour to discover the traditional landmarks of Kochi which includes ancient Chinese fishing nets, Manja Bhagavati Temple, the historical European settlements like Vasco de gama church and dutch cemetery, the Dutch palace, a museum under ASI, and walk through Jewish street towards Jewish synagogue and also experience the life of local people.