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Unique things to do in Unguja

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Historical Stone Town Walk By Ally Jape
Join me or one of my team guides on this insightful walk, within the hours invested in the tour you will gain a great understanding of the architecture, culture, daily life and the fascinating history of Zanzibar's world heritage site, and its significant areas, buildings and historical sites. You will soon notice how Zanzibar’s cosmopolitan roots blend with African traditions to shape its unique culture. Other things to note: The tour duration is not limited to 2 hours, depending upon your interests it can be more or less.
Zanzibar spice tour & cooking class
Fantastic spice farm tour with Zanzibar cooking class. You'll start the day at a local market Darajani in Stone town for ingredients shopping,afterwards head to the spice farms, short walk + learn about the spices, then proceed to a cooking class with experienced local chef. Available for all dietary options i.e Vegans - vegetarians - gluten free etc.
Snorkeling at Mnemba Island
Join us on a boat trip to one of Zanzibars famous islands called Mnemba Island which is popular for its beautiful underwater world. We start in the morning from Nungwi Beach around 8.30 am and will head to Mnemba Island. Transport from your Hotel can be organized. You’ll have around 1 hour to jump into the water and enjoy watching all of the tropical fish species. If you‘re not a good swimmer or never snorkeled before - don’t worry! A professional guide will help you and make sure you’ll enjoy this experience. After we will head to a sandbank next to the island where you’ll be offered some fruity snacks and have the option to take stunning pictures. Fruits and water is included in the price - if you would like us to arrange anything else, let us know ahead and we will get everything you need! If you're lucky, you might even see some dolphins on the way and will be given the chance to swim with them. We will then head back to Nungwi Beach where to journey started. ♡ Please read me! We will do the experience as a group of usually 5-10 people maximum. If you would like to have more privacy, you can book our experience as a private group. Photography/videography services can be booked additionally.
Dar es salaam Shopping Experience
Over the years, I learned, I observed, and ..I drunk spice tea (loads of spice tea, often very sweet ) trying to understand the unwritten rules of how to make a deal in the local market. Dealing with and understanding another culture, without neglecting your own values is essential to any sourcing and shopping experience in Dar es salaam. Defining the right items to shop for your interior, your shop, souvenirs or simply finding the best addresses for manufacturing. Dar es salaam can be overwhelming in many ways. The culture, the sounds, the overload on impressions of life style, and sales in Dar es salaam often result in despair to find this unique item or a reliable workshop to manufacture. Not knowing where to turn and the different stories you hear from salesmen wanting to convince you that they have precisely what you need, make it all worse My job is : Taking away the stress of not knowing where to go. Being free to look around and not feeling pushed into buying anything. Giving you a post-shopping service for shipping and export. Places that we visit: -Art Gallery -Kariakoo market -Coco beach for sea breeze -Souvenirs mwenge wood carving market Anything else can be arranged as long as you tell me prior. At the end of the tour, we suggest places where you can have some authenticTanzanian food, where to have drinks, and other fun activities to do in Dar es salaam.
Sunset dhow cruise with traditional live music
Join me on one of most beautiful Sunset dhow cruise. Overview: Cruising around small island and along coast line on a dhow is a fantastic and memorable. The sunset views from the dhow are reminiscent and timeless. Beverages, Fruits, Snacks and traditional live music served on the dhow are usually included. Dhow sunset cruise start from 4:00pm or 5:00pm from stone town on any other beach and end 7:00 pm. Tour highlight: -Beautiful views of Stone Town waterfront history buildings. -Cruising with wooden traditional Arabian dhow. - best technique to view the coast of Stone Town. -finest way to see the sunset in Zanzibar. -traditional coastal music. Included : - have the peacefulness of the Indian Ocean in traditional dhow. - enjoy mouthwatering drinks while Cruising - traditional coastal swahili music will be playing live in dhow
Private trip - Mnemba with Lunch, Snorkeling, Sandbank
We start the trip to Mnemba Island at 9.30 from Kendwa Beach. On the way to Mnemba we normally see dolphins and you are free to jump in and swim with them. When we reach Mnemba you will be snorkeling with a lot of different fish species around the island, while we prepare the seafood and chicken BBQ lunch, seasonal fruits and soft drinks for you. If the tide is low, we also get off on Mnemba sandbank were you can take some magical pictures on the white sand in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We start to sail slowly back from Mnemba around 16.00 and watching the sunset before reaching Zanzibar around 18.30. You will be back with a whole new experience and view from what is under the surface of the Indian Ocean.
City experience with a local
We will start our tour by giving you the history of the old building, then walking down to the streets following to Askari monument, stop by Azania front church(church built with germans, having interesting story) then proceed walking to Kivukoni fish market(get to see the local fish market, and their lifestyle). Taking metro buses "mwendokasi" after we will be heading to Kariakoo market a very big market in East Africa , here you'll get a huge experience of interacting with locals. After the hustle, we'll be heading to Coco beach, feeling the cool ocean breeze. What makes our tour unique is that, you get detailed and amazing history of dar es salaam, taught some basic swahili like "mambo-hi" "naitwa..-my name.." "hakuna matata-no worries" , you'll get to experience the culture and lifestyle of a local Tanzanian which it'll make you feel like one, the laughter ofcourse and great conversations always. In our tour, I'll offer you a bottle of water and snack or fruit.
The Blue Safari
The original and the best safari blue is a full day excursion on locally made traditional sailing dhows. It is a great way to spend the day while you swim, sun bath and wander on the sandbank with great views during the day. Other things to note This is a whole day trip so we will leave in the morning till gong back in the evening. The trip ideally starts from Stone Town and can be arranged from other parts of the island at extra cost for transportation.
