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Unique things to do in Setagaya City

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Activities near top attractions

Photo of Komazawa Olympic Park
Komazawa Olympic Park45 locals recommend
Photo of Gotokuji Temple
Gotokuji Temple32 locals recommend
Photo of Setagaya Park
Setagaya Park7 locals recommend
Photo of Shimo-Kitazawa Station
Shimo-Kitazawa Station220 locals recommend
Photo of Hanegi Park
Hanegi Park34 locals recommend
Photo of Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center
Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center12 locals recommend

All activities near Setagaya City

Ramen making with a chef
Tonkotsu ramen soup takes more than 8 hours to make and chicken soup takes at least 4 hours I would say. So we are making “shoyu” (soy sauce) ramen soup in my experience. And, let’s learn more about “Japanese ramen” where is it from originally, how many years it’s been since ramen was landed in Japan, what kind of flavors there, and what are the authentic ramen cooking method at home. So I am excited to share with you my home style Shoyu ramen soup recipe that I have created based on the recipe I have grown up eating! We’ll also make gyoza with lots of cabbage and chives, then pan fried serve bottom side up! Very classic Japanese gyoza ingredients and method of cooking. I will ask everyone to use your hands, chopping, form gyoza, and present the dishes we make. Lots of tips to enjoy Japanese cooking much more, and cooking tools. We will cook from all from the beginning within the class timeframe. My experiences are hands-on cooking followed by my short cooking demos. My passion is let my guests to to experience and know the real Japanese culture. Looking forward to having you all! Please note: *** WE DO NOT MAKE RAMEN NOODLES AND GYOZA WRAPPERS FROM SCRATCH - will explain why I don’t in my ramen class *** WE DO NOT MAKE ICE CREAM FROM SCRATCH My IG @tokyocookingstudio My cooking studio website tokyocookingstudio. com
Ride to foodie spots on a retro tram
What is Hokkori? Hokkori means feeling cozy, relaxed, and warmed in the cockles of your heart. For this experience, I will take you to see the old and nostalgic side of Tokyo, with hidden gems, cafes, canteens, and eateries that only the locals know about. We'll take the Tokyu Setagaya Line, a cute little tramway that runs through this unexplored neighborhood in Tokyo. The Setagaya Line opened in 1925 and it only has two cars, but it still has that relaxed air and retro feel—and all the areas along the tram line evoke that same feeling. I'll take you to all the secret spots that I've been visiting since I was a kid. We'll stop by my favorite shop and temple, and we'll also have a bite of some local snacks. You will feel the friendly atmosphere of good old Tokyo. At the end of my experience, you'll feel and understand the true meaning of Hokkori:) This tour is not just about food, but also about the culture of Tokyo and how the locals live. More tours & Best offers! If you have a sweet tooth,come to my other foodie tour! Other things to note Airbnb rules and regulations state that tram tickets and some foods are paid for by the individual not the host. It's suitable for kids and adults. If you have a food restriction, please let me know in advance.
Japanese Home Cooking and the secret of fermented foods
You will get to take part in a cooking class that focuses on healthy fermented (hakko) foods and seasonings. The class is taught by host Takako, who has amassed a wealth of experience serving exquisite Japanese food outside overseas as the wife of a diplomat over many years and who has also served as a Japanese chef at overseas diplomatic missions. You will get to do a tasting of various fermented seasonings such as miso, soy sauce, and vinegar and learn about the different ingredients and production areas. You will also get to eat a delicious lunch prepared by the host using the various fermented seasonings. The lunch will consist of simple Japanese dishes that you can easily replicate at home as well as some creative original Japanese dishes that have proved popular with overseas guests. After your meal, you can go shopping at the nearby “Hakko Department,” in Shimokitazawa Bonus Track, where you can learn even more about the many unique fermented products on display from all over Japan.
Paint nature scenes with a master
We’ll begin by exploring the nature and color in Kinuta Park, which always has seasonal flowers. Then we’ll go to my nearby studio where you’ll learn how to draw and paint both in monochrome and color with ink and water in the traditional Sumi-e manner. I’ll show you how to break down the images in the flower and translate them to the Sumi-e style. Other things to note We'll be using India ink, so please come prepared with clothes which you don't mind getting dirty.
