Unique things to do in Tangier

Unique things to do in Tangier

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Kasbah Museum63 locals recommend
Café Hafa62 locals recommend
Tanger City Center52 locals recommend
Tangier American Legation Museum21 locals recommend
Tanja Marina Bay19 locals recommend
McDonald's18 locals recommend

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Tangier Private Guided Walking Tour
Please Note that for a maximum comfort this tour is a Private Tour with the same price as the public one. Only you and your group will participate, so you can start from the place you wish and the time you want. This tour is 100 % stress free as you don’t wait for others to join, you don’t find yourself in a big shared group and you don’t need to look for a meeting point, we’ll pick you up from where you are and start when you are ready! During this tour, you’ll enjoy a comfortable walk with your personal guide, who will welcome you with a Sign of your name at Tangier city (Tanger ville) port if you’ll be arriving with a Cruise Or with Ferry from Tarifa, south Spain. Or pick you up from your place if you’ll be already in Tangier by the time of the tour. You’ll start with discovering Tangier’s old fortress, the Kasbah, this historical, beautiful, peaceful and quiet corner that had been protecting all the sensitive information about the city and its people. Then you’ll wander around the Medina, old town and vibrant heart of the old and new Tangier. You’ll live like a local and enjoy a unique experience in the different local markets, and all the historical, religious and cultural interesting places. At the end of our wonderful tour and experience together, we will get you back to your cruise or ferry before departure, or any place of your choice. Most welcome !
Quad Tours On Tangier Mountains
Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with our Quad Tours! Join us for an exhilarating ATV tour on the mountains surrounding Tangier city. Experience the thrill of off-roading while immersing yourself in the breathtaking sightseeing opportunities along the way. Zoom through the rugged terrain and witness the magnificent wind turbines dotting the landscape. As the day draws to a close, be enchanted by the stunning sunset views painting the sky in vibrant colors. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, our friendly guides will ensure a safe and exciting journey. Come and discover the hidden gems of Tangier with us!
Cook & tast a unique Tajine with a Moroccan Family Culture
Un accueil pas comme les autres vous serez accueillis à la manière et à la tradition marocaine, faites connaissance avec moi, Saadia, une femme berbère passionnée par la cuisine et la gastronomie marocaine. 1/Nous préparerons ensemble le fameux thé à la menthe marocain qui sera accompagné par des gâteaux traditionnels faits maison. 2/Je vous ferai découvrir l'un des merveilleux plat marocain au niveau national et international, savoureux et personnalisé à tous les goûts : TAJINE (tajine végétarien, tajine poulet, tajine poisson et plein d'autres selon votre préférence) . Je vous montrerai les principales épices que nous utilisons dans la gastronomie marocaine pour réussir votre plat. 3/Nous apprendrons également à préparer une salade saine de nos ancêtres. 4/Nous goûterons nos préparations tous ensemble et je vous parlerai sans doute du dressage de la table marocaine. Cuisinons avec joie, je vous garantie un climat d'ambiance et un goût à ne pas oublier et une expérience chaleureuse à garder dans vos souvenirs. * nous offrons 10% de notre bénéfice aux animaux de la rue *
Bike activity with mj bike
Join me, Lahcen El Mejdoubi, the reigning cycling champion of Morocco, on an unforgettable journey through the vibrant city of Tangier. With my expertise in cycling and my fluency in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish, I'll be your guide to the best places this city has to offer. Together, we'll explore the mesmerizing coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, immersing ourselves in the refreshing sea breeze as we pedal along the scenic routes. Worry not if you're a beginner in cycling; the tracks we'll be traversing are designed with ease in mind, making it suitable for all skill levels. Our adventure will lead us to the breathtaking MARKALA Corniche, where the picturesque landscapes and stunning views will leave you in awe. We'll take breaks along the way, savoring the Moroccan tea, a symbol of hospitality, and indulging in its rich flavors. What are you waiting for? Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore and discover the hidden gems of Tangier. Whether you're traveling with your friends or looking to make new ones, book your place now and join me on this exhilarating excursion. As someone who is passionate about cycling, I can't wait to share my love for the sport with you.