Learn Delicious Traditional Cooking with Mama's of Zanzibar
Welcome and unlock a side of Zanzibar tourist don't get to experience! The real Zanzibar! A community lifestyle in Zanzibar, that is authentic, educational, enjoyable, delicious and fun for all ages! You will get a hands-on training from our homes on how to learn how to cook authentic Zanzibari food We are a group of passionate Zanzibari women eager to share our rich cultural cuisines and traditional dishes with you! Our menus has rich exotic island flavours and aromas overviewed by a professional chefs. We will be honoured and super excited to welcome you to our community! Please keep in mind that when booking this experience you will be supporting and empowering us directly, as Zanzibari woman. Our day starts 08:00hrs - 14:00hrs. (Flexible) 08:00 Arriving + Greet and Meet 08:15 Menu Introduction + Day Routine 08:30 Heading to Local Market 09:15 Back at Pishi HQ to prepare for cooking 09:30 - 12:00 Prepare cooking Items + Cooking Classes 12:00 Free time as we arrange for lunch + Explore the neighbourhood + Discover the boutique Shop* + Henna Painting* 12:15 Lunch Time 13:00 End of lunch 13:30 Experience End * We are vegetarian friendly and are happy to cater to special diaries, share your dietary in details and we shall do our best to pick a custom menus accordingly! Please feel free to contact me and ask me anything! :)
Walking through the beautiful trails of Stone Town
Walk with me on the most beautiful trails of Stone Town. I personally will provide you with an insightful walk through the city. During the experience, you will gain a great understanding of the city's architecture, culture, daily life and the fascinating history of Zanzibar's world heritage site, and its significant areas, buildings and historical sites. You will learn how Zanzibar’s cosmopolitan roots blend with African traditions to shape its unique culture. Please note: - Depending upon your interests, the tour's duration could take up to 2 hours, however it can be more or less. - Sights that are included: Old Slave Market/Anglican Cathedral, Mkunazini Road, Stone Town, Zanzibar City Tanzania You will truly see the most interesting places like: Old fort , Old slave market, House of Wonder, Forodhani garden, Hammam bath and the unique carved Zanzibar doors .
Beautiful Snorkelling at Mnemba Atoll - Half Day
Half Day Excursion - Snorkelling at Mnemba Atoll We will meet at Matemwe Beach near Seles Bungalow. We board at 08hrs and normally ends just at lunch time by 13hrs - Board your private fiber to Mnemba Atoll just for your booking - Enjoy 2 sessions of snorkelling at the Mnemba Atoll 30min each - experience the pure beauty of the beautiful sandbank - this excursion lets you relax and unwind and enjoy the beauty of Zanzibar. - Fruits and water are available during the trip - for an extra $25pp we can organize a BBQ Seafood lunch - ideal for romantic getaway - ideal for family in groups - ideal for small group of friends
Pugu Hiking Trail
Get in touch with nature at Pugu Hills. The hiking trail is 6km long. We'll meet in Dar town and proceed to the reserve. The hiking trail consist of view points, forest, and a lake. You'll be able to view the whole city if Dar, a magical site. Along the forest, you'll be treated to a wide variety of birds and plant species, and many more. At the middle of the trail, there is a bamboo bubble, a perfect place for relaxation.
The Spice Tour & Swahili Lunch
Get familiar with spices and exotic fruits! The Spice Tour is one of the most popular excursions in Zanzibar, the Spice Island. Zanzibar was one of the world’s leading producers of spices such as clove, nutmeg and cinnamon. Tour takes you to on organic farm with wide variety of plants around the year. You don’t just see, you also touch, smell and taste. Spices for all senses Spices and herbs were originally introduced to Zanzibar by Portuguese traders in the 16th century, brought from their colonies in South America and India. This tour is a walking tour in a spice farm (shamba). While there, you shall see how the spices, herbs and fruits grow and are cultivated. Your tour guide will describe how the crops can be used. You will be smelling and tasting spices, herbs and tropical fruits such as clove, lemongrass, nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, vanilla, coconuts, papaya, chili, black pepper, jackfruit, cardamom, cassava and oranges. After the tour you will enjoy a traditional swahili lunch at the farm. Here is when you can really taste the different ways of using spices. The tour finishes with a stop at a spice stall selling fresh packaged spices (cash only).
Discover Dar Es Salaam history& Heritage
While walking around the city you will get chance to visit and learn about history of earliest buildings in Dar Es Salaam from 1860’s to present , arrangement of living Zones as depicted in a first master plan designed by Germans, visit the exact locations where historical buildings once stood and learn about their history, learn about evolution of street names and their history from the Sultan period to date, and get answers in all you need to know about the Swahili culture, clothing, traditional jewelry and much more. All these may take up to 3 hours to participate in every mentioned activity.
Discover the reality of life in Zanzibar from a local tribe
Do it like a local in Zanzibar! Enjoy the true experience of living among the villagers in a local community. You will have the opportunity to visit a traditional small tribe and get to know how the people of Zanzibar make a daily life. You will be accompanied in this adventure by your guide Kombo. Kombo is a local Zanzibarian, born and raised in Fukuchani and expert in local communities resources and development. Follow Kombo through the singular plantations of local fruits and learn about their natural harvesting methods. Continue your way to their private secret cave, where you will have the chance to swim in crystal clear water. Next, meet the welcoming spirit of the tribe and collaborate yourself in one of their routine tasks, such us: Collecting fresh coconuts from the palm trees, helping the women to draw water from their wells and observe the construction of traditional mud houses. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the tribe and learn about the importance of their ancient sacred regional trees or the artisan manufacture of benches made of palm fibers. By the way, we know how relaxed island life might be at times so, don´t worry, we will always adapt the tour to your own schedule! We will be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns :) Join this adventure and let yourself be touched by the genuine soul of the welcoming people of Zanzibar!
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