Painting w/ Urushi lacquer&metal powder
"Maki-e" is a Japanese traditional art using urushi lacquer and metal powder. In this experimental class, you will decorate lacquerware using hira-maki-e—a simple technique that can be finished in one day. Even an absolute beginner, who knows nothing at all about makie, can enjoy it. During this class, you can experience real maki-e, using genuine Japanese lacquer and metal powder. You can choose a vessel and a design from various stencils. I'll prepare the tools and materials, so you do not need to bring anything to the class. After tracing the design onto the vessel, you'll draw the design with a brush for maki-e and urushi lacquer, and sprinkle metal powder on top. At the end, I'll pack your work in a box for you to take home. After leaving it overnight, simply wipe off the extra powder to use your vessel. Other things to note If you have a particular design in mind, please prepare it in advance.
The coolest area in Tokyo - possibly the world
I will take you on a walking tour of Shimokitazawa that will focus on the dizzying creativity that enshrouds this very special part of Tokyo. I have always found that the biggest charm of this special place is just how hidden the really cool stuff is and I will lead you on a journey that distills my two and half decades of exploring this psychedelic wonderland into three hours. Most of the tour will be spent looking at shops that embody the unique creative spirit and magical obsession that their owners have with various incarnations of clothing, music, books, and other artistic pursuits. I speak fluent Japanese and many people in Japan have a limited command of English so I can help you with any questions you may have. One of the main parts of the tour is giving you information about all the incredible bars and restaurants in the area. Without a doubt some of the best places to eat and drink in all of Japan. If you would like, I will book you one of these restaurants for you before or after the tour, help you order if there is no English menu (which is usually the case) and then leave you to enjoy your meal. In 2019, Shimokitazawa was chosen by readers and editors of Time Out as the second coolest neighborhood on the planet. Other things to note Just bring your phone, your sense of adventure, and an appetite to absorb the enormity of this very special part of Japan.
HistoricTour includes Beckoning Cat Temple Gotokuji in Tokyo
I meet with guests at Gotokuji Station of Odakyu Line from Shinjuku Station (15 min). The highlight of this tour is visiting Setagaya's most famous historic center. First, we walk to Gotokuji Temple, which is built in the late 15th century and famous for beckoning cat as well as family graves of Ii-Family who played an important role of Tokugawa Shogunate in Edo Era (17th to 19th century) . I explain the history of the temple and the background why this temple becomes famous for beckoning cat. Then, we walk to Setagaya Hachimangu Shrine which started in the late 11th century. Shrine is a facility of Japan's native religion "Shinto". This shrine is the biggest one in Setagaya-City and famous for dedicated sumo wrestling starting in 11th century. I explain the types of Shrines and the features of them. Besides, I explain the history and uniqueness of this shrine. Then, we walk to another temple, Shokoin Temple, the family temple of Setagaya Kira Family who ruled this district from 15th to 17th century. As the last visiting spot, we move to Setagaya Magistrate Mansion built in Edo Era that is only one remined in Tokyo Metropolitan. Thus, guests can learn how this area was historically developed as the center of Setagaya City and enjoy quiet and sacred atmosphere.
Incense Ceremony for Mindfulness
You will experience a Japanese incense ceremony and learn about the world of incense —not only incense from Japan, but also from ancient China, ancient Egypt, the kingdom of Israel, and so on. The fragrance of top quality agarwood, —an extremely precious and priceless fragrant wood, called kyara in Japanese—is said to be food for your soul. It is really uplifting and effective for relaxation and stress release. It can be a great way to experience mindfulness and heartfulness as well as self-awareness. You will also experience the enchanting fragrance of fermented incense called neri-koh from a recipe over 1,000 years old. Finally you will experience the magical fragrance of fermented lotus incense called kyphi with a recipe from over 3,500 years ago. I hope you will experience spiritual, mental, and physical well-being through the incense ceremony. *Please do not wear perfume.
Vegetarian Ramen and Gyoza
Welcome to Japan! In this experience, you will learn very flavorful 100% plant base ramen and gyoza. My classes are all hands on followed by my short demo. Everyone gets their own knife, chopping board, and you will be cooking your own noodles, and presenting beautiful homemade ramen. Ingredients are most likely what you can find in your area, some mushrooms might not be available, however, I will suggest alternative ingredients to use. Some ingredients might be very new to you, so you will be learning how to use it and it will be surprising to add so much umami/flavors in vegetarian dishes. Many great tips to make super crispy juicy pan fried gyoza and of course, we will learn about cooking tools, some Japanese cooking gadgets you have never seen. We will cook from all from the beginning within the class timeframe. Of course my passion is not only sharing cooking techniques, I’d love to share with you how locals live and visit my neighborhoods where you wouldn’t be visiting as tourists. Most importantly, I want my guests to experience and perceive real lives in Japan. Looking forward to having you all! Ramen noodles are store-bought as well as gyoza wrappers. Meat based and pescatarian based requests are welcome! My IG @tokyocookingstudio My cooking studio website tokyocookingstudio.