Enjoy Yoga in the Sky
Experience the astonishing Dar Daw - Yoga Center, calming and ressourcing place, with an unbelievable panoramic view all over Tangier : Bay, Rif Mountains, Kasbah, Spain and Gibraltar Strait. In this inspiring context, you'll dive into the Yoga Universe — real LifeStyle as an Art — with a precise schedule : focusing meditation, poses, teachings and relaxation... surrounded by nature and unique works of art. You'll choose to join the regular classes or order a specific session, individual or group. Other things to note Sessions opened to all levels of Yogi, from beginner to confirmed ; adults, kids and teenagers ; women and men ; specific pratices upon request : pre and postnatal, back pain, yoga on chair...
Tangier Sightseeing & Walking Tour with optional camel ride
Please Note that for your comfort this tour is a Private Tour with the same price as the public one. Only you and your group will participate, so you can start from the place you wish and the time you want. This tour is 100 % stress free as you don’t wait for others to join, you don’t find yourself in a big shared group and you don’t need to look for a meeting point, we’ll pick you up from your place, and start when you are ready! This tour includes a private modern air conditioned minivan with private professional driver in addition to your private tour guide. For guests arriving from Tarifa, south Spain, or with cruise, your personal tour guide will welcome you upon arrival at (Tanger ville), Tangier city port with a sign of your name. We will also happily pick you up from your Hotel, Riad/Appart. in Tangier. You’ll have a sightseeing tour to Perdicaris park, cape Spartel lighthouse and the cave of Hercules. And we’ll include an optional camel ride by the beach under your request. After the sightseeing tour, we’ll take the road back to the old town, have free time for lunch in a local restaurant, then start the walking tour of the Kasbah, Medina, local markets and many other historical and cultural interesting places, we’ll end the tour at the starting point or a place of your choice. This is the best option to experience the highlights of Tangier in one day.. welcome !
Day Tour in The blue city Chefchaouen
pick up at Tangier we will go to Chefchaouen, on the way we will stop to eat breakfasts in tetouan and visit the city of Tetouan and (Bouanan) It is located on the highest mountain of Tetouan, enabling us to see the entire city and drinking Moroccan tea there , we will visit its souk, we will see the king's palace and the big square....., to finish. When the tour of Tetouan ends, we take a road to blue city then we will a tour of the Médina de Chefchaouen with me visit to Kasbah, the street of flowers very famous in the world, then you will have free time to go to eat or have a tea or walk through its streets blue You will also get to know the authentic Amazigh dress, we will visit shops for carpets and traditional and Amazigh, we come back Afternon to Tangier. Other things to note Passengers should know that they will discover very beautiful things, so welcome to my experience
Tangier Foodie Tour & Discover Food Gems
Embark yourself on a culinary adventure through the streets of Tangier with the "Taste of Tangier Foodie Tour"! Join us for a mouthwatering journey through the flavors of Morocco, as we take you to the best hidden gems and tastiest streets of the city. Our adventure starts at a central location where you'll meet ME, ready to show you the best of Tangier's food scene. Get ready for a wild ride through the spice market, where you'll smell and taste the aromatic spices that make Moroccan food so delicious. Take a tea break at a traditional tea house, where you'll sip on sweet, refreshing mint tea and learn about its cultural significance in Morocco. Dine like royalty with a classic Moroccan meal, complete with "tagine," "couscous," and "bastilla". End the tour on a sweet note with a visit to a local sweet shop, where you'll sample delicious pastries and desserts. I'll share with you my knowledge of Tangier's culinary culture and history, while introducing you to the city's hidden gems. This tour promises to be a fun-filled adventure, with plenty of laughter and stories along the way. Bring your appetite and your sense of adventure, and get ready to taste your way through the vibrant food scene of Tangier! Note :Arranging cooking classes is possible for those who want to learn about moroccan cuisine and authentic recipes , DM me if you have any questions come to mind!.
Food tour of Tangier with Rababe
This is an off the beaten path experience that will allow you discover the local culture, and most of all the Moroccan gastronomy. This tour enables you to walk in the vibrant old Medina, its main historical districts and its food market. Along the way, we will taste different typical Moroccan foods, and have a main stop for a traditional lunch.
