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Unique things to do in Puebla

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Museo Amparo164 locals recommend
Puebla Cathedral158 locals recommend
Zócalo116 locals recommend
Artist Quarter69 locals recommend
Plazuela de los Sapos39 locals recommend
The Toads35 locals recommend

All activities near Puebla

Cook the traditional flavors of Puebla
Puebla is called "City of Angels" and of course, if its gastronomy is a magical fusion of flavors and ingredients of Mexican indigenous cuisine and Spanish influence. So if it's about delicious food, let us discover the quintessential Mexican cuisine of Puebla; the cuisine of the Angels. This experience is a gathering of friends, where everyone will learn how to prepare the most traditional dishes of our state, in a unique, artisanal and fun way. The traditional mole is the pride of Puebla, a mixture of chiles, nuts and chocolate, which fills our belly whit the heat and love of the poblanas housewives. Raquel, Jorge and I will show you how to prepare it in our baroque restaurant located in the Historic Center of Puebla, on the street of typical sweets. Chiles en nogada, Pipián Rojo, pipián verde, Manchamanteles, desserts and cocktails are part of the recipes that we will share with you in this experience. As we cook, we will start a journey where we will tell you the story of the dish, enjoy a drink or two, with or without alcohol, and once our food is ready, we will sit together, relax and delight in the fruits of our work! Let yourself be delighted, the table will be set and we will welcome you to our house with open arms!
Magical Puebla Hike
*TOUR DISPONIBLE EN ESPAÑOL. En este tour por la ciudad emprenderemos un viaje al pasado en el cual podremos darte historias y leyendas nunca antes mencionadas u olvidadas por algunos poblanos. Haremos un recorrido caminando por el centro histórico en donde visitaremos barrios antiguos, Centro histórico y muchos puntos más al exterior. Estaremos encantados de conocerte. TE RECORDAMOS QUE TENEMOS MÁS TOURS DISPONIBLES EN LA CIUDAD Y PUEDES CONOCERLOS EN NUESTRO PERFIL. PUEDES SOLICITAR ESTE TOUR EN OTRA FECHA Y HORARIO QUE MÁS TE GUSTE.
Cholula Walking Tour w/an Archaeologist
If you're an experienced traveler who loves history and learning about other cultures this is the tour for you! We will meet right in front of the Cholula train station. The first stop on the walking tour is the Iglesia de los Remedios, the famous church built on top of the pyramid. After visiting the church and hearing all its stories and legends you will enjoy a stunning panoramic view of Cholula, Puebla, and the volcanos. From there we will visit the archaeological museum where you will learn all about the Great Pyramid and Prehispanic Cholula. Then we will walk around the pyramid and take a quick detour to visit the local cemetery. The next stop is the archaeological site which consists of an open ceremonial center with several pyramids and ruins. Here you will learn about the site's construction and religious importance. From there we will take our final walk down to the San Gabriel Complex in downtown San Pedro Cholula. We will see the main church, the Royal Chapel, and the Franciscan Convent and you will learn about the Colonial history of Cholula. During the entire tour I will provide specialized and detailed information you won't find anywhere else that will allow you to really immerse yourself in the amazing wonders of Cholula's Prehispanic and Colonial past. Our walking tour ends at the Zocalo of San Pedro Cholula.
Your best photos in Puebla
The photographic experience is designed to be in the San Baltazar Lagoon, a very beautiful, serene and little-frequented place in Puebla for photos with a Forest/Lagoon, Picnic style, with many types of birds. If you like the idea, we will meet at the entrance of the park and we will carry out a photographic circuit in the most top places. At the end of the session, you will receive your photos/video in a digital folder a day later. If that location is not to your liking, the session is also done in the center of Puebla, Cholula, in a specific event, etc. Please mention it in the chat before the session to organize the meeting and share the brief of poses. I can also bring props such as mats, baskets, balloons, scarves, some flowers, etc. Please let us know by chat in advance.