Explore quaint areas outside the city
We'll visit areas west of Tokyo by hopping on the very compact local train. You'll be able to see the real lives of the residents in addition to some popular tourist sites, such as the birthplace of the iconic lucky cat, maneki-neko, a peaceful shrine, and charming local shopping streets whose air is blended with old and new. You can also enjoy delicious local foods and sweets. Even though I'm a professional Japanese guide, I still always get excited when I visit this area. These areas are exactly the place where you need a tour guide to make the most of the affluent pleasures in these jewel box communities. I'll serve you a few street foods. The last destination is Sangenjaya. We will go up to a lookout deck commanding nice view. This tour is much fun, profitable and tasty tour! Other things to note We walk a lot, so please wear comfortable shoes. And I'll serve you a few street foods, but not all foods.
Explore the local area of Sancha near Shibuya
You want to enjoy Japanese hidden place near Shibuya and experience local life? Sangenchaya is a unique area near Shibuya. ①【New style of Japanese gree tea cafe: TOKYO SARYO 】 A Japanese green tea care (shop) is located in the Sangenjaya area which serve new style for Japanese green tea. Let's enjoy the comparison experience of single Origin Sencha which this shop selectively picked up from various places. ②【Japanese IZAKAYA】 will go to casual Japanes where we can enjoy Japanese food. I will explain a bit about the Japanese food with a few stories. (I am also curious about cultures of yours, too, so I would be very happy to hear about your country's culture and life,) ③【Triangle area】 After that, will walk around the"triangle area" where are many good restaurants, bars among some of tiny streets , and is popular since those looks old, but feel history. (I have lived there for more than ten years, so I am be familiar with the area.) ④【Mt favorite Cafe or Bar】 Depends on the situation or which you like, will go my favorite cafe or Bar together to have cup of beer or sake. Other things to note; ※During the experience, I can take pictures where you want by my camera and send them later. ※Will walk around some tiny streets, so it would be best not to bring heavy baggage. ※Be changed detailed plan of the experience in May, 2023.
Okonomiyaki at Home
Hello! Welcome to Japan! Thanks for finding my page. If you travel throughout Japan, I am sure you will be eating this dish that you might not have seen or tasted before where you live. This dish originated in Osaka, the city known as the cheap and great food. Super excited to share with you my way of making okonomiyaki using a simple frying pan, freshly made okonomiyaki sauce, and how to make super cool kewpie mayo deco. You’ll learn “only Japan” cooking tools, umami ingredients you can’t skip, and many substitute ideas. This Japanese food, I always enjoy cooking for my family and friends. Fantastic entertaining dish to learn from your Japan trip and bring it home! These are the full menu on this experience: Osaka style okonomiyaki, miso soup making from Dashi broth, tomato salad with Yuzu ponzu dressing, black sesame ice cream with seasonal fruits and azuki beans. ​Vegetarian requests are always welcome! My IG @tokyocookingstudio My cooking studio website tokyocookingstudio. com
Only One Natural Valley in Tokyo and Matcha Sweets Tasting
The highlight of this tour is historic and natural spots in Central Tokyo. I explain the geographic feature of this area which is the southwestern edge of Central Tokyo. We visit Todoroki Valley, Todoroki Fudoson Temple and Noge-Otsuka Tumulus. The Valley is only one natural valley in Central Tokyo. At the valley guests walk the promenade and enjoy fresh and cool air under murmur of the river. At the end of the promenade, we visit traditional Japanese tea house where you can taste matcha (optional). Then, move up to Todoroki Fudoson Temple where I explain its historical background. Guest can experience a quiet and sacred atmosphere. Then we visit Noge-Otsuka Tumulus built in the early 5th Century, one of the biggest scallop-shaped tumulus in Japan. At the top of tumulus, I explain guests the ancient history of the tumulus and that of southwest area of Tokyo. Then we walk to the local shopping street to visit privately owned small stores. The guests can see daily lives of the residents. Other things to note: Easy-walk clothes and shoes are recommended. No barrier-free facilities are available. If the valley is closed due to severe weather, we change to visit Joshin-ji Temple nearby, one of the best temples in Setagaya City. Please refer to my other Airbnb tour named "Historic Tour includes Beckoning Cat Temple, Gotokuji in Tokyo".