Camel Ride on Tangier Beach
Tangier Tour with Camel adventures : The tour will start from the port or your accommodation. We will first have a sightseeing tour and will drive through the bay or the corniche of Tangier following several main streets. Then stop at the biggest mosque of Tangier city and drive through the residential area and the king's palace, we will continue to cap spartel where the mediterenean and the atlantic ocean meet together(stop for pictures at the light house ''150 years old'' ). After that we will go for the CAMEL RIDE BY THE BEACH ( 30 min ) , and also we will visit the legendary cave of Hercules (Back to 2500 b.c). Following the Hercules cave we will drive back to the old part of the city to start our walking tour from the Kasbah (15 century building) and to visit the Medina ( Old town of Tangier). Walking tour: -Visit the kasbah( fortified citadel). -Visit the museum. Continue through the medina: -Explore the labyrinth of the old living area. -Visit the mendoubia garden. -Visit the sooks ( berber markets, farmer market of fruits and vedgetables and also spices markets ).
Moroccan dish Basstila...!!#
In the beginning, at 11 am, we will go shopping for the quantities we will need. At this time, we will discover several things, including Moroccan culture, how Moroccans shop, and we will discover several tourist areas as the old city. At the end we will go to a place dedicated to the experience (the apartment). Here we will discover the Moroccan Fessi dish, which is more at traditional weddings and weddings Other things to note that the experience will take place inside the apartment but shopping will do it together if they want it, it will be fun for them.
Walking tour of Tangier's Medina & Kasbah
Let’s travel back to the 15th century and explore the Kasbah and its streets where many events happened centuries ago. We will walk through the streets of the Kasbah and learn about the history of the places that we will visit including the archeological museum that used to be a Palace for Sultans since the 17th century. Continue to the vibrant Medina and walk through markets including the food/fish market that you will LOVE. Along the way, stop by the Petit Socco, the Mendoubia gardens and the Grand Socco. End the tour with some free time for shopping or sipping mint tea in one of the legendary cafés of Petit Socco while discussing the and people watching.
Local Experience Tour in Tangier
Book a walking tour and enjoy different sceneries as an escape from the bustling pace of your daily life. Tour Tangier and experience a taste of the true Moroccan lifestyle. The colorful markets, the walled city, varied architecture, and narrow alleys make up the beautiful splendor of the city, making for a must-have experience. Check out Musee de la Kasbah, Tangier American legation museum, Grand Socco, and other places. Revel in the beauty of Tangier city. Get ready to capture photos of the colorful markets, walled city, narrow alleys, and chaotic architecture. Go around the city with a personalized guide.
Tangier Private Customized Tour
Tangier Vicinity: PLEASE NOTE: EVERY TOUR IS PRIVATE. YOU WILL NOT BE WITH STRANGERS. HOWEVER, BECAUSE OF THIS, WE CANNOT ACCEPT BOOKINGS FOR SINGLES. WE HAVE A 2 PERSON MINIMUM. Known for the Hercules Cave at the Cap Spartel Nature Preserve (great historical and mythical significance), Achakar Beach for camel rides and photo opportunities, Seeing where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean, the Tangier Casbah, the American Legion with museum, and the Old Town Medina for seeing the "real" Morocco and shopping in the unique mom/pop shops. This is a flexible 4-6 hour day trip. Other things to note We understand that while it is exciting to see new places, it can also be a little daunting. Please be assured that your comfort, safety and enjoyment are our priorities. We will see to any need/wish you have throughout your experience.
Cultural Day Tour of Tangier
On this day tour of Tangier, you will discover both the new city and its surroundings in addition to its oldest quarters. Start the tour with a drive through the newest avenues until you arrive to the California zone where the Royal palace is located. Have a stop at Cap Spartel, the point where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean and then a visit of the Caves of Hercules. Head to the kasbah dating from the 15th century and have a walk through its streets that have many stories to tell and visit its museum that was a Palace of Moroccan Sultans since the 17th century. Have a stop for lunch (optional) in a traditional restaurant before heading to the old Medina and walk through its narrow alleyways and its vibrant markets. Visit the Mendoubia gardens, the Grand Socco and its food market before ending the tour either with some free time for shopping or sipping mint tea in one of the legendary cafés of Petit Socco.