Live the Culture of Mezcal Poblano
The experience begins when we meet in the star of Puebla. Beyond just trying the mezcal, we want to bring people closer to the work there is since the agave is removed from the ground until it is distilled and becomes mezcal. That is why we will take you to the community that is part of the Mixteca poblana and today is integrated into the mezcal route, where you can learn about the whole process from start to finish. We will begin by walking the fields where the agave is cultivated on foot. You will learn from the different types that grow in our poblano soil, its characteristics and the importance it has for the ecosystem. Later we will take you to the palenque so that you know the production process from cooking to distillation; From the hand of master mezcaleros you will have a detailed explanation of this process and its ancestral techniques that are still preserved in the region. You will taste in a practical, simple and friendly way of this drink of gods identifying the different notes that exist, we will also accompany with a snack with which you will combine flavors and textures. You can take pictures and we will return to Puebla to conclude the experience. Other things to note It is required to be programmed for 4 or 5 hours of experience that is the time it will take us to make the tour. Preferably, the tours will begin at earlier times of 1:00 p.m.
Hiking to a beautiful waterfall in Puebla
Join us on an enthralling expedition to discover a hidden gem – an awe-inspiring waterfall just 1,5 hours away from Puebla. My husband and I will lead you on a picturesque hike through landscapes adorned with captivating cacti and lush trees, mingling with friendly donkeys for a local touch. The highlight of our adventure awaits at the pinnacle of the waterfall. Here, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the cool, rejuvenating waters, a truly invigorating experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. Prepare for a full day of adventure, as the journey includes a 1.5-2 hour drive each way, followed by a 40-50 minute hike. Embrace the months of May to September, known as the rain season, as they bring a unique allure to the waterfall. While the water may not mirror the picture-perfect clarity depicted in photographs, this time offers a chance to witness nature's ever-changing canvas. The landscape transforms into a lush, rainforest-like setting, a striking departure from the views of the dry season. Worries of rain interfering with our adventure can be set aside, as showers typically make their appearance post-3pm, ensuring our return journey remains dry and comfortable. Secure your spot (it’s a private tour with 2 people max per trip) for an authentic encounter with nature's allure amidst a stunning waterfall and craft some cherished memories.
Un brindis con la historia, degustación de mezcal en Puebla
Puebla y su mezcal: una experiencia para los sentidos. Deleita tu paladar probando más de 7 mezcales de la mixteca poblana. Esta experiencia única ha sido cuidadosamente diseñada para que recorras un mundo de sabores únicos, que nos regalan los mezcales poblanos. Conoce sobre la cultura del maguey, profundiza en la historia de los mezcales de Arráncame la Vida y Las Poblanitas con Sabor. Pasa una excelente tarde mientras aprendes a catar el mezcal usando todos tus sentidos y degustas sales gourmet, salsas artesanales y gran variedad de bebidas espirituosas.
Prehispanic Cholula, Food and Pyramids
If you enjoy local food and culture, this is the experience for you! Journey back to Cholula's Prehispanic era in the company of an archaeologist and a chef for a one of a kind adventure that includes a tour and a complete Prehispanic meal. We will meet right in front of the Cholula train station. First, we will visit the archaeological site, including the museum and the ceremonial center with its structures and pyramids. I will give you an in depth explanation about Cholula's ancient history, the structure and composition of the archaeological complex, and the way people lived in the Prehispanic era. We will then take a 15 minute walk along the streets of one of Cholula's oldest "barrios" (neighborhoods) where an urban art initiative has fused with a very old traditional lifestyle. Then we will arrive at the home of a local chef where you will be served a seven course meal. You will be greeted with a refreshing Prehispanic beverage and snacks. You will learn about Prehispanic gastronomy and how ancient foods were made using traditional techniques and materials. After a demonstration from the chef you will have the unique opportunity to prepare one of the Prehispanic recipes included in the menu. You will enjoy these ancient recipes made with natural, seasonal, and local ingredients while also learning about the history of each dish.
Prehispanic Food Tour - Cholula with Local Chef
Due to the success of my experience of “Pre-Hispanic Cholula, Food & Pyramids” where I co-host, I decided to offer just a tour focused on pre-Hispanic cuisine. Learn about the customs of food in pre-Hispanic times, its utensils, native ingredients, cooking techniques, and the great connection with nature and its daily food and ritual as a local chef. The tour starts at the Zócalo de San Pedro Cholula (meeting point) where we will have an explanation of the market in pre-Hispanic times, its exchange system and the ingredients used. Then we will head to the municipal market of San Pedro Cholula where we will have a tour with the explanation of the utensils and cooking techniques. During this tour we will be able to taste some food and drinks that are still consumed currently.