ShimoKitazawa - Popculture, used items and Curry Town
Visiting Shimo-Kitazawa Town of Setagaya City, which is close to Shinjuku and Shibuya. The town is world famous for pop-culture and used LP/CD, used clothing and kimono stores. As to cousin, many curry restaurants are famous, too. I meet my guest at Shimo-Kitazawa Station of both of Odakyu Line and Keio Inokashira Line, then take guests to the retro-shopping streets. During the tour, guest may be able to find out stores in which they are interested and later they can visit the stores by themselves to see or eat their target items. Upon guests' request, after shopping street walking, I take guests to historic spots in Edo era in a walking distance from the shopping street area. Shinganji Temple is related to family of Tokugawa Shogunate in Edo Era. We also visit Kitazawa Hachimangu Shrine adjacent to the temple. I will explain the historical backgrounds of the temple and the shrine. Guests can experience both present movement in fashion at the shopping streets and quietness at sacred historical spots by my Shimo-Kitazawa Tour. P.S. For used item seekers, I will give the shop list of used closing, used kimono and used LP/CD shop in Shimo-Kitazawa. I prepare those shop lists for my guests. Please refer to my other Airbnb tour named "Historic Tour includes Beckoning Cat Temple, Gotokuji in Tokyo".
古着が大好きな世田谷区出身のホストと一緒に下北沢で古着屋ショッピングを楽しみませんか?古着と下北沢に詳しいガイドとスリフトショップ、古着屋、リサイクルショップ、ビンテージショップを巡るツアーです。 世界でも注目されている下北沢は日本でも最大級の古着屋が集まっている、ディープなカルチャーの街です。数え切れないほどの古着屋があり、安い古着からビンテージクロージングまで揃います。 日本では古着が人気で、その聖地は昔から下北沢です。再開発が進みましたが、古着の人気は健在で、今でも新しい古着屋がたくさん新規オープンしています。 大型のチェーン店も下北沢には多いですが、小さい古着屋やバーがたくさんあるので、詳しいガイドと巡った方がよりローカルな下北沢を楽しむことができます。下北沢には数えきれないほどの古着屋があり、意外と街も広く、効率よく回るのがポイントです。 古着屋によって売っているブランド、商品のジャンル、カルチャーなどが異なり、古着屋ごとの特徴を楽しむことができます。それらを把握している古着が好きなガイドとまわることで、効率よく買い物をすることができます。 古着のことを勉強したい、という人には古着の年代や状態判別などの情報を教えることもできます。 古着でコーディネートを組んでみたい、という人には全身のコーディネートを一緒に考えて、できるだけ安くかっこいい服を一緒に選ぶことができます。古着のリペア、修理、リメイクも私はできるので、状態が悪いから安いけど価値のあるビンテージを修理することもできます。 私は古着が大好きで、高校生の頃から下北沢で古着屋を巡っていました。今では古着を仕入れて販売する仕事もしています。なので、古着の知識もあり、一緒に古着を選ぶことも可能です。 とにかく安く、たくさん古着を買いたい! ビンテージ古着と一生物の出会いをしたい! 古着を着てみたいので、全身コーディネートを組んでほしい! 最近の服やブランドを中古で安く購入したい! お客様の好みや、まずは下北沢を知ってみたい!変わった古着屋に行きたい!などのご要望にお答えして、ディープでクールな下北沢の古着屋を一緒に巡りましょう。 まずは下北沢の全体を知りたい!方は下北沢の駅周辺を一周して、主要なお店を教えます。 古着に興味があるけどわからない!という方には有名な古着屋をまわりながら、古着の基礎知識や年代判別について教えます。 特定のアイテムを探している方は、そのアイテムがありそうな古着屋に案内します。 特定のジャンル、カテゴリーの古着が欲しい方は、その古着が多そうな古着屋に案内します。 高価なビンテージに興味がある方は、ビンテージショップを主に紹介します。 ハイクラスのビンテージショップは下北沢ではなく、高円寺や渋谷などに多いです。別途費用でそちらも案内可能です。
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