Horseback riding at the foot of the Volcanoes
We invite you to our home in Calpan to ride a horse near the Popocatepetl and Iztaccíhuatl volcanoes, enjoying nature and the history of the area. -We will enjoy a rich Mexican breakfast with organic ingredients grown in the town. -We will start the activity with a personalized basic course within our "practice field", where we will check your skills to give you the most suitable horse for you. Your safety comes first! -Once you have learned how to handle your horse, we can start the journey to the trails, where, depending on the route, we'll see local crops and orchards, streams, springs, and forests, all with a beautiful view of the volcanoes. -Returning from the Tour we will enjoy a delicious and satisfying homemade meal. Other highlights . If you would like to start at a different time, please send us a message and we'll check our availability!
Tour Cervecero en Cholula
¿Por qué te va a encantar? Si te encantan al cerveza, ¡Este tour es definitivamente para ti! Visitarás una fábrica de cerveza artesanal para conocer el proceso de producción. Degustarás cervezas artesanales de 3 casas productoras donde podrás comparar los sabores y texturas. Conocerás parte de la historia de Cholula y su Gran Pirámide.. El recorrido entre casas cerveceras lo harás en un tradicional tranvía turístico.
Cooking class in a Mexican home
First we will receive you and from there we will go in search of the ingredients for the class to a market located five minutes from the house. There we will learn about textures, flavors and appreciate a little more about the local culture and folklore. At the end of the shopping, we will return to the kitchen to prepare a main dish and a dessert or poblano drink such as chalupas, mole poblano, chiles en nogada, * pan de muerto, or poblano sauces, etc ... At the end of the class you can taste a little and take the rest home. Your apron and printed recipe are included. Other things to note We have health protocols in accordance with health standards established by COVID-19 to protect our participants and offer them a safe environment.
Be fascinated by Puebla art and gastronomy
You will get to know the most iconic aspects of the baroque art and gastronomy of Puebla de los Ángeles, starting with some of its most famous churches and convents, such as the Temple of Santo Domingo and it's Capilla del Rosario, considered the eighth wonders of the world since 1690. for its altarpieces covered in gold; the Santa Rosa Convent where mole poblano and other famous Puebla dishes were invented; visit the Callejón del Convento de Santa Clara, origin of the exquisite rompope liquor and the wide range of typical sweets, invented and cook almost of these since XVI century, and taste some of them and ejoy it's delicious and exotic flavors. And we conclude the tour in a traditional restaurant that prepares food according to traditional recipes to enjoy the local baroc cuisine. After this tour you will feel transferred to the Baroque era, admiring the beauty of sacred art, of daily life where religious, monks and laicy coexisted, and you will have tasted the flavors and smells of their most representative stews, drinks and desserts.
Caminata popular por barrios antiguos
El punto de reunión sera en el portal del palacio municipal de la ciudad de Puebla, donde iniciaremos nuestro recorrido a pie para aprovechar cada detalle de calles emblemáticas al máximo. El primer punto a conocer es la capilla de la virgen del Rosario, la cual esta toda adornada de oro, posteriormente pasaremos a una tienda de dulces típicos y el mercado del Parian, los visitantes podrán disfrutar de los diversos sabores de cada dulce, en seguida pasaremos al templo de San Francisco para conocer un cuerpo petrificado perfectamente de un antiguo párroco, posteriormente pasaremos al barrio del Alto, un barrio poco conocido por los visitantes donde aprenderemos de la vida cotidiana de un poblano, a continuación pasamos al barrio de la luz donde conoceremos los talleres populares de la talavera, el barro y las artesanías, al final pasamos por el barrio de Analco uno de los mas antiguos de Puebla, para conocer su antiguo puente de Ovando y la vida cotidiana de los habitantes, finalizamos en el mismo punto de reunión para dar los últimos detalles de esta ciudad vista desde un locatario y su estilo de vida.
Experiencia privada en Montaña, La Malinche
Pasaré por uds. y tendremos un recorrido de Puebla a Tlaxcala con música, leyendas y una buena charla. Al llegar al bosque del parque nacional realizaremos un calentamiento físico ligero para preparar nuestro cuerpo para el ascenso, también recibirás los últimos detalles para garantizar que disfrutes el recorrido. Si la montaña y tu condición física lo permite emprenderemos una aventura hasta la cima del volcán, pero si lo tuyo no es la exigencia física no te preocupes igualmente llegaremos hasta una de las aristas más altas de la Malinche en donde apreciarás una vista única. Al descender te llevaré al restaurante de mi amigo "Don Julio" para que comamos y recuperemos energía para nuestro regreso.
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